Ombra Wine Bar

468 Caruso Ave, Glendale

Recent Reviews

Jim Courtney

Being here for the first time and really enjoyed it.The place itself is very amazing.Just had relaxing great time sitting outdoors and enjoying some wine with excellent appetizers.The Lasagna and truffled mac and cheese were awesome.The service was also great.

Elvira D.

I love this (relatively) new addition to the Americana! My review is long overdue but this is a go-to for delicious food and ornate cocktails. It's a beautiful extension to the Italian restaurant and a perfect spot for a date or going out with friends or family. They only have outdoors seating with an open bar but they provide heaters during the cold season. TOMATO SOUP (5/5): I love me some quality tomato soup, and this was one of them. Rich, hearty and difficult not to lick the plate clean. TRUFFLE MAC AND CHEESE (5/5): Also delicious. Rich in flavor with breaded crumbs in each bite. Nicely paired with a glass of wine and the tomato soup. PARKING Available in the Americana private lot.

Reynalda C.

My friend and I decided to check this place out and have a glass of wine after dinner. When we arrived the waiter stated it was self seating so we proceded to sit. He came to us took our small, simple order (ordered 2 glasses of wine) and we never got our wine! But we noticed that two parties AFTER us were served and even had their cocktails made in a timely manner and our two glasses of wine never made it to the table! So we decided to get up and leave!

L S.

I was here for drinks on 8/31 around 6:15pm. I asked the same waiter for water twice. He acknowledged both times but the water never came. I also ordered an appetizer but that never came either. After 25+ minutes of that waiter not coming to check on our table, I left cash and we left. Terrible service.

Aida D.

We really like coming to Ombra for drinks and their cheese plate in the evenings. However, I didn't rate them at 5 stars because we tried coming for lunch and the food was very mediocre and kind of tasted like it was frozen and warmed up.

Rachel D.

Hidden gem right in the center of Americana at the Brand. Once you're there, it's so charming you totally forget that you're in the middle of a shopping center. Came an hour before closing on a Saturday night and there was no wait. Definitely give their gin and tonic a try. It's super customizable and also aesthetically pleasing. You pick your gin, a tonic, and up to 3 toppings (fruits, edible flowers, herbs, etc.) There were 4 of us and our drinks all tasted different based on our preferences. Don't worry if you're unsure what you like because their menu is pretty descriptive! If all fails, close your eyes and pick one. Charcuterie board was good for snacking and fun for us to try on our double date. Good portions.

Tracy T.

Great place to enjoy the day by sitting outdoors and having a glass of wine! Great service!

Sally S.

Service was ridiculously slow, salad came with hot food, caesar salad was bland, linguine was bland and they did not accept Caruso gift card. Good ambiance but if service and food is mediocre, why bother when there are other places here?

Cari L.

Our party decided to have a late night snack and wanted to enjoy the night; however, our experience was dissatisfying due to our waiter (Manny?) not being attentive to our party's needs. The drinks and food were great and highly recommended but the service was less than subpar which is really unfortunate.

Irene B.

Elisa - YOU WERE AMAZING! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful experience! Seriously, this place is such a gem in Americana. Highly highly recommend! The Eggplant dish is to die for and the custom made gin and tonics really spruce it up. Bomb!!!

Natalie O.

Worst martini ever. $17 for grey goose flavored water. The only good thing was the olives. Lesson learned, there are other places in the mall to get a pre movie cocktail.

Dagan Potter

Great place for a little break!

Christina K.

So nice and relaxing. I went to get a drink got the Purple Haze! It was really good and they have many choices of different drinks you can choice from. Can't wait to come back to try them.

Pren H.

Drinks are just OK! The food is super simple! actually, their food is so unseasoned! Been there twice and ended up disappointed! I believe trattoria amici is so much better!

Sean K.

excellent drinks and ambiance in this outdoor bar. the drinks are well-made here. the purple haze is a killer!

Britta G.

