WFM Coffee Bar

3111 Mowry Ave, Fremont
(510) 401-5880

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M.H. Abdul-Rahim

In the past half year or so of going to Whole Foods I have not once seen them open. Doesn't matter if it's morning, evening, weekday, or weekend. Are they permanently closed?

Rita Kinney

Limited hours.

Chen Wu

Good Coffee, Love it.

Trevor Moss

After only one visit, I'm already a huge fan of WFM Coffee Bar! I came here for coffee and ended up chatting for almost 3 hours. I got a hot latte, which came with the classic coffee art on top (always makes me happy to see the designs), and it was super creamy and delicious.


I love the healthy food one can purchase at Whole Foods Market. The blueberry Greek yogurt frozen bars (80 calories) are so refreshing. The vegetable area is great - and they have good quality. I love special items like butternut squash noodles. Its a delight. The salad and warm goods area is nice if want to dine in or want to take home when pinched for time. Staff is super nice and efficient during check-out process. Although some complain of the prices, I find the quality makes it worth it.

Victor G.

Allegro Coffee is inside Whole Foods// offerings: smoothies, coffee, cold brew.. brew: americano (2.5) -smooth, non acidic coffee easy sipping, leisurely..... drips: -parking iffy at times.


This is a real experience. Everything is healthy and pricy. The bread is always fresh. They have areas where you can get fresh take out food. Wonderful cheeses!

Janice L.

Love the smoothies here - a tad pricey but wonderfully thick and flavorful! The service here is also relatively quick and very friendly (:


Whole Foods makes it easy for customers to design their own meal from the extensive options. The well-labeled trays offer flavorful out-of-the-ordinary main dishes. The deli counter also makes sandwiches and there's self-service pizza, too. Shopping here tends to be pricey, even with the Amazon Prime discounts and specials, but it's a splurge well worth the extra outlay of money. We find this to be a nice alternative to Trader Joe's and appreciate that there is ample parking (unlike Trader Joe's). There's a little in-store bar/dining section near the Whole Foods deli area (something we've found in Sedona, too) which is a nice amenity. The store itself was large but it just didn't seem as inviting as our favorite in Sedona; this Fremont store just felt crowded and the aisles felt tighter.

Elena M

Where else can you go to have a beer on before or after your shopping inside a grocery store? The fresh baked goods are also good, as well as their hot bar.

Bill Fong

Good coffee when in the area and in the store.

Leila C

It is fun to go here and browse. The fresh meats at the meat counter always look great. The service is always great, and I love going here to browse for a gourmet dinner!

Kana K.

Pros: Coffee tastes great and the prices are quite reasonable. Cons: Tastes of coffee and the services differ depending on Barista.

Rajbir R.

If you can find parking and aren't put off my crazy drivers... Definitely check this place out! Good coffee and it's reasonably priced as well! For a small cafe au lait it was under $2.40! Coffee is good and it doesn't taste artificial or overly sweet. I'll definitely visit this little booth more.

Branda DesChamps

Not bad, but not the best either.

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