Inchin's Bamboo Garden

39024 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont
(510) 573-3754

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Jasneeta Nadan

Food was good. Service & ambience was nice. If you are in the area & in mood for decent Indo-Chinese cuisine Inchin's the place.

Achyuthan J.R.

Food was pretty good (particularly the pan fried paneer starter), which is why I gave the 2 stars, but service was terrible. The staff first said that restaurant closes at 9 pm and kitchen closes at 830 although at entrance door, it clearly says that they close at 930 pm. After we went in, another party came at 845 and ordered food when the kitchen should have been "closed".They add a gratuity of 21% for parties is 5 or more, which is pretty high, given that the service wasn't anything significant. They just bring food and put it on the table that's all. Charging 21% extra for that is a ripoff.

Reema Shah

Service was absolutely terrible. Food was over salted. We mentioned it immediately but the waiter didn't believe us and started arguing with us. A different waitress did approach us and apologize for his behavior but at that point multiple other things had gone wrong. Not only did they never offer even a percent discount, they didn't bother to take gratuity off either. Absolute waste of money. My family member was the local and raved about this place but it clearly is not the same. My family should not have to apologize on behalf of a bad restaurant.

Deepa Murthy

We used to love this place but lately the quantity and taste has gone down. The Thai basil rice smells very eggy just can’t eat. Overall not happy with the food!

Aarti Jivrajani

As soon as you step into Inchin’s, you are greeted with STICKY FLOORS! With each step you take, you will regret walking to your table. The menus are filthy, they had fingerprints covered in food, that just puts you off. The service was okay-ish. Most non-alcoholic drinks were not available. We were not comfortable sitting for long since our shoes just felt like there were STUCK to the ground. Overall, not a pleasant experience for sure.

Srinivasa Jayaraju

Very tasty food , but had to wait for a long time for an order that already had a status to pickup...when I reached there the order was not yet prepared

Shasha K.

Came here for lunch, their lunch menu is limited - no noodles without extra charge. They LOVE OIL! Their Mongolian beef is OK, Szechuan chicken was all sugar /sweet didn't taste Szechuan style at all. My comment about the oil: Rice was crunchy and visibly oily The hot and sour soup had a layer of oil on it Oil layer on the Szechuan chicken and Mongolian beef I think they need to get their spice proportions down, I have heard their shrimp is good - but everything else wasn't impressive to me. They are halal if that matters. But I won't come here, really value not clogging my arteries with untasty oily food. 3 stars for trying sorry to the nice servers!

Hetal P.

Before pandemic I have been to this place for dine-in and used to enjoy there ambiance, food and drinks. They have very creative drinks menu. Through out the pandemic also we did take out orders and these guys have maintained their food taste and quality in this tough time too. I am impressed! Recently we made a DoorDash order from this place and I convinced to give 4 Stars. The delivery was quite quick. Food was Neatly packed and warm. Food was delicious as expected! Eats : ===== - Chili Garlic Noodles : $16.50 - Chinese Bhel : $13.20 - Szechwan Fried Rice : $15.40 - Vegetable Coins : $16.50 Chili Garlic Noodles was so delicious! The noodles they are using is thin Eggless Noodles. You can feel the perfect blend of Garlic and Chilies. I also like the Shredded Vegetable's crunch comes while eating. It is 5/5. Chinese Bhel was so Crispy even though it was in TOGO box. what else I expect other then good crunch in the bhel. Noodles, Onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes this mixture is itself so tempting! In total, 5/5 Szechwan Fried Rice was a bit disappointed as Rice was not cooked properly, it was too spicy and kind of raw. I could see Bell Peppers, Cabbage, Carrotsin rice but did not eat much as rice itself was not cooked properly. Overall 2/5. I dropped my one star here only. Vegetable Coins, frankly speaking, I did not expect coins to be turned out really good based on previous experience here. But I was wrong this time, the coins were the star in our order. It was perfectly cooked. Vegetable Dumplings was amazing blend of Cabbage, Cilantro, Carrots, Peas. We asked for Manchurian sauce with it. The Dumplings and Sauce packed separately. It was so delicious! In short a good 5/5 experience with it. The order comes with some fortune cookies, which is alway fun to read with friend, family and share what each person got! LOL. :) Overall, It was nice experience. Docking one star because of Szechwan Fried Rice. It can be better but Next time. Will definitely be ordering food from here to try more items on their menu! :)

Shriya Shah

3 stars for them because food was good but customer service was really bad. We decided to give them a try when we were in Seattle last week with our friends. We were all visiting from different parts of the country and everyone decided to go here for dinner. We had a big party of 13 people so we called in advance to ask if they could accommodate us as we have a motorized wheelchair user. When they said they would, we went there. The tables were not ready so we waited patiently till they set it up. Then the manager on duty said that we were not allowed to bring our certified and licensed service dog to the restaurant. We had to educate him on the law and then we decided to brush it aside to enjoy the dinner experience. It was just then, the manager instructed us to be careful with the paper menus. He asked us to be careful not to get any food on it. But I forgot to take a picture of the dirty, food smeared menus ( the same ones he wanted us not to get dirty :-) ) Inchin is known for their creative drink menu. One of my friend decided to order a Smokey drink expecting it to come with something to make it Smokey on the table. But instead it just came in a regular drink. When we asked the manager told us that the Smokey machine was broken so they just make it in the kitchen. They didn't let us know in advance.

Tarun S.

Oh my gosh. Something has happened to this once great restaurant. Food is stale, pathetic and belongs to trash bin. This used to my favorite places for Indo Chinese food. And now as the demise of the Roman Empire, this place is going through its own downward spiral.

Rocky Kumar

They messed up the billing. They charged two different bills on my card. And gratuity being 21% is ridiculously high.

sameer agrawal

Good in person dining experience on our recent visit. We were encouraged to use the online ordering and payment system which seemed a bit odd but figured that out quickly!The appetizers and main course were good. We had to ask for the sauces for the noodles which they promptly provided.Saved some room fir the desert which was promptly gobbled up as soon as it arrived!

Mary Davi

Great food. Outstanding service

Chandra Venkata

A bit overpriced. Decent ambiance but online ordering only for takeout. We regularly get the roti kanai and cauliflower/baby corn Manchurian.


Enjoyed tasty Indo-Chinese cuisine. Food was great and tasty. Courteous and friendly staff. I would definitely come back when I revisit the area from Philadelphia. I recommend opening the restaurant in King of Prussia PA Thank you all for making my visit feel like a home.

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