Panera Bread

2650 Mowry Ave, Fremont
(510) 742-1200

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DANNY Haleck

First time came here. The food and Services are awesome. Lilly Beth was great. She was very kind and helpful. I will definitely be coming back and telling my family about this place.

Ruchika M.

Chocolate muffie's from Panera were my childhood. The name and concept are so cute: a muffin-cookie hybrid with chocolate chips in it? Sold every time. Still love these; they taste like nostalgia :')Panera also makes great scones, which are often abused for being dry. flat. boring. But these have a nice crunchy exterior that breaks into a pleasantly buttery and fluffy interior. It is not too sweet - key for me, as I prefer richness over sweetness. This captures that element, and my fav flavor is blooberry - great with coffee!The new broccoli cheddar mac and cheese will probably appease MOST mac and cheese lovers buttt if you're like me and like mac and cheese to have that crunchy, baked top (think chick fil A or classic home made style), this is not that. It's only soft and creamy; I was missing texture.While I like Panera bakery items, the sandwiches are overpriced and skimpy with the meat - I need meat... and lots of it. They aren't always attentive when you customize an order, so repeat things if you must. Customer service is somewhat unpredictable. However, I like that everything at Panera comes with bread, apple, or Panera potato crisps. Choose the last of course :)

Lauren K.

This Panera location continues to mess up curbside pickup orders and we've now had to repeatedly return to get a completed order. This last time they forgot an entire bakers dozen box of bagels and have no way to do a refund over the phone. Because I couldn't get in touch with them by phone, I filled out a survey and to Panera's credit, Katherine (a manager), called me to address the situation. However, when I called back to let her know my husband went back to Panera to pick up the rest of our order, she rescinded her offer to recognize the inconvenience of having to do another 20 mins round trip. Honestly, it might have been better frankly if she hadn't called me in the first place if she didn't want to honor her offer. The inconvenience, lack of completeness of our orders, and lack of willingness to recognize what is not an isolated issue, has me uninterested in returning to this location.

Sandra H.

I'm so angry with the service I barely received at Panera! I just had a medical procedure and since I can eat I wanted Panera for dinner. They offer curbside pickup and never brought the food to the car even though my receipt is marked correctly. I asked for my tip back and the manager asked for my credit card, I paid using PayPal at this point I decided to walk out. I also notice this location is sold out of cookies a lot. I won't be back.

Hoyoon H.

Convenient take-out via mobile order but the place can get busy once a while. Highly recommend the sandwiches. Some staffs I've ran into on ordinary basis, but some new faces.

Athena Sharqawi

I was really disappointed, it seems every time I go something gets left off. Last time I assumed that my baguette was is the bag so I asked for butter, once in the car i found out the baguette was missing. Yesterday i introduced the Fuji apple chicken salad to my friend. I checked for the baguette asked for butter and checked for forks. The salad dressing was missing!! She politely said she doesn't need the dressing ... Do I have to check for EVERYTHING before I leave?

William Cook

Actually improved on this visit. Food was prepared in a timely manner. Tasted good. Employees cordial.

Charan Sg

Bread was little too dry and hard. Mediterranean bowl was good.

Lisa T.

Panera screws up again. Honestly CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU LEAVE! Especially if you had any modifications, open up your sandwich and look inside. This time the cashier just wasn't listening. Asked for a half size Fuji apple chix salad, she rang in a full size and I paid for it when I only wanted half. I asked for that side to be a fruit cup and she even asked the line if they had any (yes) but then she put bread as a side. I actually caught this one before I left luckily. Then I ordered a you pick 2: half Asian sesame chix salad with NO almonds (I'm allergic), and a half turkey avocado blt. The salad came with almonds because she did not put "no almonds", I checked my receipt. And my sandwich came with no avocado (which is not her fault) but I ordered shortly before 11am and didn't notice how screwed up my you pick 2 was until my lunch break at 3pm so I was forced to eat the half sandwich because I was starving and now I have to go back to get my money back on the salad I can't eat. CHECK YOUR ORDER THOROUGHLY! I'm giving up on this location, and taking a break from Panera in general and going to go across the street to Boudin instead.

James F.

Tried ordering my lunch online. However, they was no way to order for pickup today. Earliest would be for tomorrow morning according to the website. That being said, the website does say they are open today and close at 9pm. So I called and got the oh-so-delightful recording that says they are open. When I got to speak with an actual employee after telling her that I'm trying to order online for pick up today, she says they're closed. Is there literally no way for these businesses to update they're website to say "closed". If not that, change the phone recording for that day. It's called efficiency, something that is obviously lost on this location.

Shamika Sutton

Worst meal from there ever! Service was well. Very kind. The sandwich was dry and didn't have the entire ingredients. Very limited amount of just arugula and steak. The salad had soft strawberries and romaine not arugula as I was told it would. I've never had a bad meal from panera but today of all days not have had panera in 2 yrs it was awful. $15 wasted! Suppose to be my treat for myself at that. Too bad!

Shane Harvey

Low quality lettuce, bacon bits instead of whole bacon, skimpy on avocado. Cashier super slow. Price doesn't match quality or quantity. No outside seating. Hayward location better choice.

Kathy L.

I am new to this place and I just want to say that I love it! The workers were so kind, helpful (especially since it was my first time here), and very uplifting. Their customer service is amazing like nothing went wrong. The wait here was pretty decent but you can now order from their website which makes it much easier! I highly recommend coming here when you want to try out new things!!

M R.

I usually don't like giving bad reviews but, bad experience starting with my call. They placed me on hold someone answered and she aswered the wrong call. She was not ready to take my order. When i get home my turkey sandwich had no turkey. Recommend automall panera instead.

Tony G

We ordered at location. Waited and waited to find out our order was ready but the lady or anyone else for that matter didn't even let know our order was ready. We just sat there until finally asking what's taking so long.

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