Bacari GDL

757 Americana Way, Glendale
(818) 696-1460

Recent Reviews

Sara Alvarez

Seating was outside due to COVID, friendly/comfortable environment. We did the 90 minute open bar, I mean, need I say more? Everyone should do this. I ordered the Bacari fries, it has an egg and sauce over it, if you’re on a diet it’s best to avoid because those are cheat meal approved and so good. Honestly just got them as a side dish but they made an impression. I also got the Mac and cheese and added lobster and crab.. again.. need I say more.

Danielle Deruso

Has been my favorite place since they've opened!!! Food is Amazing?

Arthur Vardanyan

Great food, nice atmosphere. The plates and everything else on the menu is on the small size, so ordering multiple items is recommended.

Betty Fraser

Went during Dine LA for a late lunch. Sadly the food was mediocre (dont add the lobster to the mac and cheese, not worth it). Also got a pitcher of sangria for 2 people and felt nothing but bloated.

andrea badiukiewicz

Its very Delicious & Different had a great experience, also the staff is awesome ??

Jois Galarza

The food is beyond great, and the employer are always on point making sure drinks are running and food is to your liking. Definently one of my favorite spots in LA

Moore W.

This place is kind of spanish / italian style, which makes it very outstanding in Glendale.Outdoor dining is nice with bushes providing a divide between the dining area and the street. The tables sit between the very active sidewalk and the bushes street. Felt relatively safe as far as the COVID social distancing goes. My boyfriend and I enjoyed our beet salad, gnocchi, lobster Mac and cheese, burger, and Margherita pizza. We also ordered the glazed pork belly. Although it was good, we didn't feel the flavors meshed well with the rest of our order. I loved this place and I cannot wait to go back!

Karina S.

Love this place!!! Great date night spot or a girls night. Food is great and the workers are entertaining. We had Stella as our waitress and OMG she was the best! She made our night! The hostess that sat as down was also very accommodating, since I didn't like our table and she made sure she changed it to a different table. Overall great experience!

John M.

Fantastic!!Host has already learned my name from going there so much, and they make you feel like family. Their portions are small but VERY filling and has amazing flavor. Their drinks are spectacular. Because of COVID, you have to sit outside but sitting in or out you're bound to have a good time. Their charcuterie boards are also amazing and come with a lot of toppings. They made one mistake in the many times I've been there and they were apologetic and completely handled the situation. I felt very taken care of, and the incident was because of a misunderstanding! They don't cheap out. Love this restaurant.

Kendall Brady

Extraordinary ambience and very affable service. The menu was crisp and enchanting. Will easily recommend this place to friends and family. Fair rates and generous portions. Keep it up.

Mae D.

Called ahead to reserve same day for late dinner. Spoke with the manager, Jocelyn? (Sorry if I got your name incorrectly). I voiced my concerns regarding how safe seating was and she placed us closest to the road which was great. They check your temperature, ask that you use hand sanitizer they provide and they disinfect the table prior to seating. Tried the bone marrow, chicken sliders, a few more items and of course, the drinks. No complaints regarding the food, drinks and service.

Jil B.

I really wish I could give this place 3.5 stars. Some of the items we ordered were definitely 4 stars, but some of them were honestly just meh. I ordered a strawberry fizz to drink, which was good and surprisingly strong. My friend ordered the Pineapple Express, which came with a hilarious "lit blunt" on it (see picture). She also said her drink was really strong. We did the DineLA menu which started off with a salami and cheese charcuterie board. All of the cheeses were amazing and the bread it came with was good too. Our first shared plate was the Brussels sprouts, which were fantastic. Honestly it's hard to mess these up in my opinion. Then we moved on to the shawarma tacos which were just ok. They felt dry and could've used some type of sauce. Our third plate was the mac & cheese which we added crab and lobster to. As someone who stays away from carbs 90% of the time, I was pretty excited for this guilty pleasure, but it was a letdown. I heard it's better without the crab and lobster, but that sounds weird. Our last entree was the Asian pear and Brie pizza. The toppings were good but the thin crust tasted a little smoky on the bottom. Nothing to write home about. Onto the dessert... we ordered one each of the Malabi and bread pudding. We each took one bite of the Malabi and couldn't give it another try. It tasted like a floral scented bar of soap. If you're into very floral tasting teas you might like it, but it wasn't for me. The bread pudding, however, was amazing. It was the most redeeming item we had out of the whole meal. I probably won't go back here.

