Reborn Coffee - La Crescenta

3747 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(747) 255-7190

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Jamie Bionic

This was my first time going to Reborn. I got an English breakfast tea with honey and oat milk. They called it a London Fog. It was excellent. I also got a pain au chocolate but unheated because I was traveling that day. I let it get warm over a few hours before eating. Look at the layers of crust on that!The staff were very kind as well as the other customers I met. I'll definitely be back!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Yolanda Gonzales

Good coffee and nice place!

Karen Brooks

Why go to the large MegaCoffee when there's a local coffee shop literally a block away? The menu is pretty much just espresso-based drinks and tea-- you won't find your mocha-frappa-venti-ccino-extra-syrup coffee flavored milkshakes here. But if your thing in the morning is a strong, expertly prepared coffee and maybe a pastry, skip the line and head over to Reborn.

Sofia G.

I love Reborn Coffee! Great spot to meet up with people (interviews, work meetings, etc.) or to just chill and study, etc. Their coffee is amazing and I've tried some of their vegan donuts which are also delicious! Overall great vibes and cool baristas. Always a good time.

Mason Scisco

A coffee and pastry oasis in what is otherwise a coffee desert. Friendly baristas.

Cyndee Z.

Coffee was delightful. Service was not. Everyone working didn't look happy but not even attending of guests. No one was greeting nor helping guests out as they looked confused for lids, etc. Coffee has turned into such a great business that sells itself but with so many competitors, I truly see service as a top priority. I asked what their house blend was and all she said was Mexico. Well what roast is it? What are the flavor notes? She didn't bother to tell me where my beverage will come out nor a thank you. I paid and she turned around to get something from the oven. It was a very awkward walk away. Overall, this place looked like an overcrowded office space with employees doing a job.

Carolyn B.

I used to be a Starbucks customer for a very long time, but since I started going to Reborn coffee, I will not be visiting Starbucks anymore. The staff (every one) are AMAZING. Very friendly, courteous, FAST, always greet the customers with smile. I have witnessed, unfortunately, some customers are unpolite, demanding and want their drink in few seconds done . It doesn't work that way... PATIENCE... respect the Baristas please. Treat them the way you want to be treated. Ambience is very calming and wonderful.

Mari L.

I don't usually make reviews but wow after my experience here I really needed to! The sense of urgency at this place is nonexistent so do not come here, Unless you have 20 minutes to wait for 1 cup of coffee.

Getting A.

Known Reborn for a long time now. Over 5 years. Have seen them grow and endure. In the Foothills is my favorite coffeeshop. The food is good. Service is phenomenal and the ambiance is great.

Fiona G.

Reborn coffee is so refreshing all the coffees they have are 10x better than Starbucks. It's also a much more healthier options they have. They have breakfast options as well and they all taste amazing! Service is super quick app the workers always greet the customers and are super kind.

Monique Moreno

This has become one of my new favorite spots. I love the atmosphere they are always so welcoming. The vegan food is delicious and the drinks are always great. I highly recommend this place. It is a great place to just read a book or hang out with friends. I will be coming here once a week for my drink. Can't wait to see you every week on Sunday.Vegetarian options: The Blueberry coffee cake is delicious. Highly recommend

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Maleerat P.

This place is a specialty coffee shop. It is nice & clean. Mall facility with about 7 tables and a big counter (high table). Good for working or meeting friends! Coffee is good!..from drip, pour over and espresso and cold brew! And there are beans from Guatemala, Columbia and houseblend...decaf is also available. There are milk alternatives! If you are not a coffee fan, there are teas available like matcha latte, chai latte, strawberry matcha and peach, guava or earl grey ice tea.

Erik Barbosa

Just like their food truck. This place food and service is hands down just wonderful never disappoints always a pleasure and privilege to eat there.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Hayley Z.

Really delicious espresso and pastries! The staff are super friendly and they have their own parking lot. It's more of a quiet cafe with people working on their laptops.

Elliot Hartley

This place is a much needed single origin coffee haven up in this area. Great beans, great pastries,'s pricey, but hey it's fancy coffee.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 5

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