Niles Ice Cream Sweets & Eats

37699 Niles Blvd, Fremont
(510) 792-4144

Recent Reviews

Siddarth Gaonkar

Really like this Icecream place... it takes you back in time ... I like the hot Chocolate brownie sundae

Victor Wang

Amazing ice cream shop that serves up absolutely delicious ice cream at extremely reasonable prices. I went for the ultimate in decadence with smooth flowing caramel and it was great once in a blue moon when you?re looking for something ultra rich. They don?t skimp with a scoop either. I ordered just 1 scoop in a waffle cone where they thankfully don?t surcharge depending on the vessel (cone/bowl) and was met with the world?s largest scoop. There?s some limited indoor seating as well as outdoors but when I went in the shoulder season between summer and fall, it wasn?t crowded at all. Service is quick and efficient.

lolla aditya

The flavors are amazing. I always try the brownie Sunday. It's in the historic Niles district, plenty of parking across the store. They take card as well.

Richard Hair

This is a great stop in Niles. Friendly service. Good variety.

Linda M.

Ube ice cream is amazing. So delicious that I have a hard time putting my spoon down.

D P.

Best ice cream in town! Our favorite is chocolate fantasy. Always consistent quality.

Jade M.

Stopped by for a quick snack before viewing a house nearby. It didn't disappoint. They serve home-baked desserts, and serve Treat ice cream directly from San Jose. I am so happy they have ube, coconut and mango - these are quintissential Asian flavors specifically South East Asian flavors. So ordered a single scoop of each either in a cup or waffle cone. It cost $4 flat - cups and cones are free. Extra cup or cone is $1. I think double scoop is $5.50. Ice cream flavors are huge like 25. Treat ice cream is a hard ice cream that is thicker but flavors are excellent. Natural and made with fresh ingredients. They also have sundaes like Tin Roof, Black and Tan, Charlie Chaplin(ask what this sundae is- it is reminiscent to Niles District wherein the comedian made his first films on this place back in the 1920s-1930s before going to Hollywood), and many more! This ice cream shop is such a joy to be here. It is so welcoming, especially when you are seated outside to feel the positive, casual and welcoming vibe of the Niles District in Fremont. The Niles in Fremont has updated its city to a restaurant, eating place and more family-oriented town which is nice to stroll in the night time and day time. They also sell cold beverages like bottled waters, sodas, energy drinks, quarts of ice cream, fresh baked goods near the cashier, and ice cream. Great place to hang out. There is a place to eat inside and outside. Come here for a great dessert, snack either on the daytime, hot summer nights and just have a craving of Treat's ice cream, and you can thank me later.

Michelle R.

Stopped by here a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. The weather was hot and ice cream sounded so good. My boyfriend and I decided to try this place out. My boyfriend ordered a ice cream sundae. He chose 3 different flavors. He got vanilla, bubblegum and cookie dough. It was topped with caramel chocolate, whipped cream, nuts, bananas and a cherry. I went for a cup of coffee flavored ice cream.

Charlotte B.

Stopped by for a quick dessert and definitely did not disappoint! They had ube too which is a plus since I've been looking all over Fremont for it and finally found a spot! I would definitely come back again to try other flavors! I hear the Orange Sherbet is the next best craze.

R williams

Great ice cream good service. Old school family style ice cream spot. This pace gets busy on hot night and afternoons. But great little spot.

Sweta Basundhara

A cute little ice cream place located in a very scenic surrounding. Ice creams were good and affordable. Sunset is the best time to grab a icecream and sit outside to enjoy the view.

Nikole A.

Three words: TREAT ICE CREAM (enough said) ...but I'll still say a bit more! Treat Ice Cream has to be one of the top three ice creams I've ever eaten. They have a delectable plethora of flavors to choose from; there is literally something for everyone! Best of all, they are home grown right in San Jose. Other places that sell this Ice Cream (that I know of) are Zanotto's and the Treat factory itself, but if you find yourself at this Niles location, you will not be disappointed with its quaint appeal and friendly service.

