Panera Bread

2650 Mowry Ave, Fremont
(510) 742-1200

Recent Reviews

Scot Granger

I hadn't been to this location in quite a while because the service was so poor last time. BTW - the food here had always been good here. My experience today was a good one - my turkey BLT & avocado sandwich was tasty and arrived at my table in a timely manner.

Z P.

I come during my lunch time and I waited 20 min and I got my order after I complained. Someone ordered thru the app which allowed their order to be ready in 10 min.. so that person got their order first... and I was still waiting.. I also came the night before and ordered a sandwich and the bread was stale and not fresh. Don't go here ...


I went to Panera Bread in Fremont. This is a nicely laid out cafe. I purchased for take home two pumpkin breads. Yum! Service was very good.

Dilip P.

This location is a cluster eff with a capital F. Expect your rapid orders to run ~30 minutes later than the ETA with half the ingredients missing. Staff is trying, but they are clearly overwhelmed. Do yourself a favor - go somewhere else.

Pallavi V J

I really like Panera Bread! However, sad to say this center needs to improve on customer service, cleanliness and quality of food!

Beth Berg

I placed an order, via phone because of issues trying to place my order on-line, of 2 pastry rings and bread on a Friday, to pick up on the following Sunday morning at 8am.


Ordering on the kiosk was easy and convenient. Food was great! The one thing this place really needs to improve in... cleanliness. The dining area, soda area and restrooms really need attention; like a lot! This location is really dirt.

Greg Roderick

When going to a Panera restaurant no matter where you go, they're pretty much the same. That's really the point, right. Expecting good quality food and service for a fair price in NorCal, SoCal or somewhere else. However, this was not our experience here in Fremont. The tables were not cleaned. The food came very late. Like 30 minutes after ordering it. Usually we see our food within 12 minutes or sooner. I'm hoping for better next time. One other thing. If you ask for water, they provide a cup not much larger than a jigger. Maybe 4oz. I find that very insulting and just because I asked for water instead of one of their paid drinks, I get degraded. They must have forgotten I'm still a paying customer even if I only drink water.


Place is dirty, slow, and constantly running out of products. Seems very poorly managed; took 30 mins to get my food and it wasn?t busy at all

Ileana R.

Today was probably the worst experience I've ever had at a Panera Bread. Our office had a lunch meeting scheduled and the representative in charge of picking up lunch for us went into Panera to be greeted with bad attitude and horrible service. The staff did not take the time to look at the order that was put in. The representative really wanted to make sure everything was as ordered since they were treating us to lunch. Not once but twice they had to be corrected on what was missing in the bag and what was in there. They were being beyond unprofessional with how they responded to her even though it was clear that they made mistakes with the order. If you made a mistake, own up to it. We're only human and it happens. But for you to stand there and act like a high schooler as if you're always right.. get real. After the representative arrived in the office we noted another mistake. My coworker that doesn't eat any red meat order the Roasted Turkey, Apple and Cheddar Sandwich and when she opened it, the sandwich was filled with STEAK. How can you even mix up the Roasted Turkey and the Steak? Of course we're trying to call and we can't get through. Not cool!

Ashtinejade D.

The WORST Panera I have ever been to! It took 30 minutes for our food to be ready & when we got our food, my husband's sandwich was messy & not well put together. Would definitely recommend going to Boudin which isn't too far away.

Steve M.

Food is good but the wait times for rapid pickup is getting later And later. 7:05 turned into 7:30. Unacceptable for the price!

Shradha D.

Went for Sunday Lunch around 1.30 pm , Place was quiet and moderately crowded. They ran out of most of the Bagels and Bakery , No bread bowl . Place was unclean , most of the two seated table were free but I was waiting for a bigger table to be cleaned for 3 of us ( Me , hubby and toddler ) but the Guy cleaning the table didn't care we were waiting for a table and left without cleaning. We asked for a big bowl of Soup and got cup of Soup. Something made us feel unpleasant about the place and so we finished in 10mins and left as soon as we can. Broccoli Cheddar soup was yummy , Cinnamon Bagel was okay and chocolate Croissant was good. Wish they carried more items and a better service.

