10141 Westminster Ave STE K, Garden Grove
(714) 867-6773

Recent Reviews

Trina H.

Tancha is one of my favorite boba shops in orange county. The top drinks are displayed up front on the menu boards, and the drinks with brulee, cheese foam are definitely rank high on their list. Beside that their yougurt drink is pretty good so safe .

Momo K.

I ordered on postmate delivery and got a completely different order but its all cool since postmates can take care of it and idk what happened and theres nothing much anyone can but just double check. Ppl make mistakes and it happens. Buuut i am very unhappy with these two drinks...its not that they dont taste good, its just not my preference/choice of drinks. Matcha is meh and green tea is too bitter for me. Ill accept them but just hopefully next time everyone double checks.

Alexis B.

I had a little bit of time to kill while on vacation and decided to get the kids and myself some Thai tea. I've never been to this location before. It looks really clean and nice when you walk in. They seem to have a good selection of teas. Everything was sectioned off a bit because of Covid right now so they're only offering take out. The Thai tea itself was really super sweet. I know people like their Thai teas at different levels of sweetness. This was just a bit too sweet for my taste but my kids loved it. The only issue I had was the price. I'm use to paying maybe $3-$4 for a Thai tea tops and 4 Thai teas came to over $20. Great place but I wouldn't go back because of the prices. I'll probably try somewhere new next time.

Max N.

Our go-to spot! The Tiramisu Cream on anything is delicious! More expensive and sometimes flavor is a not consistent. Our favorite is the Ceylon, the Milk Tea Creamio. Beware of the $0.50 charge for card.

Trí Nguyễn

Out of all the boba places I've tried, Tan Cha hands down has the best Tiramisu cream.

Kimmy B.

The tea here taste like water, no flavor, no taste, totally wasting $! Disappointed, i dont know if they forgot to put tea in or not but ehhhhhh! Updated: Came back in & ask them to redo my tea , they díd it better this time , ty

Grace H.

The drinks here are really good. My favorite is either the green or oolong tea with cheese foam. I like that the foam is creamy and rich. The tea itself has a strong tea flavor and doesn't taste diluted. I normally get 50% sugar because I prefer less sweet drinks. The workers are very friendly and respectful. They made sure to ask me if my drink was okay. I ordered in person, but I think with the pandemic, you can call to place an order and pick it up. I will definitely return because I want to try all the different drinks. My friend recently tried their pu'er tea with matcha foam. She said it was really good.

Monik P.

I am soooo in love with this flavor! I ordered the brûlée green milk tea w/ Oreo with caramel boba, less ice and regular sweet. I've been having huge after dinner/late night boba cravings and this place was still open around 9:30-10 pm. I ordered through UberEats and this was actually my second order for the night because my first boba place I ordered from ran out of ingredients so they canceled my order (boo; sad face) I am happy that I ended up with this place because I just love having that Oreo flavor in my boba (heart emojiiiss)

Connie P.

I loved the san gabriel location. Every time I was in the area I would make a stop for some boba. I tried this location several times and I gave up. Dear owner: your tea is now good. The flavor of the tea is not strong enough. Please make your tea better because I would love to give you my business.

Anthony T

Guys, come and support them but do order to go. This is one of the places that employees wear mask to protect the customers.

My Nguyen

The mat-cha lovers go to place. The Omomo tea shop was the best but the line is the nightmare this place is the second race.

SrirachaLena N.

My usual drink would be the Super Fruit Tea...flavor is consistent and fruits are fresh. It's still a new business so the place is still sparkling clean--not torn up just yet. 3 different seating areas...one area to sit high and gossip away with friends, another area for impatient people who's only there waiting for their drinks to be made, and there's an area where you can sit for hours and hours to study or do your work. *** Finding parking in this plaza is a bbbbiatch! ***

Alejandro F.

Always on the lookout for great boba places, I ran into this boba shop after a feast at the Korean BBQ House close to it. The Cocoa with cheese foam and oreo, despite what the odd combination might suggest, is actually pretty amazing! The fluffly pancakes are made right in front of you and it's a total treat to watch them work on them. The place is tidy, organized and busy, and the employees are courteous and kind.

Chinh N.

Ehh...nice ambiance-clean and modern. Tea is alright. I got the milk tea with boba. Lack flavoring. I also got the Lady M cake-matcha. Of course it's more expensive than at the original store cause they need to make some type of profit; however, the cake was probably a few days old because some portion of it was hard and stale. I wouldn't come back here unless I'm extremely craving for the cake and cannot make it to Irvine to pick it up.

Jess E.

I was really looking forward to trying cheese foam tea again since I liked it a lot from Royal Tea. The cashier suggested I try the matcha cheese foam and it was $5.75. We ordered three total drinks. Unfortunately I didn't like my drink and asked kindly if it was possible for me to get something else. I feel terrible paying for something that much and wasting it because it didn't taste good for me. Unfortunately they said no and I would have to buy another drink. They also charge extra .50 cents if your order is under $20. I definitely will not be going back bc obviously costumer satisfaction isn't their priority.

