Taco Negris

37726 Niles Blvd, Fremont
(510) 441-0700

Recent Reviews

Brandon Venturi

I've been eating here on a regular basis for 5 years-ish, always outstanding food. Thank you for staying open for everyone during these tough times.

Cee T.

OK if you're a vegetarian don't read this...this place is the "bacon" of taco trucks. Always great food at a very fair price.

Richard Bayless

Service was fast, and the street tacos great!

Megumi T.

This is one of the best mexican food I've had in the bay area. Their tacos and burritos are amazing. Especially carnitas tacos is must-eat! The only cons would be they are closed on Sunday but I cannot find anything else. I want to come back soon!

Lino Ittoop

Wonderful flavors. My favorite taco truck.

Dave S.

Hands down the best truck I have been to. The line alone in front of the truck tell you all you need to know. Tacos are great but my got to is The Carnitas super burrito. The flavors just explode. Everything about it makes me happy. If not the Carnitas, it is the Shrimp super burrito. Wow, never has anything even came close. If your ever in the beautiful district of Niles in Fremont CA. I highly recommend stopping and having a meal.

Chris D.

Ordered tacos and a bunch of other stuff from Tacos Negris and enjoyed the food. Service was quick. Price was inexpensive. Location is cool because it's in Niles right next to all the shopping and the park and what not. Negatives are that they're cash only, the meat in my taco was slightly overcooked (they were still great though), and I don't believe their prices were displayed on the menu (which can be annoying). All that being said, if I happen to have some cash on me, I'd happily eat there again.

Isaac G.

So it took 3 years to try the taco truck that literally on the other side of mission blvd. The wife & I both got super burritos with steak. While it's not the best burrito I've ever had it was good, they give you a lot of meat & it's flavorful, mine had a bone in it which I wasn't thrilled about & the bottom 1/3 of the burritos were pretty greasy. Service was fast & they make it all to order so it was hot. The orders came out correct because someone (me) always has to change something! If you're in the area & have some cash try it.

Harold Harris

I've only been there twice since it's kind of a distance away and I happened to be in the area, but it's the best burrito I've had in Fremont. Very generous meat portions and a great balance of other ingredients. Not too wet and not to dry. Just right. I plan to make a trip there again soon. Worth the drive.

Chantal Noelle T.

This is solely for their tacos. Located in Niles you can find the food truck directly across from Joe's corner where the car wash is! Each taco is $1.50 and I'm a carne asada girl and man these tacos were so delicious! Writing this makes me want to hop in the car and get some! LOL The carne asada itself were full of flavor and had a little crunch to it which I thoroughly enjoyed! FOR $1.50 each you get a lot of meat and the whole taco itself was delicious until the last bite! I'm sad I didn't get more to be honest! This is for sure my new favorite taco spot! Delicious and affordable! Lastly they also only accept CASH and no card so make sure you come prepared and with an empty tummy!

Phuong C.

Best tacos... I've moved an hr away and will Make a weekend trip here for their tacos:)

Lisa Hardesty

Finally tried this taco truck and boy am I happy I did this is the best one around

alex warren

Very good food tacos or very tasty

Crissy T.

One of my favorite spots. Great tacos with so much flavor and a lot of meat. Even my twin girls love them and their picky eaters. Highly recommended and bring cash only.

Kelly D

Wish they had some tables or benches to sit at and eat. The carnitas is somewhat crispy though how I like it!

Bryan Chiang

great tacos and burritos at a reasonable price. it is cash only though so make sure you have some cash before heading over.

J S.

This is the best Mexican food in the SF Bay Area. This may be the best Mexican food anywhere. I didn't even have better Mexican food in Mexico. Sometimes I want the shrimp cocktail or ceviche. Sometimes it's the veggie burrito. Sometimes I want five different kinds of tacos. Or the quesadillas. I mean, you just cannot go wrong here. You can only go very, very right.

Victor Wang

A permanent staple of the community. This cash-only taco truck serves up absolutely delicious mini tacos at an amazing price. For $1.5 for a small taco, you can easily to afford to have 5 or 6 tacos without breaking the bank and allows you to fine tune your portion sizes for more granular control depending on hunger levels. Mix and match with quite a few protein options although some of the more premium proteins like shrimp have an up charge. Almost no seating nearby but there are a couple benches that you can use along the community or you can take it back to your car to scarf it all down.

Fishing family Carrizales

Good ceviche and shrimp burritos loved

A Z.

I've only had the tacos here once but they were probably the best tacos I've ever had. I ordered the lengua and cabeza tacos and they were absolutely savory. Adding this place to my rotation and definitely coming back to try their other stuff.


This is by far the best taco truck in all of Fremont. Located across the street from Niles ice cream, the carne asada burrito I got was very flavorful and quite filling. Decent prices and very very good food.

Paulo B.