Emily K.

No, Katherine, I can't name all the ingredients of the damn BLT sandwich off the top of my head, even if I work as a cashier and I have to explain it 5 times a day. The ingredients list is literally right in front of you. And just wanted to let Karina know that the BLT DOES have more than just "what's in the name". Check yourself. :)

Suzy D.

This location is mind-boggling terrible. I used to go here often due to its proximity to the hospital. Now I only go in emergencies. They run out of this often (even coffee), and food items. They will let you know 20min after waiting your food that that they're out of this ingredient or some other thjng. Very frustrating. Sometimes there's a sign on the door saying "sorry, slow service due to few employees." This morning I waited 10min for oatmeal after confirming it would take 2min. When I enquired about food status they told me they didn't have oatmeal. I've asked for refunds in the past for food they didn't have after ordering and they told me to get back in a long line to try for a refund. I've had to just leave because it was too long. This location is shockingly bad. I've never had a single problem at another Panera. Ever.

Eric Holk

Worst Panera ever. I love Panera, but this one is sub par. They are always understaffed, undersupplied, and have long waits. The pastry window rarely has many options. The tables are in need of repair, the trashcan is overflowing, and the napkin dispenser is out of napkins. This Panera just seems really poorly managed.

krissi b

Bathrooms out of order, cold coffee, bagel machine broken :/ The employees were very apologetic and kind, however, so i donâ??t blame them. Would recommend going to the Panera at Pacific Commons instead!

John Berg

The quality and service at this location has gone downhill over the last couple years. Just now we placed an order a day in advance and when we arrived to pick it up we were told "Oh, we ran out of that this morning." Yes, they had what we reserved but sold it.

Kyle Keane

This is honestly my favorite restaurant I love the kiosks. I do truely enjoy their breakfast menu but their sandwichs and salads are amazing as well. 5 stars all day.

Rimisha Sen

I enjoyed their food and always liked to get dessert from them. They were speedy fast with service

Deb Bontadelli

I love the Green Goddess salad. The people at the counter are more courteous than the people that used to work there, so we are going more often, now.

Michele R.

This is my second time visiting this place and m very pleased with it's service, food and drinks and will definitely come back again for breakfast.

Darryl F.

I want to recognize an exceptional employee who's always kind, courteous, professional, patient, tolerant, helpful, warm, uplifting,and very very attentive. Alexis I thank you very very much for your kindness. You're one of the main reasons why I come to Panera bread. I appreciate your generosity and your welcoming smile every time I come to Panera bread!!! Thank you very very much!!!!

Kris Kingsbury

Out of spinach artichoke souffle, coffee Brewer empty, no napkins by coffee. Had 3 cheese instead. Very good w cappuccino.

Andrew H.

Be sure to check your order before leaving the store. I asked the staff if everything is inside and he said yes. After arriving home, a cup of soup is missing. Obviously the staff didn't check it at all. The self order kiosk is out of order (can't accept payment). The staff knew it 10mins ago and didn't put any sign to warn customers. Ended up we spent about 10mins to order for the whole family and then needed to order everything again at the counter. The staff said he will put a warning sign but again he didn't do it immediately. We have to remind two more customers that are trying to use it to order. In general, the sandwich and soup are good but the training and management need to be improved.

Juan Saenz Fernandez

muy deliciosas las ensaladas.

Asbjorn O

We usually come here for lunch. The soups are always good, our favorite is the cheddar/broccoli soup. And the bread is always fresh and crispy on the outside.Don't forget the hazelnut coffee....

Joe P.

Multiple inaccurate orders are unacceptable. Use the app at your own risk and be sure to double check all your food items if you do.

Chitra J.

I won't order rapid pick up again. I ordered the pick two with the vegetable soup and half modern caprese sandwich. The sandwich was sad. One tiny thin piece of mozzarella, balsamic dumped in only one corner of the sandwich, one slice of tomato, and no bean purée. Mostly I received bread soaked in balsamic. I suspect it was not the focaccia it is supposed to be on, but not certain about this. I think the employees are more careful when you eat-in because anyone would send that sandwich back, but when you go back to work you aren't going to return to get your sad sandwich remade. Worst part is I'm still hungry!

