Pho Quang Trung 1

10072 Westminster Blvd, Garden Grove
(714) 638-2286

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Kendy Toledo

I love the pork chops ???

Francis T.

Some of the helpers in the restaurant are not wearing mask and are walking around freely. Disposable menus are reused (shown stain on them). They also allowed some of the patrons (done eating), sitting around to chat with them mask free, and made mocking remarks on another customer (white) when he was telling them that mask should be worn. Waitress overcharged me for what i have always ordered. Wonder if a few dollars would help to supplement the loss due to long lock down

Nhat-tan Dinh

The steak and rice portions are amazing

Huynh MyLe

Nice and friendly staffs Reasonable prices Good food I recommend this place to all my friends and family

Roy Lamphear

The best PHO in southern California.

Breena Ylaya

Sadly wont be coming back until they get rid of their bug issue. Times before I'd come here with my fiance and I'd always see a black bug trying to get in our food. I havent been here in awhile and we decided on it today...I got bit 3 times and lost my appetite. My bites started small and started to swell up pretty bad. There was also the same bug in the restroom. Sadly felt like I wasted my money today and my appetite is completely lost still.

Kymberly Schieferstein

Good portion and price, service is typical of Vietnamese restaurants. Don't expect much and you will not be disappointed. Being green, I've brought my own containers and refused the plastic utensils. While my Vietnamese is good enough for poetry writing, I had a hard time trying to get the server to understand what I want and don't want. He acts as if he is the best judge of my preference

Natalie Dang

My favorite pho place. Good size and price. Free black bean dessert and tea pot.

Tina Kelly

The French Toast is the single greatest thing you will ever taste in your life. No, seriously.

Christine D.

I order a pho "chín gân bò viên" to go. They charged an extra $2 for the bò viên. (Meatball)). When I came back home there is only 1 small meatball for this $2 charge! It is a total rip-off and when I called them to ask why there is only 1 meat ball, they confirmed that is what they give for the $2 extra! The lady was rude and also acted like it is normal! tSo beware of what you order! I ate here all the times and usually they are ok but this is bad.

Marisa Navarro

good !! delicious chicken pho

Tracey La

I love the Chicken Pho here. Friendly staff and they open late for busy people as us.

Shareen D.

This is by far the worst pho place I have ever been to as far as customer service AND flavor. The food was bland, tasteless, and not worth it at all! We sat down and waited half an hour before I finally had to flag someone down to come and take our order. We ordered Bun Rieu, Pho Tom, and vegetarian spring rolls. The pho Tom never came and I had to again, flag someone down to ask where it was. They they told me that I never ordered it and I assured them I did. It finally came out and the broth was basically colorless and clear. It was so bland and tasteless! Will absolutely never be back!

Diane V.

This is my favorite pho place in OC, especially for chicken pho. I prefer oxtail or beef pho and find the broth here to he delicious and flavorful but even more so for chicken pho. Large bowls go for about $9, and it comes with A LOT. By a lot, I mean plenty of meat, broth, and noodles. The last couple times I came here it was for to go orders, and they pack those suckers super well. Not just with ingredients, but nothing spilled, broke, or exploded. The service is like any other Viet place, so pretty shotty, but the food is good so keep your expectations low, millenials. This is just how Vietnamese service is: quick and horrible. Clearly, I'm basing this review on the food and nothing else. Need a good pho, cold, or sick in bed? Drive here and your stomach will thank you, it'll warm you up, or illness will magically disappear. Credit cards accepted with a $20 minimum.

Andy N.

Don't eat pho ga over here been here like for along time and kept noticing the chicken was undercooked with red. You can eat pho ga here if you want millions salmonella bacteria inside your body. My family apparently don't care but if your gonna eat pho ga here just order another dish or pho bo or etc...Next time I'm trying something else and update the review if other dish is good also. Update: I tried the pho ga again and got stomach pain for one hour straight and needed to use the restroom. It was horrible there's even cockroaches and dead insects in this restaurant. I don't understand why you would give this place a 5 star when there's literally bugs and cockroaches unless you want bacteria and all of that inside of your body.. 12/23/19

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