Jarrod S.

Great tea bar for everyone of all ages, whether you're a college student or just someone looking for some wonderful tea! Friendly staff, cool lounge, and amazing tea... what more can you ask for. This could be a great place to finish your study work, hang out with friends, or grab and go as it's near a market and a bunch of restaurants. I got the green tea with tiramisu and it was lovely :), 5 stars and I look forward to coming back and trying some of the various other options. Also, the cups are unique and allow you to use a straw or open it up and drink away.

June N.

Tan-cha is still my favorite spot for in OC. I loveeee their agar boba and their cheese foam. A lot of places that I have been to, the foam and their drinks left a very sweet and sugary after taste which makes my throat feel very uncomfortable. Their uji cheeese foam and strawberry green tea are a must try!!

Lily N.

Came here 3:30 PM on a Saturday, was surprised to see not that many people but that became clear soon enough. First thing's first -- BOBA I ordered the brown sugar latte w/ boba. I like the size of their boba and it wasn't overly chewy or old. It was good but compared to other boba places it's average and tastes basically the same to me. Pros: Clean, ample seating Cons: The taste does not warrant the price. My drink was nearly $6.00 and 1/4 of it was ice, another 1/4 was boba. I like boba but this is just excessive I guess it's expensive because they charge $0.50 to use your credit card if it's under $20. This is ridiculous considering (1) other places in the area don't charge for credit card transactions, (2) if you pay cash, they still charge tax, and (3) $20?!?!?! $5, sure; $10, you're pushing it. $20 is ludicrous. The music is so loud and the bass is so heavy it feels like I'm at a club (not in a good way). I suppose it's to deter study people (esp since there are no plugs) but maybe if you got study people in here you'd get people to that ridiculous $20 threshold. Service is also mediocre. So thank you, Tan Cha, but I think I'll pass next time.

Elaine D.

Ordered the green matcha tirimasu milk tea. Staff was very kind to help me with my order. The music was pretty loud but I asked one of the staff to lower it and was understanding (also others were studying & conversations were getting loud due to the volume from the speakers). It's a great place to hangout and get stuff done, great drinks and awesome playlist just fitting for the atmosphere of the place. Would definitely come back again.

Timothy T.

After getting the cup, I had to take a picture. I thought the cup was designed well because it has a sipping slot that can be covered with the sliding slot. There was also a punch hole for the boba straw. As a bonus, it's a cute little cup that I plan on reusing. It came with a little shovel spoon that we used to scoop the tiramisu. As for the drink itself, I really enjoyed the tiramisu foam and the matcha flavor. Also you don't have to wait in line as you would at OMOMO to get your matcha flavored drinks.

Mai Hoàng Anh

Great tea and crepe choices. Staff was nice, too. The only thing I am not a fan of is loud rave music in the tea house.

Steven P.

Drinks are okay but a couple things: 1. I came at around 11:10 and they said they had no boba ready. I was like fine, maybe it's just a one-time thing and ordered other add-on instead. Drink is good so I decide to come again the next day. However, I called them ahead first to see if boba is ready, and they said that they never have boba ready till like 12:30 or so. I'm confused because like what would you do if customers who come from 11-12:30 want boba? 2. Minimum credit card is $20 or else 50 cents will be charged. I am quite annoyed with this because other boba places take credit card even for one drink! Like how many drinks do you have to order to get $20? I have their punch card but I may not come back.

katie chan

Their mix fruit tea is perfect.

Do Hoang Realtor

Fun place to hang out with youngsters

Stephanie L.

Found myself in Garden Grove craving something to drink at 10 pm, and my friend and I came across this place on Yelp. Walking in, the store had a warm and cozy ambience, and I was surprised by how packed Tan-Cha was that late at night. I got the Creme Brûlée Green Milk Tea with Oreo and Boba along with a slice of Lady M Crepe Cake. My friend got the Uji Matcha with Tiramisu Puff Cream - it came in such a cute container with a small shovel spoon to scoop the Tiramisu cream. I loved everything and I'll definitely come back again to try other options on their menu.

Jennifer N.

I didn't even know there was Tan-Cha in this area and I can see why... You're only given 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi here, and there's a 50 cent charge on credit card purchases under $20. OC is a competitive location for tea shoppes so I'll be taking my study groups to a more customer-friendly one. Tea was aight.

Ken Pham

Good drink, fast service if it isn't in the rushing hour

James K.

One of my favorites because of their tiramisu puff on top. Have tried other milk teas here but the royal ceylon is still my favorite. It's not not overly sweet and the taste is consistent pretty much every time. Have tried the tiramisu puff at other places and it doesn't come close to Tan-cha's. Music is quite loud so if you're a student this is not the place to study.

