Ombra Wine Bar

468 Caruso Ave, Glendale

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molly p.

Their gin and tonics make me almost not mind the mall. Great gin selection (Astral Pacific from LA, St George Terroir from the Bay Area, Plymouth, etc), properly mixed and served. Lost a star cause sometimes it takes forever to get your drink. But all things considered (read: in a mall, with mall patrons, mall parking, and overall mall-iness), this place is pretty great. I never go to the movie theater without stopping here first.

Annie A.

Went for a quick lunch with a friend on a Friday. Got seated immediately. Our server was super sweet and nice. Based on the pictures I knew I wanted the Basil Gimlet but when I told her exactly what I wanted she also recommended that drink. We both got the same drink and it was delicious. I ordered the quinoa salad and my friend got the same thing with shrimp. We both loved our drinks and the food. The salad was so fresh, light and healthy. I will definitely return and highly recommend this place.

Tiffany D.

Located just across the trolley tracks from Barnes & Noble is this sweet spot perfect for drinks & photos w/ the girls. Stopped by after some shopping with GF's we seated ourselves & were served by Mariana. She was very helpful and knowledgeable on the menu items so thank you ! This outdoor boutique bar is a very chic spot,you forget you're outside on a sidewalk. Gfs and I each ordered the Create your own Gin bev. I got the Amass California Gin which is in the sweeter side I added the sweet tonic & garnishes of my choice you can choose up to 3. Gin cocktails are served in a large glass for your enjoyment. Mine hit the spot. They also have fun cocktails. I also had a French 75 per recommendation of another server he was very helpful I enjoyed it. They also have light bites I had the Broncoccini which is eggplant heirloom tomato & burratta w/crocantinni I'm a fan. Great stop pre or post shop or just a good hangout spot.

Adelita A.

Atmosphere is very nice and is what weighs the most in my review. Peter Paul Cabernet was sweet and almost worth $20 for the glass. The $17.95 piece of lasagna was hot, tasted like it had tomatoes and the texture and overall taste blended together but I couldn't identify the ingredients exactly (herbs and content) & had extra unnecessary cooking oil on top. I really enjoy eating it but I also felt like I could have gotten this at Olive Garden for $12.99. Make sure you don't bring your Sprinkles cupcakes to eat - was told by waitress they do not allow anyone to bring other desserts to eat there. You have to buy theirs. Bummer. It was just a cupcake and could have been eaten pretty quickly. Best to just not say anything.

Ilaria T.

Stopped by for a nice cocktail to end the night with friends. Service was very friendly. Atmosphere was welcoming. We'll come back

Tina Kennedy

I've attempted to eat here many times but the wait was always way too long. Today we got lucky, we got seated right away! We loved the decor, service was excellent and food was perfect. We had the "Green Eyed Lady" drink, yummy! Highly recommend especially for dates! ; )

Jani T.

Enjoyed a wonderful evening with family last night eating and drinking and enjoying Christmas season at this place! Food is good, drink was fine! Nice weather but having heaters really was good. I had the charcuterie board which was great variety of food. My husband had the Burrata flatbread. I tried and wasn't a big fan. The eggplant parmigiana was looking good and my sister loved it. I had the Purple Haze and had to get seconds! I love their location and the outdoor setting. It's in the heart of Americana, a very popular outdoor shopping mall with restaurants and movie theaters. There's a parking structure on site and they validate! Will be back for sure!

Elizabeth Y.

I was a bit disappointed in the wine collection. Next time I would try their flower cocktails. The place is overpriced, but you do have a a gorgeous view and outdoor seating. I thought the food was ok. Portions are large. We ordered pagnottello Alla Bistecca $18 and an egg noodle pasta dish. Pagnottello is their rolled pizza dough sandwich. It's pretty filling and you can share with two people easily. We were pretty full.

Jarrod M.

Mid-November review. Small patio with a super great view of the Christmas tree. I bet a December night time seat is both cold and beautiful. The outdoor only seating seems to be a good draw for this location...and one of the most commented on in reviews. Small place with limited seating. I bought a bottle of Shira to share with friends. It was decently priced and region appropriate for the wine. Check the price point to see if it is within your budget and give it a shot if you are into people watching or watching the courtyard. One thing I was not a fan of was one of the staff members shooting champagne corks into the tree. I get the need to pass the time and livin things up...maybe do it in a way that the customers are not witnessing it.

Jade M.

We were looking for a quick place to have a drink after lunch down the street and this place popped up on yelp. The weather was nice and they had an outdoor patio. We made our way and had a seat, ordered a bottle of wine and enjoyed company for the afternoon. The service was great and we had a kiddo with us and it was fine. I loved the atmosphere and hope to find more places like this in my general area. Cheers!

Alice W.

I'm glad this place exists at Americana. An outdoor, patio heated mini bar for those tired shoppers... yes please. They have it all, so stop by for a drink! We had 5 drinks w friends while experiencing the fake, bubbly snow and it was magical. A little on the expensive side, sure, but still a lovely environment and ambiance to rest, catch up, wait for your significant other while he or she shops, etc.

Cody R.

Ben & Oda are amazing bartenders & make Ombra the gem that it is. Tons of people come in and out, and they are always on their game. A lot of the clientele come back specifically to see them and enjoy the atmosphere.

Andreti B.

No service here at all. After half an hour we had to let a waiter know that we were there. Prior to that the short bearded waiter hit my leg and passed by n looked at me without apologizing. That waiter need to be sent back to his village to collect goat shit instead of waiting at the Americana restaurant.

Bren C.

Overpriced and the food isn't good at all. Usually it's packed so you may not get a seat (perhaps it's a good thing.) I ordered the prosciutto flatbread and a cheese platter. It was overwhelmed with kale and this sticky cheese that'll make your stomach wrench. You get about 5 cubes of cheese for the price of an arm and a leg. Staff didn't ask if we were doing ok once, threw the check at us waiting for us to leave. If you want overpriced food and douchebag staff then this is the perfect place for you!

Rob N.

Great for al fresco dining and Spanish style Gin Tonics!

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