Panera Bread

2650 Mowry Ave, Fremont
(510) 742-1200

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Willie Madsen

~~UPDATE~~Went back, spoke with the manager, and he indicated that he was new to that store (by a couple of weeks), and was brought in to help clean things up and improve that locations reputation. Ultimately he made things right, and we will be at least giving the location a try in the future to see if the changes and positive and stick.~Original~Never have been a huge fan of Panera in the first place, but the wife was wanting it, however this Panera location further solidified my negative feeling towards them. I understand that they get busy, but when you have at lease 3 managers 'expediting' (check the orders for accuracy), how do you miss that 7 items were wrong with a order that had 11 items total; that is generally an "F" anywhere you go. I get if I had ordered: hold this, add that, extra on this... but no, these were straight "Ordered as shown" items. Come on guys, get it together, I guys have 1 job, and that is to satisfy your customers with a minimum of "some" resemblance of order accuracy. Food flavor was ok (and the only reason it is even getting the second star. FAIL

Michael Sanchez

I went back to Panera's and it was as we left it...great. There is social distancing in the seating so no fears there. Now it's time for you to go back too...same Panera's as you remember it.

C A.

I just had a tooth pulled so I needed something light and soft so I got soup & 1/2 sandwich (broccoli cheddar w/bread bowl& chicken salad), The bread was perfectly soft on my sandwich and my bread bowl, you can tell it was freshly made that day and the food was delicious, it was better than the competition that's famous for their sourdough bread. I will be back soon to try some other stuff on the menu.

Sourabh Singh

Food is good and tasty. Staff is really good and helpful.

xiaoyong zhao

I have dined there almost weekly during this pandemic and they have done a good job in delivering accurate online order. However, recently, they are CONSISTENTLY making mistakes, first, wrong sandwiches, then missing sandwiches, who knows what's for the next order. Hopefully, their management will turn around and do a better job.

Isaac Martinez Silva

We ordered two full salads, the flavor was decent as was the portion size. They prepared them fast that was nice. The only thing that was interesting was they just seemed to throw my bread in the bag, not in its own bag or wrapped in anything, just floating the bag.

Micaela M.

I would give this restaurant zero stars if I could. WORST Panera Bread ever. They aren't helpful, waited an hour for my order, and the manager/staff are rude. Customer service sucks. Go anywhere else. The food was poorly prepared. They have curbside but don't even follow through with it. Will never be coming back. The one on Christy rd in Fremont is way better.

Prabhvir kaur

This place was my favorite place until today. First, i waited outside for the order at least 10 mins after doing curbside pick up. Then i just go ahead and picked up from inside. Employee inside apologize but at-least they have to put on the system if the curbside is down. And then i added in special instructions to GRILL the sandwich and yet received the same sandwich and i had to grill by myself at home. I shouldn’t have placed the order in the first place. Never coming back ??

Sharayu Deshmukh

Worst service and meal ever! My order didn't have the most of ingredients. Looks like this is common issue at this location. Because of the issues at Panera before, I stopped ordering from Panera from past 1 year and after having panera almost after a year this weekend, it was just awful. Don’t think I will be ordering again.

Don M.

This location has gone downhill fast! They have an opening for cook - they need a manager that knows how to manage. I ordered online and arrived only to find bags other than mine still on the counter not pick up). So, assuming they were busy with other items I waited...and waited. Seeing no new orders I finally asked. My "used to be" hot sandwich and bagel were on the counter but no one ever closed the bag and taped it with my name. If this was my only issue, I would not write a review. But slow service and obviously no managerial direction, this appears to be a regular issue. Time to find a new bagel/sandwich shop!

Paloma Q.

Trust me, I get it. Lunch time is hectic! Wait times are expected, but when you order a steak and cheese melt, you expect cheese right? Cmon guys. I didn't say anything for the wait time but messing with my food is another thing. Let's do better

Deepak Bhadauria

Although staff seems helpful, the person running the show should figure out the process. Missing bacon and cheese in a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. Saw two more customers coming back, missing something from the order. Past feedback is similar. SO ANNOYING.

Z C.

This Panera location is THE WORST! Got my order wrong 2 times in a row. Late back to work from my lunch both times. Horrible service. Horrible attention to details. I wish I could leave a 0 star review. Won't ever be coming here again!

Rachel H.

I swear everytime I go here something in my order gets messed up. The past 4 times in a row I've either been given the wrong item, or something was missing altogether. The worst part? The worker even "checked" my bag to make sure everything was there before giving it to me, so I didn't notice till getting home that something was missing

Benjamin W.

Went in for a large ice coffee and they were out and refused to make it just by pouring hot coffee over some ice. So I had hot coffee when I went back fifteen minutes later to get a refill they said I had to wait 2 hours. Was very disappointed.

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