Ha Noi Corner

8516 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove
(714) 867-6665

Recent Reviews

Irene T.

One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants. So happy they are still open for takeout during the quarantine. Wasn't sure what to expect since I normally dine in, but the takeout was just as delicious. They even threw in a free milk tea with my to-go order! Happy to support Ha Noi Corner during this difficult time.

Nguyen L.

I just ordered 2 dishes for to go. Haven't tried the food yet but the staff was so unfriendly and rude. I said thank you 2 times but she didn't say a word back and just left my order on the counter without informing that it was my order. And I wouldn't recommend trying their brown sugar milk tea.

Matthew P.

So I ordered through Postmates to try food from here for the first time. I ordered two things and as I was halfway throughout finishing the main dish, I found a short black hair inside the food.. it was absolutely disgusting. Definitely a bad first experience. The food itself was good however after finding hair, I could not eat any more. Take a look at the photos I've added.

Hezakiah B.

This place is a good spot to grab lunch or dinner. I usually order their very delicious bowl of 'Vermicelli noodles' and my uncle orders his favorite which is the 'crab tomato soup.' Parking isn't bad and the food is very filling for both solo meals and family dining.

Hung T.

Been here for years. Great food, (quality bit down since they first open) Good check in system for rewards (cash payment). Great selection of wall deco with picture of northern streets

Christine V.

I was looking for Bun Rieu and i'm so happy I found this restaurant! I'm picky about my Bun Rieu and luckily, Ha Noi Corner did not disappoint. They give you plenty of food and a whole soft shell crab inside - i've never had anything like that. I also loved their Hen xao xuc banh da a lot! Very tasty and so much food I had to take it home. My sister in law and my mother are very picky when it comes to Vietnamese food but they all loved it. Parking is a bit of a pain but that's the only downside. 4 stars instead of 5 because the food isn't consistent. It's never been bad but there have been times when it wasn't on point. But, I still come here for my Bun Rieu fix cause nobody does it better!

Amber Steeves

We came here on a Saturday night, there was no wait for a table (for four) even though it was busy. The service was great, the ringers on the tables let them know when you are ready to order and they are there within minutes of pressing it. We tried several dishes, the soups are fantastic and the garlic escargot are delicious!!

Nick C.

Have been here a few times but lazy to post. Had Com Tam rice dish and Nem Nuong(rolls with pork). Overall the quality is pretty good and prices are reasonable. I didnt try any but my friend swears they have amazing drinks. Service during my last visit was good and my water was never empty however past visits have had pretty bad service.

Lawrence Wong

Nice and clean place. C4 is my favorite lunch item, pork and egg rice plate.

Austin McNaughton

two days ago was our first time in this magnificent restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last time. We had a good time with the good service, with the superb food and booze and with the modest price. We will surely visit there again.

Loli Pop

Really good food the teas are amazing. I got a combination fried noodles and it was really good. I will come back more often

andrew tang

Great vibes! Amazing food! Nice service! Really good new place to get authentic vietnamese food.

christopher tran

The restaurant is nice and clean. We got seated immediately and got our order taken. Staff is nice!

lolita luna

Really good food the teas are amazing. I got a combination fried noodles and it was really good. I will come back more often

Sam Kim

Something different from regular Pho. Very clean taste~ Spring roll & Escargot are very good too

Erin Antos

Yes, yes and yes again. Some of the best North Vietnamese cooking I've had in a long time. We were visiting Anaheim, and this place came highly recommended, so a $24 Uber ride later, it was so worth it. The food comes quick, piping hot and delicious. Next time I find myself anywhere in SoCal, I'll come back!

Katrina N.

I've been here many times now and they have always been good. However this most recent time we went, the food was just okay. We came on a Saturday before noon and ordered bun rieu and cha ca thang long. The food came out super fast, within minutes, and the already raised my suspicions. When we tasted the food, we both knew they had rushed these dishes out and the quality wasn't as good. The bun in my bun rieu was really soft and by the time I had eaten about half of it, the noodles became mushy. The ca in the cha ca dish wasn't anything to write home about, especially since it lacked any flavor. A very disappointing visit but I wont necessarily cross this place off my favorite list just yet.

