The Vintage 1979

10110 Westminster Blvd Suite A, Garden Grove
(401) 999-9888

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Max S.

I so envied everyone's photos, I just knew I had to come here. I'm glad I did. Even though it's located on a highly trafficked strip mall and Westminster Blvd is a busy thoroughfare, because it's located on the end, it's not too bad finding parking on the side street and standing in line. And yes, especially on the weekend, expect a line. I was also expecting to order to-go because all the tables were taken when I first got in line . There are definitely more patrons than seats. Luckily, I was able to enjoy it there, and have the full experience. It's as cute as everyone says it is and prettytiny. I ordered the bubble milk tea (photo worthy), topped with a ice slushy puppy, coconut coffee, and mango mill crepe. Delicious! Customer service was pretty fast and friendly. You place your order at the counter and wait for your number to be called, whether it's to-go or not. Each time a staff member delivered an item, she made me feel as though she whole heartedly wanted me to enjoy it. Love the high concept.

Scott S.

This is a really unique patisserie and coffeehouse. Whereas pretty much every coffeehouse you go to is pretty much the same, this one has a truly unique presentation of their drinks as well as their pastries. Moreover, the taste of the drinks and the food here is very-very good.This is a small business located in a strip mall. But, don't let that fool you. What they offer is really beyond what you would expect. They really take their time to do their drinks and their pastries right. And, that is really the reason to go here. What they offer is a very unique drinking and dining experience.In terms of enjoying their food and drink, you can, of course, get it to-go. Sometimes, that's the best option because they tend to have a lot of customers. But, they also have a table inside, a bar where you can sit, a couch, and they have several tables outside. Any of these is a great place to sit and enjoy your time.The staff here is always very nice and they take very good care of their customers. They also keep the place very clean. Overall, this is really one of the high points for drinking unique coffee-based and other beverages as well as having a great pastry or other sweet item in the entire LA/OC area.Recommended !!!

Tracey V.

Love all their desserts but the drinks, I'm not impressed yet, will need to try some more. We Went there on Saturday for the first time and came back on Sunday for more desserts. The place is a cute little gem with lots of cute plants . It does get a little sometimes and the drinks do take a while to make.

Sindy G.

Super cute location! Friendly staff - aside from how cute the food looks it actually tasted super good and am definitely coming back here again.

Madaline T.

10/11/20i've seen this place all over instagram and tiktok so i've decided to give this place a try! i went here with my boyfriend and there was already a line of people waiting before the place opened. (just a heads up, it does get packed so i suggest going here in the morning or early afternoon). the service here was amazing and the staff was super friendly and sweet. since it was our first time, the cashier was very friendly and gave us dessert recommendations. the drinks were phenomenal and the desserts were so delicious, you can tell that the staff puts so much love and effort into these treats. it is somewhat pricey, but i would say that it's worth the hype. i would definitely come back again to try their other stuff!

Trina H.

I would give this place 0* if yelp allows me to do so. After the first time with a bad experience, I've decided to come back a second time; this second time was good, nothing was wrong. Today I called to make a takeout order during lunchtime, 15' before arriving. When I came my orders were not placed and I had to wait for another 15' to get my things, and of course, I was late for work. Next time if you cannot take call-in orders, please let your customer know ahead on the phone so people will not waste their time here on lunch. Thank you.

Cynthia A.

The mousse cakes are so delicious and pretty! my favorite is the watermelon mousse cake. Great balance of flavors and textures. The bottom watermelon slice is so refreshing with the cake. The zuzu is my next favorite. Love that bottom cookie flavor and how can you not love the cute passion fruit coconut cake shaped like a coconut? Yes they're a little pricey but if you think about the time and effort it takes to make these delicate cakes, it's fair.Can't wait to come back to try the beautiful drinks!

Sokha B.

