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Recent Reviews

Brent T.

After my previous hairstylist moved her business to her home, well away from where I am, I was tasked with finding a new hairstylist. I had used my previous person for almost 10 years so you can imagine that I was apprehensive about this process. I did my research about places close to my home and found By The Blade (Lily) very close by. She specializes in men's styles (but does women too). I figured I try her out, so I made my way to her space in the Salons by JC location at Pacific Commons. I am happy to say I did not have to cycle through many different places before settling on one - Lily is great. She is friendly and personable and will make sure you get what you want, hair-wise. Her prices are very fair and you get the full service - cut, wash, and style. Note that for the most part, she is appointment only, and depending on how long appointments prior to you take, you may have to be a bit flexible on time. I am never really in a rush when I get my haircuts so this is not an issue for me. I really lucked out - I found a new hairstylist on my first try who I will be sticking with for the foreseeable future which provides an equivalent service to my previous person at a more than reasonable price.

Marian M.

My boyfriend has had the same hair style for decades and he is wary about who can touch his hair, let alone style it. Johnny did a fantastic job! Ever since, my boyfriend has received many compliments!!! Johnny is the best and he takes the time to cut and style. Young and old and us in between!

Alice J.

My husband came to Johnny for a haircut a few days before our wedding. We had moved into the area recently and decided to come here based on his glowing reviews. The service that we received was beyond our expectatioms! We showed him some inspiration photos, he studied my husband's hair for a minute, exclaimed "OK, I got it!" and proceeded to work his magic. Johnny used special Japanese shampoo and conditioner to nourish his hair. He was meticulous and made sure that we were happy with the result. He even took time to teach my husband how to care for his hair properly to keep it healthy, and taught me how to help him style it for our big day! I was so happy with the service we received that I immediately booked an appointment for myself 3 days after our wedding! I've been letting my hair grow for the wedding and I can't wait for Johnny to take care of it too! Thank you Johnny!

Marian Narciso- McHoes

Even when I make her laugh during our sessions, she maintains a steady hand, great detail, and I won’t lie to you all, there’s some pain involved but she makes it all worth it! Get your eyebrows done from Nicole! Wake up and look at them fierce eyebrows and guaranteed you’ll have a great day!

Sally T.

I love coming to lily to get my hair cut. She is super patient and she works around my schedule even if I come later in the day. Shes always recommending me products so that I can make my hair healthier and after she cuts my hair it always feels so much healthier and it always looks good. I would totally recommend her to any girl in the area looking for someone to cut or color

Jj L.

Lily is masterful, friendly , professional and extremely knowledgeable . She welcomed me with a smile , suggested me what she is thinking for a haircut and made a small test on a patch of hair to ensure that it looked good before proceeding. One of the best experiences I've had with any stylists and I would highly recommend her services.

Zach M.

This was such a great find! Lily was really great from start to finish. The haircut came with a wash and style and a hot towel for my face, which always brings the experience to a higher level. My hair is really fine and tends to be harder to cut as a result, but Lily did a great job. I love how it turned out. Conversation was easy and I would highly recommend By The Blade to others :)

Mark M.

Lily is masterful, friendly , professional and extremely knowledgeable . She welcomed me with a smile , suggested me what she is thinking for a haircut and made a small test on a patch of hair to ensure that it looked good before proceeding. One of the best experiences I've had with any stylists and I would highly recommend her services.

Nicole C.

I visited Lily to get a hair cut and she did a great job! She did exactly what I wanted. When I asked for her opinion on how long I should make my hair, she explained to me my face shape and how certain lengths would be more flattering and how others could make my face appear wider. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new hair stylist.

Julie N.

I had a wedding that I needed to go to. Made an appointment with Lily because I heard she was the one to go to. Came in and she was very personable. She asked me what I wanted and that's what she gave me. What I wanted. Her salon was small but it's nice because it feels homey. Her salon was stocked with niiiiiice beverages. When I say niiiiice, it's nice. 10/10 recommended to go to her.

Arbie E.

Took me awhile to find a dependable hairstylist. Lily is great and knows my exact hairstyle every time I come in. The place is nice and clean. Lily makes you feel comfortable and very fun to talk to. Definitely recommend Lily!

