Taco Bell

1131 Triton Dr, Foster City
(650) 572-8038

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Brandon J.

Worst Taco Bell ever. This is supposed to be fast food and other people and myself have been waiting 30 minutes. The drive thru line has been getting their orders before ordering inside!!

Rosie Reza

The people are very friendly I come here like twice a week on my way to work unfortunately the last two weeks my spicy potato soft taco has been cold.. I'm going to make sure I touch it next time as soon as I get my food before jumping on the freeway

Drew L.

Been a Taco Bell lover my whole life and this is One of the best! Great service every time. They are so patient but also quick. I'm sad to be moving across the bay to deal with the usual subpar service I expect from other Taco Bells.

Melanie Shake

As good as it can be without nacho fries ?


I dislike the touch pad order urself thing. I mean it's cool to choose what I want exactly. But the option to pay with cash and have to go to a cashier is senseless. I think if u are paying cash, u should go to the cashier automatically and there should be a cashier right there waiting on u and not the other way around. People came in after me left before me!! NOT COOL!


It was after long time here . . it is new and upgraded exterior and interior.. There are order screens on your right once you enter. This is so much user friendly system that you can make your own taco ? or anything the way you like .. I am veggie guy and so always have to reminder multiple times while placing order and have to replace and remove lot of things while ordering veggie dishes .. but with this new Ordering kiosk, that experience became piece of cake .. place is clean and staff is also working hard to make it safe and clean for people. Restroom is open and super clean ..extra points for this .. you can dine in inside or outside ..

Victor G.

Tacos Bell wasn't busy on a Saturday afternoon. in & out quickly. in door dining looks available. offerings: the usual per each location eats: naked chalupa (3.99) -cheaper than danville location, this one is smaller with less lettuce filling. chicken portion, tomoto bits may have been the same. *food came out quickly. it tasted fresh. it's was easy to order on the kiosk once i figured it out. it doesn't have directions per se. i just punching buttons until something worked.

John K.

I've been coming here for years. Very nice staff even when I order late night. Thank You Foster City Taco Bell


I always go here when I crave for Mexican fast food. Good staff. Clean place.

victor-manuel valencia

Taco Taco Bell used to be good until they change their menu and made everything extremely expensive fast food is for a cheap meal quick you're paying as much as going to a restaurant might as well go to a restaurant not the fast food place and their value menu shrank like I said the point of fast food is to get a deal not to break your wallet haven't gone back since all the changes if somebody will buy for free I will definitely go that's the only reason I went to this location

Sharon H.

Super incompetent worker at this franchise. Rolled up to the drive there and said "hello" but didn't get a response, so we waited a bit and said "hello again." The worker responded, "yeah, just order. I'm here." We tried to order a baja blast and he sarcastically responded saying, "oh no! There's no more baja blast!" And We just dipped. Crappy service from a crappy person. In case management needs to know who it was, it was someone with a night shift 5/16/21 around 10:20pm at the foster city location.

Joseph Phillips

Always feel like a bit of a bother to anyone working here, bit the service is quick and the food is delicious.

Kourosh F.

Just got out of drive thru without placing order. Why? Because Steve (store manager as he said) is the rudest human being. I thought I had a problem with him until I heard the car in front of me call him an A...hole. Steve has no clue about talking to customers and got aggressive with both me and the car in front of me. Will call taco bell customer service as well. First time seeing this guy here. Funny thing is when I was trying to place an order he said he is a new guy but at the window he said he is the manager. Go figure. Now driving right across to get carls Jr.

Ls Ds

The food is deliciousDrinks no good, they need a real bartender

Kathryn Holper

This location never messes up my order and the food is always hot and pretty good.I don't know if it's this location or corporate Taco Bell's rules for COVID but there is no one at all to talk to if you if have a problem. No one to order from (they have kiosks which don't take cash and online ordering), no one calls out in store pick up orders. You can't get anyone's attention because they are too busy with the drive thru. I watched two people just walk out and go to another restaurant across the street today in a span of 5 minutes because they couldn't talk to anybody.

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