Oc & Lau 2 Restaurant/Bar

9892 Westminster Blvd Unit R, Garden Grove
(714) 583-8100

Recent Reviews

Aimée H.

Amazing service and food!The seafood hot pot is delicious. The lobster is cooked perfectly!

Sanh Truong

Love this places! Every time we visit OC. We make a stop here. May b 2x or 3x. Lolz

Trung B.

Have you ever went somewhere as a treat only to leave with a bad taste in your mouth and unsatisfied? Well that was my experience here. Having traveled from out of town we were recommended this place for fried squid ( Lehigh was actually quite delicious). But that's where the praise ends. Originally we were supposed to go to the Garden Grove location but they're open at odd hours so we decided why not try this place. Well let me tell you what a mistake that was. Firstly, we were trying to save $$ by not ordering the lobster but the waitress was persistent and recommended other high ticket courses like the coconut prawns. Well everything that came out was an overcooked mess. We did not finish the course and the bill came out to be 3 digits and pointing out how 18% tip was the common tip suggested for servers who didn't come out once to ask how everything was. When asked if we wanted a to go box for the coconut prawns we voiced how they were overcooked and too chewy. Instead of apologizing the waitress had the nerve to correct us and say that's how they're supposed to be! Wtf, prawns aren't supposed to be rubbery. I gave up chewing after a minute and spit it out. I'm beginning to suspect they had a surplus already cooked in the back and instructed their waitresses to push this product out and just microwaved to make it warm again. Anyway.,.im not even gonna spell check this. Just had to get it off my chest

Ryan T.

My first experience at this place was fabulous! Not only the foods and desserts were tasty, the great customer service was 5 stars. The manager was so likable and the staff was well-trained with great manners. I'm sorry but nowadays, great customer service is hard to find yet alone at Vietnamese restaurant! I will surely be back to eat here again!

Judy S.

This is their 2nd location which is bigger and located inside the Mall of Fortune. They took over Brodards old spot! It's also a bar so they have liquor available at this location, if you're really trying to drink and munch on lounge food! I enjoy the following dishes which are perfect for sharing. Plus I like having options!! Thai Hot PotBloody ClamsMango Squid SaladRazor ClamsFried TilapiaCoconut SnailsHouse Special Lobster UdonHouse Special Crab Fried RiceSashimi ScallopsSalted Fish Fried RiceDon't forget to order the Kumquat drink w/ coconut meat!! It's a refreshing drink which makes the perfect finish. ENJOY!!

Hong Tuoc

Reasonable prices, good foods, quick services

Kobe J.

Finally reopened due to pandemic !!! Great food, great service, always consistent and beautiful decor. What else is there to say.

Shirley L.

First time trying something new in oc and i did not regret. Their lobster tail with udon is sososooo good. The space is spacious and interior is pretty. Workers have a great attitud and i believe his name was jay, he was very nice and helpful!!

Dalena D.

One of my Favorite Fancier Vietnamese Restaurant in Orange County! My Favorite Dishes: - Escargot w/ Butter & Garlic (No Peppercorn) - Oysters with Garlic & Butter - Mango Salad w/ Squid - Thai Hot Pot - Prawns in Coconut Food (5 Stars): Quality seafood with amazing taste. Portions are a little smaller here but it is a nicer restaurant that you go to for special occasions. It is best to order 1 hot pot to share family style and order a few of the seafood dishes,too. This will let everyone try a little taste of everything! Service (5 Stars): This restaurant is always busy so don't forget to use their yelp waitlist. They are very quick when you need something. Side Note: There are 2 locations. I like this location (#2) better because it is more spacious. Overall, I always come back here! MUST TRY IN Orange County!

Anna T.

Newer location that has a bar area!! This place has 2 sizes for beer.. large or even larger! It's huge! Always getting the glass noodles with the crab and it's always so good. Oysters with garlic. Hot and yummy! Dungness crab with udon! Probably my least favorite but only cause the crab meat was such a struggle to get out of the shell. Nonetheless, everything was good! No line either and they have the online waitlist!

Laura Nguyen

delicious food excellent service clean modern reasonable price

Mai H.

Our party of 2 arrived around 6:15 pm on a Friday evening. We put our name on the waitlist; but later saw the open seating area, so we decided to sit at the bar in the other room rather than having to wait for a table in the main restaurant. We ordered 3 items to share: Oc Len Xao Dua, Oc Nuong Bo Toi, and Live Prawns (which we asked to be undercooked). We enjoyed all 3 dishes, each with the right flavors and cooked perfectly. It wasnt my first time here and also won't be my last.

Ren Lok

Me and my wife love this place so much we ate at both stores a total of 3 times in 2 days... seafood here is good and price is reasonable. All the dishes we had, had a tonne of flavor. I would highly recommend. Don’t forget to try some drinks as well. Be careful though, even when the prices are good, you end up ordering up and spending quiet abit :)

Andy P.

If you are looking for flavors, this is your jam! As expected from local Asian restaurants, especially popular/busy ones, don't expect stellar service. They are trying to service everyone at their best of abilities. If you set the expectations right around this, you're in for a treat. Coconut snail is truly an exotic dish. If you can muster the courage, this is something you want to try. Snail is slightly chewy but the coconut that its cooked in is quite sublime. Truly, an acquired taste. The scallops are to die for! I would order two of these dishes and dive right in. You'll also see some other common Vietnamese dishes but since you are here, I would ask the servers which is more popular and go with their recommendations. They know which ones people opt for the most. I would also recommend you come with a group and family style the meal. You'll get to try a variety of good Viet cuisine. Hope you enjoy! Can't wait to visit again.

Austin McNaughton

I meet friends in this great spot a lot! This is the best place to pass a nice evening. I visit this spot many times. The food is very good, the crew is courteous and the prices are decent. I like being in this restaurant to have a tasty dinner.

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