Sushi Bei

2021 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena
(310) 515-5246

Recent Reviews

Warren Wong

Very nice place that isn't the hustle and bustle of other sushi places. If you are looking for hip this isn't it. If you are looking for good sushi in a relaxed environment this is it. They are also Dodger fans so the TV has them on when they are playing. Try the soft boned chicken and the miso mackerel on the appetizer menu.

Joseph D.

I'm torn about doing this review. On one hand they absolutely deserve it, on the other hand I don't want this gem to be inundated by ignorant customers who expect "fusion" sushi, instant service,huge portions, and "fresh" fish. In case you did not know, some sushi like Saba (mackerel) are not supposed to be fresh since it's marinated for at least as day. Also freezing fish and then thawing actually makes some fish more tender and safer to eat. I have been a customer for 10 years but that's nothing to Chef Aki's 36 years of making sushi. With COVid it's almost all to go with minimal dine -out at the front. I guess I'm writing this now to make sure his business survives another 10 years. Ganbare Chef Aki!

Allen G

This spot is good! Good prices, big dishes and the staff are consistently super nice.

Maruko X.

Ambiance: small family style restaurant, packed seats inside and they take reservations Service: the chef and the waitress are very friendly and patient with requests, attentively refilled water Food: variety choices on the menu, authentic flavors and they serve the real and fresh wasabi here, not the green wasabi paste commonly used at a lot places Halibut - **** nigiri sushi, fresh, recommend Japanese Scallop - **** nigiri sushi, large piece, recommend Dodgers Roll - *** spicy tuna, crab meat, top albacore Deep Fried Tofu - *** in soy sauce soup Ali's Special Dynamite - **** crab meat with mayonnaise, scallops and mushroom, baked and creamy, recommend Fried Chicken Soft Bone - ***** crunchy, highly recommend Ice Cream - **** complimentary in the end, served with red bean and brown sugar power Price: small to medium portions and reasonable prices, about $30 per person

Lorenzo Garza

The meals and service were ahead of our expectations. We truly enjoyed the environment of this spot. Superb place to take my family out for lunch.

Richard Lee

This spot is great! Reasonable pricing, big dishes and the staff are regularly very nice.

yes sir

This place has a simple menu but its amazing


Amazing food. Try everything!

Mike Steen

This restaurant has superb service as well as yummy food. One of my favourite spots around town. The food arrived rapidly and the rates are fair. Will definitely recommend this place.

Rhonda Yeager-Hutchinson

simple traditional premo sushi pricey but soooo worth it

A Schmitt

I admire this place very much. there is a very special air. The meals are superb. the service is effective and the waiters are polite. The pay is modest. extremely recommend.

karen nguyen

Great experience everytime. South bay's best kept secret when it comes to sushi

Liz Morgan

This is best fresh sushi bar I have ever eaten at

Jorge Sanchez

Great tasting food as always

David Chaidez

Been coming here since the 90's, Aki "owner chef" is the real deal. He buys the best quality fish and his service is second to none. It's a hidden gem worth keeping and sharing. Taking a date or the family night out it's the spot for any occasion.

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