Grandpa’s Kitchen 168

14208 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove
(714) 462-6259

Recent Reviews

Hin N.

- came here with some friends to try this new Vietnamese restaurant . so friendly, good sevice . The restaurant has beautiful decoration. Dry noodles are excellent. I like "dry noodles" (12) mì khô ở "noodle soup" canh bún

Heo M.

The Phở khô and Mì Quảng are surprisingly good. Restaurant is very clean, staffs are very nice which is rare for Vietnamese restaurant. It's one of the few restaurants that really earned 5 stars rating.

Rinna Khut

Our second time here, first time he loves it since he order the same thing lol and I didn't love the Grandpa dry noodle. But this time I order #70 but swap the fermented shrimp paste sauce for the sweet fish sauce instead. Super good! I guess its what you order to rate anything. Dinner time is packed and the service was nice.

Trina Ho

All of the food was not as tasty as I expected very bland but this place has so much food to choose from. I will be back to try other dishes, hope it will be better.

Khoi Le

This place has extraordinary service. Especially, the lady with blonde and brown hair. They’re welcoming and the food tasted great.

Leslie wong

I ended up getting the hu tieu dry (Chinese noodle soup w/ broth on the side). Overall it was enjoyable, and decent.

Elaria W.

I came here during lunch hour and was seated right away. The ambience is really nice, they have relaxing music playing and the windows are covered so the sun isn't blaring into the restaurant. Very cozy and pleasant if you're looking to enjoy a quiet lunch by yourself even! I ended up ordering a #53 and I can't say it was my favorite. I've never had dry noodles and I'm still not sure how they're supposed to be eaten (dipped in the broth? Add a little bit?). I'm a huge meatball and noodle fan, but the meal was pretty bland! The broth and meat didn't have a distinct flavor at all. I did add in my own seasoning that they leave on the table, and that perked it up a little bit. I don't know that I would come back here, but they definitely have a lot to offer on the menu, and it was a very popular lunch venue. Also, it's cash only if it's under $15- however the woman I was paying allowed me to use my card even though my meal was only 10!! Super nice of her, when I saw the sign after I finished my meal, I was planning on ordering something else to make the $15 cutoff. Great service!

Marnie A.

After waiting 2hrs to get our taxes done (well-worth the wait @ Tax Pros upstairs) myself and my group were starving! Decided to check this place out for the first time! It also did not disappoint (however there was a flub which is why I took off one star). We got seated right away, staff was attentive, and we placed our orders. Place is clean, well lit and pleasant environment. When our four orders came, we were quite happy, except for one order (got #7 instead of #72) that was mixed up so BIL had to wait while they brought his correct order which took an extra 10-15mins (reason for the minus star). Otherwise, all three other orders came steaming piping-hot and yummy! As you can see - no pictures coz we were starving and we devoured our food (#36, #63, and #8). Sorry BIL, we couldn't wait for you and your food to come. Eventually, it did and he finally got to eat. Overall, not bad! Location was very convenient for us since it was just downstairs. Price was affordable. Staff were friendly and came around to check on us and refill our waters. We would definitely come back and see what else we can grub on.

Vicky T.

Food is ok, broth is too salty 1. Took more 20' for the food to be out 2. The girl who serves us gave a bad attitude 3. People in the kitchen talk too loud that I thought they are arguing or something like that.

Von P.

I'll give this place 5 stars for service and good. I have picky eaters in my family. This place catered to them. We switched up traditional rice noodles to clear noodles. We tried the Phnom Penh noodles w/Soup. Broth was excellent, all sorts of cuts of meat. I love the different sauces on table. Appetizer Nem nuong Spring rolls.. very good Overall I will definitely come back. Most importantly it was clean and modern :) Bonus

Tash G.

This place is great!!! Good food and service. Couldn't ask for anything more, came here last minute for the name and found them in yelp. Thanks grandpa!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lydia N.

Delicious noodles. I ordered the Phnom Penh dry noodles. It came with rice noodles, bbq meats, quail eggs, liver and shrimp. Broth on the side along with bean sprouts. The only downside is the parking lot and drivers that park in the middle of the lot with their emergency lights on. Best to visit the restaurant during their downtime.

