10141 Westminster Ave STE K, Garden Grove
(714) 867-6773

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Anne P.

VIETNAMESE DESSERT DRINKS!! Atmosphere: It's pretty basic for a drink place. It looks more like one of those places that don't focus on the decor but more on the drinks instead. Kinda boring, but that's just personal opinion. Staff: The staff were super friendly and gave me recommendations for drinks that I would have liked. Friendly service is the best service! Food: I got the orange drink and it was extremely refreshing, especially on a really hot day. It's not overly sugary and you can taste that they use freshly squeezed fruit juice so you don't have to feel guilty over having a lot of sugar. I wasn't able to try anything else, but overall, I really liked what I got. Price: Average for drinks. Expect to pay at least $5 for any drink on the menu. Wait: No wait. Since they specialize in drinks, they get orders out pretty fast!

Luke LL

Have good deserts, but the food is not as good. I disliked the bread they make, and they do not cater to no Vietnamese people. You must be extremely patient to try communicating with the non English speaking workers. The jello coconut is all I come here for.

Ngoc L.

This place is located next to Brodard & some other Vietnamese restaurants in this plaza. It is just a small place & their menu is very authentic Vietnamese food but the way the foods came out are still an odd for Vietnamese food in this area. I have came here so many times in the past & still wanted to stop by to enjoy some snacks. For this visit, I just feel like the owner is a different one since they had some changings in the menu. I was ok with that if the foods are good. Everything didn't come out like the way we expected, the rice paper salad was so hard, the pha lau didn't taste coconut. The place doesn't have AC so it wasn't comfy for sitting too long. The service was great!

Ellen L.

Banh Trang Tron is horrible. They use cheap ingredients to make the dish: green apple instead of mango, a few can quail eggs and disgusting pork lung. Never come back again

Nhu S.

Recommend for "bun dau mam tom". Dessert is good also, in general. However, since they're under new management, I feel like there's some problems with the guy at the register. Guests keep coming back just becaus they still have previous dishes before.

Alice H.

The store is different now. I went yesterday, and realized that there was a new owner, who is super rude. The menu is new now, only a few items. When I paid, he asked me twice if there was only 3 dishes on my table. He was so rude, loud, and obnoxious. Highly recommended not to go here. The old owner had sold the store.


Great selection!

Linh D.

I ordered three-color che (che Ba Mau) and it turned out really good. Its flavor was close to Vietnamese's. The tamarind juice was not good as I expected. It was too sour and weird.

Michelle S.

Stopped by for some sweet treats after indulging our lunch at Garlic and Chives. It was empty when we got in so my group and I had enough time to thoroughly study the menu. My fiance came in handy when it came to ordering and asking what was in what dessert. They had a decent selection of che, but each tub was scarce. I wish I remembered the name of the drink that I ordered, but it consisted of mung beans, pandan and coconut. Overall, it was a nice sweet treat we were all looking forward to.

Quynh N.

I tried Che Cung dinh or Che 9 mau and it's so good. It's not too sweet and I'm really enjoy it. My dad got the Vietnamese coffee and he said their coffee is really good as well. I will come back for more Che Cung dinh

Maria C.

Listen. I will be the first to admit that I am by no means a Che expert. In fact, quite the opposite. As Asian as I am, I think this was the very first real Che I've ever had. So yes, my standards are quite literally non existent. With that in mind, I thought the coconut milk with grass jelly and pandan was fantastic!! And guess what, since I live in Irvine, land of the over priced, I love going to garden grove in order to maximize my bang for my buck, not the least of which included this place. Thanks Che Che Che, I'll be sure to CHEck you out again! .................sorry, I couldn't resist.

Loan L.

Stopped by while waiting to be seated at Brorard a few doors down, since the wait was about an hour. They have a fair selection of hot and cold che, but nothing special. I had the Che Thai and it lacked flavor, jelly ratio was much higher than other ingredients. I've definitely had much better Che Thai plus mine had more ice than che... The customer service could be a lot better. You have to holler to the kitchen to get someone's attention most of the time per my observation while eating there. There's so many surrounding che shops, so I definitely will not be coming back here.

Christina P.

Pretty cool selection of Che but every container looked scarce and as if they've been sitting there all day. A lot of Che was prepackaged and sitting out. The dessert I got was good but 3 stars because the girl who helped me gave me the dirtiest look when I walked in? And looked pissed off the entire time while helping me as if it's a chore to get ONE Che lol.

Phoebe L.

Pha Lau and Bot Chien here are good but I have to wait too long even there is only me is the customer. The waitress looks so much sleepy and doesn't give me a look or a smile. And when we decided to pay, we have to wait about 20' because the cashier went somewhere.

Jasmine T.

I usually only review restaurants that I tried several items or been back 2 to 3 times. I have only tried the banh trang tron here to be honest w you guys, but this is the best banh trang tron place I have tried in OC so I ll give them a 5 anyway lol. Mayb I'm going a bit easy and bias but I can't help coming here everytime I'm down to OC for a to go box of banh trang :) However if anyone else think somewhere is better please lets me know lol. I would go nut for banh trang tron seriously

Vy L.

My favorite desserts place in Vietnamese town. Good customer service. Tasty Vietnamese street foods. Variety of Che and desserts. Quite nice and clean place.

