Yuzu Ramen & Broffee

1298 65th St #1, Emeryville
(510) 853-1525

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Willa C.

I feel very lucky to live near Yuzu Ramen and be able to indulge in excellent sushi takeout during this very strange time. I just enjoyed some wonderfully rich maguro chu-toro nigiri (my favorite) and an outstanding unagi donburi. I've ordered many of their other sushi items over the past couple months (buri sashimi, sake nigiri, omakase donburi), and they were all very fresh and delicious.The staff are all incredibly nice and welcoming, they've prepared very clear signage to help you navigate the current safety expectations, and they offer great deals on special menu items. There is something new every time I check out the menu!I look forward to trying their ramen as well - it's in their name, but I get distracted by so many great sushi options! There's only so much room in my belly, unfortunately. :)

Vincent Meza

The best ramen in the Bay Area!

M Richardson

So good. Only complaint is that it is now eaten and gone. Because we're in the plague-times this was takeout--so this picture is my own plating, the original was much more attractive. It was very easy to order online and pick it up, and I noticed everyone there was diligent about mask and glove wearing.

Alex N.

Great place. Everything we tried on the menu was fantastic. Wa pretty busy for a Thursday night. Defiantly a repeat. Hope they keep up the good job!!

Tiffany C.

Contrary to what is reported on Yelp this place is not closed. It is still open for online ordering and pick up. We have gone back twice in the last couple of weeks. They even have daily specials during Covid sheltering in place. If you follow them on Instagram, you can find out what specials they have daily. You can also find the link from yelp or Instagram to get specials that are only available with online ordering. The prices are very reasonable for their SIP menu specials. If they weren't located so far from me, I would be back more often. SIP hours - tues thru Sunday 1130-2. They don't allow you to order inside: A table blocks the entrance and all orders are made from the outside one at a time. Food as well as payment through credit card are slid through the window on a long metal tray to ensure safety.Driving to the location, there were many homeless tents a few blocks away. Parking is street parking along apartment complexes. EBI UDONTo tell you the truth, I really didn't like the udon and almost didn't come back because of it. The udon noodles are homemade and I liked the texture. The Tempura shrimp was crispy and fresh but kind of small. There was nothing special about the broth. It just tasted like a soy sauce broth and there were no other ingredients in the udon. It wasn't filling enough for lunch unfortunately. For $6 I guess you can't complain however. TONKOTSU RAMENWe decided to come back to give it another try because they are known for their tonkatsu ramen. I'm glad that we did! It was delicious! It is sold cold for takeout to preserve the taste and quality of the food. I actually prefer it this way because it's more fresh for when you eat it at home. You could taste that the broth was rich and creamy from the 30 hours of boiling! The home made ramen was delicious as well. They give you a sheet of paper that tells you how to Cook it but, there is no time given. It would be helpful for them to include that in the future. I was afraid of over or under cooking the ramen. But, i felt like approximately 5 mins was perfect for the noodle texture. The portion of pork was generous (given two long fat pieces) and very delicious. It comes w scallions and a soft boiled egg too. At first, I did not think it would be filling enough and so I added more ingredients of my own. But, looks are deceiving, and it definitely was filling enough with plenty of noodles and broth. Just wish there were a couple more ingredients included. It is almost as good as Ramen in Socal but definitely one of the best in the bay area that I've had. You can definitely taste the authenticity of the ingredients. For the online $10 special, it's definitely worth it though the regular price of $15 is a bit pricey at least compared to the typical $12 ramen in SoCal.

Ben F.

Definitely one of the best ramen in the Bay Area. The owner makes sure to maintain the authenticity of the Japanese culture and cuisine. Most ingredients are made in-house and fresh, especially the noodles. Super friendly and accommodating service. My wife gave birth to our first child during the peak of COVID-19. My mom who lives in SoCal wanted to treat us to some meals but obviously can't pick up the food herself or know how to use delivery apps. They were very understanding and kind and made sure that my wife and I received the meals. Kindness are much appreciated especially during this pandemic. We would definitely go back again and again and recommend this restaurant to everyone we know. Let's help keep our neighborhood small businesses survive this challenging time!

Will C.

Good authentic Japanese food. Majority of there food is made in house. Pretty impressive stuff. As a Japanese person in the states, these are the flavors you are hard-pressed to find in Japanese restaurants in the U.S.

Amanda L.

Yuzu is doing an amazing job with to go orders during this time of crisis. The ramen, gyoza, fried rice, etc are all just as good as when ordered in restaurant which are always outstanding and authentic. Staff is also some of the friendliest, kindest in the Bay Area. Orders are handled well and prepared in an extremely organized and timely manner given the huge demand. Well done Yuzu!! I hope you continue to succeed. You add such a wonderful establishment to the neighborhood!

Max Stanton

We live close to Yuzu and although it’s not my favorite place to get ramen, it’s good, consistent, and staff is very nice. It’s also affordable, and close to Prizefighter.

Edward Schocker

$1 tonkotsu ramen today. What a nice gesture!

Marcie A.

Ramen that hits the spot! They are OPEN for take out during COVID... your April showers just got better. Hours are adjusted so call before setting your heart on it. My room mate recommended me this place so I had to try. Yuzu specializes in "healthy" ramen- authentic, no GMOs, no preservatives, no MSG (yay no MSG migraines!), no artificial additives. I am always a fan of your favorite meal without the added guilt, so happy I heard of Yuzu! I ordered the Miso and frozen beef bone broth on the side to make my own at home. The Miso was SO good- pork bone broth, homemade noodles, veggies, and soft boiled egg. All of it had so much flavor- no unhealthy additives needed! I was very impressed considering it was "healthy". Due to COVID, your takeout will have you "cook" or put your ramen together. I don't mind since, let's be real, we have all the time in the world right now. I still have the bone broth in the freezer and I'm excited to try it. All items were reasonably priced considering the quality. I am so excited to have Yuzu again!

Justin E.

My favorite Ramen shop in the Bay Area! This place is an absolute gem. From the friendly staff and service to the out of this world amazing ramen, I was completely satisfied with my food. Yuka kindly greeted us as we walked in. She was very knowledgeable about the menu and helped us with our food choices. We had the Gyukotsu ramen and it was sooo good! :) In addition, we had the Crispy Tebasaki, Ginger Tea, and fresh Lemonade. The wait time was short and the food tasted fresh and of high quality. I will definitely come back soon. Thank you Yuzu!

Dennis M.

What a find! The bone broth miso was one of the best I ever had. I was greeted with a big and warm welcome as soon as I step in the door. Service is attentive but not intrusive.

Surbhi Kapoor

One of the best veg ramens I have had. They also have a really nice outdoor seating!

Ton T

My ramen was pretty good but I thought the portion was a little small.

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