Hung L.

Lily knows how to make her clients comfortable. She is energetic, fun, and easy to talk to. So if you're looking for a fun and talkative barber, she is the one. :D Don't be afraid to ask. Plus she have complimentary drinks on the side if you're looking to chill and have a good conversation while your hair is being cut. Thanks Lily!!!

Yelena T.

I came to see Lily for a haircut and I was beyond happy with the results! I called last minute and she was able to squeeze me in after I got off work! She's so sweet and made me feel so welcome by offering me a drink while I waited for my appointed time. I was very concerned regarding the dryness of my hair so she recommended using olaplex and it made a big difference. The place is very clean and stylish and the office is separated by suites. It was super easy to find and it's right across the theaters. Overall I'm very happy with the results and 100% recommend to anyone looking for a hair stylist!! She's a perfectionist and takes her time with each client and doesn't rush which is super rare. You will not be disappointed! Will be back soon :)

Joseph C.

Lily was awesome! She fit me into her schedule last minute since my barber had to cancel. She took the time to listen to what I wanted, she was easy to deal with. The service was exceptional, my haircut also came with a shampoo, hot towel wrap and styling. Definitely worth the price! Highly recommend her services if you are in the Fremont Area!

Dieu T.

Got my hair cut by lily and i am so glad I gave miss lily a try. She is so attentive and super sweet, She listen to my request and cut my hair exactly how I wanted. The place is clean and have such a welcoming vibe. We'll be back soon!

Eric L.

By The Blade is an outstanding salon. The salon is very clean and the space is very intimate. This intimacy ensures that the quality of the haircut is met with the expectations of the client. The service and communication between client and stylist is excellent. I told Lily that I have specific standards for hair that I have to follow in the military. She was able to cut my hair to Army standards and still look good. Lily is an amazing stylist that will go above and beyond to get your hair looking right. She does an exceptional job in fades and is meticulous in putting the finishing touches before you leave. The attention to detail she has is phenomenal. This is a salon that I trust and will continue to return to. The service is second to none and the stylist is an expert in her craft. 10/10

Hieu T.

Always a great visit to Lily. She always been my go to, because he takes really great care of you and the time she put into her work. Lily super professional on what she does and she definitely make you feel relax, fresh and clean. If your ever in the area, I really recommand this place!

Frida J.

I love getting my hair done by Lily! She makes you feel so comfortable and she's so much fun to talk to. She is so talented and really makes sure she knows what you want and she gets it done. And her place is so nice! It's so sleek and clean it really makes you feel welcomed.

Noelle H.

Johnny is extremely talented and is so precise in the way he cuts hair. At other hair salons I would leave with hair sticking out from all over the place and I would have to tame it by spending so much time curling the ends of my hair or blow drying it with a brush. So time consuming. I came to Johnny wanting a short bob, and he DELIVERED. This haircut was honestly the best one I had ever received, the next morning after I washed my hair I didn't need to do anything additional to my hair to make it look good. ALL of my friends complimented me on my new do. Johnny is amazing. He knows how to cut your hair in a personalized way, catering the cut to fit YOUR hair texture.

Anny C.

My son just got a haircut by Johnny and he looks so beautiful and amazing. Johnny is very determined about every single precise cut and the haircut looks exactly like the picture I showed him. Great job and thank you for making my family look beautiful. I highly recommend Johnny if you want to get a haircut for the whole family.

Bernard N.

Johnny is a great hair stylist whom puts the same attention to detail and care on every visit. I've tried out a bunch of hair stylists all over the bay before and still come back to Johnny as a regular. He handles requests very well and does a great job at giving advice on how to maintain your hair afterwards. I've always had a good experience and recommend him to anyone that wants the same.

Mānav K.

First off - this place should be marked at least as a $$$ place - so that the expectation is set appropriately. (1) Expensive: During my first visit I found out that a regular men's haircut costs $75, I was startled as I expected it to be $$ but decided to give Johnny a try despite it being expensive as I was already there. (2) Average Cut: The cut I received though took an hour was lopsided and I had to convince Johnny to get it fixed. (3) Average Communication: I expected to have a good consultation with the hair-dresser about what works for my face / hair-type but I didn't acquire much learning in that aspect either. Overall, I thought it was too expensive for an average hair-cut. I've had much better experiences and fantastic hair-cuts at half the price.

