Cafe Bonjour

10094 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove
(714) 530-7450

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Khoa L.

Fresh coffee, I like the double French and butter rum combination. Price include tax.

Huy Vo

The coffee are so good. I tried multiple flavors and loved them all. My mom who can’t drink coffee because it’s too strong for her can handle Cafe Bonjour (they have a flavor call Cafe Bonjour) and she gives thumbs up!

Lily T.

To find a place that only sells coffee beans, whole or ground (coarse or fine, however you like it) & by weight, is something of a rarity in the Westminster area. I'm so glad to have been introduced to this place. Prices are reasonable - an average of $8-$9 per pound! They even allow half pound measurements! That's perfect for someone like me who wants to try a bit of everything until I've found a favorite. I just bought 1/2 a pound of "double French roast" for $4 and I'm super excited to add it to my manual espresso maker. I'm sure it'll be just as great if you're into pour overs or Cafe phin. I heard their most popular bean is the Columbia dark roast. If you're into mocha flavors, try anything with the word "bonjour" in it... Ie... Bonjour double French."

Laura J.

Very attentive to customer. These people are there to help you, give you any advice in regarding coffee and custom made to your liking. Don't hesitate to ask the owner what you want in your coffee, he will tell you what to get and even how to make in very detail. These people are 26 years in business so very experiences. Coffee are fresh/grind as you buy. Come to give this place a try.

Roger Chu

Lots of coffee beans to choose from

Michelle N.

I really love this coffee bean store! It's so delicious! The sweet Vietnamese elderly lady that works the front in selling is adorable. She reminds me of me mum. Also, she's bilingual (English and Vietnamese) so she will accommodate to your specific language that you wish to speak. I don't know what food other people are talking about, but there's no food only coffee beans. Anyways, let her know what you're looking for. She will gladly help you out. I wanted a medium dark coffee roast that was rich, and she recommended the columbian fancy (10$ a pound, which is a lot of coffee). It was absolutely delicious when I made it at home. So amazing in aroma and taste. The best thing is that she grinds your coffee to the type of filtration that you're using. Whether coffee press, espresso or even drip. Note that she doesn't take cards and its cash only.

Trang M.

Ah, Cafe Bonjour. I remember coming here before I was even allowed to drink coffee, well if you count the time I was in Vietnam w/o my parents and I drank iced coffee every morning for my whole time there. Hehe.. Well my parents made a special trip here every other Sunday to stock up on coffee, and their pate for my mom. We usually went here after we went to Mi La Cay (the noodle house in the same strip mall). This place has been a long time staple too in our household. I remember when we moved to Albuquerque, and everytime we went to CA, my parents would stock up on as much coffee as they could. Now that they're back in CA, it's all good.Now that I am older and wise enough to appreciate a good roast, I too cannot live w/o them. I love their house roast, Bon Jour, the Vanilla is good, and so is the Cognac roast.They carry a wide variety of blends and flavors. Now that I live in Seattle, I have my parents send me coffee. Trust me, I have not found anything out here that is adequate enough for my Ca phe sua da, I don't even know if they have places like this out here. Well it's ok because my parents send it to me. Like Cecile says, you can buy them whole beans or have them grind it. Which is what we do, since my coffee grinder doesn't do as good for our Vietnamese filters. It is sold by the pound. Prices have gone up over the years. It was 4.99 a lb back in the day, now between $6-8, worth every penny and drop!

Keri T.

I dined here on several occasions cause it is too cute! It is a Japanese/French patisserie so that means everything is so pretty and cute! I had a strawberry mousse cake and my sis had the maro. We also had their ice coffee which was smart (smart?! yeah smart) The ice was not just plain old H20 but frozen coffee ice cubes so that your coffee doesn't water down. It comes with simple syrup and half&half and use to your liking. The strawberry mousse had a lot of fresh strawberries on top and the mousse was made of fresh strawberries also; not artificial flavor and food coloring. The maro was my favorite, it was not sweet. By the looks of it, it looked real decadent and rich but it was real light and doesn't leave you gagging. Of course we didn't leave with just cake and coffee. We ended up spending $55! - but so worth it. We got a slice of rare cheesecake to go which they are famous for it. The texture was quite unique. It was a cross among pudding, custard, and mousse; very light. We also got two cream puffs to go which was sooooo good. The custard I would have to say a bit rich. We also got a Mocha whole cake to go since it was my sis's bday. We also got a bunch of cookies which were so buttery.... Finally, we got strawberry preserves made in house! So I guess $55 wasn't too bad right?

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