Aiden’s Grill

3922 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 330-7122

Recent Reviews

Sep Taf

It was our first time here. Ordered kebab khoubideh and barg with 2 khoresht to take home. Everything was Delish!! Highly recommend!

Foot Hill

First time At Aiden's and I tell you it wont be the last time. We eat out every day for lunch and every kind of food. I tell you this from experience. I was a restaurateur for over 40 years so I know my food. The portions were excellent, love the taste and the quality and the amazing prices for nowadays. Good Job and excellence overall and we will see you very soon. Thank you guys.

Ara Zaghakian

Small restaurant, very good price and delicious food

Andre K.

They have nailed it across the board. Try their chicken koobideh! Not enough Rafi makes it that good!

Romeo S.

The lunch specials are attractive and the staff are pleasant. Highly recommend this establishment over other Mediterranean restaurants. Keep up the good work Aidens Grill!!!

Zinash Bikkila

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Armineh Ghoghasian

I always get Kababs from this place. It Tastes AMAZING. Customer service is on point. They also have Kabab wraps which tastes super delicious. For my kids Birthdays, or any special occasion I always get my food from Aiden’s Grill and always get wonderful complements about the food. Thank you Aidan’s Grill, you guys are doing amazing. We are very lucky having you in our area.

Linda A.

Clean, well priced local take out kabob place. My daughter loves their chicken kabob. I like their side dishes. We order dinner from Aiden's at least once a week. Ingredients are always fresh.

Riky R.

I like the test and the food like home made also clean we eat there almost every month


The food is okay, but the prices are ridiculous, and insanely overpriced! For 2 regular kabobs its 40 bucks! Like dude there are better places with way more flavorful food costing barely 30 dollars and you get more food and much more taste, its not fair, just because of the area, Tujunga does not have much places to eat, so they take advantage of it, really not worth it, u can buy your own meat from grocery and cook it yourself.

Nita K.

This place has the best kebabs ever! I wish there was a location closer to me, I live in Santa Clarita. Anyways the food tastes so authentic, reminds me how my parents made it. Absolutely recommend this place!

Arthur H.

I went to Aiden' s grill last night and got their koubide and chicken kabob and it was amazingly delicious and also got salad and veggies for side order which was so fresh and super delicious !

Tim N.

Wonderful first trip to Aiden's Grill. Pros: + Great menu variety of Persian dishes. Chicken (light or dark), steak, ground meats, vegetarian, fish, Cornish hen, vegan, authentic stews, sandwiches/wraps and even burgers. + Meat and fish are fresh and delicious. + Best ikra (smoked eggplant spread) I can remember. + Very friendly staff, happy to explain any menu items. + Convenient ordering options with Grubhub and Clover integration. + Big portions. I could not finish the whole plate for dinner. + Tables and inside of the restaurant are very clean. Cons: - Prices are slightly higher than competitors like Cafe Bravo but you get more food here and the quality is top notch. Overall worth it. - I wish there was a fountain drink dispenser, but bottled/canned drinks are available.

Laurence D.

Always incredibly satisfying and the meat quality is second to none. The portions are massive which makes sense with the price.

Jennifer T.

Come here if you want to spend your money on mostly rice. The meat is good, but you get very little of it. Not worth it for the price in my opinion.

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