Le Pain Quotidien

730 Americana Way, Glendale
(818) 839-5230

Recent Reviews

Imagine Dreamer

Fresh pastries and delicious healthy options!

Tina Q.

Giving 5 stars because we had a wonderful server. Her name is Lupe and she's probably the nicest and best server at Le Pain (and I mean all the Le Pains I've been to). She was pleasant and helpful from the beginning. They definitely need more people like her here. Thank you Lupe!

Erika Magicskull

I cant believe some of the other reviews Ive read. I have no negatives about this place. Staff is wonderful, each one greeted me - my server Marissa was very sweet & checked on me from time to time. I ordered the pumpkin spice latte very good once I added sugar. Also ordered the skillet eggs with bacon & added avocado. I can tell the food is fresh & organic. Will definitely come here again!

Elle M.

I don't usually write reviews but I just wanted to say that Lupe gives such incredible service. I come to Le Pain often and the service is never good but we keep coming back because of the food and location. However, Lupe is the only one that is not only super attentive, she's caring and welcoming and I just wanted to thank her for always taking care of us! Thanks Lupe!

johnson backer

Sitting on the patio with panhandler walking by and asking for a handout kinda sucks, but the white chocolate creme spread does not.

Vero rayas

Great please to eat Staff very friendly and great AWESOME customer service with Alex . Great server! Very attentive!

Saeid Riazi

Grate breakfast and coffee..good ser6

Noa E.

Le pain Quotidien is probably my favorite place to eat. I really recommend there Belgium waffles they are delicious and so is There bread. The employees are very sweet so I really recommend this place.

Ashley G.

I love this place! I usually get the turkey and avocado tartine on gluten free bread and it's delicious! So nice to find good quality gluten free dishes. The people who work there are really sweet, especially Victoria. I was so surprised that she remembered my name after I had only met her once, and now I keep trying to come in when I know she's there.

M B.

I have never received such bad customer service in my life. This establishment just lost 5 loyal customers. I came here to have breakfast with my family. An awfully rude waitress by the name of "Lupe" is the only reason we will never be coming back to this restaurant. We had ordered a bunch of food along with two orders of pancakes and asked for syrup. After waiting for 10 minutes, I approached her and asked her myself while she was by the kitchen if she can provide utensils, plates, and syrup for the two orders of pancakes. She, very rudely said "okay?" and left. After another 10 minutes passed by, I asked another waiter if he can perhaps get the syrup. By this time, the pancakes had gotten cold. He asked Lupe himself if she can get the syrup and she proceeded by dramatically huffing "UGH, ARE YOU SERIOUS????" as she stormed to the kitchen. When she came back, I confronted her that I did not appreciate her rude behavior after being so patient and nice. She publicly made an embarrassment out of herself. What surprises me even more is how this establishment hires people who have no basic training in customer service. Please train your employees on how to properly speak to customers.

Steven R.

Update 9-17-2019 Got a message from the manager and was told they will take care of the issue. So I wrote them and never heard back from them at all. The food is overpriced and prepared like crap. I am a chef and it's sad to see prices like this for what? Nice place and pleasant server. I order the croquet monsieur which this is not its a lazy version of a grilled cheese sandwich. Have and cheese inside with some melted cheese. On top. The bottom is not even toasted. Very price at $15.00 I would not come back.

Mark B.

I've always had a great experience at Le Pain at this location and others. But today around lunch time my server was not nice. When I was ready to order, he said he could not take my order because he's not sure who my server is. But he just finished taking the order from the two ladies to my left a few seconds beforehand. When I asked him 5 minutes later who my server is, he said he could take my order. So weird. What was unequal and rude is that he was so nice to the people to my left and right and was just ignoring me the entire time and just "dropping" my plates on my table. Compared to the others he was gentle with placing their plates on the table. When I asked for the check, he just dropped hard on my table the card machine and left. Usually the servers stay there in case the customer has questions. He was soo rude the entire time. I would also say thank you when he would give me my food but did not acknowledge me during the entire experience. He also did not ask me if everything was ok which the other servers did to other people in the restaurant. I gave a $0 tip which happens soo rare. Like once every few years. I am usually a great tipper because I know wages are stagnant and life is not easy in the service sector. But he was just so rude.

