Le Pain Quotidien

730 Americana Way, Glendale
(818) 839-5230

Recent Reviews

Lauren A.

Of all the places to dine in the Americana, my extremely picky father chose this place for the fresh bread. Of course, they sold out by the time we arrived but we carried on to have the most delicious lunch. What I love about Le Pain is the balance in all their dishes. You can indulge in rich cheeses and breads, but never feel over saturated because every dish has fresh veggies and colorful herbs to complement. Le Pain has expanded to almost every city near me and I'm always excited to try their new locations for something different. It's my family's favorite place to enjoy lunch.

Sydney Y.

Met someone for lunch here, was really lovely! I got the ham and cheese croissant, which was delicious, and I think their prices for what you get are really reasonable. Which is not something I say often about places in LA. I went on kind of a rainy day so the place was very quiet, which was nice but I've been before when it's been very crowded so I guess it just depends on the day you go. Kind of confusing that it's a cafe and also a sit-down restaurant. My friend and I waited in line to order and then they told us if we sat at a table we would be waited on. So good to know information if it's your first time going! Also, if you park in the Americana parking lot they validate for an hour.

Ayaan H.

Extremely average for the expensive price. I payed $18 and some change for avocado toast and smoked salmon, Now I didn't even realize the total would come out to that much because it is such a simple food. Now if you are paying that much you expect to eat mouth watering food with a tasteful punch on every bite but instead it was just the same old bland avocado toast anyone can make at home. Frankly i've had better tasting avocado toast at home. There was just something missing while I was here and it had me leaving extremely unsatisfied, though they had a bakery and a lot more option on the menu and maybe it would have been better to give it a shot but your boy is on a diet so I just ate the avocado toast. Lastly, The atmosphere was fantastic, located in the busy Americana you'd expect something hectic, loud, and disturbing. But once you're inside it is rather silent and peaceful and you can sit in unbothered. It is very nicely designed like a french cafe as you would anticipate with the restaurant name and the hostesses were are all very professional. Had the atmosphere been a little off it would have been easily one star but have to give it the extra star for being a nice and gorgeous inside. This is my review for now but I will be back soon to try a different order to see if the avocado toast was just a fluke. Ciao

Amy B.

Marissa E and Victoria are so amazing! I came in for my favorite breakfast the sunny side up breakfast bowl. Every single time I come here I eat it now because it's perfection. Also the customer service at this location is so so good. All the staff treat me like gold. Every single time. Le Pain is always consistent no matter where in the world we are we usually go. Now I'm so lucky to live close to more than one location. But this one at the Americana is the best. Food, service, atmosphere and of course the gorgeous patchwork flatweave massive wall hanging is always beautiful to ponder. Thanks to these two ladies I'm loving it again today. They are both adorable and so kind. Someone give these two a raise!!

Sarah O.

One of my go to places for a delicious brunch without all the guilt! Came here on a Saturday morning and was able to get a table almost right away. If the weather permits they have nice outdoor seating as well. Their omelettes are amazing and everything is organic which is a nice plus! Their ice vanilla latte is heaven! My favorite is their mushroom and goat cheese omelette. It is so fluffy and delicious. The biggest perk is that it is in the Americana so you can do some shopping before or after your meal!

Karine S.

This place is next to my home and we love to be in here almost every week. First of all food is great and it is for healthy eating people. You can't find on the menu something unhealthy. Service is good. The only thing that I don't like are sticky tables outside. It can be more clean. Morning breakfast time in here is my favorite part! Try mushroom and goat cheese omelette.

Byron P.

So we came down to Americana to see Santa Claus just before Christmas and had some time to kill beforehand, as there was an incredibly long wait. We gave them our phone numbers to get paged in "about an hour" when we could come back and we walked around looking for a place to get a quick bite. We found this restaurant so we decided to try something new. This was definitely a new experience as I had no clue what a Belgian open faced sandwich was. I ordered one that sounded tasty and was pleasantly surprised when it came out. It's basically a large sourdough type slice of bread that doesnt have another slice on top to essentially close the sandwich. Almost like a flatbread. The ingredients are on top so you can see everything. It had a delightful flavor, and so did my wife's. We got two different sandwiches to try them both. (Sorry, I forgot the names and the Yelp app is glitching so I can't go back and look at the menu) Even the kids enjoyed it. I would definitely return, although not for Santa because we didn't get a page until we were already at home, 5 hours later. Lmao

Ericka R.

