Sweet Garden

39473 Fremont Blvd, Fremont
(510) 771-9518

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Manda A.

I ordered 3 rolls through grub hub: California roll, spicy California roll, and salmon and avocado roll. I had a huge craving for California rolls and this hit the spot just right! I guess they were really busy during the time I ordered because it took about 40-45 mins for them to complete my order. Everything was really fresh and very simple.

Erika D.

I live in Hayward, but have reason to drive down to San Jose every so often, so sometimes I will visit restaurants further away from home for a change of pace. It's understandable that I hadn't found this place before, but now that I have, it's become one of my favorites.Seriously, this place has the best katsu I've ever had. It's super crunchy, but the breading actually stays on the meat, rather than separating like it does at most restaurants I order it from. The combo plate is a ridiculous amount of food for a cheap price considering how high quality it is. I absolutely love the kale quinoa salad, and the garlic noodles are made with thin vermicelli and are super yummy.I'd fill up on just the chicken and salad myself, but with the noodles too it's enough to split with my husband and daughter since we all eat far less food than restaurants like to give us.I want to try their other foods, but the Katsu combo is so delicious, and I come this way infrequently enough that I just have to order that every time I come here.

Victor W.

Great plate lunch, sushi, ramen, poke bowl shop.Recommend for lunches and good quality sushi and ramen.

Tiffany H.

I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS PLACE!!! I was searching for places to eat near Fremont on GrubHub since I was in the area and Sweet Garden popped up. I looked it up on Yelp after seeing it on GrubHub and it looked so good!!! I was already planning on picking up other food prior to coming here but, I thought to myself "hey I'm in the area why not and the more food the better anyways" Plus, supporting local businesses is a must right now. I came in and they are for sure practicing social distancing with arrows on the floor and multiple signs in multiple areas stating the rules and regulations mandated by the state of California/the counties. I was so excited by how appealing the food looked so I went a little crazy when I ordered. Actually, I went A LOT CRAZY!!! What I ordered: Pork belly combo plate w/ noodle with white bacon cream sauce +Seafood macaroni salad Side of garlic noodles, side of soy noodles Garlic Ramen Lion King Roll Hawaiian Roll EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING!!! REALLY EVERYTHING, don't believe me?!? Go try Sweet Garden for yourself!!! I do have favorites..my favorites are the noodles with topped with bacon cream sauce and the garlic noodles!!! Both were flavored to perfection. I always make it a thing to try garlic noodles if it's available on any menu and this garlic noodle takes TOP 1. I like garlic noodles but, I usually always pick around the large garlic pieces but, when I ate the garlic noodles here I ATE IT ALL. The garlic noodles, the large garlic pieces EVERYTHING. Definitely do not pass on their white sauce noodles and garlic noodles when coming here. THE SUSHI ROLLS!!! WOW, the Lion King roll is a must have!!! Baked salmon how can you go wrong?!? You can't, it was so good. The Hawaiian Roll is basically a California roll topped with a generous amount of avocado and raw fish!!! TRY IT!!! I for sure want some more lion king and Hawaiian roll in my life right now!!! They offer an extensive amount of sushi rolls and I cannot wait to come back and try other rolls!!! SO FRESH AND SO GOOD!!! Everything else I got was good, I tried the garlic ramen just because it sounded interesting and though it was very flavorful it was not spicy and that's my own fault for not asking if they could make it spicy or if it was even spicy. I was just so excited that I ordered a little but of everything. If you are in Fremont or even if you just want to make the drive to get lunch/dinner to take home make sure you keep Sweet Garden in mind!!! They are amazing OHHH and the service is good too!!! The lady who helped me was very nice and polite. While, I was waiting for my food she got a lot of calls for togo orders so it can get busy. Please remember to be patient and nice to anyone working and don't forget support your local businesses!!!

Charlene E.

Love Sweet Garden's takeout sushi and hot dishes. They have a wide selection of pre-made rolls and I appreciate that you can also order sushi from their menu if you don't see a certain roll you were looking for. Their extended sushi menu is in a photo album on the counter with lots of pictures. When dining in prior to shelter in place, they were intermittently adding fresh rolls to the pre-made selection which was reassuring. The guy making the sushi also greeted us immediately as we entered. The sushi isn't top quality, but it's more than decent for the price. My go-to rolls include the dragon eel, lion king, real crab California roll and salmon avocado roll. I've only tried their hot food once, but their japchae and BBQ chicken were tasty. Will definitely return to try more of their hot dishes and fulfill my sushi cravings in a pinch.

Michelle S.

Easy online ordering and pickup. The food is great with excellent value. It is great to have a casual sushi spot nearby. This is a hidden gem!

Lisa W.

