Grandpa’s Kitchen 168

14208 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove
(714) 462-6259

Recent Reviews

J Nguyen

Really good shaken beef pasta. One of the rare vietnamese restaurants that accepts credit cards and turns on the AC. Ive been here a couple of times and tried the special noodle soup with broth. It's alright. Portions are huge. Will definitely return 👍👍

Noreen saade

I have never tried a dry pho before....and it was good. The restaurant is much cleaner than the regular noodle place

Brice Bumstead

Good food. Will come again.

Dao Pham

Clean and servers are polite. "Mi kho" are good but "pho kho" are meh...

KeethKon .

Amazing noodles. Great service.

Lynna N.

Location- great plaza and plenty of parking spaces! Grandpa's kitchen is an easy place to spot so you won't miss it Service- the service here was spot on and they were very responsive and patient. Food- definitely will come back!! My boyfriend and I got Hu Tieu Mi Nam Vang, Banh Mi Bo Ne, Spring Rolls (not shown) and a side of fries ( not shown). The portion for the noodles were big and satisfying! Personally, I have more of a sour taste bud so I added a whole lot of lemon to the soup but without the soup it was good! Compared to most noodle places, Grandpa's Noodles gives more than plenty of meat. The Bo Ne was also delicious, the meat was tender, juicy, and flavorful! Lastly, I was most excited about the fries because it was the crinkle cut fries (my favorite)!! Also, don't forget to check in so you can get a free mung bean tea! I don't have much of a sweet tooth so the tea was perfect and wasn't sweet like 7leaves! Overall I am satisfied with my experience here and I will definitely come back!

Thuy H.

The place is clean and decor is simple. Server were nice and do check on us which is rare for the area that this restaurant is located in. The food is just average, good but not great. Seem like their specialty is hu tieu nam vang. The bo ne was a little overcooked for us. I would come back if I'm craving for some hu tieu and I'm in the area.

Stuffany T.

Very clean and nice looking restaurant. Pros: Large portions and they were generous with their meats. Not overly salty like other dry noodles places. Cons: Just didn't think the taste was spectacular. Food was just average.

Nalorie H.

My daughters and I loved the food. The staff was really kind and attentive. My 9 year old is a bit of a picky eater and she just loved the stir fried noodles.

Cheryl N.

Last time when I was here I had #7, OMG it was a disaster, no taste, it was like boiling water over bland stuff, I complained n they took it back immediately n gave me something else I can't remember what but here is the important part, I note their good customer service n made an effort to come back so here I was a few days ago. Boys n girls there were just lovely in Little Saigon where there are 2,000 restaurants most selling the same thing, whoever has Nordstrom brand of customer service, will win "the customer is always right!". Checking in will give you a good mung bean panda flavored drink. My husband ordered seafood udon , the shrimps were huge, it was very generous w all kinds of seafood for $9.95, a winner!! I ordered garlic noodle w filet mignon, I asked the server whether the beef was horse meat or not, he said it was tender beef I was totally impressed it was really filet mignon n I didn't lose any teeth eating n licking the whole plate!!! The Chinese broccoli that came with it was also tender not tough like tree bark!! It was also very cheap for the quality dish. We were happy having a nice dinner in a peaceful atmosphere w smiling servers. Many VN restaurants are not serious, they had kids running around screaming n many Chinese restaurants are so noisy it felt like I was in a fish market in Chong Qing. This meal was 5 stars but I rate it as 4 stars because the 1st 2 times bombed out n I don't want anybody to think I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm after all the galloping gourmet pigging out in 35 cruise ships n around the world. So I recommend this nice family restaurant, you won't have to take a mortgage just to eat out!!

Vinla K.

Went there to try because of the outstanding reviews. Come here a couple weeks ago but there was a power outage, so the whole businesses in the plaza were closed. Taste wise just okay, although the garlic noodles was yummy. Check-In gave you free mung bean drink. Portions are plenty, service was pleasant, clean and welcoming environment. Went home feeling very thirsty, salty after taste left in the tongue even after a couple hours later. Not sure how to describe that. Will probably be back to try other things.

Monnica S.