Arnel F.

He is a very attentive hair stylist who knows what he is doing. You can tell by the way he cuts and styles your hair that he knows what he is doing. I am very happy with the experience he gave me!

Tiffany L.

I had been going to the same salon stylist for years and I was ready for a change. I looked on Yelp for some recommendations and came across Johnny's page. I also had a couple of friends who told me they come to Johnny for a haircut. I thought I'd give him a shot! I have heard lots of good things! Calling and texting was a quick way to get a hold of him. He's very kind and quick in his responses. I contacted him on Monday, made the appointment on Tuesday! I arrived early, sat in the lobby area. This a place where a ton of stylists, make up artists, etc. rent out a space to do their work. It's really pretty inside, artsy, and the bathrooms are clean! Johnny made this haircut very personable. We spent a lot of time talking and felt very natural. He's very detailed, caring about your personal matters, and just really looking out for you! I overall had a wonderful experience! I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but I just wanted a nice, clean haircut that made me look more put together. He washed my hair even when I didn't ask for it and I thought that was really kind and generous. My hair turned our better than expected and I love it. He worked with me for my financial situation, but I still paid him the full amount because I really appreciated him for the experience, time, and expertise. Thank you Johnny! I will be back for sure! Definitely will be letting other friends and family know about his salon.

Soon C.

Been here for more than a year, and I only let Johnny cut my hair. He is by far the most professional hairstylist I've ever met. I had been trying to achieve this comma hairstyle, but no other stylists were able to achieve that (most barbers are not familiar with asian hair). However, Johnny just DID that. He understood my hair, the shape of my head, etc. before he proceeded to cut my hair. He even taught me how to style it properly. If you want a cool, bougie, and sexy asian haircut, definitely give him a try!

Claudia M.

I had been going to my go-to hair place in MV for 5 years and finally took the plunge to try a new hair stylist closer to my house. I will definitely go back! Compared to the expensive MV place, I'd say Johnny's work is no less than the Sassoon-trained stylists. His skill is really well rounded with a reasonably charged price. He did an awesome job at my 45 degree bob and a bang cut. He makes my super fine hair a lot more volumized and stylish. Johnny takes time to listen to what you want, looks at pictures you bring to him carefully, and patiently explains what he is doing at each step along the way. Many detailing steps involved. It took 2 hours for my haircut including washing and blow drying - a tad long compared to other places but who minds spending a little more time to get a great look?

David C.

Johnny took his time in analyzing my hair and making sure that I get the best cut as possible (also in the way I wanted). After the haircut was finished, he also took the time to teach me how to take care of my hair going forward and how to style it quickly as well. Overall, it was a good experience.

Michael W.

Short Story: The best place for a haircut! Long Story: I've been coming here for about a year and I've always had a good experience. He really takes care of you and makes sure you are completely satisfied with your hair. He washes, shampoo, and conditions your hair. The place is by appointments only so be sure to book early! The place is very clean and he uses the highest quality of tools. Verdict: I'm coming here for life!

Kevin Y.

I've gone to Johnny for my haircuts for a while now, and every time I see him, he always puts the same amount of care when cutting my hair. I've never met a more detailed oriented stylist, and I'm always extremely happy about my cut afterwards. Do make sure you bring a picture for him so he has an idea on what kind of style you want. Johnny is great about going over and talking about it. He will also tell you how to maintain and take care of your hair! Thanks Johnny!

Arlen Z.

Like many of the yelpe reviews before this, Johnny is a very experienced and meticulous hair stylist. My standards are a little high when it comes to haircuts and Johnny have met and exceeded all of my expectations. I would highly recommend Johnny to any guy Asian or Non-Asian. Thanks, Johnny. Keep up the good work!

Charlotte C.