I had a wonderful experience with service from Marissa E. on Monday morning. She had a wonderful attitude, was patient and provided incredible service. LePain is my favorite restaurant to come to by far but Marissa's excellent service made it all the better!

Josue Bolaños

Love this place, the deserts are delicious and no so expensive a lot... the staff are nice

Travel WtMaya

Great coffee, sweet team and of course lots of temptation (Great food and pastry )

Megan M.

I just had lunch here for the first time this past week with a couple of my friends and our babies. The inside had cute ambiance and the girls at the counter were very friendly. We decided to eat outside on their patio area which was kept surprisingly very clean. Our waitress Marissa was so great. She was very friendly and very attentive to our needs during our visit. The reason I can't bring myself to give this place five stars is due to their price for serving size and taste. I paid $17.00 for the Bakers Lunch with the chicken soup upgrade. This includes a cup of soup, two small pieces of avocado toast, and a small quinoa salad. The food may be organic or special in some other way, but not a single thing in this lunch was full sized or had any real flavor. The soup was fine, nothing to write home about. I got the upgrade so I could share the small pieces of meat and soft vegetables with my son for his lunch. The avocado toast was two small slices of very thin bread with plain avocado spread on it. I had to add a dash of Salt and pepper to give it some flavor. Anhe quinoa salad wasn't too bad, it had a very small amount of some sauce on it that didn't have much flavor and there wasn't enough of it to coat the whole salad. I squirted the lemon slice on it and that tasted pretty good. You would just hope that for $17.00 you'd get at least one full portioned item or a real/thicker slice of bread for the avocado toast. Because our waitress Marissa and the other staff were so great, I am interested in going back another day and trying something different. Maybe there's another dish there that is worth the price for the the portion.

Viresh Talikot

It has few vegan options but they taste very good. I normally don't get to eat on any of the restaurants as am vegan, but I was happy to find delicious vegan options to eat.

Eytan R.

The rise is very beautiful. The waiters are kind. the food is delicious. We lacked white cheese to apply to the bread as a process for the jams or chocolate spread.

Michelle R.

I love visiting this cafe right before heading to work, which is literally right around the corner. The atmosphere reminds me of a French cafe, it it brings a sense of coziness and style at the same time. The ambiance is perfect for my taste. It's family friendly and a perfect spot for socializing with friends. Everyone there are always welcoming and happy to see. But my favorite person to see is Alex!! Each time I visit he welcomes me with a happy smile and a positive attitude. The first time I visited he recommend me the breakfast bowl to try and I'm so happy that I did because it has become one my favorite choices to choose from when I'm hungry. I hope to continue coming back just to get the best customer service from him! You definitely have to ask for him because he will take really good care of you. Among the many delicious foods that they have on their menu, my favorite meals are their breakfast selections, from having their chocolate croissant to their strawberry waffles.

Matt Rhodes

Love their Hot Honey Lemon Ginger Tea and Smoked Salmon Salad.

Anh Vu

I come here very often. Love their drinks. But i just noticed today that they automatically put a tip amount on top of my bill. So maybe you guys should watch out when you pay since most people just sign without looking at the amount. The tip was $2 but for a $3 pastry that i took 2 minutes to order to go, 66% tip is ridiculous.

Tina W.

Stopped in for brunch. Not bad but not that good of a boulangerie either...clean, friendly staff with palatable looking baked goods, reasonably priced for an Americana establishment. We had mimosa and latte followed by avocado toast and quiche Lorraine...minimalistic presentation, may not return.

reyna eccleston

My daughter lives in Glendale our shopping day always begins with breakfast here ☀️ But after we have ?Alex with his amazing personality helping us our day was talking about how great was our experience and we always here , way we never had him before?? I live in Orange C. If I live in Glendale you see me here everyday. just because Alex ? You have to eat here , is great food and experience what costumer service is about. THANKS ALEX ?

Lorenze Godoy

Very good food and service

Nately S.

Alex is amazing!! His service was so attentive and felt genuine. I will be coming back for great coffee (fantastic vegan options) and for Alex!!!

Sandra G

Good to be able to have some healthier options as well as some nice cakes! Cappuccino was decent. Had normal coffee also but was the usual weak stuff. Coming from Europe we like espressos :-) cannot get used to American coffee. But nice and quiet place to sit down and chill. Pleasant staff.

Andrea M.