Trina H.

All of the food was not as tasty as I expected very bland but this place has so many foods to choose from. I will be back to try another food, hope it will be bette

Sandra L.

Really great tasting and value for the money! I'm so glad we tried this place, they put a ton of meat toppings and the flavor of the two dry noodles we ordered were on point! We ordered Grandpa's noodle #7 which was a slightly sweetened hoisin type sauce at the bottom and pairs well with the soup it comes with - definitely worth $9.50 because there's plenty of meat and toppings. We also ordered the Hu tieu kho nam vang #9 and this is another dark sauce, but it's more savory compared to the Grandpas noodle and if it's your first time here and don't know what to try, I highly recommend this one if you are okay with the meats it comes with (ie. Liver)! This one comes with the Hu Tieu soup on the side and it's so so good! Really well balanced in flavors and again, lots of toppings for your money. We also tried the Nem Nuong spring rolls and it is really good! If you've had Brodard, these one's are similar and honestly, I think the ones here ar pretty good - I don't miss Brodard much since it's so expensive nowadays..... I am definitely coming back and looking forward to try the egg noodle with duck and other soup noodles. This place is so clean and modern - I love the style! Servers were friendly and patient... I'm not Vietnamese so I'm always slow and have a ton of questions. Just come, you'll most likely like this place as I did!

Mike T.

A Vietnamese restaurant known for their hu tieu (Chinese noodle soup). There's load of stuff on the menu, pretty much everything noodle & soup based. Keep in mind you can get most of your noodles w/ broth or dry (aka broth on the side). Service is friendly. The inside has a positive vibe w/ lots of clocks, pictures, and running water ornaments on the walls. It feels really clean to eat here. There's lots of pictures on the menu for people like me who don't speak/read Vietnamese. I ended up getting the hu tieu dry (Chinese noodle soup w/ broth on the side). Overall it was enjoyable, and decent. The noodles were decent and the meats, quail egg, & liver they provide is enjoyable. I enjoyed the experience here, and the food is decent, however there are lots of places in the area which serve the same dish and taste better. Still a solid spot though.

Anh N.

Was a little thrown off by the name, but rest assured this place has legit Viet food. I intend legit to mean the flavor components are there, and it's not a pho place by some hipster in Portland whose video goes viral when they suggest you squeeze lemon into your pho. I got the bun cha Ha Noi (on the hunt for a good version of this, so if you have recs, please pm me!), and my husband got the hu tieu mi Nam Vang (Phnom Penh noodles). They forgot his egg noodles, but oh well. His portion had a generous amount of noodles and toppings. The dry noodles were fragrant and flavorful. The noodles were slick with oil, so having that broth towards the end broke up what could have been a too greasy dish. My bun cha Ha Noi was pretty good as well. The noodles were a little mushy, and the sliced pork was a little dry/overcooked, but the pork patties and nuoc cham were very good.

Christina N.

Went to Grandpa's kitchen but got Grandma's noodles But let me just say.... it was definitely worth betraying grandpa! It's a dry egg noodle with a delicious sauce and soup on the side. I wasn't expecting much from it but the sauce was IT! Haha Alsooo if you check in, you get a free mung bean drink which was also yummy (:


Kinda fusion restaurant with many dry noodle dishes to enjoy

Nhung N.

Was looking for nam vang dry noodles and I am glad I found a place! I like the plaza since it isn't one of the crazy busy parking lots in this area. I showed with 5 parties before me and the wait was about 50 minutes. I ended up ordered the seafood dry noodles and I thought mine was pretty tasty. A good assortment of seafood and the soup on the side was nice and light. My dad got the nam vang noodle soup and he wasn't too found of the freshness of the meat

Katherine N.