Got a quick order of chicken wings + spaghetti with an additional side order of garlic noodles today. Noted even the "small" side order is actually a hefty portion that will probably last me a couple additional lunches. Both spaghetti dishes tasted pretty good, certainly the craving I've had for pasta (but not complicated pasta) lately. The chicken wings were ok, I mean, the sauce was great but the fried part is not so healthy I guess. Place wasn't very busy when I dropped by, which was around noon on a Sunday. I didn't have to wait in any lines. Also, realized after checking out that I could've added one more item to my purchase and paid with cash to get that free add-on of sesame balls. Oh well.

Winnie L.

It truly is a sweet garden! Amid the covid19 crisis, this lovely little spot is still open for takeout. I got the garlic noodles, chicken Katsu, and garlic vegetables. The garlic noodles were perfect and even though it's a simple recipe, they made it so well! It's not overly greasy and oily and you can taste the garlic with every strand. In addition, they give a generous helping of it ! The chicken katsu helping was also generous and it was perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I loved it! I also ordered a side of fried chicken from their fridge which was crazy cheap $4! The passion fruit green tea with lychee jelly, a staple to any dish I believe, was sweet and refreshing as well! Even though I don't frequent Fremont a lot, I'm gonna start just for this little restaurant! The service was lovely (of course not dine in) they did have clear signs about covid19, wipes, and hand sanitizers, amid the pandemic so it tells you that they take this pandemic seriously. It's also a given that you have to wear a Face mask into the restaurant!! Overall: 9.75/10 I would most definitely come back and try more dishes !

mark Niblack

Rolls are made fresh and some of the best ramen I've ever had.

Joyce M.

Hot and fresh! Incredible portions. Ordered 3 combo banto and salmon avocado roll. Salmon avocado roll is impressed which stuffed up fresh salmon. Fish fillets combo is recommended. I got 4 long pieces of crispy fish fillets! Chicken katsu combo and BBQ chicken combo are way much enough to feed up my two monster teens. Promotion free 8 sesame balls with over $25 and paid cash. Definitely will visit again. I called restaurant phone number directly to place order. ( Hopefully this can help restaurant avoiding third party platform fees. ) Lady who answered the phone was nice and patience.

Sidknee C.

One of my favorite restaurants in Fremont! I always get the chicken katsu combo with garlic noodles and chicken avocado salad. I have also tried their beef curry and sushi which are great as well! They have a lot of options which are all really tasty. Also for the quality and amount of food they give you, this place is very affordable. I often get lunch here when I am at work and don't feel like eating my packed lunch from home .

Ivonnie S.

Sweet Garden is still open for take-out and delivery during the current shelter-in-place! You can order ahead of time (as I did) or order a takeout box when you arrive. ***Note that ordering through Yelp's app/Grubhub seems to be $1.00-1.50 more expensive (even for pick-up, not delivery), compared to ordering in person or via their website. I'd recommend ordering through the website instead if you can pick it up!*** They've set up their store so that you can stay at least 6 ft away from others while picking up your food, and there's even hand sanitizer and wet wipes provided at the entrance. (If you're feeling any symptoms, make sure to stay home though! Delivery could still be an option.) The hot food combos are such a great deal! $9-12ish for a jam-packed take-out container (see pics). Each hot food combo comes with: 1) A protein - the house chicken, chicken katsu, and fried fish fillets are all super good! 2) A salad - I usually get either the chicken avocado salad or swap it out for the garlic veggies if I'm feeling like eating cooked veggies instead - no extra cost! 3) A side - garlic noodles are perfectly garlicky! The chicken rice is also pretty good. One box can easily feed two! Or one very hungry person with a big stomach I guess. Still super worth it!

Mei Y.

Been here a few times and really like their chicken salad, garlic noodles and sushi. Recently came in for a large salad and some sushi to go. Realized they charge $8.99 per 24oz of salad. It is a smaller sized container than your normal pho soup container. It really isn't much considering for a few dollars more, you can get a full meal with a salad. I guess I didn't know salads are that pricy. Stick with their meals.

Dave S.

Wow, From ordering to completing our meal, we were completely satisfied. The lady inside was very nice! Our order was ready and the pick up was easy. Very clean inside and smelled great. The food was delicious! I want more... like now. Will we return? YES! I do recommend.

Sheila C.

We haven't had sushi in what feels like forever, so we were trying to find a restaurant that delivered. I came across this and the reviews was great! We spent $56 and we only ordered 4 items, pretty expensive. The quality of foods were just okay, it tasted like the sushi you'd find at Whole Foods. There wasn't that much variety either. Overall, the foods were okay experience. Delivery was great, came sooner than expected! However, I don't think we'd come back here since we'd want fresh made sushi.

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