My sister and I go to the Americana basically every Friday. We like to do our returns there and get some pie at The Pie Hole. We had a long week and decided to treat ourselves to some wine at Ombra since we'd always wanted to try it. It's smack dab in the middle of the mall but somehow still peaceful and chill. I love the ambiance. The service was also very quick. We were brought menus right away and our order was taken shortly after. I love that they have a carafe option. It equals almost three glasses of wine so that's a steal when you split it with someone else. I'm only taking off a star because I wish they had more vegetarian options or just small bite options in general. We got the burrata flatbread w/o prosciutto. It was made of flaky dough topped with burrata, cherry tomatoes, and arugula. Yum! I will definitely be back!

Jire B.

Won't be back......stopped by looking to grab a few drinks. Sadly the incompetence of the hostess and bartender turned us off. Sloppy, low brow and inept. Moved on and took our business elsewhere after being rudely asked to switch tables after which a larger party who had been "waiting 20 minutes" for a high table jumped on the table. We were told it's open seating and sat at an open table. Without explanation asked to move and had menus tossed on another table. Bartender- rude, hostess-clueless and perhaps inadvertently, still rude. Perhaps a minor language barrier (not our issue) made the situation worse. As I said....we won't be back.

Shaeda M.

We were shopping and walking, saw these cheese boards others were having and had to stop in to try. Francis served us with an awesome smile. The dark rum mojitos were so good, we had to get more. I loved the large ice cubes they use. My drink did not get watered down like at other places. So the cheese boards were as fabulous as they looked. We ended up ordering a bread basket since we needed more crostini's, they were fresh and warm. The olives are marinated perfectly. The flatbread was soooooo amazing. It's made on flaky puff pastry topped with shaved Parma prosciutto. We enjoyed this so much we had to try the buffalo mozzarella and eggplant appetizer. OMG! Loved it. So impressed with the food and drinks that I can't wait to go back. Unfortunately it's a bit far for me but will definitely be back soon.

Prairie S.

This is a very seductive outdoor cocktail bar set alongside the lawn and fountain of the self-consciously designed town square in suburbia called Americana. The artificial, bourgeois environment is a post-modern commercial development that is nothing akin to the organic, historic town squares of Europe and that's evident in the utter exclusion of regular people; it's Los Angeles, and yet there is not a single homeless person to be seen in this park. But go ahead, suspend reality and savor excellent drinks and cocktails at this jolly bar to the accompaniment of bubbles being blown by bougie children and the fabulous soundtrack of piped in music that is coordinated with the water fountain. The clever bar tenders explain the curated wine selection and have an expert hand at craft cocktails with clever ingredients. I was extremely impressed by the genteel quality of the wine-ing experience, and the fantastic flatbread, that tasted of fresh and clean ingredients. It's a lovely place to enjoy a late afternoon sun, and feel the elements (such as they are in the middle of artifice and corporate chains) while sipping an alcoholic beverage. Their food is great! While I didn't taste one of their drinks with flowers in it, its clear that a great deal of thought has been put into creating drinks that are aesthetically pleasing in addition to tasting wonderful. I sense this is the kind of bar that will delight many women, who are more sensitive to those kinds of special touches.

M A.

After shopping at Americana, my wife's and I decided to stop for a glass of wine at the outside wine bar. The server Juan made great suggestions on the wine and we decided to stay for food. Overall it is a great place to sit and relax before, during or after a visit to the area.

Shirley R.

This is one of my favorite places to start a date DAY with my partner. Yes, we go one whole date days. We start our day with a brunch drink here and sometimes some food at Ombra. They make really really delicious drinks and you get to sit outside on a beautiful day to people watch, but most importantly DOG WATCH. People are always bringing their cute dogs to the Americana and Ombra is the perfect place to see them all. We almost always build our own gin drinks. They're really big and a good way to start the day in the right foot. The staff can help you make a good drink, but I suggest you have some fun! We haven't had too much of the food because we fell in love with the lasagna. (It's he lasagna from Amici and it's amazing) One serving is enough to feed the two of us. The only downfall is the staff are sometimes a little ... I don't know, not uncaring, but they almost always seem distracted and not focused on the clients. Maybe it's because we look young. Who knows. However, if you get one of the good guys it can be really nice and very attentive. Overall it doesn't deter us from going. 9/10 would recommend.

