Eden Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine

39144 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont
(510) 505-9255

Recent Reviews

Mosin H.

Worst customer service. He doesn't know how to deal with customer. Never order again.

Jhumur Dhar

We ordered Samsa, spring rolls and crispy nan over lamb. The only thing we liked was the spring rolls.It was fresh and tasty. Lamb samsa lacked taste and it was bland. The biggest disappointment was crispy nan over lamb as it was way too oily . The lamb did not taste fresh. Price was expensive. Quantity was good.

Cathy J.

The roasted lamb is amazing. Best lamb place in the bay area. Had been there a couple of times and it had never disappointed me. Lamb lover, just come!

Mitch Barlas

Authentic, fresh and very tasty! Food is created with pride. I have been to Kashgar and this is the real deal.

Ilkhom Khodjimatov

Assalomu Aleykum brothers and sisters.I been there only one timeThere is unbelievable halal food restaurantThe service is perfectI eat there, pray there, ma sha Allah very good restaurantI recommend this restaurant for everybody!!!

Abdul H.

Good food and a nice atmosphere along with great seating and space/privacy. Been here several times and will keep coming back. Service is a little slow and checking up on the customer but no problem.

A F.

After a while tried this month twice with pick up order from Eden silk and food has gone further down the hill.Chicken skewers were solid like rock and leghmen was just old boiled noodles with literary no meat pieces in it.I know due to Covid 19 many food businesses are impacted but that does not mean you offer old stale food to customers.I threw away whole order.I will stay away from this restaurant as based on my previous reviews seems like things are not improving.

Ummah Uyghur

I've tried Laghman elsewhere, but this place has definitely taken it to the highest level possible. My salute to Eden Silk Road, Fremont!

Shuang Li

Definitely five stars restaurant. Lamb soup is my most recommended dish. It come with a huge lamb leg and very fresh lamb soup. That’s best dish you can buy with less than 20bucks. Their service is also very good.

Bradley Klein

This restaurant offers great service and tasty food. One of my favourite places in town. The food and drinks came out quickly and the prices are inexpensive. Recommended.

Kayla D.

The husband wanted to try this place out after seeing it on Youtube. I don't have anything good to say about my experience here. We came in around 1pm on a Saturday and it was not fully packed yet it took over 15 minutes for someone to take our order. We had to flag the waiter down to have him take our order! I would have been more understanding if the place was crowded but it wasn't! We ended up ordering their special handmade noodles with beef and orange chicken. The orange chicken tasted too oily and full of batter. The handmade noodles were chewy and a but salty. There wasn't any special taste to these two dishes. I prefer eating Panda Express orange chicken and chow mein over these! Would I ever go back again? No thanks! I would rather save my stomach space for something else!

Yomna Elgayar

The food is delicious, the service is very good and the prices are fair, maybe a bit expensive. We tried Chow mein with beef, chicken kebab, beef kebab and the Mongolian beef plate .. all super yummy! would definitely recommend it.

Ashley G.

I used to LOVE this restaurant- their food was so unique and delicious. I came two years in a row for my birthday with my family. But over the last few years they've changed management & now the food quality has gone down the drain. Not only the food, but the service has dwindled too. It seems to be run by some young kids in their early 20's and they have no manners. They will see customers come in and debate with each other who's going to help. I've even called in once and they said "call back, I'm on the other line." And sometimes they'll answer by saying "hello?" instead of a restaurant greeting lol. Wth? So last night, I ordered the Mala shrimp through Door Dash and it was basically fish sticks and french fries drenched in some super rancid oil. I even felt something crunchy and hard, and it turned out to be a small rock. How does a rock get into a cooking dish? I just thought they dropped my food and scooped it off the floor. Disgusting. Until they change their management...I think I'm finally done coming to this place. Do not recommend.

Akituna S.

We got invited to this restaurant for company party. It was a buffet style. The party organizer knew what to order, so we didn't have to pull our hair trying to figure out what we should order. Food was flavorful. Big plate of chicken served with flat noodles was our favorite. On top of that we also ordered whole lamb kebob. Main chef cut up and served the meat. Roasted lamb was good. Meat was tender and not dried. They have sweet milk tea and salty milk tea. The sweet milk tea was to die for. It was so delicious. Salty milk was very different. It was ok, but it was not our favorite drink. Will come back to try other dishes.

Emir Fajardo

Tasty Delicious Food! Great Location. fair enough Price.

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