This was my first time here and I had to try their dry pho noodles. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed. It just didn't work for me. The consistency and the flavor of the noodles was lackluster. The meats was not flavorful enough. The small bowl of soup on the side was a little too salty. I wouldn't mind coming back another time to try their soupy dishes. My sister ordered the canh bun and she seemed to enjoy it. Don't forget to check in for a free mung bean drink. They allow each person at the table to check in for the promotion (not just one per table).

Kenny Y.

This is the second time I've been in Grandpa's kitchen and the food and service never fails to impress me! The first time i visited was back in summer of last year where I ordered the Grandpa' Dry noodle. The noodles were chewy, meat were on point, and the special sauce is to die for. I've had a lot dry noodles in this is by far one of the best dry noodles ive had in my life! The second time I went with a friend, we ordered the flour pancake as the appetizer. I ordered the thick udon soup with seafood which my friend recommended that I tried. I've had japanese udon but this is my first time trying Vietnamese udon. The taste is definitely interesting and flavorful. The seafood is fresh and on point! The service here is great, they are attentive, comes and check on your water or drinks. Hard to beat in terms of food and service, come try it and you won't be disappointed!

Candice L.

We came here after our Disney day. My favorite here is the fried rice flour cake with egg. Then we ordered Grandpa's and Grandma's noodle. I love the Grandma's since it has egg noodle , fried pork, and yummy sauce. I didn't try the Grandpa's but my sister was expecting egg noodle in it, but turned out it's not- you can request the switch though. Overall a good place to eat.

Helen P.

Don't forget to check-in for free mung bean drink!!! Walked in and got seated right away! Fairly large menu as it took me a while to decide what I wanted. I order the Phnom Penh with egg noodle soup and it was so good! The broth of the soup was on point and they were generous with ingredients. As for the boyfriend he ordered the Grandpa dry noodle and he said it was good but it needed more flavor. I also checked-in for the free mung bean drink and it was delicious. The mung bean drink went well after my meal as I felt like it was a dessert drink. Super friendly staff that was attentive. A large parking lot for customers.

Annie T.

A hidden gem in Garden Grove! Spacious seating and the menu is a fusion of Chiu Chow and Vietnamese food. Pro tip: Check in for a complimentary Mung Bean drink (SO BOMB) My party and I ordered some of their highlighted favorites (look for items with a icon 168 next to it). We ordered the: #7 - Phnom Penh Dry Rice Noodle: I recommend to get it with the rice noodle b/c it soaks up the sauce they use very tastefully. I can't imagine egg noodles or half and bad would taste as good. This is a dry noodle with soup on the side. #9 - Grandpa's Dry Noodle: unfortunately I did not sample this as I was soo full. I would say it is likely similar to #7 with key difference being meat options #72 - Seafood Banh Canh: this was my FAVORITE dish of all 3. The soup was rich and flavorful. They're also very generous with the meat. On top of it there's a quail egg (winner)! The crab meat they use is BOMB. If you like udon type noodles this is what you can expect. Truly one of the BEST BANH CANH I've had. I would 100% come back anytime. It's in a plaza that doesn't have much parking. Also next to it is Bubble Crush if you want some boba later!

Tyler T.

You can add your name to the Yelp waitlist here to avoid a long wait, but there wasn't too much of a line to begin with when we came. I got the Grandma's Dried Noodles as well as the Nem Nuong here for appetizer. The noodles were pretty well made, having deliciously sliced pork, with well cooked noodles and a nice bed of lettuce. I wish the sauce was a little bit more interesting, but I still enjoyed it overall. The Nem Nuong was pretty good, but I thought the sauce to dip it in was a notch below Brodard. Still pretty good though, and hits the spot when you're in a pinch.

Amith S.

Amazing place, loved everything here, mung bean milk my favorite. The dry noodles was amazing, will keep coming back here till I try the entire menu !!

Cathy M.