Only came here because of the name. Happened to be the bf's birthday and he was wearing a Vintage 1979 shirt ( year he was born). Figured we would come here for a little dessert after dinner. This place is definitely instagramable. Unfortunatley, I dont have IG and was hoping the drinks and cake would be good. Since it was near our place, we wanted to order something simple to see if we would come back AND because it was pricey. I get it, the decor is cute, but thats not whats going to make me come back. Im very simple, I normally get regular O milk tea when with boba or matcha. Since their milk tea was so cute, i had to get it.liked that the milk tea wasnt overly sweet like most places I've tried but the boba was very soft so it just made the whole drink very bland. The Galaxy lemonade is super pretty but it was so sweet. We really wanted to like it but it wasnt for us.The cakes are super tiny like a macaroon size for $7.50. I guess it wouldnt be as bad if it was tastey . The worker was sweet though. She noticed his shirt and I told her it was his bday so they added a little bday sign on the little cake. We got the mango coconut cake. A little too bland for me.

Cathy Y.

Review during Covid.Love IT!! Found this small cute tea place newly open in OC. They got a few small tables outside for sitting. Plenty of parking in the lot or street parking. Their drinks... all taste great!They got a large variety drinks options from soda, hot/cold tea, and coffee/latte. Also different kind of desserts changes daily. All of their items are very IG worthy. I definitely recommend this place.

Jenny Q.

This has to be THE most Instagram-worthy dessert place I've ever been to, haha. The presentation of both the drinks and desserts are so beautiful and pleasing to the eye. My fiance and I came about ~30 minutes after they opened, on a weekday morning, and there were already 3-4 other couples there LOL. I thought 10 AM was too early for dessert, but apparently not, haha. There were drink menus to grab and look at, but only one dessert menu right above the dessert display case to explain what each dessert was. And even then, at least half the desserts on display weren't even on the menu, so you had to ask the cashier to explain them. The girl working that day was a little unwelcoming and seemed annoyed having to go over the different desserts. If this place is going to change up the menu that frequently though, they should find a better/easier way to display the menu (an electronic menu maybe?). Anyway, after much deliberating, we finally decided on our two drinks and got four desserts.Watermelon cake: So, so pretty, but my least favorite by far, lol. Underneath the pink dome, it's like 80% cream, which gets sickening. At the very bottom, there's a small slice of watermelon, and on the inside, there's some kind of watermelon filling. The filling is tart, which I'm guessing is supposed to cut through the sweetness of the cream, but it just tasted funny. Would not recommend.Tiramisu pot: Hands down, the best dessert of the four we chose! The tiramisu wasn't too sweet and the coffee flavor was perfectly bitter! We even bought some to-go because we loved it so much! The presentation is very cute since it looks like a potted plant :) Strawberry chocolate heart: I didn't recall the girl at the front saying there was chocolate inside so I was caught off guard, lol. Nonetheless, it was still decent. The chocolate was creamy and not too sweet, so it didn't get sickening. Love the presentation, the taste just wasn't anything special though.Hawaiian coconut dessert (?): Honestly, I don't remember what the girl said this was officially called lol. It was our second favorite though! It's shaped like a coconut (so cute!) and the coconut has this firm pudding texture and was really good! The pineapple and passionfruit in the middle help cut the sweetness and really gave this dessert some balance. Loved it! I think my fiance got the Hawaii tea (if that's even a thing) and I got the sunrise granita (I think...) Honestly I'm so bad with all the names, lol! But the drinks were super good and not too sweet! I think I like them better than the desserts, haha. And just like the desserts, they were super pretty to look at!Overall, it was a wonderful experience. The desserts/drinks came out fairly quickly (it probably helped that there weren't too many people) and most of the drinks/dessert tasted great. I think the staff could be a little friendlier, but it wasn't like they were rude, so eh. It is on the pricier side, but honestly, I think it's worth it because there isn't anything else comparable around the area.

Paula B.

Very cute place, aesthetically pleasing. There's variety of drinks but I hope there was different options for the milk they use. I got the Iced Sweet Potato Latte and it tastes like Ube, which is very good.

Natasha T.

