Panera Bread

2650 Mowry Ave, Fremont
(510) 742-1200

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Tony G

We ordered at location. Waited and waited to find out our order was ready but the lady or anyone else for that matter didn't even let know our order was ready. We just sat there until finally asking what's taking so long.

Rehan Shaik

I go to these store everyday coffee is great but the service is extraordinary good the staff named karina gives the very good serviceManager Kathryn gives the nice excellent service to customers

Jenny C.

Worst Panera bread ever, customer service is horrible. Placed my order was supposed to get it dropped off at my car at around 8:20 15 mins later still nothing had to go inside and staff just said "oh sorry we forgot". (It wasn't even busy so there is really no excuse). On top of that went back to work and was about to eat when I saw they didn't even give me my entire order! I called them immediately and all they said was they were sold out.. yet they still charged me for the food and didn't mention anything when I went inside to pick it up. They offered cookies, like that's going to make things ok. Over the phone manager just says there is really nothing I can do right now but personally drop off something else, I told her no all I wanted was a refund and she continues to tell me she can't do anything about it so I just tell her I will be going after work. A few hours later I went back after work to get my refund and the manager says "oh you're here already" it was already around 1 pm she then says so that was around your lunch time when you came in.. which I had already explained to her it was and I just wanted my refund while in the process of doing this nothing was really said other than "do you want a cookie" once again.. no. Wasted my time and energy just for this. Never seen a more unprofessional place then this location. Never coming back and really not recommended.


Staff was friendly and attentive upon entering. Great caesar salad. The food took a little time to receive, but quicker than expected considering how many orders they had to fill.

Temi M.

Customer service at counter by Apurva was stellar. She was helpful in helping me choose items. Was very patient also. Nice to have her polite and kind help. The other employee who is awesome is Chlyde. Totally personality plus, and welcoming. Reallly appreciate him. He kept very busy attending to customers in cars waiting outside. I ordered grilled cheese and mango green tea. Both were excellent Thank you Panera on Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont.

Sean M.

Ordered sandwich and a cookie through your website for curbside pickup. Since not allowed sit inside the store location I took my bagged lunch home to eat it. The bag was also stapled shut so without thinking I did not open it in the presence of the staff member. When I got home and opened the bag I did not find my cookie in the bag. Not worth driving all way back to Panera or waiting any longer to eat the sandwich, but will not be coming back to this location. And I recommend others to stay away as well. Other locations care enough to put all of your order in the bag.

Rohan P.

I don't understand how it's possible for a yelp page to be as poor as this one. Menu is literally not available and Panera's website absolutely refuses to load.

Vincent L.

This review is for multiple visits I've made before the coronacrisis struck. Like many Paneras, this location has a large, open dining room with plenty of tables large and small. This makes it perfect for a variety of guests, whether families, small groups like book clubs or board game clubs, one-on-one meetings like college admissions interviews, and, yes, even solo laptop loiterers outside of busy lunch hours. Otherwise, the menu and food items here are as dependable as that at other Paneras everywhere, while staffers at the counter manage to get the job done without offense. There's plenty of parking outside and it's a short walk from Fremont BART.

Shaik mohamed

I go to these store everyday coffee is great but the service is extraordinary good the staff named chlyde gives the very good service

Samuel B.

forget it: they don't bother answering their phones. and when you drive over there, you will soon discover they are out of everything.

Jo Green

I am trying to order to be delivered and you are out of half of your food. I've tried 3 times. I USED to like you, but I can't go to your location.

Charles A.

I like Panera Bread even though it is a chain and expensive for portion size. But they have reasonably good baked food. I like the flexibility in ordering food. But this particular location is always very slow and the tables are dirty most of the time.

Emily Z.

I've come to this place a lot to study with my friends, and it's okay. It's not the cleanest place, but it's usually pretty quiet and that makes me focus. The food isn't anything special, but if you go to Panera, you know what you're expecting. It's close to a lot of better food places too, so I'd say it's a good place to study and maybe get a cookie.

Mystery Mania

Until further notice, our temporary hours of operations will be: Monday-Sunday, from 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

Mystery Mania

Until further notice, our temporary hours of operations will be: Monday-Sunday, from 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

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