**CHECK-IN ON YELP FOR YOUR FREE MUNG BEAN DRINK** My boyfriend and I were starving after mass, so he suggested to come here. I've had this spot bookmarked for some time since I am a huge fan of egg noodles. Glad he finally brought me here! LOCATION: Off of Brookhurst in the same plaza as Van's Restaurant and a few other local restaurants. PARKING: In a shared lot, so there's plenty of parking but a bit cramped. RESTAURANT: Typical hole in the wall kind of restaurant with cramped tables and tight seating, but it's pretty authentic to me. They do have plenty of seating, for small and large parties, and we were seated immediately upon arrival. MENU: They have a large variety of egg noodles as well as other rice plates and rice noodles too. I was so impressed with their selection of egg noodles ranging from their egg noodle soups to their dry egg noodles which comes with soup on the side. They also have recommendations on the menu if you're unsure of what to pick. Most items are around $10, very affordable! Here's what my boyfriend and I ordered: Bun Rieu/seafood noodle soup (4/5) - Seafood noodle soup is my weakness and I usually order it at any restaurant that serves to see if it resembles my mother's cooking. This one was a bit off, it wasn't bad, but it carried more of a fish flavored broth than your traditional crab flavored broth. I wasn't used to that, but they did have similar elements of seafood noodle soup, with tomatoes, tofu, and some of the crab/pork mix. The unusual items were definitely the fried fish cakes. Nonetheless, the soup wasn't bad, the bowl was very filling. Mi Hoanh Thanh/wonton egg noodles (5/5): Boyfriend ordered this and had me sample it. I absolutely loved it and regret ordering my Bun Rieu just a bit. It came with an even ratio of wonton to egg noodles. I love the garnishes that came with it, the small fried pork pieces tastes so good with the broth, which was nice and savory. Complimentary Mung Bean Drink (5/5): Worth the Yelp check-in! The drink is so delicious and creamy. I am a sucker for mung bean, and this was no exception, even better than the mung bean drink from some other boba spots in Westminster! Best part is, it was FREE! CONCLUSION: Loved my dinner here with my boyfriend and I am so happy that he took me. Service was impeccable, the guys were happy to give me my complimentary drink since they spotted my Yelp App on my phone. I'm definitely ordering their dried egg noodles next time, excited to come back here more frequently!

Sandy L.

My sister had a great experience but I had a so-so experience. I should had ordered one of their dry noodles but they didn't have enough pictures of them and the ones that had pictures didn't look good for me, so I had picked something else from their big menu. I ordered the chicken and rice meal. Instead of frying a Cornish hen (which is traditional), they instead used the chest or back of a chicken and cut it into a large square to deep fry. It's more meat and looks great on the plate, but the tenderness and flavoring of it was a miss with me. The batter is Thai-Cambodia flavoring, definitely Southeastern Asia influence. I could not pinpoint the exact herbs but I am familiar with the taste having bought and used frying powders from supermarkets. I am sure they make their own batter because it doesn't taste like anything from the supermarket. I would had loved it if they did Korean fried chicken style instead. It would had been bomb if they did a Korean-Viet fusion. The chicken was a little bit over fried and the meat was not juicy to my liking. The chicken skin was hard but crunchy and lacked deep flavor. I don't think the chicken was marinated long enough and i'm guessing the frying oil wasn't hot enough either or at the right temperature because the bottom of my chicken was charcoal black and they left it in the oil a little too long. The chicken skin was thick but thinner than roasted pork skin. That was the only thing I loved about the chicken since the crispy skin went well with the tomato rice. The meat lacked flavor and was over semi-dry. I think the tomato rice was steamed with tomatoes and tomato paste from the rice cooker instead of stir frying in the wok because the rice all stuck together like when you get rice out of the rice cooker after 1-2 hours of cooking it. The fragrance and taste of the rice was great but I didn't like so much of the intense moisture of the rice. Usually in this dish, the tomato rice isn't overly moisturized, but hey I ate most of the tomato rice and still appreciated it. The complimentary scallion soup on the side was over powered by the flavor from boiled pork meat grounds. I really did not like that it had a strong pork flavor but I did like that they went outside of the box and tried something new! They fried garlic and added it to the soup as well. Unfortunately, I didn't even eat the soup half way. I preferred a simple soup with a good amount of scallions. I was not a huge fan. Lastly, I loved the mung bean drink. It was delicious but after awhile, I can taste a little powder residue inside my mouth and I did not like that. I think they need to strain the batch. Would I come back? Yes and no to try their noodles someday. I wasn't in the mood for their noodles today. The customer service was so-so as well. The vibes from the staff kinda left me almost not to come back. The waitress wasn't on top of it and slow. It rubbed me in a negative way. She was very young so I am looking past this. I think she might just be really tired, haha.

