Rotten City Pizza

6613 Hollis St, Emeryville
(510) 655-2489

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James Davis

I’m from NYC Mann ... Come on!! Best drunk pizza you will find in east bay. Lots of drinks at prize fighter- order the za ... you good to go !

Penelope Dunbar

I grew up in NYC and this is the closest thing I've had to a real thin crust pie in a while. It's definitely still missing something but I don't think it's the pizzas fault. Probably the air or something. The west coast doesn't have the saliva of angry yelling Yorkers everywhere. Maybe this is what pizza is suppose to taste like.But anyways, great work for brining me home. They have good booze too. Looks like they sell mostly from local breweries. Good stuff

Louise Johnson

Pizza is still great. However the “1/4 pie aka fat slice” is really no bigger than the original slices. the original slice and the 1/4 pie can fit in the same size box I don’t see the size difference only the price difference. Wtbs I’ll probably just order the subs and salad. They are just as great as the pizza but more food for your money.

Jason P.

I've usually really liked Rotten City pizza. Today I just felt like I got the left overs that have been sitting warming by the stove for hours. I ordered two fat slices. The salumi was so desiccated that I felt like I was eating jerky on a crouton. The cheese was solid brown from being reheated slowly so many times. The cheese slice was better but nothing like what it tasted when I got a slice earlier in the week. Lame. With caviar and delivery that was some expensive pizza and it suuuuuuuuucked.

Jack J.

Love Rotten City. Pep is delicious and the porchetta unique and tasty. It really hits the spot when I'm looking for a slice of classic pie!

Denise V.

Love, Love, Love Pizza and this place is the best. Super thin delicious pizza . Every slice is perfect super duper recommend this place!!!

Sabine S.

I love this place, I went there once before covid and more recently to pick up a pizza for dinner at home. The toppings are great and it's some of the best thin crust in the East Bay. They also have Buffalo chicken wings and beer, etc. Good vibes there; the patio is a fun place to eat dinner.

Jason Hendrix

18" (I think bigger) real New York style (thin, well-baked crust) pizza with outstanding ingredients? Only in Harlem have I had better. But I'm OG.Additionally they have a meatball sub that's best in East Bay. I'd add more Oregano and pepper flakes but to each their own.

Maurice O.

I would say the pizza and wings from here are definitely above average as far as pizza goes. My friend ordered a pepperoni, sausage and mushroom pizza and the buffalo wings and went together to pick it up. The staff who assisted us were nothing short of kind and quick to get our order to us. The pizza itself was pretty good and as a person who's not usually a fan of buffalo sauce I would say the wings were pretty good too.

Tatian G.

I know many people feel you shouldn't give a negative review of a business during covid-19 restrictions -- it's a gift that ANY restaurants are open during this time -- and I get that sentiment but I still think people should know what to expect when they go there.We ordered a pepperoni pizza for $39. Ouch. I mean, we chose to pay it so that's on us but I wouldn't necessarily come back at those prices. The pizza was good. Not the best ever but everyone liked it quite a bit. Lots of cheese, nice flavor, good soft crust. A pizza you can depend on.The customer service was a little lacking. They had music blaring and couldn't hear customers well through masks. So they had to keep asking "what?" instead of turning the music down. And they had run out of utensils for the salad we bought so it was a little tough to eat it with a spoon we managed to find in our car.No outdoor seating, just take-out but that's okay. I imagine this business would be a lot more lively during normal times and I'm glad they're able to still serve the community.

Erna D.

Long overdue review but best pizza, hands down! We drive from Fairfield/Vacaville area JUST for this pizza - it is that good!Our favorite and go-to is the "Salumi Pie" which is salami and onions. We visited today during COVID guidelines and unfortunately, you cannot purchase pizza by the slice as before and can only order the entire pizza which is okay! Rotten City Pizza taste just as good as fresh when heated up.Also, there's no bathroom available if you are visiting during these times; even the worker couldn't direct us to the nearest bathroom around so you may want to stop at a gas station or something else nearby.

Angelina G.

Driving back to Sacramento after being at the beach. My boyfriend and I got hungry. Due to COVID-19 we had to get something to go. We wanted a slice each but weren't upset that we had to get a get a whole pie. Ordered the Blanco Verde. It was amazing. One of the beat pizzas I've ever had. Crispy, cheesy, salty, gooey. It was DELICIOUS and because of a overage we got the pie for a great deal! I wasn't mad at all. I'd go back again and again! It made my tummy happy!

T N.

So we are from NY and heard about this place so we came and looked at the menu and wow, $40+ a pizza.... are you kidding me? But, OK, us foodies don't mind to pay $$$$ for good food... so we ordered a whole margarita pizza.It was really good, I think they put too much sauce over it. The crust was def. a great NY pizza crust, but it ain't worth $40+ No way we're going back.

Jillian P.

Quality ingredients, Shelter in Place safety precautions in place.It was my first time trying Rotten City Pizza. Even though I have heard quality commentary regarding their pies for awhile, I have a hard time paying $40 for a pizza (no matter how good it is). Ordered the porcetta pizza to-go. Their pizzas come in one size (large) and are ready for pickup within 20 minutes of ordering. Having porchetta as a topping was definitely unique and a great flavor combo. My only critique (and the reason I didn't give them 5 stars) was they are stingy on the toppings. For a $40 pizza, I was expecting a generous portion of toppings, however, there is a full 2+ inches of plain crust around the perimeter of the pizza (see photos for reference).Beyond their bare crust, the flavors, ingredients and. SIP protocols are all top notch. Would probably return to try another pizza by the slice.

Josh Nickels

I love rotten city pizza. They have an incredible beer selection and literally the best meatball sub you will ever eat. Their pizza is excellent and made with love and care. Plus their staff is very friendly.The chicken wings are mediocre to be honest, but everything else on the menu is excellent. The meatball sub is so good that the chicken wings don't warrant a lost star

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