Out of this world taco truck. Met some other hardcore customers that make 30+ mile trips every month just to eat here. Agree with them it is worth the trip. We are lucky to live nearby, and have been going there at least once a week. Totally changed my perspective about Mexican food. I liked it before, but now it's become a must have. Grab a burrito (our favorite is the scrumptious shrimp one), tacos or one of the amazing tostadas. Or the fantastic "coquetel de camaron". Then head over to the nearby area in front of the train station for a picnic. Unbeatable.

Howard Royston

What is there to say except it's a classic taco truck serving typical Mexican street food. Tacos are inexpensive and tasty. My favorites are carnitas (love crispy carnitas) and fish (Friday). Shrimp cocktail was generous with plenty of (large)shrimp and avocado, but it's in juice, not cocktail sauce. Burritos are large and taste great. Ceviche is great. A Niles main street institution. It can sometimes be a wait, it's popular. Some people complain that they occasionally close early, but what do you expect? It's a taco truck, it's a small business.

David Ott-Bales

Food is great. No place to sit down, unless you want to eat in your car. Shrimp burrito is outstanding.

Luis Martinez

Great taco truck place.

Blooming F.

This is my most favorite burrito place in the Bay Area. Love their burrito! Wish they didn't usually close by 2-2.30pm on weekends, though.

Arvind Rajan

Simple, unassuming, authentic. The veggie taco was brilliant.

Chelsy Ma

Friday's fish taco is my favorite

Steffi Y.

I've been spoiled rotten by LA and its tacos, but this place is a decent replacement. Thankfully, they offer both lengua and cabeza. Unfortunately, they are $2 instead of the regular $1.50. I ended up getting one al pastor and one lengua. Their tortillas are definitely on the crisper side of what I'm used to (not necessarily a bad thing). They stack a good amount of meat in these tacos and I'd like to think they're topped off well. Service is a tad slow, but it's a small truck and the tacos are made to order so this is understandable. Overall, this truck serves pretty simple, basic, and good tacos! Would recommend!

Lawrence L.

I absolutely hate restaurants that don't respect their own open/close times. Planned a nice anticipated date to find the taco truck completely gone before closing. Will update my review once I get an honest answer next time I visit on what their excuse is.

Mc R.

HANDS DOWN THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD IVE EVER HAD.!.!!! And I eat alot of Mexican food in general. There's a reason why there's always a line of people waiting bc the food is sooo damn good. I've been eating here since Tacos were $0.75 and now I believe it's $2 or so which sucks in a way but totally worth it. Last time I was there I've noticed more Homeless/Bums around the there panhandling which gets annoying. Overall to anyone who's never had their food,the Super Burrito with Carne alsada/Steak is the best burrito you will ever have and if you have La Vic's Orange sauce along with their Burrito HOLY SHIT...! #BURRITOPIA

Suki M.

Gpa loves this taco truck! So I come pretty often. It's a truck so grab& go is the name of the game here. No tables. They cook to order and it can get busy... So be patient! Cash only, be prepared...

Lucas Luboff

This place is bomb! Defintely worth the wait if there is a line. You can't go wrong with their carnitas.

Hannah Scherer

Best tacos in Fremont!!!! So juicy and flavorful! The Cabasa and Lengua tacos are the best I have ever had. If you try one definitely make it the Cabeza. They sound weird but trust me they are incredible. There is always a very long line and they are kinda slow so be prepared but the food is scrumptious. The food truck is also very clean because when you look inside the do a very good job of keeping it sanitary. Highly recommend!!!!

Rodrigo Soares

The staff is very friendly. Their burritos are great, they are huge too.

Janice L.

Do yourself a favor and get the shrimp cocktail. I was so excited to eat it, I even forgot to take a picture. The small portion is still pretty large and has a good amount of shrimp as well as some avocado. I loaded it up with some of the sauces that they had on the side as well and it was absolutely delicious! We also ordered a cabeza burrito and this thing was massive! The cabeza was nice and soft and there was a lot of it too. Would definitely stop by again!

Cherry E.

Ceviche and burritos are delicious. They always have a long line but it's worth waiting. Foods were satisfying. Will be back and recommend this place.

Foxy Jules

This by far the best taco truck I've been to in the bay! There's always a line and there's a reason there's always a line, cause the food is AWESOME! However, the line moves fairly quick but on average during lunch time expect to wait 10 -30 min. They are CASH ONLY, but there's a bank across the street so be prepared. The prices are fair a super burrito is $8 and it's huge, $3 for a quesadilla, $1.50 for a soft taco & $1 for sodas. The food is always fresh and they are always friendly & happy!

M S.

Tacos pork and shrimp both were fresh and spicy. Couldn't get the fish tacos because they serve that on fridays only. Popular with the locals. And a must visit for taco enthusiasts.

Tobiah Talsma

One of the best taco trucks in the Fremont area! Quick service, and good food. Keep in mind it's cash only, they close at 5 PM (despite times currently listed online, I submitted an edit to correct this), and fish tacos only on Friday. Enjoy!