TECO Tea & Coffee Bar

39030 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont
(510) 978-4905

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mario Munoz - Hernandez

Went there to try their Vietnamese ice coffee but it was really watered down I think they used regular cold brew coffee instead of expresso for the mix. I was disappointed ?

The Mountain A.

Super friendly staff, quick service and their product is great. I ordered apineapple passion fruit green tea and its super delish! I definitely recommend this place

Zach J.

Good coffee & tea, nice clean seating but the music is just way too loud to study. Definitely not a place to come by and study for a couple of hours.

Heather W.

My favorite tea shop in the area! I have now replaced my Starbucks runs with Thai Tea and I go more than once a day . Our whole family can enjoy something from the tea shop, especially puddle sundaes! The staff is super friendly and recognizes us and makes us feel like part of the family! Recommend 10/10

Tristen Chelsea N.

I've been to TECO Tea & Coffee bar for about three times since moving to Fremont and so far it is definitely part of my top 3 boba places around the area! I'm considering doing work here now that it's open. A very cute, home-y looking boba shop with yummy drinks.

Andrea V.

I go to Teco every once in a while, however I always expect to spend almost $8 for a drink when I do. I feel it's quite overpriced, and nothing out of this world. I love that they have high quality tea options. However, I find the drinks I order to be bland if not 100% sweet, the boba is soft but not very flavorful, they only offer salted foam (cheese) topping for their specialty teas which I don't really get... They have free unlimited toppings, but the drink itself is already expensive. I guess people love to come study here and it's a good vibe, the staff's nice, but there's better boba nearby.

R williams

Love this place!!! My wife goes here daily to get her Thai tea she doesn’t like any other place like this one. They have so many choices of tea and coffee to choose from that you can’t go wrong. They serve different kinds of food and desserts I haven’t had any food from here yet but At least once a weekend if not sat and sun I get me a puffle sundae. A puffle sundae if you haven’t had one is is kind of like a jumbo waffle but better served with ice cream, strawberry’s, bananas, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. You can’t go wrong with this place and the employees here are awesome.

Matthew Chamberlain

Chicken bento and Thai iced tea. Thank me later!

Sistine M.

I've been to Teco numerous times. My favorite drink (basically the only drink I get) is the Thai ice milk tea with pudding. Its in in my top 5 favorite Thai tea places. Super convenient location for me because it's across the street from work. Staff is friendly and the place is always clean. I don't have too much to say about Teco, but Still wanna let people know this place is a cool spot to check out.

Yessi O.

I absolutely love the joker, I love the aesthetics and the inside of the location is clean. The staff is super friendly. Love it! I will drive from Modesto to Fremont just to go to that particular spot.

ken l.

Was going to order 8 drinks here, but guess what? This boba shop is out of boba? That's like McDonald's running out of French Fries. Sorry guys, wanted to give a shot, but a boba-less boba shop....no bueno.

Christine H.

Teco Tea Bar is still a cute and chill place to come to, to grab a drink and maybe study or chat. Would I say I was mesmerized as I was three years ago? Probably not. The boba game has become crazy in the Bay, BUT Teco is still a solid option. As of now, they are effectively implementing COVID-precautions such as plastic barriers and seating for only every other table. We got the following... -Woman of Steel: very strong orange juice flavor, but I would recommend getting 100% sugar (I didn't find this one really special) -Passionfruit Smoothie: Now that's what I call a smoothie. And passionfruit isn't the easiest flavor to pull off for a smoothie cause you can either end up tasting really artificial or too sweet. But they got it down. -Boba was cooked perfectly Service was fine!

Matthew C.

[IN A NUTSHELL] terrible boba/milk tea, the boba isn't sweet, the tea tastes so watered down [VERDICT] - NOT APPROVED [RUN-DOWN] There is a special: Buy 5 get the 6th drink free, but I'm pretty sure you have to buy it all in one purchase. Honestly, I would not recommend coming here, or at least regularly. The drinks aren't the best and the bobs is especially terrible because there's no sweetness to it whatsoever. I am willing to give this a second chance but as for now, naw... Anyways, if you guys go and check it out, check in to yelp for 10% off your whole order (or that's what I got) [SCORE & ORDER] OVERALL: 2/5 * Jasmine Milk Tea [with boba - FREE] $5.50 (2/5) -Oh man... this was by far one of the worst boba I got. Granted, I got 50% sweetness so that may have changed the drink, but still. The drink did not even taste like tea, as it should even there isn't sugar (or less sugar). I am very disappointed and I have had so many boba drinks in my time to know that this is not it... ALSO the boba had not sweetness to it. It was as if they just boiled it in water! I added some sugar to it and it made it a little better but still does not have the tea taste to it. * Matcha Latte [with boba - FREE] $5.75 (2/5) -My friend got the matcha drink and I honestly did not enjoy it and neither did my friend. The matcha drink is one of the most recommended but when we tried it, it was bland and no sweetness to it. Tasted like matcha powder and water. [SERVICE & ATMOSPHERE] (not reflected upon review score): They have indoor dine-in. I believe guests are still required to wear masks. There are also food options and not just boba. There's a decent amount of seating. But also not sure how the sign in seating works. Service was great, for as much as a boba shop is. [TIME STAMP] MAY 15, 2021

Veduruvada Akash

Various varieties of boba drinks and smoothies.

Ben W

Not rating anything but the espresso / macchiato, respectively.The espresso has great flavor and is very well extracted. Great body and spectrum of taste. Good location, friendly staff.

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