781 Americana Way, Glendale
(877) 701-3354

Recent Reviews

Allyn E.

Good food but terrible service. They heated and brought out my lasagna about 20 minutes before bringing out my fiancé's sandwich. Seriously need to train their staff on how to properly serve items.

May Visor

Very good!! Delicious sandwiches and cheeses and snackies!


These negative reviews are skewed, this place is actually amazing. The food is AUTHENTIC and the people are actually really nice. If you are looking for a good place to eat with good food in yummy quantities go here. But don't take my word for it, try it yourself!

Natalia V.

I had half sandwich half salad with watermelon. The sandwich I had was the Panino Al Pollo. Of course it comes with avocado without paying extra. Which is so nice. It was definitely delicious the chicken inside. The salad with watermelon was perfect to eat with the sandwich. The big MVP was the infused lemonade with cucumber and mint. My mouth is watering just writing about it. Live that they have paper straws.

Jørgen Korum

Great Italian place with different sandwiches, imported candy and soft drinks. You can eat here or take away.

Christine Pak

I ordered the Avocado toast. Simple right? However, after 20 minutes of waiting no toast, I go back to the counter and they forgot about it. What kind of service is that??

Jørgen Korum

Great Italian place with different sandwiches and imported candy and soft drinks. You can eat here or take away.

George C.

I ordered an Italian-meat sandwich and a side of pasta, and a dessert. The place is nice inside with a very good variety of imported Italian food items. That was awesome to see. Wide selection of sandwiches. Mine was not the best. Average. I expected more from an Italian spot. It was light on meat, a lot of bread, and just not much in there. The pasta was excellent. It was spicy. See pics. We sat on the curb in the outdoor festive mall area. That was nice.

Rob Miller

Sandwich is small and dry, doesn't taste that great nor is it overly stuffed with anything that special. Bread tastes cheap and not very fresh. Also I should have known better but they charge $3+ for the tiny bottles of san pellegrino. IMO places that price gouge don't deserve hard working people's money. If you are in the mood for a good sandwich (and you don't want to get ripped off) then check out Giamela's down on Los Feliz Blvd [OR just go to Vons and get the ingredients to make your own]. TBH this review is really a warning for people who use delivery apps because if you are hanging out around the Americana then you are probably used to wasting money. 2 stars instead of 1 because the tomatoes were fresh.

Julian A.

Came with my boyfriend for lunch and they have good prices for being in the Americana, the service is nothing extraordinary and the food isn't over the top. But the mozzarella in the sandwich and caprese salad was fresh, the lemonade was refreshing, and overall, I would come back.

Marina lakis

Love Deluca's Deli! When you want quick bite and don't want hassle of large crowd or long wait, this is great option. I've been here a few times and experience has been consistently good each occassion.

adrian stark

Always Fresh and Delish!

Julia R.

What a such a bad food and service & expensive Never back booo I waited for 8 minutes to order the 3 employees walking around.

Daniel Yang

2 stars for the food, additional star because of cleanliness, location, and politeness of staff. As usual, before I begin, Italian delis are my thing. As a child I grew up in Brooklyn. As an adult I worked in Manhattan and Jersey. I understand what a real Italian deli is supposed to be. This ain't it. First off, the bread is all wrong here. I knew I was in trouble the moment I stepped in. Half the sandwiches were paninis. The other half were on toasted bread. Let me explain what kind of bread they're serving their sandwiches on. You know the free bread sticks at Olive Garden? Yeah, that. Same doughy texture, same cakey soft density. It's not real Italian bread with the thick, firm, flavorful crust, and the hearty but soft innards. The only reason this bread is even firm is because it's been pressed in a panini grill. I was disappointed at the size of the sandwich, the dryness of the filling, and the overall experience of eating it. I ordered their version of an Italian sub, called the "Misti", (Panino Agli Affettati Misti). The cheese was a Swiss cheese (not provolone or mozerella), the ham and salami were good, the mortadella was actually excellent but they add a coleslaw into my sub that had no dressing or flavor, which makes no sense because coleslaw has no place in an Italian sandwich. Matter of fact, the entire sandwich had no flavor. No oil and vinegar, no dressing, no mayo, no acidity/pickles etc to make the sandwich bite or compliment the cheese. What a weird sandwich. Anyways, this place also has Italian market goods but I didn't see anyone buying any of it during my hour spent there.