For starters, the first thing that got me excited was the yelp check in for a free mung bean drink. It was perfectly sweet and refreshing, and mimics the taste you would get if you ordered a mung bean milk tea from 7 leaves. My dad and I went with a filet mignon noodle dish, and it blew my mind with how yummy it was! To make things even better, I read that this restaurant doesn't use MSG, which is great because my dad and I have an allergy to it. My sister ordered a vermicelli dish which she enjoyed, and I believe my mom ordered a noodle that had sesame "chips" in it. (I'm not Vietnamese so I don't know the exact name for our dishes). My mom liked her dish, but she felt it was slightly bland, which may be from the lack of MSG since I know a lot of restaurants use It to enhance flavor. But she was still overall satisfied with her meal. We will be coming back to grandpas kitchen again very soon (:

Thu Pham

Delicious food. Good service. Will be back

Julia J.

Found here on Yelps. Tryout The dry Nam Vang noodle was nostalgic flavors, just the bowl of soup a little small. The new restaurant, everything clean, service nice enough when you ask for help. Will be back to try a different dish.

Ky Le

Cozy and comfortable place. Ideal place for family or friends meetings, romantic dates, or even enjoying yourself. The food is all fresh and super yummy. The best thing here I guarantee is super friendly and lovely service. You’re all gonna love this awesome place.

Noc L.

Very modern Vietnamese style cuisine. They have traditional soup noodles as well as dry noodles with the broth on the side. We had 2 different orders of the dry noodles and the bo ne (sizzling steak). The steak skillet was watery, it was as if we were eating boiled steak. The skillet wasn't even hot enough to cook the steak, which explains the watery steak... Customer service was ok. Somewhat attentive. Friendly staff. Free mung bean drink with a yelp check-in. The drink was sweet, thick and powdery. We didn't even drink it. Ended up drinking water instead.

Truong Duong

The foods are so good, service is very nice, good place too eat!

Vic C.

Grandpa's Kitchen - Dry Noodles 168 is located right next door to newly opened Bubble Crush, with its own parking. My husband and I came here for an early dinner since we had a small lunch earlier. We were at Bubble Crush, luckily to get a free drink during their grand opening when we figured it would be easy to walk over here for dinner. We came in and were told by an employee to sit anywhere. Being that it was our first time here, I didn't know what I wanted and took a while to look at the menu. There are just a lot of choices and I had no idea what I wanted. An employee had asked if I would like suggestions. And so after that, we ended up ordering: #19 Mi Bo Vien (Egg Noodle Soup w/ Beef Meatballs), $9 prior to tax- My husband ordered this. I did not try this but he said he thought it was okay. This definitely was a pretty large portion of meatballs inside the soup. #9 Hu Tien Kho Nam Vang (Noodles w/ Pork, Shrimp, Liver, Heart, Quail Egg with bowl of soup served on the side, not shown), $9 prior to tax- I ordered this, as one of the recommendations that one of the employees made. I don't eat a whole lot of pork and thought the pork was just okay. It was pretty fatty and wished it was a little bit leaner. The liver was plain and didn't care for it (I have had liver before and felt this liver needed a bit more seasoning) so I gave it to my husband. I liked the shrimp but there was not a whole of it in there. Also this dish only came with 1 quail egg and wished there was a few more, since they are so small. I liked the chew and texture of the noodles. Liked the seasoning of the noodles. A pretty filling dish, this could easily be shared with a second person. Mung Bean Milk Tea, $3.95 prior to tax- Free with Yelp check in. We both were able to get a free one. Just love mung bean and thought this was perfect. I did not request for a modification on the sweetness level since I believe the drink has been already premade. I just let the ice melt and thought it was at a good level of sweetness. I think this is a good Yelp check in perk. ------------------------ (Total= $19.58 after tax, prior to tip) Please note that there is a minimum of $10 for credit card transactions. Service was friendly and wait time for our food was only a few minutes. Please note that the menu only has pork and shrimp on the menu. I don't recall seeing chicken and beef on the menu or vegetarian options. However, I am sure if you just ask to omit the meat, then that can suffice for those wanting the vegetarian route. The unisex restroom (in the back, behind the register) was clean upon this visit and adequately stocked with the essentials. Overall, we had a good dining experience and would consider coming back.

Richard W.

I like this spot. The Banh Canh was piping hot like how it should be and should stay hot for the duration of eating. Who wants Luke warm Banh Canh anyway? Although I prefer Mai Phung for Banh canh, it's not bad here. The Mi Quang had good marriage of flavors and the noodles were the right density. Never got to meet Grandpa tho, maybe Ong Noi is in the kitchen, haha. Coming back to try the #14 Hu Tieu Nam Vang and I'll let y'all know how it is. Their customer service is more attentive than your typical Vietnamese restaurant. I

Robert Lee

The restaurant is tucked away in a corner of this unassuming Little Saigon strip mall. The signature noodles really are as good as the menu asserts. Savory, meatily beefy, fragrant with sesame oil - order this if you're eating by yourself.