Neil Sadhukhan

Probably the best ice cream I've ever had. I haven't had many but that's still good I think.

Zara Diaz

I have gone there for six years. The ice cream is amazing. And there is a big variety of flavors

Jessica G.

The second it got hot in Newark, I was on yelp searching for a new ice cream place to try. Niles Ice Cream Sweets & Eats is a small ice cream shop in downtown Niles. On this super hot evening, it was packed as expected. The line would've gone out the store if it wasn't wrapped around inside the store. Basically the end of the line was right next to the cashier, enveloping the whole shop. The tables were full, inside and outside too. They have a ton of options for flavors, milk shakes, and sundaes. I stuck with the mocha chip and heath crunch with hot fudge. Super good! I ended up getting a double scoop because the single scoop seemed more like a kids' size to me. I'll have to come back to try other flavors and shakes! Cheers to the two employees working the evening. The line was endless and they were still serving up ice cream without a complaint or any attitude. Plus all that heat couldn't have helped but they were quick and friendly still!

k white

The best ice cream I've had in quite a while and the portions are very generous ð???

Linda N.

OMG the best milkshakes EVER. Various flavors available. They also sell cookies and cupcakes. You can even pick up a container of ice cream to take home for parties for $8.00 each. I love cookies and cream ice cream and that's what I had for my milkshake. Let me tell you I had big pieces of cookies on the bottom of my cup still crunchy! For $5.00 the milkshake is very well worth it. I opted not to have whipped cream on it though. Other drinks like soda and bottled water is for sale. The place inside it's on the smaller side. But there's outdoor seating, or just simply stroll down the strip browse the antique shops with you're sweet treat on hand.

Stephen Tan H L

Really creamy. I love their pistachio flavor as it have full pistachio nut beside not extremely sweet.

Guamby Guambelle

Great little ice cream shop in the heart of old Niles, CA--quite a treat on a warm day! I like that you can create your own custom sundae.

Cali Girl

Very cute ice cream place will come again. It was very popular and crowded. There is no seating outside as well.

John Varnado

Great Ice cream frendly service! Charming location in Niles historical district. Perfect for window shopping on a summer evening.

Jason C.

A hidden ice cream gem tucked away in the town of Niles in Fremont. While it was a little busy today since it was the 4th the wait was really not there at all the line went through speedy and they have all kinds of delicious things to indulge! Looks like they have ice cream you can take home see pictures. Has cupcakes there too from the looks of it. We do love ice cream and today could not have been a more better day for it as it was warm but not too warm, just about right for a Summer day. You'd be crazy to not go here on your visit to the town of Niles!

Daliana D

Friendly staff, yummy ice cream. Great for a hot summer day. They get really busy.

Darrell M.

Great establishment. Friendly employees, great ice cream, generous portions. Place is also well kept and clean.

Samantha W.

Adorable old-school parlor. Located in downtown Niles; you can go antique shopping or walk in the park after getting icecream. Really nice family atmosphere as well. I love to rollerblade here from my house in the summer! Nothing like sweating your butt off and being rewarded with your favorite cone. They have have classic flavors like rocky road, delightful concoctions like tin roof sundae, and simple pleasures like pralines and caramel. They also have an assortment of sorbets and fruity flavors, like mango. My favorite is their marble black raspberry. It is to die for. Perfect balance of creamy vanilla and tangy raspberry. They're very generous in their scoops, a single is practically a double! They also have a freezer of single-flavor tubs (1.5 quart) you can take home. Besides ice cream, they also have old-fashioned sundaes, banana splits, milkshakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Absolutely love this parlor. It's one of those rare places where people actually come outside and socialize. I love seeing people from the neighborhood. Niles wouldn't be the same without it.

Minnie W.

Nice ice cream selections. The associate who helped us can definitely elevate a little on her customer service and upselling skill. The other associate looks bubbly and attentive though. The ice cream is not bad. Perfect after a summer walk.

