Phở Quang Trung 1

10072 Westminster Blvd., Garden Grove
(714) 638-2286

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mike penaloza

Great place for pho, son loves it.

Don T.

My family and I tried the following dishes: 1) pho xao (stir fry pho) 2) com tam thit nuong 3) fried chicken with fish sauce 4) complimentary che dau The thit nuong For the com tam thit nuong, they use slice pork belly. I feel for thit nuong the suitable meat for that should be pork cutlets or pork chops but not really pork belly slices. Pork belly slices are suitable for bun cha Hanoi. Overall not bad. Heard this restaurant are owned and run by south vietnamese soldiers veterans (salute for their service during the vietnam war). Good restaurant overall and earned a 4 out of 5 from me.

Jae E.

What normally is a pleasant experience has been completely ruined by my experience today. I called in for a to go order and after being yelled at for "not being clear" (the restaurant was loud and he couldn't hear me even though I kept reading the item off their online menu) he proceeded to tell me what to order. I told the man I wanted something completely different and he said "No. You'll get this or come into the restaurant and order." And he hung up on me! I called back a few minutes later, hoping to get a different person to the answer the phone. Unfortunately, the same man picked up the phone and said immediately upon picking up the phone, "Your order is ready in five minutes. You can come then" I responded that I didn't order yet and he said come in five minutes and then I tried asking for someone else and it sounded like the phone was put down without hanging up. Horrible experience. All those years of going here has been ruined. I never want to call to order from this place again or until that employee is banned from answering the phone

D Tong

Opens for indoor dinning

Julie L.

The OWNER IS RUDE , RETARTED , has NO manners and should NOT be called HUMAN being! This old guy did swear and crushed out loud at his customers " mother fucker ! you wanted a hard menu at this time !!" Owner, if you are a communist just coming here and or you are entitled to be called millionaires, why you have to sell and serve Beef noodles at nights??? If You are so rich , why you have to work at such small beef noodle restaurant! You need to learn how to communicate as a human being if you wanted to live around decent human! In facts, there are four customers asked for a hard paper menu since his restaurant only offer a menu through iPhone that means customers need to use their iPhone and scan through a barcode on each table in the restaurant; the menu will appear through your IPhone & you can order your food ! If you don't have iPhone , you should not even think about ordering food in this restaurant! If you are a decent human being , you should run away as fast as you could from this RETARTED animal !

Han Elkins

Best chicken pho in town

Anhminh Nguyen

Good food, good service. Friendly for you and family

Andy Dao

Good bowl of beef noodles and free sweet black beans soup. Cheap price. Thanks.

Fernando Resendiz

Delicious food, plenty of meat in the pho, will be coming back for more

Anh D.

I love this pho place - their broth is flavorful without any MSG side effects. I especially love the Pho Ga because of the fish sauce-ginger dipping sauce. Their patio is still open during this time, but please be wary that it is still in an 'enclosed' space without proper ventilation (no doors or windows were open), but the tables were spaced apart, which gave me a bit more reassurance.

Jonathan pham

Good and friendly staffs service.

Candice L.

This place is awesome!! I love their vermicelli with egg rolls.
I missed them last week, maybe it was late but this place is my go to place to get my vermicelli craving.

Do Hoang Realtor

The soup isn't as good as it was

Mario R.

The Food was good but the Customer Service was OK we had a guy that was a bit rude and we asked for Sriracha Sauce and it came with some other sauce didn't know what it was but we asked for another Sriracha Sauce and it had it again and then we asked just for the plain sauce and he refused to take it back and that was rude but the place is somewhat clean and the cups are dirty so I'd ask for plastic on the silverware and cups and overall it was ok. The food was good not great but alright and the place is a bit dirty and the silverware too and the cups.

Thomas N.

Pho was not that great. Staff was not very friendly, polite, and elegant. I waited quite long to have the Beef and Meatballs Pho. The parking lot at night after 8 pm is very scary, eerie, and could be dangerous sometimes. Definitely will avoid this place at late night if you're a female!

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