Alex ..

If you are craving for a good bowl of bun rieu then you are in for a treat at Ha Noi Corner. Their Bun rieu cua lot Ha Noi (soft-shell crab, tomato and tofu vermicelli soup - Ha Noi style) is as good as it gets. The eye-catching broth, the wonderful aroma along with the different textures of the ingredients make their bun rieu cua lot absolutely fantastic. I have been there so many times and only a few times in which I was able to order something else. Don't get me wrong, they have many delicious dishes here but Bun rieu cua lot Ha Noi is my go to dish!

Brittany Nguyen

Came here to celebrate my mom's birthday with my friend. Cute atmosphere!

R Villegas

I celebrated my PhD yesterday in this fine place. I am glad to say that we passed a fantastic evening and the place was certainly the reason for this successful event. The crew collaborated in a gorgeous manner, the food was very good and my friends were extremely overjoyed. We shall absolutely visit again for more celebrations. thanks very much.

Christine N.

Used to eat at this spot called Bun Cha Hanoi, which was my go-to spot for North Vietnamese cuisine for a long time but they closed down a few years ago and now that I live in NYC permanently, I haven't really found a spot to replace it when I come back to Cali on my monthly trips home. Decor is a bit weird and doesn't match (think wallpaper with fake brick print, table numbers that resemble street signs and random photos of objects on the wall)... but I didn't come here for the ambiance. The food was delicious. Love the bun cha Hanoi... came with a generous portion of noodles and meat. The ca Thanh long was good too but it came with some kind of fermented shrimp dipping sauce but I prefer nuoc mam instead. I wish the shrimp and sweet potato fries were more crispy but it was decent. I was told that this restaurant was in the midst of a transition to a new location. I'd come back again.

Scott T.

Another 4 star review isn't exactly needed for Ha Noi Corner, which, I have to say is nothing to get real excited about walking into the door. Kind of dumpy, a little run down. Pretty plain, but it ends there when you take your first bite. Came on the hunt for bun cha, something I've been searching for a long time and can't even find in New York City or Queens with their massive Asian populations, and the Midwest? Forget it. And now that I've had a bowl, my only response, beside, "dam, that is FINE," is, why in the hell aren't more Vietnamese restaurants you can find everywhere serving this instead of pho? Pho places are dime a dozen, and none in the midwest or even Queens serve bun cha. I don't get it. So much better. A broth that defies identifying that spectacular taste, a massive side of noodles on the plate that you pick up and add to the broth. Plenty of savory bits of pork in several forms, tons of mint and some lettuce to add on the side. Condiments like fish sauce and some hot chili paste. Sounds like pho, in a way, but isn't. Far better, this my only bowl to compare. Why pho, and not this, just once all you other places? I don't get it. So, bun cha achieved, looking forward to grabbing another bowl over the next few days at maybe another place before heading back home. After that, I expect it'll be another year before I sink my teeth into this lovely dish as I'm hear annually for a large convention for my day job.

Oudom Ky

Had a quick New Year’s day lunch with the wife, her B1 was flavorful, but nothing to write home about. My B9 was too watered down, but the vegetables/garnish were fresh. Can’t complain about service or restaurant itself. Prices seemed fair, see full menu in the photos, as of 1/1/2020!

Terrance P.

I haven't eaten at their first location but can tell you the food here was very disappointing. The service is slow. We ordered 3 dishes and each one was brought out 10-15 minutes apart. WTF! Each dish was not what I expected and I'm don't know the hype it's getting. I know northern Vietnamese dishes and this was not up to par. Everything lacked in taste and flavor. The pork belly (thit ba roi) was so dry and flaky. They clumped up the noodles into a nugget. I don't know what's that about but it made it fry and hard to eat.

George Ha

The food is spectacular and spectacularly affordable. The Cha Ca Thang Long is second to none. The flavor and composition of the dishes are true to its Northern roots. They only lose 1 star for not for serving booze, parking, location, and a bit laxidasicle staff.

