Inchin's Bamboo Garden

39024 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont
(510) 573-3754

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Srividhya R.

Got take out, food was sooo good! I highly recommend the tat mai paneer and garlic chili noodles as vegetarian options! Wish I ordered more!!

Seema K.

I ordered Chili Garlic noodle and Lat Mai paneer Togo today. being a 2020 Labor day, i went to the restaurant in person to place my order but the staff was polite enough and asked me to place online order. i went back to my car and ordered online. i called in after placing my order and requested them to add lot of veggies like carrots, cauliflowers to the veggie chili garlic noodles. all I got was green onions and here and there was a capsicum slices. What is the meaning of Veggies? i wasn't aware veggies meant only green onions. Ruined my day getting a Togo from this place, no wonder this place has worse rating. My friends warned me but i took a chance and learnt my lessons spending 30 bucks :)

Ajit S.

I heard a lot about pathetic service at this location. Experienced it today myself. Called to place order, was asked to place it online . Placed the order, paid online thru credit card. Restaurant closes at 2.30pm, reachd at 2.25 pm. Doors locked, no one inside. Knocked multiple times, called multiple times and no answer. I cant believe thus location really cares about customers.

Phani Kiran Kara

Quantity is good. Quality is average. Ambience is good. But won't recommend a takeaway.

A-Kash S.

This establishment got our order wrong today, further, they don't serve any drinks at the moment (not even bottled water). I wanted to originally give them 1 star, but I felt bad. I personally would not go back, but who knows? Maybe you can give them a chance? Try them out for yourself!

Maria V.

Ordered Inchin's for delivery today and got the Chicken 65 along with the salt and pepper shrimp. Both dishes were great, except the Chicken 65 was a bit soggy and not as crispy as I remember having it at the restaurant. The shrimp was delicious. It was crispy and a great level of pepper!

sharmi mukherjee

Service could get better. But happy hour food and drinks are always good.

Gaurav G.

I have visited this place several times in the past but had the worst experience than ever before for dinner. It was the first time I was visiting with my partner. I set very high expectations before bringing her here, and she was totally disappointed by the food. I ordered the following: 1. Hot n sour soup, 2. Veg fried Momos, 3. Veg coin manchurian, 4. Street side chow mein. Hot n sour soup was not hot and was lukewarm. The soup tasted like chicken broth. When checked with the waiter whether its an pure veg or not, his answer was it's pure veg since you ordered one, which I found to be a little off. My wife and I left the soup as is after tasting just 1 spoon out it. Veg fried momos were very oily and had no veggies in it. It only had mixture of cabbage spinach inside it which had the worst combination to start with. For the price listed it only served 3 momos. After taking one bite it was set that no matter how much you try, you are not gonna eat that whole thing. We also left the entire momo platter as is. Veg. coin Manchurian was the order we placed and we got Cauliflower Manchurian instead. After the experience of complaining about hot n sour soup, we had no energy in us to complain for the cauliflower Manchurian. The Manchurian tasted good but were not hot n fresh at all. It seemed like they got us the Manchurian that was cooked hours back, instead of bringing the fresh Manchurian. I didn't have complaints about the street side chow mein. This was the only dish that was offered as listed. Chow mein was good. Overall the experience was very bad with the food. My wife has already made up her mind not to visit Inchin bamboo ever due to the catastrophic experience. I have attached my bill to prove the Inchin Bamboo's experience. I use to highly recommend my friends to visit the Inchin Bamboo for it's food but seems like this would have to end.


Service was bad - you serve your food not the waiters. Was a nightmare especially when you have toddlers/ kids. I hail from Chicago, where it's the opposite, so for me this was not at all fun. The food was amazing, the experience not one bit. Would have given 4 stars if it were for the food only.

Tanuj Maheshwari

Not so great taste as compare to other location of inchin’s. Gravy and nodules was blade though starter was good ?. San Jose location taste better. Kids menu was a disappointment.

Pragati Bysana

This is for the Fremont branch. San Jose one was good though.Went in for dinner with hubby and got a table for two. Saw that the menu was completely changed . Somehow got myself convinced to go ahead since we had an hour to get back home , ordered food. Everything was bland no spice no salt . I generally eat less spice but this was tasteless food. We decided to take it as to-go instead of wasting it. For some reason we forgot to pick the to-go box. My mistake . Came back in less that 5 minutes to collect that and they said it was trashed . I was like how can you do that when it is packed in a to-go container. Never going back to this place again !!

Dawn D.

Been to this place couple of times and I believe it has improved over the period. The service was amazingly fast, and the waitress was courteous and friendly. She had knowledge about what we were ordering and her suggestions were amazing. If you haven't been here please do try it. I had Mongolian beef, spicy mango chicken with rice and chicken noodles with butter naan. I also enjoyed the drinks the Far East movement and You Yuzu and me amazing and I ended my drink with date wonton's with ice cream as dessert . I will go there next time for their drink menu and Mongolian beef

Krishna M.

Mm yummy. I miss it now. It's really good and nice inside. I got vegetarian stuff. It's really nice, fantastic, and wonderful ...

Yukin Wang

I liked this place and food was really awesome

suchan pattabiraman

If you want to get yelled at and given excuse for why the service is poor yob can visit inchins bamboo at Fremont. I have been here twice and loved the food. Now I got pretty irritated. The food smelled bad and the check was provided not on a box but just the receipt. The staff when I complained about bad sevice just plain denied instead of acknowledge of the fact saying we have less staff so we take care of the kitchen..sorry never visiting here again.wish they close down soon

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