The food was great, but what made our visit today even better was our server, Lupe. She was so accommodating, pleasant and hard working. I'd come back, and hope to be served by Lupe each time!

K T.

18% is the new 15% tip. And they set the handheld POS to 20% as default. The food is ok. Organic or not, taste the same when everything is too salty. The waitress who brought my salad put it to the next table first, then realized that she went to the wrong table. She turn and put down the bowl in a kind abrupt and rude way. Then she walked away. It was a minor thing. But definitely not the kind of service worths a 18% tip. Other staff were friendly and nice. I would recommend this place.


Good place for late breakfast/lunch. Staff were friendly and attentive. Good variety of fresh choices available.

sparkling t.

It's so refreshing to find fresh, organic foods for all diets at a place like the Americana. We've been coming here for at least 7 years, but never as often as after Alex started working here. He is kind, attentive and has a way of relating with unparalleled warmth. If you want to boost your dining experience and feel like family, sit at his section on enjoy the magic - you will surely be hooked! ^.^

Patille L.

I really enjoyed this place. The environment is very nice and inside is very pretty. We sat inside but this location also has an outdoor cute seating area. There food is amazing I love salmon so I ordered the smoked salmon avocado toast it was amazing. We also ordered the mozzarella melt which was delicious and a lemon grass salad. We didn't order any dessert but next tine I go I for sure will. Everything tasted amazing and I will for sure be back. This place is worth a try!


Had a fantastic extended breakfast/extended brunch here. Had the croissant with ham and cheese and added an egg, very tasty indeed. Fabulous lattes and followed up with their comfort bowl which was also delicious (although left the apple puree as was a bit too sweet for my taste). Very friendly staff and great service, would be my stop pre shopping at Glendale Galleria again, 10/10.

Lilu S

Belgium waffles were excellent.

Rachel H.

We were so relieved to find Le Pain open on Thanksgiving day for lunch before a movie. The food was all delicious and Marissa our server was lovely. She made my 6 and 9 year old feel very welcome for which I was grateful.

Doreen L.

This is the best Le Pain in terms of service. Obviously the food is great but this location is the best. We were served by Marisa and she was so sweet and attentive.

krys s.

I was reluctant to give LPQ a try after my previous experience with the manager years ago. But we had a gift certificate and figured might as well use it. The service provided by Alex was amazing! Alex was super busy being the only one tending to the tables/guests. But was very friendly and professional. Alex made our experience with LPQ awesome! I definitely will visit again and hope Alex will be there. Someone - give Alex a raise! Food was great! We had cookies to but OMG - soo good! We forgot to take a pic.

Jeff J.

Get an Americano at the Americana at LPQ!:) Great restaurant! The coffee and food is organic. Joseph, Shervin and Marisa do a great job!

Erika Mariscal

I cant believe some of the other reviews Ive read. I have no negatives about this place. Staff is wonderful, each one greeted me - my server Marissa was very sweet & checked on me from time to time. I ordered the pumpkin spice latte very good once I added sugar. Also ordered the skillet eggs with bacon & added avocado. I can tell the food is fresh & organic. Will definitely come here again!

Imagine Dreamer

Fresh pastries and delicious healthy options!

Tina Q.

Giving 5 stars because we had a wonderful server. Her name is Lupe and she's probably the nicest and best server at Le Pain (and I mean all the Le Pains I've been to). She was pleasant and helpful from the beginning. They definitely need more people like her here. Thank you Lupe!

Erika Magicskull

I cant believe some of the other reviews Ive read. I have no negatives about this place. Staff is wonderful, each one greeted me - my server Marissa was very sweet & checked on me from time to time. I ordered the pumpkin spice latte very good once I added sugar. Also ordered the skillet eggs with bacon & added avocado. I can tell the food is fresh & organic. Will definitely come here again!

Elle M.

I don't usually write reviews but I just wanted to say that Lupe gives such incredible service. I come to Le Pain often and the service is never good but we keep coming back because of the food and location. However, Lupe is the only one that is not only super attentive, she's caring and welcoming and I just wanted to thank her for always taking care of us! Thanks Lupe!

johnson backer

Sitting on the patio with panhandler walking by and asking for a handout kinda sucks, but the white chocolate creme spread does not.

Vero rayas

Great please to eat Staff very friendly and great AWESOME customer service with Alex . Great server! Very attentive!

Saeid Riazi

Grate breakfast and coffee..good ser6