Grandpa’s Kitchen 168

14208 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove
(714) 462-6259

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Patricia T.

I tried the mì quảng from here and this dish features wide egg noodles with pork and shrimp. It is a dry noodle dish served with some sauce on the bottom and topped off with peanuts, veggies, and a sesame cracker!I thought the ratio of everything was perfect because they gave a good amount of meat. There was also enough sauce on the bottom to keep the dish not too dry. My only complaint would be that the noodles were a little on the harder side. I've never had this dish before so I'm not sure if that was just the way it's meant to be cooked?But overall, would definitely recommend this dish if you aren't a soup type of person but still love noodles! I've always seen a long line here but I got there around 11am and was seated right away

Jeannie D.

Everything taste exactly like how it should be portions are big! food was delicious, will be back!

Harry C.

I miss this place and I hope this message get to the owner. My wife and I always come here because of the clean environment and open space seating. We always get the grandpa special and banh bot which reminds of childhood eating at home.

Hin N.

- came here with some friends to try this new Vietnamese restaurant . so friendly, good sevice . The restaurant has beautiful decoration. Dry noodles are excellent. I like "dry noodles" (12) mì khô ở "noodle soup" canh bún

Ngoc Tran

The best hu tieu nam vang and beef balls

Heo M.

The Phở khô and Mì Quảng are surprisingly good. Restaurant is very clean, staffs are very nice which is rare for Vietnamese restaurant. It's one of the few restaurants that really earned 5 stars rating.

Rinna Khut

Our second time here, first time he loves it since he order the same thing lol and I didn't love the Grandpa dry noodle. But this time I order #70 but swap the fermented shrimp paste sauce for the sweet fish sauce instead. Super good! I guess its what you order to rate anything. Dinner time is packed and the service was nice.

Trina Ho

All of the food was not as tasty as I expected very bland but this place has so much food to choose from. I will be back to try other dishes, hope it will be better.

Khoi Le

This place has extraordinary service. Especially, the lady with blonde and brown hair. They’re welcoming and the food tasted great.

Leslie wong

I ended up getting the hu tieu dry (Chinese noodle soup w/ broth on the side). Overall it was enjoyable, and decent.

VU Lien

I love noodles with duck deep fried

Elaria W.

I came here during lunch hour and was seated right away. The ambience is really nice, they have relaxing music playing and the windows are covered so the sun isn't blaring into the restaurant. Very cozy and pleasant if you're looking to enjoy a quiet lunch by yourself even! I ended up ordering a #53 and I can't say it was my favorite. I've never had dry noodles and I'm still not sure how they're supposed to be eaten (dipped in the broth? Add a little bit?). I'm a huge meatball and noodle fan, but the meal was pretty bland! The broth and meat didn't have a distinct flavor at all. I did add in my own seasoning that they leave on the table, and that perked it up a little bit. I don't know that I would come back here, but they definitely have a lot to offer on the menu, and it was a very popular lunch venue. Also, it's cash only if it's under $15- however the woman I was paying allowed me to use my card even though my meal was only 10!! Super nice of her, when I saw the sign after I finished my meal, I was planning on ordering something else to make the $15 cutoff. Great service!

Marnie A.

After waiting 2hrs to get our taxes done (well-worth the wait @ Tax Pros upstairs) myself and my group were starving! Decided to check this place out for the first time! It also did not disappoint (however there was a flub which is why I took off one star). We got seated right away, staff was attentive, and we placed our orders. Place is clean, well lit and pleasant environment. When our four orders came, we were quite happy, except for one order (got #7 instead of #72) that was mixed up so BIL had to wait while they brought his correct order which took an extra 10-15mins (reason for the minus star). Otherwise, all three other orders came steaming piping-hot and yummy! As you can see - no pictures coz we were starving and we devoured our food (#36, #63, and #8). Sorry BIL, we couldn't wait for you and your food to come. Eventually, it did and he finally got to eat. Overall, not bad! Location was very convenient for us since it was just downstairs. Price was affordable. Staff were friendly and came around to check on us and refill our waters. We would definitely come back and see what else we can grub on.

Vicky T.

Food is ok, broth is too salty 1. Took more 20' for the food to be out 2. The girl who serves us gave a bad attitude 3. People in the kitchen talk too loud that I thought they are arguing or something like that.

NNa Ho

All of the food was not as tasty as I expected very bland but this place has so much food to choose from. I will be back to try other dishes, hope it will be better.

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