Almond Haus Cafe - Westminster

10100 Westminster Blvd, Garden Grove
(714) 537-7014

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Sarah S.

Every time I come here, I always try something new and I consistently like their drinks.

What's even better is they allow you to sample the drink in a small taster cup before purchasing!

The Taro Milk Tea, Thai Tea, Almond Milk Tea, the Jasmine Milk tea are all soooo good!!

The none Milk Teas are amazing too -- try the lemonade wow.

My absolute FAVORITE drink here is the Rose Lychee with Crystal boba. I COULD DRINK THIS EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It's the perfect amount of sweetness and they throw crushed ice in all the drinks.

They provide paper cup holders too if you need.

The ice cream flavors are unique here too! They have ube, lychee, corn etc. YUM!

I highly recommend this place. I haven't had a single drink that I didn't like here.

Service is nice and helpful, and there is lots of parking in the plaza.

Armine G.

I love their almond milk tea with boba and the Oreo smoothie with boba. I love that boba is always soft and fresh! Not to mention the friendly and quick service. My go to spot for consistently good drinks.

Sammi A.

The avocado smoothie was pretty good! Also got the popcorn chicken with sauce on the side and they were quick to deliver my order. There are plenty of parking and are located on the corner of the plaza. I would come back to try their vast selections of ice creams and other drinks

Jessica L.

The service is amazing here! The wait can be a little long though, but I think it's because there's only one worker in the back when I came by. The front staff was extremely sweet.

We ordered the strawberry basil lemonade (BOMB!), and a taro and pandan ice cream. I wanted to try the durian flavor but was told it was at the other location instead, shame. Overall, everything was really delicious, will definitely come back again.

Don't forget to check-in for a free scoop of ice cream!

Erica G.

Come here every time I am in town for their almond milk tea. The new owner, Sehee, is very sweet and friendly. Highly recommend this spot!

Ellen P.

Still love coming here for the almond haus coffee hazelnut !! I just wish they opened earlier hours. But recently found out a new couple took over and now owns the place because now the customer service is sooo much better !!!! The woman was super nice, smiled and took our order in a friendly manner. My husband and I love this place and always stop by when we're in the area for their coffee drinks.

Ellie N.

1000 stars for the service. We visited this shop on Christmas and we were greeted with a lot of positive energy from the staff (maybe it was the owner)
Best boba in the area. Simple menu. Easy to choose.
We tried Thai green tea and almond milk tea with no sugar. They are both very good.

Ube ice cream is great as well.

Lynn V.

The milk tea smoothie is so velvety and rich. Big fan of this one and would love to try other smoothie varieties they have. It's so easy to drink the whole thing in one go

Mattew V.

definitely one of my favorite boba spots in Orange County.
Their drinks are always consistent and everything I tried have been pretty good so far. My favorite is their milk tea. Definitely would recommend the fruit teas as well. Boba is okay. It's only good when it's fresh.

Mike D.

Almond Haus Cafe is my mostest favoritest purveyor of the finest milk teas... and they use almond milk (hence their name)!  Their almond milk tea is simply dreamy and delicious... and comes in sizes up to a half gallon (or so)!!

Needless to say that I go big and then go home... and then enjoy almond milk tea again and again!

Service is friendly and quick to both welcome you into the store and to help you make the right beverage decision with intricate knowledge of their offerings!

Will I be back every single time I am in town?  Yes, over and over again!!  

*****FIVE STARS*****

Jimmy Y.

This place is heaven for lactose intolerant folks. They use almond milk and its what makes them special! I, myself am lactose intolerant so I come here all the time. Its perfect and I feel so much healthier despite drinking boba here.

The interior here gives you a very intimate feel and its perfect for your quick stop and go. The prices are perfect for what you get. I've tried the Almond Milk Tea and the Mint Oreos Cookies & Creme. Both are very delicious!

The Almond Milk tea has a unique flavor that separates it apart from other boba places. Its not too sweet and surprisingly very refreshing! No matter the season, no matter how difficult in choosing your drink, the almond milk tea is never a bad option.

The mint oreos cookies & creme is AMAZING. It tastes exactly like thin mints girls scout cookies. Its very refreshing and a great experience. I love this drink and I get it occasionally when I don't want my traditional Almond Milk Tea.

Tl;dr The almond milk tea is always a good choice. If not, the mint oreo cookies & creme is another good option.

Anna T.

I recommend all their drinks  but I highly rate their coconut tea and honey green tea. Not overly sweet and they are easy  on the  ice which means more liquids!

The ladies were  so kind and let us have a croissant waffle sample! We might see it on the menus soon ! Looking forward to seeing it on the menu! It was sooooo goood

Nathaniel S.

The owner is very kind and genuine.  She greeted us and told us to stop by if the other location is closed (which it was). I always order the jasmine milk tea with boba, easy ice, and 50% sugar. Perfect chew to the boba, great tea flavor, and sweetness ratio. This is a great place and I wish there was one near by Arcadia.

Lela A.

My favorite is their almond milk tea.. I rarely see it on the menu in other places.. and I haven't had it the way they make it anywhere else! Been coming here and enjoying it for many years now :) I come here when I really want to treat myself.

Tuyet Ho

My kids love milk tea here.

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