Kim O.

Ordered two frontega chicken sandwiches for $9.39 each. Came missing the basil and red onions. Receipt said "accuracy matters", order will be fixed and free treat given for my troubles. When I asked them about it they told me they were out of basil and onion but later gave me a bowl of onion and an apology.

Afsheen A.

This place at Mowry is horrible. People are so non courteous, always super late and on top of everything they lie!!! On screen it said my food is ready and then it took them 10 more minutes to get it ready, when I asked them that why it says ready they said ready means preparing!!!!! Helll!!! Am I coming from jungle that I don't know that. One time I ordered food online again but it was taking so long so I stood in line and ordered again. I asked them first can you cancel the first order as I have been trying for past 15 minutes but I can't find a way she said I'm holding the line so I have to figure out myself she can't help!!!! For real!!! I have been to Panera all over California never ever seen such bad customer service and they don't even have food sometimes... yikes never coming here again

Kristen K.

Great pastries, bread, soups and salads. Their sandwi he's need a little improving. I got a grilled cheese to go for my daughter today and it was so burned, she took one bite and spit it out. I wish I had time to go back

Sarah B.

Panera breaddd... u either love it or dont!! I really enjoy eating panera bread!! As i dont feel as guilty if i ate at McDonalds or something. So I just download the app, order right from the app for pick up and i easily go into and grab it.. its that simple. So i always get the pick two: Heritage Ham & Swiss and chicken noodle soup. I customized the sandwich as it is possible to do. Sometimes i get the fugi Apple salad with no tomatoes and onions and the dressing is delicious!!! O yeah and get the panera rewards card as u get rewarded after a few visits. And sometimes they send you coupons which is awesome to use.

Evans Bradshaw

Very good sandwich and soup were tasty. Service was good.

Raghu Musini

BBQ chicken on flatbread, soooooo yummyð???

Rajiv Shah

Tummy filling and great tasting soup, salads and sandwiches

JeanLorraine E.

Zero stars! I can be the nicest and most patient customer but this one is just worth writing a review! I had to wait for a tortellini for 40mins. The screen says they are preparing my order so I waited patiently. I know it's busy so everyone's waiting patiently but when they started serving the people who just came and left the to go orders hanging and waiting there -not cool. A lot cancelled their orders but still I waited. When I asked them if they can bump my order BECAUSE they've been brining out food that's not in order, they were so rude! Really rude. They didn't even apologize. RUDE!

Mara A.

Worst Panera I've ever been to. The employees move extremely slow with no sense of urgency and literally take extremely long to make even the simplest order. I've done a mobile order a few times with this location and each time I've waited for at least 30 minutes past the "10 minute" rapid pick up slot. This time, I did a mobile order for breakfast and waited 30 minutes. After checking with the people making the food, they said my order was next. Once it got to mine, I found out that they had run out of EVERYTHING I ordered. When I asked the guy making my food (Caucasian, wearing glasses, working on 7/21/19 at 10:30AM) what happened, he literally said "I don't know what to tell you." After speaking with the manager who tried to rectify the situation, I was already livid that I waited 30 minutes for nothing. Panera needs to up their mobile game like the Starbucks app and black out items that are no longer available.

rosalba Carmona

This place has horrible customer service. The order will always come out wrong. We ordered a Fuji salad thatâ??s supposed to have apple chips in it and once we got our salad it had no apple chips on it. So I asked the waitress if she can give me some apple chips for my salad and she ignored me. All the employees ignore you. They donâ??t attend to the customers needs. Every single time we come here the order is mixed up. I am never coming here ever again. The waitress with the blue hair was especially rude to my family and I.

Alexza magallon

I disliked The costumer service i ordered a salad paid extra for apple slices nd then they didnâ??t put apple slices so i ask the lady who brings the food dat if i can have the apple slices I ordered with the apple salad nd she was like ok nd wait again nd she didnt come then i told her again nd she said ill bring it then she passed my table nd looked at me but said nothing nd didnâ??t bring my apple slices on my salad which i paid extra for so I decided to finish the rest of my food nd leave.