Burger King

523 N Central Ave, Glendale
(818) 247-1914

Recent Reviews

Lloyd Ambrose

Chicken is cheap tasting but the price is better than McDonald's

Steven Rodriguez

As good as all the rest of the bk food locations

Oshin H

Friendly staff. Food temperature is always as it should be. I don't have to wait long for my food.

Franz Ramazzini

Burguer's are good french-frie's to salties

Magee Saylor

Very good staff and the management team doing a very good job by keeping this place clean. Of course, Cheeseburger is drool-worthy.

Jack DeVault

Good, clean BK. Old school vibe, food is generally good. Employees are great.

Kevin L.

Start off by saying that the dollar shakes aren't that good.The dollar shakes got to be in better cups and the cup carrier has to be better holding them.My wife was driving and the dollar shakes spilled all over in car.The French fries were not good.

Paul Gamberg

Impossibly good 2 4 6 buger...


Delivery was quick and food was hot.

Chain Saw

Food is ok but its not there fault. Service excellent. I.like the apple pie

Carmen Joa

Original Chicken Sandwhich was very good.

Miguel Garcia

I go for the coupons and great taste of the burgers ? and fries ? ⚡?????

David Manuel Munoz

Delivery was quick and food was hot.

Jeff F.

Kelvin the acting manager flipped out when i complained that the meal i had ordered was inedible. the two women working the window had completely screwed up my order and put the receipt in the bag after i had asked them not to ( touching the money and then the receipt/ wth ? i had ordered no onions no tomato and got extra onions extra mayo and though i had paid for large they tried giving me a small drink . how else could they screw up ? The burger was cold and the lettuce was old , so salty it was borderline assault . So i go in Kelvin flips out salts my fries so much i had too wipe them off and made me wait about 10 minutes. He's so flustered he's flying around the counter muttering to the line cooks who then look at me / burger was ok a bit too salty but maybe this place is owned by big Salt ? seems to be a thing here

Gina L.

The last two times I've gone the fries were stale. I don't know about the fries anymore. Sandwich was nice and hot. The inside was clean. The only complaint was that the side salad was browning and there was no date on the lid. Better to get fries next time.

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