Cesia R.

I've been coming here for over 2 years! Still in love with their FIGS & PIGS sandwich. Great to come alone or with company. Enjoying the outside seating area of indoors with AC. Always have I self served infused water available which is always nice. Great customer service.

Regina Alvarez

I love this little Italian deli! Delicious and freshly made sandwiches!

Alyce B.

wanna spulrge on a bomb sandwhich? everything here is exceptional. they have really stepped up their customer service in the past few years and I am here for it - be sure to ask for the hot sauce, you'll live.

Natalie G.

This place is pretty cute! My latte wasn't my favorite that I've had, adding the syrup made it taste like a milkshake lol. The sandwich was pretty good tho! Can't remember the exact name, but it had sliced steak, caramelized onions, bell peppers, arugula, and horse radish on ciabatta bread. Definitely a TON of horseradish, so much so that it literally made me cry. The ingredients tasted fresh and the meat was cooked perfectly, so I'd honestly endure the pain and order it again Overall and adorable little shop, good for a quick bite.

Ethel O.

Wow,first time here! Delicious food, but the service needs to improve tremendously! It took 40 min. For them to bring me my food, only because I complained. They had forgotten about my order. No apologies from anyone!!

May-ku nhiayi

I got caught by surprise on how good that panini was

Scott R.

Was here for my hubby to grab a bite before a movie. Hoped I could enjoy a soft drink while he ate. There were 2 out of like 80 sodas that did not have sugar. I asked the young woman who was ringing him up if she could mention to the manager that is wasn't so nice for those who cannot have sugar that there is no respectful corresponding selection. She walk over to the case to show me that I was wrong. Confronted by the lack of sugar free soda, she said but wait "we have iced tea." It's not cool to not include all of us in the fun flavored sodas and other beverages. After he paid she saw me looking for their business name (for this review) and she chimed in, "Can I help you with anything else?" I was upset, said, "What help? You didn't help me with my request to tell you manager about not accommodating a pretty common dietary condition...".

Gohar K.

One of my favorite places to eat at the Americana. I love everything about this place. The food is great, the atmosphere is beautiful. They have indoor and outdoor seating. They also sell variety of imported goods such as jams, sauces, pasta, honey, olive oil and more. They have a great selection of ready salads, soups and pastries. The baked goods are always fresh and delicious. The salads are great sides to any sandwich or panini. I like their blackened chicken panini and the Caesar salad is my absolute favorite. The reason for the four stars is for the prices of the items they sell. For example a 8 oz jar of fig jam is $18.95. I know it's imported but that's just too much. You can find the same things in other Italian markets for half the price. I won't be shopping here but will continue to come in for the food. Delicious, fresh, flavorful and reasonably priced. Overall a great place to eat at the Americana, especially if you are in a hurry.


Been wanting to try this place for years. Unfortunately, the place itself is nicer and better than the food. Rustic look and Italian cafe vibe with chalkboard menu, was hyped. That balloon deflated real quick once sandwiches were tasted. Panino al Pollo= Breaded slightly spicy chicken breast sandwich, sounds great, except it was lukewarm, chicken was rubbery; surely not cooked to order. Tasted like a subway re-heat. Too bad because seasonings were good. But each bite tasted like rubber. The Panino al Prosciutto : One thin layer of meat throughout the sandwich, and huge welts of mozzarella cheese. Cant taste anything. Very flavor lacking sandwich, and barely any meat. An easy one and done, sad to say. They need to cook the hot meats to order, And add a lot more deli meat in their sandwich and it put some creative tasty sauces in there which were non-existent in both sandwiches.