Judy C.

I remember this shop during my last visit to Brodard last year. I wanted to stop by to check it out, But I was already full. This recent visit to Brodard I finally did stop by, after for some Vietnamese desserts. Che Che Che is want I want after having a delicious lunch of Vietnamese rolls and noodle soup. Che means Vietnamese desserts. Located 2 shops down, next to Brodard is Che Che Che. Their door is open and ready for you to enter. The shop is very nicely set up with nice wooden tables for dining in. I see they have tons of sweets near the register, all kinds of packaged sweets & many varieties of Che. Food must be good since I see many customers ordering food. I'd love to eat more but I was too full and only had room for a cup of Vietnamese desserts. Upon yelp check in, I see they offer a free dessert, but with dining in only. We got 3 cups of desert for me, my other half & friend. We got one in taro and 2 in combo which had everything ( taro, sweet potato, yam, cassava) I liked mines with peanuts. The cashier will ask, if you would like peanuts or not. A cup of Che is 2.00, cheap! We enjoyed our Che Che Che and it really hit the spot. This is a treat!, Visiting from Hawaii, I wish we have shops like these. It would be hard for me to get these Vietnamese desserts back in Hawaii. The lady, owner is so sweet! I will be back again when I visit Cali again. #15/100 for 2017

Jannell L.

[SERVICE: 3] It's a typical first generation Asian-run place, so don't expect the whole "hello, how was your day" upbeat and friendly service. They are there just to answer your questions and serve your food. It helps a lot if you can speak their language (I believe the lady that helped us spoke Vietnamese). [PRODUCT: 5] I had the ché thai which was DELICIOUS. It came in about a 12oz cup and there was a lot of jellies and half and half. It tasted just like how my family makes it which is why I liked it so much. The set up is almost buffet style so you can see all the desserts and watch them serve it up. They have hot and iced desserts as well. [ENVIRONMENT: 4] The store was pretty huge with a big table for indoor seating. There wasn't any music playing so it felt a little awkward. [OVERALL: 4.5] I'd definitely come back for more ché and definitely recommend this place to anyone who's craving or wants to try authentic ché!

Kelsey N.

I came here to get some Che with my mom after getting some banh mi from The Grillet next door. I don't know the names of the Che, but they were both good and not overly sweet. Still not better than Che Hien Khanh, but definitely worth a try! I love Che so anything will satisfy me. Oh it was also cheap too. I only had to pay a little less than $5 for 2.

JoAnn D.

**3.5 stars overall. Rounded up to 4, since I keep coming back for more of my latest fave!!! Westminster is like the Disneyland of Che. Every corner you turn you'll see a sign selling either Che (Vietnamese dessert mainly served with coconut milk), banh mi or both. It can get overwhelming where to go and what to order. Luckily for me, my parents have scoped out the field for decades now. And we've been quite loyal to Thach Che Hien Khanh and Thach Che My Linh. But, DUDE....one day they brought over CHE KHOAI MON (taro tapioca coconut) from Che Che Che. However, this one was different than your typical rice pudding with taro pieces. This had taro mixed in mochi-like cubes sitting in a light coconut milk with tapioca pieces. The texture and flavors were GOOD!!! And not as heavy as your typical Che. This was hands down the FAN FAVORITE all around!!! *about $2 a cup* *5 stars We also tried the Che Tao, which has a thicker taro pudding with bigger taro chunks with coconut milk, jelly, grass jelly and shredded coconut. Topped with ice. IF you're a TARO lover, you will enjoy this. Be warned, it's a heavy dessert and can be a meal practically. *$3.50 for a big cup; one size only* *4 stars Che Thai is basically your mixture of jellies, jack fruit, and a light coconut milk base. Not a fan of their version. Flavors were bland and watered down. *2 stars TID BITS 1) Located next to Brodard 2) Minimum of $15 for credit card 3) They also sell teas, appetizers, and a few main dishes. 4) Tables available inside

Michelle C.

just bought a banh tráng trn ealier, went home to eat and found this: a living worm crawling around a piece of green apple.......ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww NEVER EVER BE BACK AGAIN!!!!! p/s: i have a pix, but i cannot include it in the review tho.

Mickie W.

Got the Che Tray Cay (healthy fruit medley) Naturally sweet and healthy with fruit chunks And the Pennyworth drink is really herby. You can taste the leaf and not the overpowering sweetness other places have. Very refreshing!

Truong T.

Its located right next to the Brodard in Garden Grove. The store is a quick pace service kind of store with tons of people ordering here. They are known for their che which is basically Vietnamese dessert. I usually run with some kinda green che with some coconut milk and it tastes pretty good albeit very sweet. The texture is nice and the flavor isn't too bad either. You can't really go wrong with che but to be honest its not one of my favorite things in the world. However, after Brodard I usually crave something sweet so this is more of a convenient factor. There are better che places in the surrounding area fyi. They also have snack type food here too if you wanna grab a quick bite to eat. It doesn't really fill you up with its small portions but its a good snack. Overall, its a nice dessert place. Customer service is average and the food is what you expect. Nothing special about it. If I'm in the neighborhood I might make a stop....maybe.