James Wallace

Great old time ice cream parlor. One is the few places with my absolute favorite tin roof. A great place to visit and relax.

Tony Anderson

Great prices for great ice cream. Prices went up recently but it is soooo worth it. Plus they stay open late.

Diane Collins

Great selection. Old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Friendly staff.

A Z Flor H.

This quaint little ice cream parlor is in the historic Niles district. It's a great family spot to have something a little extra and special to treat your loved ones to. Also a great date spot to take someone to. Fair amount of outdoor seating, which would be great during summer. The inside is small, but has a few small tables. I ordered a double scoop of the mango and ube. AND the scoop sizes were HUGE , very generous. I believe the double scoop was $5.50. My friend ordered a sundae , a scoop of vanilla over a warm, soft and chewy cookie/brownie thing. Very delectable. I would love to come back again. I appreciated they had Filipino flavored ice cream especially. That was a nice surprise.

SuperCoop 2.

Update: 5/12/19 I'm updating my old review, which had 5 stars. I am changing to 4 because they no longer serve their AMAZING hot dogs. They were huge and were pretty cheap. Still, if you haven't been here, go for the ice cream, especially the blackberry one. It's soooo good. RIP delicious hot dogs This place has great hot dogs and amazing ice cream! It usually isn't that crowded, and there is always room to eat. It is family friendly and the service is also pretty good. I usually come for a snack and I'll either get a hot dog or some of the marble black raspberry ice cream (best flavor )- sometimes I can't resist I'll get both the hot dog and ice cream

Jen R.

I tried both Niles Ice Cream and Nature's Microcreamery on the same weekend and have to say that I really enjoyed how professionally run Niles Ice Cream is. The shop is both clean and well kept despite it being very busy, well stocked in napkins on every table, and they had 5-6 folks behind the counter to keep the line moving. They know how to run an ice cream shop smoothly. The ice cream was really good quality, and butter pecan is one of my favorite flavors. I will definitely bring my friends here when they come visit! I only wish that the shop was larger and that more seating was available.

Jessica Force

Hand churned small batch ice cream. Family friendly. We like the cookies and cream! They offer sandwiches, soups, salads and toasts too.

Chela p

This was a cool little spot in Fremont, plenty of different flavors to choose from and the staff was very helpful. I loved that that the waffle cones here weren't stale at all, they were very delicious. I would definitely return to this spot to try different flavors and to try their mini pies, the best part they are open late too.

Dennis Dizon

Good ice cream. Love the old town, mom & pop feel.

Graciela P.

This was a cool little spot in Fremont, plenty of different flavors to choose from and the staff was very helpful. I loved that that the waffle cones here weren't stale at all, they were very delicious. I would definitely return to this spot to try different flavors and to try their mini pies, the best part they are open late too.

Kenneth W.

The banana split was great I have three type of ice cream with pistachio,strawberry and toasted almond and three toppings strawberry, pineapple, and cream

Inderdeep K.

An absolute gem! Came across this ice cream parlor while we strolled down Niles and it was a perfect treat. I've had their ice cream scoops as well as the milkshakes. Fairly surprised when I asked to try their coconut flavor and they had actual coconut shavings in the texture! Superb. The service is welcoming and kind. Definitely my go-to ice cream parlor in town :)

Shasha K.

What a cute little treat in the middle of Fremont. This parlor has amazing Ice cream with unique flavors, great fudge and out of this world service! I loved the banana nut, mango, and strawberry flavors. My kids absolutely devoured the fudge!! Come here for ice cream totally amazing!

Lynn O.

Love this place. We used to go often but since we found out about a severe gluten allergy in our family, we cannot go anymore. I wish places like this had a little more knowledge of food allergies and ways to help people with different issues. Nut allergies, gluten, milk proteins, so many people who want to "be normal" and go out to ice cream but just have to skip it.

Niles Ice Cream Sweets & Eats

37699 Niles Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 792-4144