Ha Noi Corner

8516 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove
(714) 867-6665

Recent Reviews

Daniel H.

I never ate vietnamese food like this. All the dishes were amazing to their own. The only thing I couldnt handle was the shrimp paste sauce that they gave to eat with the "bun dau mam tam." The flavor is very strong and it was my first time trying it. Safe to say, I couldn't . It was something I havent tried before but willing to try again!

An B.

Meh. Thats all I have for this place. Meh fried rice. Meh bun cha Ha Noi Meh bun dau hu mam tom Corn milk was on the salty side rather than sweet and milky. Not sure if it was bad.

Kayla L.

This place has variety of Ha Noi dishes & is clean. The food is decent & the staffs are very pleasant. I like to take my non vietnamese friends here for lunch.

Thi N.

This place is a solid 5 stars vietnamese restaurant in the area. Food is always delicious and their milk tea taste just as good as any famous boba places. I always take my friends or my family here since their dishes come in big portion and you can share together. Their food taste exactly like how authentic vietnamese food should. Another huge plus is they never mind when you sit there for a while after finishing your meal and just talk (don't do it during busy hour though). Service is prompt and courteous, they also have a button on your table to call the waiters so it is pretty handy. Trying their bun rieu (crab tomato soup) and getting some cheese foam & brown sugar milk tea left me so satisfied for the rest of my day, totally will come back again. Also if you have a chance, give their "bun dau mam tom" a try as well, that's a good Northern VN signature dish

Donald E.

I'd love to say this spot on the corner of Garden Grove is a five star establishment, but there are a few things that keep it from having that fifth star rating from me. The food was tasty. That I can not deny- but the egg rolls that came with the bbq pork didn't taste crispy like they just came out From the fryer. It's more like they sat under a heat lamp for half a day before getting to our table. Another Issue I had was with the plumpness is the tofu in my girlfriends soup. It seems like it was flat and lacked the fluffiness common in most tofu. The service was attentive and helpful. My meal was a lot to take in, and I'll probably have to join a CrossFit program after all my eating adventures just to get back in normal shape. I do wish my noodles had a bit more flavor to them. same with my bbq pork. Perhaps cooking the noodles in pork broth? I dunno how that would change the traditional feel of the food, but it felt like every dish needed just a little bit more to make it five stars. For now, I can only give it four.

Linh N.

My family and I found this restaurant on yelp and according to the reviews, they have good Hà Nôi authentic food. But to our disappointment, the food was bland. The most important item in The bún dau mâm tôm dish is the dipping sauce, however, it was salty and no garlic at all. I ordered the wintermelon with basil seeds - it was 75% ice & 25% juice...I mean I'd be okay if it was 1/2 & 1/2. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend this place for authentic northern food. One good thing out of here is the service was good.

Xi N.

I come here sometimes whenever I crave the bun rieu! Huge portions and I love their sea cream jasmine tea! I would drop by just to get the drink versus going to 7 Leaves LOL. I'm a fan of sweet drinks and their jasmine tea tastes very fresh and flavorful. I'm not a fan of their shellfish though. Service is fine. Just flag them down and they'll get you whatever you need. They also have this rewards system where you can earn points if you pay in cash. Not a bad deal if you come here a lot in small groups because the points do add up! Chill ambience with soft music to enjoy your food. Nothing crazy like edm or rap. Friendly service and it gets busy on weekends at night. I'll definitely come back!!

Nancy T.

My mom has been raving about this place, so I finally had the opportunity to try it out with her. Interesting spot. Definitely traditional ma and pop Vietnamese food, but with an added twist of trying to stay hip with the times. They have an eclectic boba menu from regular milk teas to drinks covered with cheese foam. Didn't try any, but they definitely looked good. Service was mediocre. Server came to get our order and from their it was just different food runners dropping off the food. Mom and I was hungry so we ordered three dishes; bun cha ha noi (vermicelli with grilled pork patties & sliced bbq pork), bun dau mam (pressed vermicelli cubes served with fresh veggies& herbs, boiled pork belly slices, fried glutinous meat patties, and a fermented shrimp paste dipping sauce), and last but not least the bun rieu cua mem (tomato vermicelli soup with crab pork patties and a soft shell crab). The presentation on all three dishes were definitely aesthetically pleasing. The bun cha ha noi was good, gave a good amount of protein, just not enough fresh veggies and herbs for our liking. Also wished there was a little more pickled papaya and carrots. Besides that dish was good. The bun dau mam, was good too. Only qualm was wished there was more veggies and herbs but it had a perfect amount of protein. Really enjoyed the fried glutinous meat patties, perfect texture as well as flavor. The sauce was on the sweeter side which is perfect for me. Mom prefers it a little more salty and more acidic with lime juice. Bun rieu was well balanced. The broth was very flavorful. Had an even four crab pork patties, two pieces of tofu, two pieces of cha (Vietnamese pork ham), and one itty bitty soft shell crab which was definitely the reason they jacked up the price. Would get this dish again but the soft shell crab was so tiny to even be worth it to order. Overall, good food and would come back again! Forgot to mention that they have a cool rewards program and if you spend cash, each $1 represents a point. Really easy and can quickly gain rewards starting from popcorn chicken to even $40 certificates (depending how many points you get).

