Van's Restaurant

14122 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove
(714) 530-6858

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Mama H.

We love this place, from Banh Xeo, Banh gio, or anything on the menu, everything here is delicious. We come to Orange County a few times a year & this is our must stop place to buy food to take home. The woman/owner/ cashier is very nice and friendly. The Hispanic waiter understands Vietnamese, he is pretty cool! Price here is reasonable!

Keira T.

Banh xeo is bomb here! Just make sure you wash their veggies if you order togo... found a couple live caterpillars in my food

Mindy T.

I was always skeptical about Banh Xeo takeout but with no dine-in option, i opted to order from Van's restaurant. To my surprise, banh xeo was still crisp after 30mins drive. They gave generous amount of veggie to go along. I also ordered Banh Tom Co Ngu and the kids love it. It was crunchy and sweet, and it wss a much better deal than ordering sweet potato fries else where. Over all food was great (customer service not so much).

Lucero Espana

The best place to eat. I really recommended this place the food is always good and the service is always great.

Duke Young, Ph.D.

Affordable, delicious, and Superior Customer Services for the love ❤️of Viet food! Now it is the best time to order to go! Your spouse will love her beef pho, your kids will want a rotisserie ?, and you will have the opportunity to order pork chops with sticky ?...Ain't that something?! ?...Ai love ? Viet food beyond WTPho?!!!


Great Vietnamese food and social environment. Great place for large groups.

virat dongprateep

Cashier was great, store was nicely cool A/C.

Lu G.

It's just ok. Nothing is really special about bánh xèo, other than crispy and thin crust. Price is reasonable to eat.

Ellen N.

Van's Restaurant has been there for as long as I remember. This is my mom's favorite place to get banh xeo and rightfully so. When I was younger I never liked banh xeo as much as I do now but now I appreciate the intricate dish. And Van's is the OG restaurant where you can get some delicious banh xeo. This little family owned hole in the wall restaurant is located in a shopping plaza on Brookhurst near Bubble Crush. Parking is plentiful; you'll never have a problem coming to this plaza. We usually only come here for the banh xeo (translates to sizzling pancake) which is a savory Vietnamese crepe made from rice flour, tumeric, and water. It comes out piping hot and very crispy. What I love about banh xeo is that has a multitude of textures. The banh xeo itself is very crunchy which complements well with the mountain of veggies they give you. Me personally, I love breaking off a piece from the banh xeo, wrapping it with a lettuce wrap and then dipping it into the fish sauce because it is heaven in a small bite. That small bite includes an assortment of bean sprouts, onions, mung bean, shrimp and pork. Its making my mouth water, just with the thought of it. We usually get this to go and at home, I love wrapping the banh xeo with the lettuce to make little spring rolls. #fire While picking up, there are an assortment of Vietnamese goodies as well like banh gio and banh chung which are tasty as well. Support local and family owned business, so glad Van's is still open for all my banh xeo cravings.

Justin Y.

I gotta say, the first time I pass by this place, it took a great courage to get in. The glasses are tinted and it's hard to see inside. From the help of other Yelpers' reviews, I proceed to order Banh Xeo (the Vietnamese crispy pancake), Banh Tom Co Ngu (the deep fried shrimp and sweet potato), and Bun Tom Thit (the vermicelli with shrimp and grilled pork). The first two dishes also came with a mountain of greens. I was lost. I didn't know what to do. After some help from the waiters and neighboring tables, I left my utensils on the table, and proceed with my bare hands. Take a piece of pancake or shrimp or sweet potato or the egg rolls and dip in the fish sauce, and wrap in a piece of lettuce and a few other greens, and shove it into the mouth. Didn't who invented this method, but the person must be a foodie. the crunchiness of food paired with the fresh greens to cut down the grease, while the fish sauce brings out the "umami" of the natural ingredients of food. Contrasting while balancing. Well done. The vermicelli itself was also good. The broiled shrimp and pork were full flavor while still juicy. Blend the whole bowl with the provided fish sauce, stir and munch. This dish is really good for a hot day. Very refreshing. Room for improvements: restrooms can use some facelift. Considering you have to use your bare hands to handle some dishes, you need to visit the restrooms prior, and a better restroom would help the appetite.

Twee T.

Van's Restaurant has been a humble, long-standing staple of Little Saigon for more than three decades, maybe even longer. Ask any true Vietnamese local where to get southern style banh xeo and surely Van's will be mentioned. So here is my long overdue review for this nostalgic hole in the wall. This dish is uniquely Vietnamese, laborious to make and usually eaten at home during large family gatherings. Everyone plays a part in preparing the ingredients. It takes an auntie or two to debate over how to best balance the batter ingredients, before the most skillful of hands takes over the cooking. A strong fire and a well-seasoned iron pan are necessary to achieve that desirable crispiness. Xeo refers to that sizzling sound you continue to hear even after each enticing fold slides into individual serving platters. If you want to skip the family drama and the mess, you can just pick up a few of these hotties at Van's. Hella cheap at $6.50 and consistently good, one portion of banh xeo is usually enough for me. But if you're very hungry and enjoy lots of greenery, request for extra greens (for a nominal charge), and may as well treat yourself to an order of banh tom co ngu (best described as shrimp and sweet potato fritters). These fritters are a generous portion considering the price point of $6.50. I counted 5 jumbo shrimps incorporated between the stacks of crispy sweet potatoes in my last order. Off-menu items feature an extended selection of readymade sticky rice and glutinous goodies wrapped in banana leaves. Come early for these as they often run out by the afternoon. I'm astounded that they have remained so affordable despite OC's crazy economic rise. It's like time stood still here---indicative of the interior decor ^_^ Not much to look at here, so I recommend take-out so you can can pig out in the comfort of your own homes. Be sure to pop them in the oven to re-crisp before chowing down! A special side note: They are a humble family-owned business, so many regulars may not know this; but Van's deserves praise for their generosity to charitable causes. They have hosted fundraisers in the past for things like human relief aid during one of Vietnam's most devastating floods. Let's continue to support good people, good food and good Yelp communities! Stay healthy everyone :^)

Susan Stowell

Wonderful food! Great prices!

Khoi V.

This is the place you want to go for Vietnamese crepe or banh xeo. The banh xeo is huge and can easily be shared between you and your girl. But make sure you order yourself one personally because it's really good. It's affordable too. Around $6.50 for the banh xeo. I haven't tried their other dishes but those dishes are affordable too. Yall check it out and see. You will come back. Trust me. Oh and get their ice coffee too. It's nice also.

B Nguyen

Restaurant needs more lights. Traditional Vietnamese mini square rice cakes (bánh chung) are really tasty. Savory Vietnamese crepes (bánh xèo) are a bit too oily, but still much better than other restaurant I ate before.

Brycen G

Tried this place in the past with my friend and I am addicted ever since. I loved the fantastic mood and fresh food and drinks. 5 stars from me.

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