Carol Muldoon

Grandpa dry noodle is technically pho without the broth. The special sauce is hoisin sauce mixed with sesame (way too much sesame, nothing too "special"). The dish was 2/5.

Vy N.

My love for noodles can span across and be written into a book if I took the time. I try not to be too biased but I've always held a soft spot for dry noodles. I think just the texture, taste, and ability to control how much "soup" you want in your noodle makes it a unique dish to each customer, I feel. So when I was craving dry noodles and willing to step out of my comfort zone, this place was the first place I was open to trying. Grandpa's Kitchen is on down on Brookhurst in a small plaza area. Parking can be scarce so depending on the day or time, it might be packed so if you're going to a small group, I'd recommend carpooling. Luckily we came at lunchtime during a weekday so there were a few spaces to park inside. The inside is pretty modern and inviting with a familial flair when you step in and the server greets you I opted to get the Phonm Penh Noodles & Egg Noodles combo (#10 on the dry combo list) since I couldn't decide between which noodles to choose from. The meal came out and after putting the preferred amount of broth to the dish, I found it a bit...lackluster. I think the sauce used for the dish itself was a bit bland which made the noodles taste even more diluted after adding the soup in as well. Still, it wasn't terrible and the taste eventually grew on me after taking a few more bites. Still, there are other dry noodle places I prefer and I will probably be sticking to those, but Grandpa's Dry Kitchen will be an open book if I crave it once and a while or want to give it another chance! The price was pretty decent and the fact they take credit card was a plus.

Linh C.

After traveling internationally this past week, we were still jetlagged and decided to have a light lunch. Initially, we went to a restaurant in the same plaza but they were closed for the holiday. What a bummer! We didn't feel like driving to another spot and saw Grandpa's Kitchen at the other end of the plaza. For Sunday at lunchtime, it was quite busy as many parties were waiting outside. We were seated in 15 minutes. The staff are friendly and attentive. The interior is modern and clean. The menu consists of a variety of dishes from rice noodles to egg noodles. They have rice and vegetarian options as well. We decided to order noodles since it was there speciality. Our lunch choices: #9 Mi Kho Ba Ngoai ( Grandma's dry egg noodles) which comes with bbq pork, thin egg noodles tossed in Grandma's special sauce. It was not ok but lacked flavor. The broth served on the side was tasty. #40 Hu tieu bo vien (rice noodles with beef meatballs. I sipped some of the broth but it was just average. I've tried many noodle restaurants and IMO Grandpa's Kitchen is decent not quite above average as rated by other Yelpers. I don't think there will be a second visit. There are many other good restaurants in Little Saigon.

Kelly T.

I had this place bookmarked since it first opened and finally had a chance to try tonight. It's in an old and dark (at night) plaza, but the inside is very clean and modern with plenty of parking. The restaurant was fairly empty when we first arrived. But within 30 minutes - it was full house. We ordered nem cuon (pork rolls), Banh Canh tom cua, and bun bo hue. I checked in yelp and didn't notice that there's a free drink with Yelp check in. The waitress redeemed it for me lol. The free drink wasn't bad and I'd drink it if it's free, but I wouldn't pay for it. The water came in a cute mason jar and they gave us straws (so rare now)!!! The rolls were surprisingly good. The sauce for the rolls was very similar to brodard's. I actually like the rolls here better than brodard's. Banh Canh - I asked for it without the pork and I think they gave me extra shrimp. I didn't count and i think there were like 10 shrimp in my bowl with 3 quail eggs. The broth was soooo hot that I kept burning my tongue. I'm pretty picky when it comes to Banh Canh and while it was ok, i wouldn't order it again. Bun bo hue - I only tried the broth and there wasn't enough spice and I didn't really taste the lemongrass flavor - but it wasn't bad. They gave us shredded morning glory (rau muong) - which is super rare. I can't think of another restaurant in the area that serves morning glory with BBH and I've been to almost all of them. Usually they just mix it with cheap cabbage. Service: 5/5. 3 different servers came to ask if everything was ok. Very attentive and professional. There are so many different dishes on the menu that I want to try (Canh Bún and of course their egg noodle dish). Will definitely come back for other dishes.