Ryan T.

《 HANOI PLATTER 》 Celebrate Labor Day, unofficially known as the end of summer season, with a platter from @GocHanoiCorner. This platter is filled with Hanoi-style grilled pork, vermicelli and fresh herbs. Dipping sauce is a homemade fish sauce. Umami yumminess!! Photo: Bún Ch Hà Ni Price: 8.50 Price: 4.5 out of 5

Nora Y.

I have been searching for northern Vietnamese cuisine for the longest time and finally found a winner! I ordered the bun chai ha noi, the banh cuon ha Noi, egg rolls, and the sea salt cream Thai Tea. The portions were generous and the dishes were beautifully presented on banana leaves. The meat was so tender and the soup was very flavorful - the right kind of garlic fish sauce and meat marinade combination. Tip: be sure to write your name down and your party size on the clipboard on the hostess table. During my first visit here, I didn't know that was the protocol, so people who came after us got seated first. Woops! Will return again!

Nicole Tran

We were surprised at how average the dishes are. We’re even puzzling at how it got such a great reviews, too. We ordered the basic northern dishes, grilled pork (bún chả Thăng Long), fried shrimp and sweet potatoes, fried tofu and fish paste dill vermicelli soup, all were very average.

lily h.

I've heard so many things about this place so it's long overdue to finally try it out. My family was in town so we decided to come here for lunch on a Sunday morning around 11am. We had a party of 6 and the wait wasn't bad at all, maybe 5 minutes, if even. Fried tofu - this was ok, the tofu wasn't quite crispy enough and the dipping sauce is the sweet chilli thai dipping sauce. Popcorn chicken - the chicken was flavored very nicely and accompanied with the sweet chili dipping sauce made it a pretty stellar dish. Egg rolls - these egg rolls were a bit underwhelming. The filling lacked taste and filling, meaning, there wasn't much in the egg rolls. Clams - I can't say much because I forgot to try it. i was full from the other dishes. The bowl was empty at the end of the meal, so must have been good. Cha ca thang long - this was just mediocre. I've definitely had better. I wasn't a huge fan of the sauce, not because it smells or anything, just felt a bit watered down. Bun rieu - this was probably my favorite of the meal. Soup was flavorful and the ground meat was delicious! Bun cha ha noi - i enjoyed this as well. I felt the 'mam' part in the meat wasn't salty enough, but that could be me. Also, the cha was only ok. Some were more moist than others. I also got that corn milk special drink - hmm, that just wasn't for me. It's a little sweet, salty and really milky. A lot of people enjoyed it, just wasn't really my type of drink. All in all, I thought everything here was pretty decent. I'd definitely come back for the bun rieu and probably bun cha as well.

N N.

I ordered 4 large size bun ca to go ($40) but when got home and open it i only got 4pcs of fried fish and very little bun. Also the soup only contain 3 pcs of fish patty. For price that im paying, im expect little more fish and bun. The food is just ok nothing really special.

Layla N.

So good! The food here is tasty. I really enjoyed the bun thit nuong cha gio. I don't really like meat too much but the grilled pork was really tasty and flavorful. The bun rieu is also really good. They are always busy but we never had to wait long for a table. There is a call button you press if no servers are in sight. And you pay at the counter.

Jenny Jovero

Loved the food here. They give really large portions and the meat was really flavorful!!

Steven Duong

Bun cha Hanoi was just average. Didn't get to try anything else. They have a wide selection of fruit juice and other type of drinks.