Beckie J.

I'm surprised I never came across this place before?! And I'm surprised of how good their food and service was. My friend and I ordered mi quang and banh canh, and we finished the entire 2 bowls. If you check in, they have these free green mung bean drink that was actually quite good and refreshing. The waiters asked on how we were doing, more than once, and it was very nice to see bc the usual "Bolsa restaurants" are not always that attentive. The portion of the food was a good size, and more on the larger side. I had the mi quang, and Ive only had it in Vietnam. Portion was big. The meats in the dish were bigger cuts, tender and not dry. I enjoyed the meatball bc it was hand made and not bought. It had a good taste. The banh canh was nice, and not too potent. I actually really enjoyed my experience here, and I will be coming back. If you haven't tried, make sure to check in to try the drink. It's so good!

Tony To

The dry noodle pho had really chewy meat. All the other foods we're pretty good.

Tracie M.

A Vietnamese noodle restaurant that serves everything but traditional pho! It's definitely geared towards the more hipster crowds with modern décor, young staff, and plays pop and R&B music. I like the variety of the menu which offers noodle dishes from all regions of Vietnam (northern, central, and southern). I had the #13 Mi Quang Dac Biet, which is a central dish and it was good. I've never had this noodle dish before so I didn't have anything to compare it to or tell you if it was authentic or not. The portion was very big and I didn't finish my bowl, which is rare for me. My mom had the #9 Hu Tieu Kho Nam Vang and being as picky as she is, she said the dish was good. Overall, I liked the ambiance, I liked the food, I liked the music and the service was excellent compared to most Vietnamese restaurants.

Phoebe C.

FOOD- HUGE portions and VERY delicious food (I ordered the dry egg noodles with pork, shrimp, and quail egg). I still dream and drool about their noodles. COST- Each dish costs around $11-12/each. DRINK- Yelp check-in for free mung bean drink, though it wasn't quite my jam. AMBIANCE- Very clean, simple, and modern decor. Think clean, distressed wood.

Shirley C.

Great service Wonderful staff who is patient and explains Food is beautiful and delicious Would definitely come back to try more Lots of kid friendly options too Saw siZzling beef with fried egg and fries

Warren F.

Finally, a place for us who prefer our noodles without soup. Grandpa's Kitchen offers a different view of Vietnamese food. Grandpa's menu is replete with different flavors and options for your noodles. Grandma and Grandpa special noodles are the most popular choices. I had Grandpa' special noodles. It contained flank steak, fatty brisket, and meatballs. The large serving of lettuce and fried pi with the noodles adds a freshness and crunch to the contrasting softness of the noodles and chewiness of the meat. I was served with soup on the side for dipping. Grandpa's Kitchen is worth the drive to Fountain Valley. It's different and delicious.

Qui C.

I didn't have real high hopes for this place, probably it looks like it was targeted for the young, hip crowd more than delicious good. But once the food came I quickly changed my mind. I got the Mi Kho Grandma and my mom got the Hu Tieu Mi Kho Nam Vang, shared the Banh Bot Chien in their appetizer list. With the check-in, I got a free mung bean drink. The banh bot Chien is a fried rice cake with fried eggs, in a soy dipping sauce. Very good, very crispy, greasy, tasty. The two noodle dishes were tasty as heck! The serving size was large with tons of toppings and good seasoning. I wouldn't say it's your typical noodle shop, but it tastes good just as well.

Cony L.

The restaurant is small, but cute and clean- got Hu tieu nam Vang #14 and got few bites of mi quang. Mi quang... I def had better ones at other places in fountain valley- but it was very good portion size and def less salty than other places but it wasn't my cup of tea- #14 or hu tieu nam Vang was pretty good, the soup wasn't salty and clear- also meats were pretty good and fresh- The free mung bean drink for yelp check in was alright- it tasted too water down and unnatural for me

t_ n_rasberry

Their dry noodle options are delicious. They come with a side of soup for dry noodles. You can also order regular soup noodles. I like their beef soup since it's so rich in flavor. Recommended dishes are #7,8,9, 14 from the waitress. My family tried 7,9,14 and we all agree we will come back to try other dishes. Dont know the names of the dishes just search those numbers and you'll know what I'm talking about. They give you free mung bean drinks when you check into your Yelp. Friendly customer service.