Kristin L.

It does not get much better than this place (and I'm not just saying that). This place is top notch...from the outstanding the quality of the the drink selections...and to top it off, an amazing ambience. I wish I lived closer; I'd be at this place often!

Reyna Mathai

One of my favorite places for a drink. The custom gin cocktails are gorgeous and the cheese boards are lovely. A great spot for a drink outside.

Courtney W.

AMAZING cocktails!!! I has the gin and tonic. I did the gin from California, with the pink tonic and a cinnamon stick, lemon wedge, and CANDIED GINGER. it literally tasted like a work of art!. My fiance got a templeton rye, black Manhattan which was heavenly! Delicious way to end a day of shopping, only regret is not getting another round! We will be back!!

Sanaz A.

This is a cute little spot in the middle of The Americana. My girlfriend & I went to dinner & then decided to get a glass of wine after. We were seated fairly quickly & had no issues ordering. This location is outdoor only, so do bring your jacket if you get chilly at night. We ordered a glass of wine & cheese plate. One star taken off because the wine & cheese plate were a bit pricey in my opinion. But overall, good location to grab a glass of wine after dinner or shopping.

Wayne G.

I feel Ombra is a nice addition to the Americana. Established as one of the patio seating areas of the Americana, Ombra has a nice vibe but only when the weather is nice outdoors of course. During my second visit our group needed a place to hang out for drinks that allowed pets. Ombra welcomed our group with no wait and no problems. One thing that makes Ombra stand out compared to other "bars" is their extensive selection of Gin & Tonic. I personally is not a fan of Gin and & Tonic but still had to try. There is an entire page dedicated to the combo as you can construct your own mix to your liking. What I found out that night was not only can you make a Gin & Tonic, you can adjust the drink a bit can change it to Vodka. (which is more friendlier to the palate) I feel that Ombra is a nice place to meet people or come in for a quick one. Parking: paid lots throughout Glendale VERDICT: Rinse and repeat

Tina G.

Super cute use of space! The drinks was sooo good! All handcrafted, you can even create your own gin and tonic! We didn't have any of the food but I'm excited to come back and try a couple of things on the menu! I ordered the cucumber jalapeño margarita and it was so good, a definite must try!

Jane M.

What truly terrible service! Refused to serve my elderly father a coffee and told him he could only have a drink if it was a cocktail/wine/gin as they were too busy. Despite the group next to us sitting drinking coffee... Come on get your act together! Disgusting!!!

Thanh P.

The cutest bar ever! It's located in the outdoors part of the Americana by the water fountain/Barnes & Noble. When all the lights are lit at night, the bar has a romantic/cutesy feel to it. It's a small outside bar with a few tables so don't expect to be seated right away if they're busy. The team members here are all soo helpful and nice! From my experience, their recommendations are spot on esp when you're specific with what you want. Purple Haze - ($13) this was a blackberry cocktail made from Stoli Blakberi vodka, blackberries, and mint. It was surprisingly really good! It had a hint of sweetness and zing from the mint. Gin & Tonic - ($14-$21) they have so many options for gin & tonic here! The price varies based on your choice of gin. What I think is really unique is they let you choose 3 garnishes. This is a great way to add additional flavors to your drink and it's also beautiful to look at! I'm not a big gin & tonic fan so it tasted okay to me. But my friends loved it! Bread Basket - ($3.50) I didn't really have much expectation for this because it's just bread haha. They give you a good amount of bread and you're giving two bottles of vinaigrette and oil so you can make your own dip. It was a great snack as we sipped on our drinks and enjoyed the scenery Definitely stop by for some down time or if you just need to let your feet rest after all the shopping! Drinks are great and so are the people - what more can you ask for?

Diego G.

