Gaters Restaurant

3846 Mowry Ave, Fremont
(510) 494-9944

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Kathy Nguyen

I wanted a chicken kebab but they were out so I got a chicken platter instead. I also got a baklava and falafel. Everything was really good and I'm surprised I never noticed this restaurant before even though I've drove past it so many times! The sight of the chicken cooking in the restaurant looks mouth-watering.Food: 5/5

Jitender seehra

I tried this place out of the blue and ordered lamb gyros and fries. I ordered food before paying attention to how dirty the kitchen was. The worker had made the fries using almost jet black oil and did not wash his hands once before touching my food. The pita was undercooked and mushy. The lamb smelt and tasted terrible. I ended up throwing rest of the food away. I do not recommend eating here.

safaa Ismail

If there is no stars I would like to chose it. They don't know what the Mediterranean food taste like. I was so happy to find it but I got shocked after I ordered, It was my first and last order .The food tasted so bad , I ordered a combo platters with 3 meats but beside the bad taste I only got chicken and one kofta without the meat kabab. With all 3 orders. Also I can't name what was in the side as a hummus it is way different than what the real hummus should be taste. Also the chicken kabab tastes weird.Very bad experience, They need to improve their food quality.we will not order again.

Sufyan Alogaili

The food was delicious and authentic. We ordered the lamb, beef and a chicken dish. The price was pretty good.

F Gholam

The staff are very friendly and the food is really good. I ordered the combo platter and the cook gave me a generous amount of food eventhough I had oly ordered a small plate. The last time I was here was 10 years ago. I've been wanting to go back ever since. Most stores and restaurants in that area have left, I'm glad they haven't!

Shafraz Alam

Ridiculously expensive, double check your order before leaving because they WILL rip you off. We ordered a gyro with extra meat which they charge additional $6 for ?‍♂️?‍♂️ and they conveniently forgot. When we asked them about it, the people behind the counter looked at each other and smirked. You could tell they had he ohh we got caught look but they didn’t care. No wonder this place is always empty.

Erika B

Tonight I ordered 4 regular gyros with 4 sides of fries through Grubhub. The gyros were delivered without the fries. I called the restaurant about the missing fries, and they promised to deliver them. Almost an hour later, I still had no fries. When I drove to the restaurant to get the fries, a HUGE RAT ran out from behind the stove and then ran right back behind it while the cook was fixing the fries! When I told the cook what I saw, he didn't even react, so I don't think he was surprised. I was so disgusted that I threw away my food without eating it. I used to adore the food here, but now I can't ever eat here again. ?


I ate Gaters once about a year ago. I had dismissed this place as just sub par Mediterranean food that I personally did not enjoy. I had no intention of leaving a review.I was just tricked into eating their food. They are currently operating on doordash as "The Burger Hole". I have never felt scammed after ordering a burger. So kudos to a memorable experience I guess?To rate their side business as well: They are not selling burgers. The meat in my "burger" was not entirely beef as it was advertised. The cheese was not the kind advertised. The bun they advertised was circular, I received a roll (this would have been fine if it was advertised that way.) The feta fries contained no feta.If you haven't noticed the theme here, this was a case of flat out false advertising to such a degree that it was likely illegal. The food was not actually horrible, but I was lied to. If I knew this was coming from Gaters I would not have ordered it. I do not like your food. I was tricked into eating here twice.

Rajat Gupta

This was my first and last time ordering at Gaters Restaurant in Fremont. Host was friendly but the food was terrible. Bread was stale, super dry and brittle. Hummus was oversalted. Falafel was under cooked. Fries were wet and soft. And the cucumbers were bitter. Have never had such a terrible experience with food anywhere. Had to throw away the food. I just hope my family doesn't fall sick.This place doesn't deserve even a single star.Also, the online menu prices are not updated, everything is costlier than what is specified.Stay away!

Divya gupta

Pathetic food. We ordered wraps, their lavash bread and pita bread were stale and extremely crumbly. We also ordered fries and veg platter, with salad and falafel. Falafel was raw from inside, cucumber in salad and wraps was very bitter, hummus was over salted. They did give us extra fries but they weren't good at all. Not recommended at all

Mathew Senn

friendly and delicious, and fast if you got a short lunch break. i got the combo plate, would recommend

raed aldabas

Yummy shawerma .falafel wrap. Hummus.The best in FremontShoozaky kunafa hot and fresh


I absolutely love this place. Like seriously their food brings tears of joy in my eyes. This has to be my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in the whole world. The portion sizes are amazing and they are so generous with it. It’s always cooked hot and fresh and full of flavor. I always finish in a food coma. They deserve more than 5 stars. Unfortunately I found out about this place a week before I had to move so I came here everyday to get the most out of it lol. I’ve tried finding places similar but seriously nothing can compare!! The chef has such a good attitude and we have this inside joke where I come in and ask for kunafa but I know he wont ever have it lol.

Nancy Koskela

I used to love this place! The person taking my order was not able to hear at all, it would've helped if he took out his ear pod! Maybe he would've gotten the order correct. I ordered 2 Steak n Lamb Gyros, got Chicken n Lamb. Ordered 1 order of fries, got 2. Wanted to pay with cash, and they laughed saying we dont take cash where are you from? I said its cash, where are you from? I wasnt pleased with them today, and the food was okay. Pita was so soft it fell apart, was hard to eat together while it was all falling out. Was pretty disappointed that it wasnt steak, although the chicken was good. We already drove away, and didnt find out at till at our picnic destination. Overall, would not recommend based on today's experience. Maybe I'll try again another day, and will have a better experience.

Dylan White

Really poor experience ordering from doordash for pickup. First, when selecting on door dash, it said that a $3 yogurt drink was required to add my entree (lamb gyro) to the cart. Then, I arrived and they said that they were out of hummus and had subbed all of the hummus for baba ganoush. Finally, I got home and my wife’s entire meal (vegetarian platter) was missing despite being checked off in the receipt. The only redeeming thing is that the food is tastyEdit: After contacting them, we were comped with 2 free items if we call in another order.

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