Jacky Huynh

Looks can be deceiving. The exterior of this place (especially much of the parking) looks like an alley but the interior has quite a classy atmosphere. Also the food is delicious and the staff are friendly!

Jeff Hung

We have ordered all these delicious foods and all of them were very tasty and will definitely come back for more.

Jan Gill

I don't normally do reviews but I was surprised by the food authenticity flavors and I have to say, their Chinese food flavor is pretty good here, not overly salty or oily. I really enjoyed the hot and sour soup, as well as the miso soup, which is full of flavors. They let me sample most of the meats and they all tasted pretty good.

Irakli Agayev

i was introduced to a northern cuisine for the first time by my friend and i have to say i was very satisfied and would definitely return again when i visit OC!! We ordered the baby clams with crispy rice crackers, the escargot with garlic butter, and the grilled mussles with onion sauce. We were very impressed with the mouth watery taste

Minh Trang Nguyen

Pretty decent. Not the authentic Hanoi tastes though. I don't recommend their boba cause the pearls taste kinda weird.

Angela Y.

Who would've thought Vietnamese food has so many variations! This place is very different from any other viet place I've been to and I'm digging it. I ordered B2 (bun dau mam tom) and B8 (Thai Tom yom noodle soup) and both were amazing. The bun dau mam tom is unlike anything I've had before. It comes with vermicelli, fried tofu, meat, and veggies to wrap the food. The shrimp sauce was a little too much for me (I haven't acquired the taste for strong smelling things lol), but I made my own dipping sauce by combining fish sauce and chili paste! Can't wait to come back and try the other dishes!

Yenny D.

Found this while browsing Yelp and I am definitely a fan! A pretty spacious restaurant located on the corner of Garden Grove and Wilson. Parking is available on Wilson and behind the restaurant, but can be a bit crazy if cars are pulling in and out or waiting for a spot. Order my usual - bun thit nuong cha gio (noodles with grilled pork and egg rolls) and it is so good! Really good portion size, the grilled pork is super flavorful and a generous portion and the egg rolls are crunchy and delicious. They have a super spicy chili sauce on the table that I add to my fish sauce, but I think it's made with bird chilies, so don't use too much! I've also tried the nem nuong spring rolls, but didn't love them. There's also an interesting selection of drinks you can order as well. Tried the sea salt thai green tea, which was definitely different - very floral. Pay at the front desk when done. Will definitely come back to try more things!

Ryan R.

Why go here? You need a quick fix of classic Vietnamese street food (minus the plastic stools). Hands down one of the best restaurants I've been to in Orange County. Eating the food here took us back to the streets of Hanoi when my wife and I visited. Services is so fast! Literally took less than 3 minutes to get our order on our table and the place was packed too. Super impressed. What did we get? We got the Bun Tit Nuong and Rieu Soup (one of their most popular dishes which comes with soft shell crab). Both dishes will leave you satiated in delight. Big portion sizes too. We'll definitely be back to try out their other popular dishes as we're a big fan of Vietnamese cuisines overall. To the owners: Super fast and tasty just like it should be. Great customer service. Keep it up!

Hoang N.

Last year I was here, came back again after a long drive from the Bay Area. I love everything on there menu, clam porridge, bun moc , bun thang, banh duc ... No line, good food, definitely get some take away for the drive back.

Joanna R.

The soup is literally water... The meat slices suck. The shrimp is too over cooked. Never coming back here again.

Monika I.

As a non-vietnamese, i was introduced to a northern cuisine for the first time by my friend and i have to say i was very satisfied and would definitely return again when i visit OC!! We ordered the baby clams with crispy rice crackers, the escargot with garlic butter, and the grilled mussles with onion sauce. We were very impressed with the mouth watery taste, the giant size/amounts of the seafood they gave us, and the prices were definitely cheaper than other "popular" restaurant in the area that sell similar items. PS: the easiest way to pick out the escargot is to poke it through the back hole they have provided and gradually pull it out.

Crystal H.

My bf and I both had diarrhea. He went immediately after eating while I had managed loose stools plus threw up 4-7 hours post eating. I'm hoping it's the end of this. I wanted to call and tell them they need to have cleaner food... but feel it is useless because they won't care to do anything about it. I'm currently in bed recovering from food I ate at 145p today. I've started symptoms since 5pm and it's now almost 8p. BE CAREFUL EATING HERE Ps: after posting about my food poisoning on social media, a few other peeps have confirmed they have gotten the same result after eating here in the past. Not sure where the food quality is deteriorated but I hope this restaurant is more attentive to food sanitation

Kristine W.