Crys W.

Stopped by Bacari for a friend date in early August. Called a few hours before and was told there were no reservation spots available for 2 people for 7pm (on a Friday). Decided to try or luck and just walk up. We received a great table within 1 minute of walking up. Servers wore masks and face shields. Outdoor dining is nice with bushes providing a divide between the dining area and the street. The tables sit between the very active sidewalk and the bushes (street). Felt relatively safe as far as the COVID social distancing goes. My date and I ordered a margherita pizza, caprese salad, one other salad and two of the $25 wine + beer unlimited drink specials. The sangria felt weak, but overall a solid deal. We wore able to have 3 drinks each within the 90 minute time allotment. Our server was new and told us we couldn't get the drink specials and the happy hour special during the same dining period. This was not stated anywhere on the menu. Maybe she was eventually told the opposite by management, because our checks reflected both the drink specials and the happy hour pricing. Not sure of what the actual policy is. She was great overall tho. I would definitely return. Food was very tasty and presented beautifully.

Tick...tick...tock...Clock C.

My 3rd time eating out during COVID. My friend recommended this resturaunt and it was a good recommendation. They are VERY safety conscious here. -They take your temperature before you are taken to your table -They have sanitizer attached to the host/hostess podium -All staff is wearing gloves and masks-The clean all tables right after a table is cleared -All silverware is wrapped not just loose on the table.-I made a reservation for one of the sidewalk tables (I went in the mid day on a weekday so it was pretty empty...but I can see this place being busy in the evening and on the weekend). -They have a QR menu you can scan prior to going to your tableThe staff is SUPER nice, they seriously could not be any kinder and attentive. I am very appreciative of all restaurant employees during COVID 19-on top of less seating and working in not so normal conditions (Outside-in the hot heat of the summer)...these individuals continue to have smiles on their faces and they had the best attitudes ever...I would just come back for the service. They have a nice menu of a lot of different options, so if you have a lot of different people with different tastes in your group everyone can find something to eat. It looked like a full menu (I don't think it was pared down at all). We ordered some small plates to share-they have an excellent menu for sharing. Asian Pear and brie Pizza (hot): The flavor was really great can you go wrong with that ingredient list...however, whoever prepared it-they were a bit zealous on the olive was so oily it made the middle of the pizza a bit mushy (you may want to ask them to go light on the olive oil). The area outside the center was delicious.Stuffed Mushroom: A little oily as well-the taste was good Crab Crostini: Was good-tasty a nice small biteBrussels Sprouts: These were the BEST Brussel Sprouts I have ever eaten. Like ever-We were very full by the end of our meal...full in a good way not the I need to be hauled out in a wheel barrow. I know the sidewalk thing is not a permanent part of their thing-but it was a little loud-lot of honking, people who think they need an exhaust the size of the state of TX...but the tables were set up under some trees so you got some greatly needed shade in the almost 100 degree weather. The parking garage is a quick little stroll-They also validate parking so make sure you take in your parking ticket with you. Our fabulous waiter asked to make sure if we needed our parking tickets validated. :) I will be back to try out some other bites on their menu. Hopefully inside :)

Katherine D.

I was so excited to try this restaurant out because of the yelp reviews and the photos posted. It was honestly underwhelming overall, but not terrible. The wait can be long, so definitely make a reservation. Open for outdoor dining during COVID. We ordered several items: Rainbow Beet Salad - was expecting an actual salad, but it was sliced beets, with some oil and saltiness and light cheese. It was really good but would have been better if they added some type of candied nuts - there were small specs of some sweetness, though. Not bad!Asian Pear and Brie Pizza - wish there was some type of protein like chicken on it. The bread was really good - thin and crispy with some fluff, but the flavor was just okay. Mac & Cheese w/ Lobster - they were generous with the lobster, which was a plus! Not a bad mac n cheese. It was a bit salty overall, though.Bone Marrow - we were most excited for this, and it was the most disappointing for us. Not much flavor - very underwhelming. We've have bone marrow at every restaurant that offers it, and by far, this wasn't the best.Whiskey Sour w/ Egg White - REALLY GOOD. The best thing I had at this restaurant!

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