The best haircutting experience ever!! Johnny has exceeded my expectations. He really understood how my thick coarse Asian hair behaved, and how to tame it. He also went above and beyond and gave me a lot of advice on how to care and style my hair. I have never met a hair stylist who is as hardworking and caring as Johnny. This is my new go to place and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a new hair stylist! Thank you Johnny!

Jensen L.

I have never met a hair stylist that is as dedicated and meticulous as Johnny. He is both professional and personable. While cutting my hair Johnny explained it every step of the way and gave me great tips on how to maintain and style my hair. Simply put, Johnny is the full package - a consultation, haircut, and wash all bundled into one, and well worth it. Johnny's cuts are super clean and it's clear that he is a master at his craft. I highly recommend going to Johnny especially if your previous hairstylists are not meeting your expectations. Johnny will always go out of his way to make sure you leave feeling satisfied with your haircut!

Elizabeth L.

Johnny Na's haircut suite is located in the Pacific Commons Plaza in between Home Goods and Jo-Anns. While you'll see a building that says Salons by JC, there is in fact several suites with hair/nail salons inside. His suite is #15. I arrived a little early to my 11:30 am appointment and wasn't sure if I was in the right location at first, but quickly found out after walking inside that I was in the right place. I will be honest. While my appointment was at 11:30 am, Johnny was late by 30 minutes. I guess I was his first appointment for the day and ​he was coming in from Dublin which had traffic. I would say that I'm a pretty patient person and was more understanding after he had informed me through text that he was running late. When Johnny finally arrived, he looked a little flustered and I was a little worried at that point because I wasn't sure if he would be able to deliver a nice haircut under stress from the traffic. I reassured him that it was fine and I showed him a picture I had found on pinterest. I asked for his honest opinion and whether the hairstyle would suit my face structure and shape and he was able to provide me with feedback. He started to cut away and once I saw him getting into his groove, I was confident that he would do a good job. Johnny is not only a hair stylist that is meticulous and detail oriented, he is also very personable. During my haircut, we chatted about life and food. It made the experience a lot better. My younger sister came with me and she mentioned that my haircut took a little over 1.5 hours!!! I've never had someone spend so much time on my hair. I was so surprised, but it really does show. I also would like to mention that it was also my first time getting my hair shampooed and washed. I believe the service is included with the starting haircut price, but don't quote me. It was so relaxing and made me feel pampered. LOL I also have fine Asian hair and I grew it super long for my wedding. He was able to give me a short haircut that framed my face well. In the end, I was very happy with the turn out of my haircut. While I will say that Johnny's haircuts are not cheap, you are paying for the quality of the haircut and service that he provides. I only cut my hair every 1 to 1.5 years, so spending a little more to have someone do a thorough job means a lot. Although pictures don't do my hair justice, it really turned out great! I love it and so did my husband when he saw it in person! Thank you, Johnny!! I may have found my new hair stylist! :) P.S - a week has passed and my hair still looks so good! Even though Johnny had showed me ways to style my hair, little does he know that I'm a pretty low maintenance gal and his haircut for me was effortless. No work needed and I still get compliments from people! :)

Duke L.

If I can, I would give him more than 5 stars!!! Very professional and take very caring of my hair. 100% satisfied after walking out of the store! Highly recommend! Before cutting hair, we did talked a lot for the design. He gave me lots of advices. Also, very patience to answer all my questions! Of course, it was perfect in the end. My girlfriend also liked it so much! Thx Johnny!

Juan P.

Five stars for sure! I wanted to try a new cut and just gave him a few pictures and BAM, he tailors cut to me. His cuts are clean, very detailed and he is amazing at his craft.

Kandy M.

My usual hair person was on vacation and I desperately wanted a new look for New Year. Johnny was able to add me last minute. I arrived on time but Johnny texted me that he would be a little late, and I appreciated his honesty and of course I didn't mind since this was a last minute appointment. He greeted me in and he was pleasantly professional and was able to keep a discussion going during the process. He explained each step of the way. I wanted a bob and since my hair was super long he didn't cut it very short right away. Which was great because I was terrified of cutting my hair so short, but I wanted a change and I loved my results!! His next appointment came in late so Johnny used the time to curl my hair and style it. Definitely will return to Johnny for future hair cuts.