Vincent W.

Damn, this place is solid. I've only had dry pho one other time and this is was more memorable. The service here is fast as is typical with viet noodle places and they have a fair amount of seating so the wait isn't long. Gotta go with the dry noodle specials if coming for the 1st time but I see a lot of people getting the normal soup version pho as well. We were down in the area for 2 days and hit it up on both days just because of convenience and quality. The mi quang and phenom phen noodles. Both were really good. I like the dry rice noodle with the sauce. It's some sort of combo maggi/fish sauce but they have it in the right ratios to release all that umami. If you are in the area I highly recommended hitting this spot up if you are craving noodles.

Sydney T.

Came for dinner and got seated right away. Servers were friendly and attentive. Interior decor is clean and new. We ordered dried noodle bowls, soup noodles, and stir fried vegetarian noodles. Food was decent and fresh. Portion size is large. Price is average. Plenty of parking in the front.

An D.

I love dry noodles, but these didn't hit the spot for me. I ordered the #7 Grandpa's Dry Noodles, my girlfriend ordered #8 Grandma's Dry Egg Noodles, and #4 Fried Rice Flour Cake w/ Egg. The first thing I noticed about my noodles was that they top it off with lettuce. I was definitely not happy to see the mountain of lettuce in my bowl. For dry noodles, what gives it the most flavor is the sauce and the sauce here isn't the best. There seems to be something lacking and it's just not there. Both of the noodles were not memorable and was just okay. I was expecting amazing dry noodles with a refined sauce since they boldly advertise themselves as a dry noodle spot, unfortunately, this place fell short. 2/5 for both noodles. What me and my girlfriend really enjoyed was the appetizer #4. This tastes really similar to the ones from the street stands in Vietnam! Pour fish sauce all over the dish and eat it along with the green papaya and have a taste of what Vietnamese street food is like!

Ai Lam Nguyen

Delicious!!! I’ll be coming here again!!! Great service and the best noodles!!!!

Ashley B.

Huge fan of this spot. It's a more modern and the store design is new and clean! It's not like most vietnamese restaraunts around this area. They definitely keep up with the program. I got the Hu tieu nam vang dry, which was absolutely amazing. Every part of my bowl was spot on. I can't wait to regularly come here. My friend got the mi quang, but wasn't the biggest fan of it. I gave him a try of mine and he definitely knew he made the wrong decision. Check in for free mung bean drink. 10/10 recommend getting your dry noodle fix here. :)

Tai N.

One of the best Vietnamese restaurant in OC that offers super authentic Hu Tieu Nam Vang. Their rice noodle taste so on point and I have nothing to complain about it. Other selection also tastes great. Staffs are just ok. The waitresses were awesome (all the times); however, waiters were just fine (sometime pretty below average). Overall, great place ! Highly recommend !!!

Quang N.

Went late at night on a weekday Food Quality: environment didnt feel like traditional vietnamese but the food was authentic. Food was tasty Price: average $10 a person +tips. That's with out appetizers. Staff: 2 waitress in the front. Don't know how many chefs. They bilingual. They were friendless and professional Parking: shared lot with other units. Plenty of spaces. Good for lunch and dinner. Not massive place to hold weddings and events

Jal T.

Place is great. The workers there are friendly and smile often. One gentleman even opened the door for me when I left the restaurant! That's a rare gesture seen in a Garden Grove restaurant. I'm biased whenever I eat food that tastes good with generous portions of protein. The Grandpa dry noodle special and banh canh had a ton of protein. I'll be back!