Michael D.

Nice deli for quick Italian food & coffee. Pricy and service can be a bit slow but it's good and the quality is better than market brands. I like places like this when I'm in the mood for coffee and a quick bite.

Patrick Perez

Quite good for lunch. And you cant go wrong with the location.

Andy Broomell

Some of the best sandwiches in town. I recommend the Brie Bird, the Panino Alle Polpette, the Panino Delucaâ??s, or the Figs & Pigs.

Sarah Kimbro

Great options and loved their pre made food!

Jenn J.

This has to be hands down the best Italian deli around...the bread is so fresh...its nice to see people taking pride in what they are serving you..the prices are reasonably priced especially for being in such a busy place as the Americana..i love the selection of fresh pasta salads and they make everything in lets talk about customer service. Liliana shes the manager and she is absolutely awesome she cares about what shes serving you and makes sure you are happy.. which is rare these days as well sd the rest of her staff..belive me you will NOT regret giving DELUCAS DELI a chance.. i cant wait to go try their second location in century city im sure i will not be disappointed!!!!

Helen M.

Our first time to Americana Deluca's deli and it took 15-20min for an order of 3 sandwiches! The service was so slow and it we were the only customers! The sandwiches were okay like any other Italian sandwiches. The only good came from this was the parking validation.

Brian S.

Amazing and good deal. Not sure how people can rate this lower than a 4. We got a bunch of sandwiches for take-out and although they look small when wrapped, they are very filling. We also ordered a few sides and it was more than enough food. It's a great deal and great quality, especially for the sometimes pricey Americana. The inside is very beautiful, clean and sleek as well, you'd think the prices would be more. These sandwiches really could go for like $15 instead of $10.

Brie Holmes

came for lunch while on vacation. the service was great and the aesthetic of the restaurant was to die for! iâ??ll definitely be back before i leave!


This was a very nice little spot to grab a bite to eat, if you didnâ??t wanna wait in line for one of the bigger places. Very authentic Italian deli style food, some craft sodas, and a really nice staff. Highly recommend.

Liz L.

I read about this place on Yelp. I must admit it was just okay. The sandwiches were not very flavorful, the pasta was just okay, and they have no restroom, you need to go next door. I will definitely give it another try.

Kiki Barani

Tasty Italian deli, great place to grab a quick bite.

David Christopher L.

Second time eating here. I've always been a fan of neighborhood style bistros that has a friendly atmosphere, This place checks all those boxes. Only complaint is the Panino Deluca's while delicious should probably have the sausage contained within sliced long ways before serving so that when attempting to bite into the sandwich the sausage is not attempting to launch out of the sandwich & possibly onto the floor, table, your lap, or another guest. Prices are reasonable without being pretentious. Good food, good atmosphere, & enjoyable staff. This place also appears to be someone centered around touristic customers but is expected because of the location.

Seroj M.

This is probably one pf my favorite restaurants in Americana. The FOOD is AMAZING. Everything is fresh and the customer service is excellent. If not every day than every other day i get a sandwich from this place. Keep up the good work.

Deanna Bakker

Deluca's is a great place for an amazing lunch and a quaint atmosphere. Their sandwiches were to die for and they had amazing wine and take home food to peruse as well!

Leo R.

I have to update my review. The panini al pollo was my favorite sandwich here. However the quality of the chicken meat here has gotten terrible and very chewy. They need to figure out a better way to keep the meat fresh. My girlfriend ended up getting food poisoning from their chicken.

Stephanie P.

I have learned to love this place. I went in for my lunch break once and although they completely forgot about my order, they sent me off with a gift card to come back and a refund. I have them another try and was not let down. Friendly people behind the counter and great management.

Roman Randolph

Want a delicious Italian style hoagie? Leave Jersey Mikes and check this joint out. Very delicious and affordable.