Coy Tran

My new favorite place for bún riêu! Grilled sea snails with butter and garlic were tender and flavorful $8.50 although shells are feeling apart but didn't affect flavor. Bún chả was pretty good $9 but I recommend asking for another small bowl to eat from combined with noodles and veggies as the pork broth is served in can be quite salty but savory. Bún riêu $9.50 is by far the best I've ever eaten at a restaurant! Interior is very cute and tastefully decorated. Parking can be a bit challenging if you eat during peak lunch and dinner times. They also deliver using Postmates and use Five Star point rewards system. There's also another new location just opened Nov 2019 at Bolsa and Magnolia.

Sarah O.

I have been wanting to try Ha Noi Corner for a very long time because they have some dishes that are not commonly served in other Vietnamese restaurants. I went here on a Saturday afternoon. The restaurant was pretty busy, but the workers move really fast so my group seated right away. Parking is very difficult to find. There were only 10-15 parking spots for customers, so we ended parking in the neighborhood area. We ordered the combination fried rice, baby clams, and bun cha Ha Noi. There was nothing special about the dishes. They were not bad, but they were not that great either. The baby clams was bland and dry. I wish it came with a sauce because it was very difficult to eat. The Bun Cha Ha Noi was good, but I've had better in other Vietnamese restaurants. While the fried rice was just like any other fried rice. Overall, I wouldn't recommend coming here. If you really want to try their dishes, go ahead and check this place out, but get ready to be disappointed.

Tam Do

Really great place to get northern Vietnamese food, especially bun mam tom. There isn't too many places that offer this dish, but this place is number #1. Also this place is a low key boba shop/restaurant as well. It boba is high quality same as other boba joint. Definitely recommend this place.

Eva H.

An amazing find, a gem spot! We got the top recommendations, B1 and B9 and it was amazing!! The pork sauce/broth is so flavorful and the plating was nicely done! The crab noodle was light and flavorful with huge chunks of crab and a whole soft shell crab! Fried tofu for appetizer was perfectly crisp with thai sweet and sour sauce, my fav! The flavors here were just right with the right amount of compliments, not overly salted or powerful! Try the corn milk, its a treat!

Steven N.

Man do I regret not taking a picture to show you guys the food I ate due to ordering food for takeout. Fortunately, there are plenty pictures of the Bun Cha Hanoi. Based on the name of the restaurant, you can tell they specialize in northern Vietnamese food. Honestly, I haven't had many Bun Cha Hanoi's from other restaurants, so it's hard for me to compare. I thought this one is pretty darn tasty. The meat was flavorful and had good texture. That is what makes it because vermicelli is... well vermicelli. It hits the spot if you want something savory and a little salty but with flavor. Tiny parking lot kind of sucks, but there's always street parking. Also they Have a weird rewards program that only rewards people that pay cash (?) that's pretty boo boo. All in all, food is solid!

Zach Bowman

Great food, well priced too.

Thuyvu P.

I've been wanting to try this place for awhile now and finally came with my family. We were seated right away and they took out our order quickly after, so good service at least. The experience was okay but my scoring is based on the food majorly. EATS Shrimp fried rice- frozen shrimps not fresh and the dish itself was bland and lacked seasoning .. we neeeded to add soy sauce go get some flavor S3- grilled mussels with onion or garlic butter.. this was okay, mussels weren't shucked out and my boyfriend bit a bit of Shell because of it.. no Bueno B8 -Bun Thai Tom yum- one of the popular items but not tasty at all.. you definitely need a specific palette to eat this.. it is too sour. Pass on this one, not worth the try..

Luan Nghiem

They keep left over food for customers. The meat are not worth 1 star. Never come here again.

Cynthia N.