Rachel N.

Went here on a Saturday night to meet up with some friends and being my 1st time here, I was happy with my drink. The green tea was flavorful and wasn't too sweet. Some boba places I usually have to get a sweetness adjustment and was a bit hesitant to taste it given how I forgot to ask about it. However, it tasted just fine and the boba was chewy and sweet and not hard to eat. The creme brulee aspect was very delicious and creamy added another texture into the drink. I thought it didn't take away from the matcha flavor much and worked well with the drink as a whole. The store was spacious with several seatings available, but bad thing was it had no AC. It didn't bother me as much given I was outside feeling pretty cold at 11pm and drinking a cold milk tea. If it was during the day and packed with many people I might not prefer to go here and sit for long periods of time. Another thing was the music playing was wayyyy toooooo loud. It was hard for the 4 of us to talk and I felt like I had to raise my voice or repeat myaelf at time for them to hear. There were minimal decorations and empty wall spaces still left. If they get some AC and lower their music a bit, I think this place would be a good spot to hang out with friends or study. I like their hours and how late they're opened given most boba places around them were closed pretty early.

Megan H.

I love the drinks here! They are the creators of the tiramisu puff cream. You have to get it on top of your drink-it is sooo delicious. Tastes exactly like tiramisu. The matcha milk tea went well with it and the boba was soft and not too chewy, just to my liking. My drink was the perfect amount of sweetness (30%)-I don't like my drinks to be sweet. My friend ordered the strawberry green tea with boba, and that was very good as well! Super refreshing. They use non-dairy creamer for the milk drinks, so don't worry if you're lactose-intolerant like me. There are many drink options, so there is something for everyone. They also sell slices of Lady M crepe cakes! Service was friendly but a tad slow (only saying this because it was not that busy). There is plenty of seating inside and ample parking.

Michelle P.

I love Tan-Cha! I first had them in 626 because they were one of the first locations in Rowland Heights to start the cheese foam craze. I know, you're thinking, cheese? Foam? Trust - it's good! It's like a sea salt cream - and it's well executed here if you're trying it for the first time. No matter how many other places I try, I still think Tan-Cha is the OG of cheese foam. This location is no different from the Rowland Heights location. Same great tasting tea, great cheese foam and Lady M mille crepes to boot! My faves are the oolong cheese foam tea, uji matcha with cheese foam and the tiramisu puff cream. My co-workers who are are more milk tea aficionados swear by their milk tea and think the boba here is great. This place is a real great treat and service has always been fast, friendly and efficient when I've visited. If you're on a cheese foam kick, or if you just want some bougie mille crepes, this is a great spot to visit!

Anne P.

VIETNAMESE DESSERT DRINKS!! Atmosphere: It's pretty basic for a drink place. It looks more like one of those places that don't focus on the decor but more on the drinks instead. Kinda boring, but that's just personal opinion. Staff: The staff were super friendly and gave me recommendations for drinks that I would have liked. Friendly service is the best service! Food: I got the orange drink and it was extremely refreshing, especially on a really hot day. It's not overly sugary and you can taste that they use freshly squeezed fruit juice so you don't have to feel guilty over having a lot of sugar. I wasn't able to try anything else, but overall, I really liked what I got. Price: Average for drinks. Expect to pay at least $5 for any drink on the menu. Wait: No wait. Since they specialize in drinks, they get orders out pretty fast!

Rocky Khuu

If you want a good quality tea and milk teas, this is the place to stop by and enjoy it. Love the tiramisu and match cheese foam tea. Specially hot one in this winter season.

James Nguyen

Uji matcha with cheese foam and Crystal boba. #crack

Cindy P.

Drinks are made really fast! When I went, there wasn't a line. The shop is big and there's a lot of tables to hangout at. I only tried two drinks: Tiramisu Milk Tea and the Creme Brulee Green Milk Tea. Those are the two drinks I would recommend. The Tiramisu Milk Tea is so good. The cream on top is just perfect for the drink. I love sipping the drink! Honestly, I feel like the Creme Brulee Green Milk Tea doesn't need Oreo in it for the toppings. It tastes just as good without. I think that compares to Omomo, the Creme Brulee drink tastes better here.

Jessie Le

I usually get the oolong milk tea with tiramisu cream. My top 1 whenever going to Tan-Cha!!!

Brenda Wong

extremely delicious drinks! on the pricier side but the aesthetic and the taste of the drinks make up for it

Jessica Huynh

I recommend the ceylon milk tea with tiramisu foam. I like to drink the tea and scoop the foam. It makes the drink taste light yet decadent at the same time.

David Thai

Great place. If you are lactose intolerant bring a lot of lactase. :)

Mailinh Ngoc Nguyen

Perfect drink! About the quality