Excellent service, perfect location. If your looking to relax and shop, you need to come here... The gentleman that helped me was Francis and he made sure our old fashioned cocktails were nothing but perfection and it's so cute to just stop put you bags down from shopping have a drink and then shop more!!

Stephanie S.

The Americana is one of my favorite places to go. This bar is one of the reasons. No matter where you turn, the view is gorgeous. The quality is top notch, and the service is wonderful. The bartenders give excellent suggestions if you're unsure of what to get, and they do a great job of customizing your experience. I could truly sit here all day. It's elegant, fun, light, and relaxing. :)

Nancy S.

Short Review: Outdoor wine bar in the middle of the Americana outdoor mall (just on front of Barnes & Noble). Great, varied cocktail and wine menu. Awesome food. Phenomenal service. I can't ask for more. Long Review: As wine bars go, this isn't the one you come to for any formal wine knowledge or classes or things like that. This is an outdoor wine bar in the middle of the Americana and is a great place for people watching and casual conversation with strangers. I've been here many times and the food and drinks are consistently good. Better yet, the wait staff is so friendly and accommodating. If you are in the area, I recommend a pop by. Oh, and get the burrata flatbread, deviled eggs, or cheese plate!

Linda B.

Stopped here for drinks to kill some time. My friend and I walked in and were immediately greeted. We chose where to sit and given some time to look over their menu. Our server was very friendly and checked on us often. Our drinks came at a reasonable time and they were quite refreshing! I would totally come back some other time to try their other drinks and sample some of their dishes.

Arpineh K.

Such a cute place! I had a glass of rose that was perfect and grabbed some deviled eggs and prosciutto flatbread to munch on and I absolutely loved both. This is a perfect date place and is surrounded by plenty of good shopping. Great atmosphere and great food/drinks so I highly recommend it!

Sandra K

Good atmosphere

Nari C.

LOVE this place! This outdoor bar is associated with the Italian restaurant (Trattoria Amici) in Americana. I've been coming regularly to Americana since its conception, and this is probably one of my favorite installments. Highly recommend their drinks. It's incredibly well-crafted (and I've had my share of cocktails.) RECOMMEND: 1) Thyme Pisco Sour 2) Burrata Prosciutto Flatbread

Emily L.

Finally had the opportunity to try this beautiful outdoor wine bar. Located in the Americana, ombra sits in the main patio area overlooking the gorgeous fountain and shops. There are only a handful of tables, but when we arrived on a Saturday afternoon, there were still a few open tables. I ordered off the cocktail menu, and selected a peachy love with Tito's; it was a lovely peach ice tea inspired drink. They also have a make your own gin and tonic menu which is truly unique. You get to pick the type of gin, tonic sweetener, and 3 additional add ons like orange peels or blueberries. We also ordered a few of the items, but they were okay. I had a Caesar salad, but the dressing was light and the portions were small for $12; while my friend ordered a mozzarella sandwich, taste was good, but also pricey. Nonetheless, our sever was funny and accommodating.

Shelley Boothby

Asked for water 2x never got it. Considering we spent over $70 I think that's ridiculous. Not the first time the service was lacking.

Richard J.

I have been coming here since the beginning, almost two years ago. I lost faith in the service and bar performance a while back but gave it a second chance. Boy am I thankful I did that! We decided to sit at the bar and after our experience that's certified the best place to be. Our bartender, Carlos blew us away. Not only was he knowledgeable, courteous, and extremely fun to interact with; he also makes the most amazing custom drinks. Drink after drink, he continues to mesmerize us with his skill and creativity. The owners of this establishment need to take a minute and try some of his custom seasonal drinks. His off menu recommendations are the cherry on top of what's already available on this wonderful menu. If Carlos is there, I'm there.

Juan F.

My GF and I grabbed a drink here after she got tired of shopping and I got tired of waiting. I guess they specialize in Gin and Tonic but I didn't get that. I got their Japanese Whisky cocktail - I forgot the name - and my GF got their Purple Haze. Their cocktails are REALLY good. We also shared a charcuterie board which was average. I would stick with their drinks. Pretty good.