Great place for noodle soups at a great price. This is not your typically pho place. They serve special vermicelli soups and sides. I loved the bun rieu and Tom yum. No wonder they are the house favorites because they were also my favorites! I also tried their bun doc mung suon moc and it was just okay. Nothing special to this soup but it was very healthy tasting. I prefer the other options for more flavor. I also got their ban coin thit nuong and it was packed with meaty flavor. I like rolling their rice paper with meat and some veggies. This doesn't come with fish sauce but you can easily ask for it. Their hot sauce is also hot and tasty. It is a little hard to communicate but overall we got our orders across! Would be returning to try their fish wraps!

Tati V.

Haven't been to Ha Noi Corner before, and it was my first time to go for the Vietnamese place on earth, and we have vermicelli, soups, and sides to serve for the food. I loved the Vietnam food, because it makes me happy for the food, and also loved the ambiance space. So I decided to go for the appetizer for the Vietnamese food with my brother, and I got the Egg rolls and veggies, and my brother got the A5 for the order, and he hasn't tried it before. Then for the second I got the Steamed clams with Tom Yum, and B6 for the dinner with my brother, and we got sprite to share for the order, because it was super amazing. The server was super nice and friendly that the ordering of our food was super bomb for the delicious food, and it was super amazing!

Ryan Vu

I went on Sunday at noon and there was plenty of table available. They only have 2 big tables for big group. I ordered Bun Rieu Cua something and it was delicious. From what I heard from my group, all the dishes are good.

Alessandro Strang

My favorite Vietnamese chef in SoCal is this young super sweet and gentle Vietnamese guy who got his talent from his talented mom. He started Pho Co Ha Noi (where I discovered him), sold it, and opened this Ha Noi Corner for expansion due to success. Good job! Every time I drive through O.C., I make sure to stop at one of his shops for some unique well made traditional dishes I can't get anywhere else in the country. So worth the drive. It's a place I'll come back over and over again

Jourdan Shapiro

Delicious Vietnamese food at a very reasonable price. Nice design inside, staff was able to explain how to eat my dish. Big portion size.

Cathy Nguyen

Great food, staff and prices! They are very welcoming and the food is authentic and fresh every time!

Savannah H.

Atmosphere: the floor was pretty dirty, but otherwise that's my only complaint. It was well-lit & pretty roomy. The table was big enough to accommodate all my orders & the booth seat was comfy! Food: the bun rieu was tasty and it's my go-to order here as they know how to make it right! For the appetizer, I got the hen xuc banh da: 10/10 would highly recommend. This is the only place that makes that and again, they make it right. Unfortunately, there's room from improvement on their bun thit nuong cha gio. Service: no complaints here. Fast, friendly, and efficient!

Nick H Mai

Dirty restroom , service is very bad, waiters and waitress here dont come and ask what you need during entitled time of your lunch or dinner , they only come when you ask them to come, no greet from staff when you first come in, waited 10 minutes before a waiter come and take your order. Restaurant needs to retrain Employees here, no skill of food services here.

Son Nguyen

Food and service are OK from scale 1-10. I give a 6 at best. Bills have to pay at cashier and service is just average nothing worth to comment.

Evan Le

The food was fantastic, as you can see in the pictures. We got the bun rieu (tomato crab noodle soup), banh cuon (rice paper), popcorn chicken, and corn milk. All were delicious and the biggest surprise was corn milk for me -- who knew corn in liquid dessert form tasted so good?

Kalle Maines

This in an interesting restaurant. The smell upon entering is not something you can call pleasant. It smelled like old fish sauce and a bit of old rag mixed with heavy fish broth. The food came out and it was pretty good, good enough to eat but not good enough to make me want to come back anytime soon. Most of the food came out within 5 minutes of ordering. It makes you wonder how they get it ready so fast?! We ordered some escargot. It was heavily garlic-spiced flavored. If the garlic was cooked out a bit, it would have been better.

Hannah Nguyen

North Vietnamese authentic food, variety of choices. This the best North Vietnamese restaurant I have had in US. Remind me the food I used to eat in Hanoi. Will come back soon