3826 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 249-9402

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Sev A.

The breakfast burritos here are amazing. You can do egg whites instead of whole eggs if you wish. The entire restaurant, however, is filthy. Dirt on tables, chairs, surfaces, trash cans, windows, doors. The ENTIRE PLACE needs to be thoroughly scrubbed down by a team of maidsThe coffee was burnt, and the restaurant smelled badSorry ,but other than that it was good food. I've been doing this place for many years I do keep coming back but won't dine in again.

Hovanes B.

I go to this spot 3-4 times a week usually after work. Inside is nice and has outside seating. I usually go through the drive thru. This is where it gets bad, the night crew are not doing there jobs. They talk shit about customers in front of them and regularly mess up my order. Just today I got someone else's order. The person serving me verbally says my order but does not check which bag they are grabbing. I'd had to drive back many times to fix the issues. Also there is this weird attitude when I make modifications to items, I don't need options I think it's bad that you put hot lettuce in my bean and cheese burrito doesn't make sense. Or shame me when I buy a large item for 1 by handing me 4 forks for "just in case". All in all it sucks but the issues made me actually write this review. Not too many choices in the area but go elsewhere

George Q.

The lady that has been there for far too long, is very ride, she doesn't even acknowledge customers and makes them wait while she carries on with menial tasks. When she does finally greet you it's almost with a question "can I help you?!" So rude! My answer was "No!". I left without ordering, lost my appetite!

Charles D.

Each Wednesday I try a new restaurant beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. This was the "E" on my weekly alphabetized restaurant hunt. Wed 10/21/2020 (Flipped D and E)I've eaten here many times and so The restaurant was easy to find on Foothill Blvd. The parking lot was surprisingly full considering the few customers there. Possibly employees are now allowed to park in the parking lot since there is limited in restaurant dining. Masks were being worn. Napkins by the front door so you don't have to touch the door are considerate. There is outdoor seating so eat in or take it to go. Ordered the fish and chips, chili fries and a salad. The food here is always great but (apart from salads) not for the health conscious. Lots of delicious fried yummies. The fish and chips were decent (heavy batter but well cooked and They need to have tarter sauce and Malt Vinegar!). The chili cheese fries are some of the best I've ever tasted. Seriously. Even the small portion is huge. The salad was great (even the next day). Decor is a little meh and service is okay, but the food has not let me down. It's great greasy comfort fast food. Value for Money A-Food Quality A-Service B

Lolo K.

I eat here a lot. Like a lot, a lot. In fact, daily would describe it more precisely. I come here for their char burgers, asada tacos, chicken club sandwich & my fav - their pastrami sandwich properly served with the dip on the side, yay! All in all their foods good... but... I have noticed their fries haven't been as good as before. Not sure if its just me or cuz we're all living thru covid but I'm pretty sure they're not as good as they were last year. So far this year each time I get my fries they're not as piping hot as I recall. Half the time they're on the cool side of warm. I still eat them tho, so... there you go.Now I've noticed other posts complaining of long wait times at this establishment & to put 2 and 2 together, perhaps, the cold fries thing is just the staffs way of expediting orders. Since, most orders during the lunch & dinner rush will have an order of fries with it. I figure they just crank out the fries in bulk during these times to be readily available & consequently, the fries cool off while waiting to be served. If anyone knows the truth please do share cuz I terribly miss my hot AF fries from Everest.Thanks for reading, till next time...

Omar Huerta Tobon

Is always good,no matter what u choose taste good!!!

Bret N.

I would have give Everest 5 Stars, but they need to work on their customer service, and hire kids with more intelligence. Today I ordered a Gyro, and because it's in a sealed box, we didn't open it, but we did ask if they made sure they gave us everything. Big mistake with these guys. Don't take their word. They forgot the Gyro sauce. That's something that just can't be substituted. A couple of years ago when I was there, the server was bringing the food to my table, and he spilled my fries on me. He said "I don't even know what to do." Idiot! First off, how about apologizing. Second, help me out a little. Also when your getting your food at the drive-thru, they're never friendly, it's just business as usual for them. Chalk it up as bad management training. The reason why I still go to Everest despite their lousy service, is because there burgers are really good, like in the top 3. They also have pretty good Mexican food, and a pretty big selection of good food.

Aristakessian A.

Their breakfast burritos are delicious and you get quite a bit of food for your money. They also have the best chilly cheese fries ever.

hyunie kang

good food when you're craving fast food~ great chili cheese fries and sandwiches and burgers~ great variety of foods for when you aren't sure what you want~ highly recommend getting the ranch dressing!

Nick Fox

Nice place with great service.

Jamie C.

I've only visited once because I was craving chili cheese fries. The drive-thru was a bit long even though I was only the third car there. But they are super generous with the fries even for a small! Totally worth it! I also ordered the pastrami dip. It had a lot of meat and soft bread. Overall I would go back for the chili cheese fries.

Tom K.

The is consistent and the portions are generous. I don't mind waiting in the slow line too much as you know your food is being made fairly fresh. Vegans would not enjoy Everest and that is a good thing in my opinion. My wife likes the taquitos with rojas sauce and I usually get a chili burger or the Gyro. Good food.

Home Q.

The best of the best interior I've experienced with a cafeteria. Their desserts were perfectly awesome and admirable. A loyal customer here forever! I won't forget to recommend this cafeteria to my colleagues and relatives for sure. The most attractive place to visit. Trust me! You will never be disappointed for sure!

Melody Paulino

That fried mushroom is really good and I love their Greek Salad

Rebecca Durán

Really good! 1st time here but I'd go back. Amazing burger and fries along with a great menu to suit anyone's food desires. Outdoor seating in the shade for now. I'm glad we stopped here for a bite to eat.

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