WOW!!! Love!! LOVE IT!! Their dessert isn't overly sweet, it's just has the right about of sweet to each cake and doesn't leave you with that lethargic of having too much sugar. The blueberry cake was my favorite, remind me of the blueberry yogurt cake at this one bakery near AR market on garden grove blvd. I also got three drinks for myself, it was so hard to close just one so I got all three. Plus TREAT YO SELF peach ice tea: perfect for a hot summer day and I'm a southern gal. You can't go wrong with peach ice tea. Blueberry soda: refreshing. It has passion fruits seeds and it's so good. If you like sparkling soda with blueberry, this is an upgrade for you. Raspberry soda: AMAZING! I love that they actually use fresh raspberries and not the dry kind of the frozen ones. Little things like this makes the drinks super fresh and not gonna lie, totally would come back just for this. Especially, when today was 100 degrees outside. They have other desserts too, but first come first serve. The mango crepes were gone when I came in. (So y'all should come early, this place is pack with Covid guidelines of course) Would I come back? Yes, 10/10 would come back. Staff were super helpful and nice; they help me pick out the dessert and pointed out which ones contains coconut.

Steph G.

This place is outstanding. I actually heard about it on TikTok believe it or not, and the concept and location intrigue me. We arrived just shortly after 11 AM on a Saturday. There were two parties sitting outside. The second we stepped in we were warmly greeted by a female employee with dark hair. She showed us where the clean menus were and we decided to browse the menus and look at the cake display. She was very helpful in determining what we should order. We opted for a milk tea with the Bear, Hawaii tea, and an iced Red velvet latte. For our cake choices we had the strawberry Matcha, coconut mango which was covered in a white glaze, and we also got a coconut cream dessert which was served in a chocolate shell that looked like a coconut. Each drink is made by hand so please allow some time for that to be prepared and be patient. They are working very hard to provide an outstanding product. Outside they've done an incredible job by adding flowers and plants to the seating area landscape. There are quite a few tables outside And around the other side of the building due to Covid. For our three drinks and three desserts it was around $53 with gratuity. We would definitely return and recommend others. We loved all of the drinks and the strawberry Matcha cake was our favorite overall. Definitely worthy of several pictures and videos. Masks are required. There is a parking lot in front of the location and street parking available

Michelle P.

This place is such a cute and quaint cafe!!!! Vintage 1979 is in the corner of the plaza surrounded by many other small shops. When we walked in, we notice it was a very cozy and small environment. The decor overall, inside and outside, is very aesthetic pleasing. There are plants everywhere!!!!DrinksI ordered the Mixed Berry Smoothie with a bear, and my friend ordered the Houji Chai Latte. The smoothie was very thick and flavorful, while the latte had just the right amount of sweetness. We went on a weekday morning, so it was not as crowded. At the time we were there, there was only 6 outdoor tables available. Social distancing was very observed.

James B.

Vintage 1979 is a tiny cute dessert and drink spot with a handful of outdoor seating to accommodate these crazy Covid times. The presentation of all the drinks and desserts is very IG worthy. It reminds me of Spoon by H in LA. The staff is very meticulous in how they present everything even down to the matching coaster by cup. One of the servers improperly used a coaster and arranged the drink incorrectly and the owner came by and corrected him and changed the coaster. Drinks: 5 Stars*****Strawberry granita - lightly sweet, carbonated, and refreshing. Perfect for those hot and warm days. My favorite drink here. Vietnamese coffee - strong and not too sweet. Had just the perfect amount of sweetness for my palate. Egg coffee - tastes just like Vietnamese coffee with a fluffier texture. Strawberry Matcha latte - I think it's better than boba guys who made the strawberry matcha latte famous. Desserts: 4 Stars****They ran out of every dessert we wanted to try so we chose three random ones that were availableBlueberryStrawberry chocolatePassion fruit guavaOverall the desserts aren't too sweet so it's excellent for my sugar sensitive palate. If you have a crazy sweet tooth, may not be the place for you. The desserts are pretty light and has mousse like texture, so you can eat more without feeling stuffed.

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