Zung Pham Pierro

This was our first visit here...another Vietnamese restaurant recently opened. The place is smaller than what one sees on their site ... seating for 49. There's plenty of pictures already posted so we won't add any.

Sara Monge

The best soups and noodles, super clean restrooms.

Myphuong L.

This place is all things nu-nus! We had a party of 5 which gave us an opportunity to try: #4 Bot chien trung (Fried rice flour cake with eggs) - These were tasty. They were cut in small rectangles so when it's fried, the edges had a nice crisp. Adding the egg also gave it a nice coat with lots of flavor and dipping in the sweet sauce completed this cake. #8 Mi kho ba ngoai (grandma's dry egg noodles) - I'm a fan of egg noodles and I thought the egg noodles had lots of flavor and it wasn't overly done which retain the chewy and slight crisp texture. #13 Mi quang dac biet (central Vietnam special noodles with pork, and shrimp) - I had no idea where to begin with this giant bowl of "stuff". Noodles at the bottom, bean sprouts, sliced banana blossom, prawns, dried shrimps, roasted peanuts, bits of pork belly, sesame rice crackers, homemade meat ball, and lots of thinly sliced pork chop. The homemade meat ball and pork belly was my favorite. The sliced pork chop was a bit dry. #14 Hu tieu nam Vang (Phnom pheh noodles soup) - By far this was the winner and go-to if you come here. The broth had lots of flavor that made its' way into the noodles. The meat was thin and juicy. This dish was simple but had the whole package. #32 Banh canh Tom cua (seafood udon) - My first impress was, wow so orange! Somehow this stayed steaming hot the entire time which made it difficult to eat and enjoy. It took away from the flavors when you're constantly blowing off steam. There weren't much crab, just a few shrimps. #35 Com bo luc lac (Filet Mignon with rice) - The cube meat was soft and tender. Had lots of bold flavors along with bell peppers. The rice was more on the wet and sticky side. It came with a side of bowl of soup. With the Yelp check-in, you can start yourself off with a free mung bean milk tea. Don't expect much, it's common to be diluted, not rich and creamy and barely any trace of mung bean. On the bright side, anyone with an account can redeem it. Overall, we tried dry and wet noodles as well as the rice. I would come back to try Bun bo hue and Bun cha ha noi. I rounded up to 4 stars but I feel it should be 3.5 since not all dishes gave a wow factor.

Mozilla Zas

Tasty Vietnamese noodle choices with lots fresh herbs and veggies. The many tea and dessert drinks make this place a winning choice for lunch and a sweet treat. Your tummy will be happy

Victor D

Very good size of dishes. The cut of meat was great. Amazing taste. Highly recommend the Pho. The spring rolls are freshly made.

Allison Tran

The place is clean with friendly service. I ordered Cha Ca Thang Long which was served on a hot skillet, then reheated over an open fire and served with rice noodles, lots of greens, special dipping sauce and rice sesame crackers. Although the taste was pretty good, I was a bit disappointed by the stale sesame crackers and the little fish that was given. If there is a next time, will definitely order something else.

Christina E.

My fiancé & I got seated right away. I got # 33 and it was good. I enjoy it but it was a little oily. My fiancé got # 34 and he enjoyed it as well. There was a lot of flavor on both dish. The staff was really nice. The food didn't take that long to arrive. The setting of the place is a decent size. It was clean. I was surprised when I walked in and it was a dim place but i actually like it. The con about my experience was there was multiple flys flying around. It was a bit annoying because I had to consistently fan them away. The plaza is busy with other small businesses. I suggest you come early if you have other plans. I actually enjoy this place. I always pass by and mention to my fiancé to try but we always pass it and forget. I'm glad I'm able to try it out.

Ricky Phan

Great place to enjoy foods ! Good services

Thomas Kh.

Very nice, cozy, clean, and neat place. Fairly new, so quality of taste was somewhat skeptical at first. Surprisingly foods were better than good. In comparison in prices over taste, this place is on the top of my list. Very friend and knowledgeable staffs, service was prompt. Great place all around.

Thuy Le

Great noodles. Great service. Very friendly owner. I will come back!

Ben F.

Not very impressed w this place. Plenty of parking and when my family arrived. There wasn't slot of people inside but they made us wait 10 mins to seat us. I wasn't sure why it took so long but seeing so many open tables that gave us a bad first impression. Thor Thai tea isn't worth trying. Instead of half and half they replace it with something very creamy and goooy. Didn't taste good at all. Service was a C grade. They could have been more attentive to us but only times they stopped by was to take our order, bring our food and give us our check. I wouldn't come back here.