2 Doors Down Wine Bar

1626 F St, Eureka
(707) 268-8959

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James Brower (Ovvkoz)

way too expensive for what they offer. mediocre material and rude service.

K J.

We ate at 2 Doors Down on two evenings, due to the close proximity to our B&B. The outdoor patio was warm and inviting. The sweetcorn soup was delicious, and so was the mushroom cobbler. The bread, on both evenings, was not fresh. It was unfortunate that we'd had excellent steelhead at Five Eleven the previous night as the steelhead at 2 Doors Down was nowhere near as good.

Marcelle M (Traveling Miles)

Very cute place and nice staff. Unfortunately we had to wait a long long time for our table - at least 30 minutes past what they said. It would have helped if the outdoor fire pit was working but it wasn’t and we were freezing as we waited. If I was them I would have offered to get drinks while we waited, at least keeping us happy as we waited. Once we got in, the atmosphere and food was great. Our table ordered many things - Mac & cheese, polenta vegetarian lasagne, Rockfish, pizzas, braised veggies. Everyone seemed happy and satisfied. I’ve had better pizza and my observation was the fish was a bit skimpy, but we were happy for the evening. The desserts - bread pudding, strawberry ice cream and truffle were delicious.

Guido Setton

Best caesar salad you can find. Great chocolate truffles as well!Did not try the pizza yet but it looks excellent!

Trinity S.

We ate here when we had called to make reservations at Brick & Fire but were told they were nearly full. 2 Doors Down has the same menu so we decided to dine there. Very small & cozy inside but the service was amazing & the food was just as great. Cameron was our bartender/server. We started with the beet salad & the Carpaccio. Both were excellent. I ordered the Fig & Pig Pizza & my partner selected the Margherita Pizza. Both did not disappoint. I highly recommend this little spot. They even have a "wine corner" where you can pick up higher end labels like Turnbull for a discounted price. We will definitely be back.

Cain T.

A fun place to grab a glass of wine, with a good- but not overwhelming- selection, supported by some good eats from the neighboring restaurant. I've enjoyed the pizza along with friends and yes- plenty of wine.

Shannon L.

We called brick and fire but they didn't have an opening and we were pretty last minute. However, they were able to see us at our desired time at their restaurant extension called 2 doors down which is very close to the main restaurant. The same menu so everything you would want to brick and fire is available here. The wine bar is a little bit quieter than the main restaurant as it is smaller. The wait staff is extremely attentive which is great because I drink a lot of water and my cup needs to be refilled often. The food was absolutely delicious. I got the "brick" bird, a Cornish game hen cooked on a brick and it was very tasty and juicy. The sauce was delightful. The rice was flavorful with many additions but not over complicated. I was having dinner with colleagues who were working in the area and we all agreed it was a great find. We also had the special raspberry crème brûlée and I got to tell you that is worth every bite. Excellent dessert.

Loreto D.

This right here folks, is probably my go to place when my hubby and I don't know where to eat in the beautiful Humboldt County! What I Love: - The Margherita Pizza is yum! - The red wine selection is nice. - Yes, there's a bathroom. - It's nice and cozy inside. - They have a covered outdoor area and I would recommend that you call in advance to ensure you get a table. I think it's just perfect for a small party and they have a fire going to create that intimate ambiance. - The pork belly is oh so sinfully good! - The service is great! - One of the biggest pluses, I am never rushed to leave even after they close. NOTE: They are tied to the Brick and Fire restaurant, which is like next door to them. Now, I'm sure you can already tell that I'm going to end this with a YES, I would totally recommend this restaurant and YES, I am definitely coming back here!

Lorien P.

Two doors down is a extension of Brick and Fire restaurant but in a more quaint, small, wine bar setting, not coincidentally two doors away. At both of my experiences here, they served the entire Brick and Fire menu as well as special wine offerings. This is my second visit over two years and between this location and the adjacent Brick and fire, it is still easily the best and most consistent restaurant in a eureka that I have been to thus far. Many of the standard dishes me here are impeccable, like their signature wild mushroom cobbler (which is not to be missed if you love mushrooms). It has that refined, creamy, buttery, garlickiness of shiitake mushrooms slow cooked with sweet wine and herbs which delights all corners of the palate. The flank steak is perfectly cooked with a nice char but succulent tender inner meat. The fig and pig brick oven fired pizza is just as delightful as you would imagine the salty sweet, chewy deliciousness it promises to be. This time around I sampled the local oysters, which are kumamotos from right here in Humboldt bay; small but flavorful nuggets on the half shell that are roasted on the half shell with a gorgeous carmelized shallot and lemon beurre blanc with smoked Chile. Don't let the Chile deter you-- the spice is negligible but subtly adds to the superb flavor. I could literally drink the sauce all day if I could. It paired wonderfully with the Rose of Pinot Noir. Finally I sampled the Kobe beef carpaccio, which is served with baby arugula, fried capers, lemon, shaved parmigiana, and truffle oil. It was perfectly fresh and tender, melt in your mouth. I are it with some of their house made bread which was delightful.

Cass A.

Staff was not welcoming at at. Restaurant very small. Place could have been good not sure :/.

Mark Jansen

Ambience, service, quality - one of the best spots in Eureka. Fantastic food and easily the best wine list in town.

Patti Smith

Great wine bar with top shelf wine and fabulous food. Really nice ambience both inside and out. Friendly service, highly recommend for a wonderful night out!

John Meagher

Great wine selection and pizza from Brick & Fire next door.

Roxana B.

We are from the Bay Area and came here 3years ago absolutely delicious!!Then on our way to Oregon we came back during Covid hoping they were open- they were and we had the most amazing dinner again!!!Don't miss this seriously yummy restaurant.

Artur Jaroszewicz

We came here a bit over a month ago, and I'm *just* getting to writing a review, but I felt it was important to do so.We traveled through Eureka on our way from Oregon to San Francisco. We ate at 2 Doors Down the second and last night we were there, and it was... just incredible. Kwjuana, our server, really made the experience. She was so incredibly knowledgeable and suggested a wine pairing with our food that was perfect. She was also very sweet and engaging, and we ended up chatting about art, which she does on the side. Did I mention she's awesome?Anyway, the food comes from Brick & Fire, but this place was the one that had seating. I'm glad they were able to accommodate us during COVD, and yes, they seemed careful. If we ever come back through Eureka, we will be sure to come back to this exact place. Thanks for the awesome evening, Kwjuana!

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