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37699 Niles Blvd, Fremont
(510) 792-4144

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Ruchika M.

I have an obsession with ube and ice cream. And when it comes to this match made in heaven Niles Ice Creamery is my go-to. They always give colossal servings - the "single scoop" here definitely does me good lol. The last time I came, it was literally about a half pint of ice easyyyy boy! Not complaining tho. :pThis place's ice cream flavors are consistently balanced - the ice cream is very decadent and creamy, but never overwhelmingly sweet. The flavors with mix-ins always have a generous amount of mix-ins and I live for that! They also don't charge extra for a waffle cone ayeeTheir ube is phenomenal because there's actual bits of Ube in it. It has a mellow sweet potatoeey flavor and a cool texture from the ube mixed in! And hello can we all just appreciate how gorgeoussss that purple color is. Highly recommend! I keep coming back for the ubae but one day I am determined to try a sundae from here. They look heavenly :)


Best ice cream. Everyone is friendly and competent.

Karen Ann B.

I really wish I could have given this place 5 stars. The serving size is generous and the ice cream was quite tasty. We did drive over 30 minutes to get to this place as well!!-1 star because the lady that served was was impatient and not friendly at all.-1 start because both my children asked for cups/trays to prevent spillage as I ordered them both 2 scoops as a treat. She gave then both cups and told me that it would cost $0.50 each. I told her that the sign says kids can get a spill tray for free and she said that what she gave them wasn't the right one. She pointed to the ones that they should have received and said that they are for little kids only that would spill or couldn't lick it fast enough. She took the original cups she gave my kids and threw them in the garbage!! I mean, wow, you were going to throw them away anyway!! If you meant that it was for little children under a certain age, that should be stated, not simply listed as for "kids". My children are indeed children and spill/make messes all the time!!

Christianne L.

Great little ice cream shop in historic Niles. They have 3 sizes to choose from and they also have a variety of their flavors that come in pints.It was a hot day when we went, so we were looking for good quality ice cream. Preferably not Baskin Robbins and not Cold Stone. So we decided to try this place. The prices are very reasonable considering the amount they actually give. We also liked that they have other little treats if you're not in the mood for ice cream. Cookies, brownies, turnovers, cupcakes, rice krispies, and even fruit crisps!I also really appreciated that they had their menu posted on the outside of their window for people to look at. Luckily the day and time we were there didn't have us waiting outside in line. It's very convenient for customers who are waiting to be able to see what's available.Definitely going to come back to bring more family members!

Jane Does

Hands down best ice cream I've ever had. I cried when I finished. I would move to be closer to this ice cream.

Raju M

I love their ice cream.

Tricia M.

Love this place, love their ice cream and I am never disappointed. Black marble raspberry is out household favorite but their chocolate peanut butter is our second go to!

Timothy T.

Just solid ice cream here. Really satisfying to come here after a long day or a mid-day picker upper. The flavors are pretty standard, nothing really outside the typical shop, but good thing is they do each flavor well. My wife and I got to service Niles for our dessert at the wedding and it was a hit. Inexpensive for the bucket, consider it if you're catering or throwing a party. I do think the service here is mediocre though. The isn't much joy from the scoopers but whatever, the ice cream is great.

Hannah R.

The best cookies n cream around! Always happy to support a local mom and pop shop. Good ice cream, good portions, and good service.

Andie T.

I was craving some ice cream and came across this little shop. There is a lot of parking nearby, but this block is oddly empty for a weekend night. The servers are very nice and friendly, and rang me up for one scoop of pralines and caramel ice cream, and one scoop of burgundy cherry in a waffle cone. The interior is decorated kind of old; makes you feel like you're in a 90s ice cream parlor. The place is overall pretty clean but I did notice the trash can was overflowing and there was trash on the floor around it. What I liked best about this place is that they give you generous portions of extra "stuff" in your ice cream. What I mean is, every bite of the cherry ice cream came with actually dried cherries in it, and every bit of the pralines and caramel had tons of pralines in it! I would love to come back again and try some more of the flavors, as they have a wide variety here.

Jack R.

I wanted so much to like this ice cream shop that my friend had always wanted to try since he works in the area. Unfortunately, both of us were disappointed. First off the coffee ice cream I sampled had a really bitter aftertaste to it that tasted like an old cigar. So I went with what I thought would be the safe bet with the coconut ice cream with almonds. Wrong. Man, the coconut ice cream had way too much fake coconut extract that tasted cheap and had this huge imitation aftertaste to it. That and it was over sweetened. I ended up throwing it away. My friend's Smores ice cream sundae was no better. He said there was hardly any marshmallows in it and he said the ice cream was also too sweet. What a let down.

Eunice Y.

I heard many great things about this little shop in Niles. I wasn't super blown away by the flavors, but the ice cream was definitely a solid and I would return if I ever went back into the little district. It seems as though this place is a local hotspot because they were tons of people sitting outside enjoying the ice cream on a nice day. You can try as many flavors as you need to to pick the one that is your favorite. They definitely do not skimp out on how much ice cream they give you even if it is just one scoop. Again I wasn't super blown away by their flavors but in terms of ice cream and how it's made it was pretty solid.

Kosha P.

This is my favorite ice cream shop hands down. This cute, little parlor is located in downtown Niles and they have something for everyone. They have classic flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Rocky Road, but also have unique flavors like Mocha Chip, Mango, Cookie Dough, Marble Black Raspberry, etc. We usually stick with their single scoop ($4.50) or double scoop ($5.75) because their scoops are generous, but they also have sundaes. We love some of the flavors so much (Pistachio, Mint Chip) that we take home the single-flavor 1.5 quarts ($8.50) that they also sell in the freezer. The staff is so kind and welcoming too. Plus this place stays open until 10pm. It's definitely a hidden gem!


Ice Cream is really good and the place is like visiting back in time! Love it! We'll visit again soon!

Sivaram V.

This tiny icecream store located right across from the train station in the beautiful little town of Niles serves one of the most delicious icecream around here. The staff is very polite and they give you any number of samples you want. We tried the raspberry marble, butterscotch marble, strawberry and coffee. All of them are delicious. We got a tub of butterscotch home and it was gone in no time. I strongly recommend going here if you were anywhere close to this place.

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Niles Ice Cream Sweets & Eats

37699 Niles Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 792-4144