Thai Binh

14186 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove
(714) 530-3011

Recent Reviews

Paul Nguyen

Best place for fresh Gio!!

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Wife lived it.

I P.

I generally like the cha lua here but why does this one have so much peppercorns? I specifically told the lady boss that I can't eat hot/spicy food, but she told me to get this cha because it's delicious and has very few peppercorns. Well, this one has lots of ground up peppers and whole peppercorns. I have to thinly slice the cha to take out all the peppers. So much work.

Theodore Pham

Great place for pressed pork

Michelle Dao

Good quality, and the best Gio Chả in USA

Khai Q.

I used to come here but this time will be my last. I bought the soy sauce. The lady told me import from Germany. I didn't look carefully. When I get home I found the soy sauce is expired from Nov and this is May. The contain not even seal. I was dumbing all soy sauce to the sink.

Phong Lưu

I've just suggested a name change to this place as I believe they misspelled its name. It should be "n", but not "m" in Vietnamese :)

P.A. Nguyen

(Translated by Google) Just before the Lunar New Year 2019, I bought a pair of small cakes. I am very satisfied with the very sticky rice, beans and tasted very good meat. Glutinous rice, beans and meat are very balanced, eat not bored.

Teri T.

This Yelp site should get updated regarding business hours. I was here at 6:20 PM and it was CLOSED !!

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