Steve D.

Have been to many of the Le Pain Quotidien (New York, WDC, Orange County) from circa 2009 to 2013, then took a pause. Was in Glendale, and decided to go, as my prior experiences were really good. This is not a good place, and should be avoided if you are seeking lunch or light dinner (the bakery might still be good). I'm guessing they expanded and franchised harder than riding a rented mule, because wow is the quality/price ration super poor. The tartines were not well prepared, not super fresh ingredients; the soup overly salty, even the ice tea tasted like barn juice. It was nice knowing ya, Le Pain.

Suzy B.

We absolutely had a wonderful lunch at Le Pain, our waiter Jesus was very attentive, and patient. Joe the manager was very kind, professional, hardworking always walking around greeting customers. I had the Bakers lunch, half avocado toast, quinoa taboule and gazpacho, my and my daughter had avocado toast as well but one with turkey and the other chicken. Great place, food and beautiful location Americana

Chanda D.

Okay, so I have come here about 4 times already and I love it! The food is good, light and healthy and I always get GREAT service. I just had the Baker's Breakfast with smoked salmon and it did not disappoint. I would highly recommend! Also, you just can't go wrong with the convenience of this location. It's in the Americana next to Glendale Galleria, so that means FREE parking (in the Galleria) and you're just free to wander all around and shop and eat and frolick all day long. Yes. Frolick.

Brian W.

Had the avo toast today and it was delicious! Where we're from we don't have a Le Pain Quotidien so we weren't sure what to expect! Our server Levi was kind, charming, and handsome to boot! My husband and I wished we could've taken him to go! Lol! Thank you Levi!

Patty Sifontes

Good food good staff. Marvin was great. He was very friendly and had great customer service. Thank you (:

O. Strictest

A charming choice of open-faced sandwiches and light fare, with an emphasis on organic ingredients. The fenced-off seating area on the sidewalk provides for relaxing boardwalk-like dining, but there's plenty of room indoors for those wishing to escape the midday heat. Service is friendly and attentive. Prices are reasonable for the area, with most sandwiches and salads between $10 and $15. An eclectic juice menu offers vegan concoctions of kale, celery, almond butter and chia seeds for those who feel their day isn't complete without a glass of some thick, fibrous green mixture ($5-9 a glass). Beer ($7.25) and wine available for the less adventurous.

Ignatius Sudol

Fast food. Sufficient choices. Amusement park site.

Mmaria Fely Wilson

Very helpful and generous

Courtney T.

I love this place and come often. the food is great (a bit overpriced) but the service is terrible! Super slow, non attentive, had to ask for water refills. The waitress did not check on us at all. The ancient grains breakfast bowl is my favorite it's delicious but needs more than 2 sweet potato cubes especially for the price! Please have customer service training for your staff!

Helen S.

This is the best place to stop by at the Americana. The customer service is the very best. The manager and works are so incredibly friendly! I would highly recommend Le Pain to stop by for coffee or a meal!

Suzy S.

My mom suggested this place to eat for breakfast. I initially said "no" because I remembered the awful service they had at the times i came before. Their service has NOT changed. When we came to sit we grabbed ourselves, the three jams used for bread. I did not understand why, but the waiter took those jams off of our table without our consent and took it to another table with customers. I swear to God, I do not get why whenever we come specifically to this location, they shit on us with such bad service. They don't even have that many customers and have lots of workers. Additionally, they brought us wrong orders which really pissed us off and had us arguing with not even our waiter, but our server. The food was okay. Definitely do not recommend this location due to its lack of care for the customers and precision with their service. Try harder next time!

F C.