We ordered: - bun cha Hà Ni - cha ca thang long - 4 cha gio rau song - 2 mango pineapple green tea with mango jelly (complimentary drinks as part of a Facebook promotion) Overall, the food was just okay. Nothing to write home about and nothing to really make you want to come back to. Pros: - They accept credit card. - There are lots of tables and it's usually not very crowded, so you'll usually be seated right away. - Our food came out in less than 5 minutes after placing our orders with the waitress. That was ridiculously fast -- which is probably why the food wasn't that great, though - Beautiful food presentation, Awesome plating - Generous portions - The cha gio was good, I'd order these again. - They accidentally messed up our drink order, but gave them to us for free anyway. We ordered their new promotional drink (mango pineapple green tea) but received some other drink (Ruby Red grapefruit). We didn't even notice that we didn't get the correct drinks, lol. But they told us when we went up to pay and comped the drinks anyways. Neutral: - The cha ca thang long was decent. It wasn't especially good, or especially bad. It was just basic cha ca thang long. Not enough thi la. The mam tom was a solid northern style mam tom. Cons: - The bun cha Hà Ni was cold -- the meat was cold, the bun was kind of hard from being left out too long, and the sauce of the meat was lukewarm at best. This dishes came out literally 1 minute after we ordered it, which means it was probably prepared and left out on the counter long before we even arrived. We didn't come here for fast food; we came for made-to-order, sit-down dining. - The waitresses spoke to us in broken English...even though we're Vietnamese, fluent in Vietnamese, and spoke to them in Vietnamese... they literally spoke to every other table in Vietnamese, but only spoke to us in English... why. Could be that we were the only ones there that younger, closer to their age, but still... why.

Stefan V.

Bun Rieu is one of those dishes you can really judge a vietnamese restaurant by. My mom got the noodle bowl, and she was not disappointed. My father and I got the Bun Cha Ha Noi, and it came with a healthy portion of fresh lettuce and herbs. The nuoc mam (fish sauce) the meat was served in was delicious! I loved that they added slices of carrot and radish in it. Would come back here with family or friends!

Anh Luu

Excellent foods. Friendly atmosphere. All you can ask for from Hanoi Corner.

Diana N.

I actually taught English in Hanoi, Vietnam for about 6 months many years ago and was craving what I always ate over there--Bun Cha Ha Noi (I ate this dish about once or twice a week while I was there). I was actually quite surprised to finally find the dish here and Ha Noi Corner makes it exactly the same way Hanoi, Vietnam makes it. What surprised me the most when the dish came out was that it was massive (two people could have shared the dish); as a result, I wasn't able to finish it all (which might be a good thing because it shows they don't skimp out on the meal portion). How I eat it is that I take some vegetables and rice vermicelli using my chopsticks and dip it into the sauce and maybe grab grilled pork while I'm at it. In the end, since I couldn't eat it all, the broth that holds the grilled pork ends up solidifying because of all the fat that floats to the top (doesn't look so appetizing but that's what fat does). The fresh vegetables and herbs as well as rice vermicelli balanced the salty grilled pork (in my opinion, the pork was a bit too salty). It is a great dish to eat during the summer since it's a cool dish. For my drink, I ordered a Sea Salt Thai Green Tea, which actually wasn't so bad (I was able to finish the drink--may be because the grilled pork was so salty). In the end, I would probably come back and eat here because they actually give you a great amount and all the clean and fresh ingredients offered is a good change of pace for my meals.

Jeniqua L.

I tried their bun rieu and it was delicious. Their bun/noodles are different from other viet place. Almost like across between mi (egg noodles) and bun. The broth is flavorful. I also got their jasmine milk tea which was also good. I only gave them 4 stars because they tried too hard to be trendy. On one wall, they have industrial bricks and light. On another wall is a beautiful mural of Ha Noi. And on the opposite wall is a beachy blue/green paint with Moroccan tiles. Didn't seem like they knew what they wanted, so from a design perspective, it's confusing.

Anh Vu Thi Hoang

Bad service ever!!! Went for our lunch today around 12.30pm. Get seat right away. But wait 30 minutes and nobody takes our order. So we decided to leave and never come back.

Eli Goldstein

This place doesn’t have your traditional beef noodle Pho. When I arrived at the restaurant I was a bit disappointed to find out they didn’t have Pho. Either way I order the Bum Thai Tom Yum and it was pretty good. However, for me, this was a place I tried once and never again. Great Soup but no Pho.