Horrible service. We had to flag down our waitress several times; she walked by our table dozens of times, ignoring us. My salad arrived without dressing. I had to flag our waitress down to ask for some. One waiter told us that we could not receive separate checks. Another waitress offered to write us separate checks. There is no order here. When we finally received our receipts, we were charged incorrectly. All the food was sub-par. My pavlova was rock hard and barely edible. My friend's brownie was dry. Will not be returning.

Araksi B.

Absolutely in love with their food and hospitality. Their avocado toasts are to die for everything is so fresh and well made. I especially keep coming back for Alejandro and the incredible type of service he provides. Makes every client feel special the entire visit. Definitely recommend 10/10

Philip Tillery

If your business model inserts wait staff between you and a latte, then they should act like they know you exist.

Silva B.

Not only are the pancakes amazing; the outside seating is perfect! You get to enjoy the sun out and have a wonderful meal. My cousin would always talk about to mini pancakes... once I tried it I realized why she was always talking about it! Tasty bite size pancakes. My friend got avocado toast and eggs and she was amazed.

Melissa Sharee M.

Enjoyed coming here for lunch. They have a 2 for $20 lunch special which was a pretty good deal. I had the Kale, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoe & Brussel Sprout bowl with coffee and bread for the table. Not bad for 10 bucks. Bowl was a good size and everything in the bowl was seasoned really well. I wish the description would have told me that there was a spice in the bowl that gave a small dose of heat/kick. Wasn't crazy but if you have any sort of digestion or acid reflux trouble it may trigger you. Dressing was a light vinegrette & everything blended well. The cubes of goat cheese packed a punch but could easily be picked out & avoided. I loved that the coffee came out in small individual porcelain carafes. And the bread was fresh! Made in house. I passed on getting a bakery item because I wanted boba for dessert but the cookies are GInormous lol. They even having a small shopping area with spreads, jams & oils. I will definitely lunch here again. Service wasn't exceptional but it was decent. They charged .59 for a small shot of almond milk which was RIDICULOUS and the server did not even mention the up charge - one of my pet peeves whenever I dine.

Madlen Y.

I like this cafe and their food. This is the only location I have ever been but been there several times and don't remember having a bad experience ever. The food is on the healthier side, no fried food and the emphasize is on fresh and less processed ingredients. They offer complementary spreads of their own which always make you buy a few at the end of your visit. I specially like Speculoos spread which is basically cookie dough flavor and is very addictive. Their coffee also tastes good and you cannot go wrong with it. The service could be a bit slow sometimes but it is not a big deal. I also wish they offered alcoholic beverages for example mimosas for breakfast, etc.

Bridget S.

Absolutely fantastic. The building itself is beautiful and I absolutely loved the presentation of the food. The food was also delicious and fast. The staff was friendly and on top of things. Highly recommend visiting.

Tom Griffin

Good food. Service was good, however not very friendly. Probably having a bad day!

Sareen K.

This place had a great ambiance! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE AMERICANA, and having this cafe in there is like the cherry on top! I went here on a sunny afternoon with my friend and we had a great time sitting outdoors. Honestly, I felt like I was on vacation again so it just made me very happy. I ordered scrambled eggs and it was great, with avocado toast. I will just ask that next time they go slow on the pepper they add to my avocado toast. My friend ordered the pancakes and devoured them cause she loved them. I will definitely be going back here.

Nathalie D.

I've only had their chocolate croissant and they are to die for. I'll have to post a real review once I've actually eaten something other than their croissants.

Guido K.

As this location is close to where we live and we generally like the location and the menu, we have been quite a few times, despite we were unfortunate enough to have issues with the service too many times (honestly: not our fault). My wife just loves the chicken mozzarella melt so much, plus it was her birthday today = her choice. So we went again, and very very pleasantly surprised, the server could not have been nicer and courteous, we were so wowed that we congratulated him. In the conversation we learned that the management learned from the past and are getting prepared to master the expect busy summer season and exceed our expecations. If they do, we'll go twice a week, right now, we even drove to Calabasas to avoid being disappointed. The smart ass in me: on the huge chalk board it says "le petit dejuner" - there is an e missing, it's "le petit dejeuner". ---- Thanks for reading my comment. Now, if you are curious enough about my "rating scheme", here's "the moment of truth. I am a music photographer who travels the world with the worlds greatest musical talents (Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Rolling Stones or Rammstein, to name a few) for almost 40 years. When being asked "where do you live" I tended to ask "in hotels". At my peak, I "shot" 250 shows a year. Will say: been there, saw and tasted it, and a lot, as I may say and much to the dismay of my doctor who is in my back to lose a few pounds. Quite a few, as I may add, which is why my wife and I walk ten thousand steps per day, where- and whenever we can - and explore a lot of new exciting places - places you may oversee when just driving by. While I love to share my experience with others, I am sometimes shocked how people use their "power of word" to down-rate amazing places because of minor incidents (in my all time favourite restaurant Le Petit Four on Sunset Plaza the owner was even called a racist as he refused to toast the (free) bread in his packed restaurant - they simply do not offer toasted bread, as no French place does, as I may add). Or I just read "Chicken piccata so over-salted I hope the dog enjoys the leftovers tomorrow, I brought home most of the dish." Did they speak to their service? How could the restaurant learn that something was wrong when patrons even have their leftovers boxed to take home? As a dog owner, I want to take the writer and shake him or her really bad and say "you give over-salted food to your dog? Anyone with a bit of brain understands this is a horrible idea... I hope you agree. So If I had the say on this portal, I would offer just to see ratings of my friends. So I would see what the ratings were by like-minded people. Sadly, I have no say. I try not to compare apples with oranges. A place like this simply does not compare to "The Ritz". At first, I assume that a restaurant is clean, they do not greet you with a gun - and they deliver whatever they promise. I do not give stars for things that are expected. In my rating scheme, three or more stars are awarded if they actually exceeded my expectation. Four, if I am sure I will come back. To achieve five stars, I must be willing to take a detour of thirty minutes or more to go again. This time, they really really deserved the five starts. Thank you for reading this.

Kathryn C.

I'm torn about LPQ. I used to LOVE LPQ when I lived in New York and I had a really nice experience in Paris. This one was just ok. I got an almond latte (a ok, but not spectacular). My mom ordered the skillet eggs -- it's nice that it comes with avocado and sprinkling of bacon and generous portion of bread, though for $12, maybe it just barely makes it worth it rather than being generous. It was nice, and healthy, but somehow doesn't quite feel worth $12. I also got a cobb salad to go. It was packaged well. Again, love the avo. I feel torn because for $15+, I was disappointed to find some small clumps of wilted greens. Torn because at the same time, I wouldn't want food waste... Lastly, the patio seating seemed like it would be so nice, but on a Friday morning, there was quite a lot of traffic on the street which made it loud and occasionally petrol-smelling. So, I really wanted to like this experience, but it was just OK.

Alex Dahl

I like this spot for a quick brunch or even a nice lunch in the Americana. Tartine specials are a nice touch, and their mochas and waffles are super good! Staffing though seems to be an issue, as servers are a little inattentive sometimes and also somewhat standoffish. But other than that I would recommend it.

Corinne A

This place is incredible. Every single bite of food was excellent. I wish I could eat here every day.

Chelsey W.

Beth!!! Thank you for the amazing suggestion. The Zuccini Pad Thai was so yummy and the service was so quick. Will be back for another suggestion soon. Thank you!

Anna S.

I came there twice to have a tea with some pastry, asked them unreasonable quantity of times ( to make sure as Im sensitive to any animal products ) if they had anything vegan and 3 workers there said the Coconut Macaroon was 100% vegan. Today in another location I found out their coconut macaroon has egg whites. Educate your workers!!!!they dont care about customer's food restrictions and have no clue what their food is made of. Terrible place.

Jho Montealegre

Very good customer service by patty