Reborn Coffee - La Crescenta

3747 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(747) 255-7190

Recent Reviews

Renita Ambrose

Coffee is delicious! Carmel sweet cream latte was so good

Cynthia O.

I found my new favorite local place for my iced lattes. Great, friendly service and delicious coffee. My current favorite drink is iced latte with oat milk and their house cinnamon syrup. Do yourself a favor and drive a little bit past the Starbucks down the hill and make a stop here instead. So good!!

Selma H.

Love the location and the ambiance. It is quitter than most coffee shops and the coffee is better than Starbucks. Their coffee is real and not powder base like Starbucks. Visit this place and try the coffee. The staff is wonderful.

Heather Parker

I had the rose latte this time...and let me just say, it was delightful. This was my 2nd trip to Reborn Coffee and it did not disappoint. The Baristas are kind, friendly and engaging too! Good vibes all around.

Marco V.

Coffee was meh , 6 bucks for a iced coffee that tastes average. the location is beautiful surrounded by mountains and perfect for laptop work . but the coffee wasn't it .... Imma stick with my nespresso for now .

Lisa K.

Dropped my dog off to get groomed and this coffee shop was close by. So glad I stopped in this morning. The two young gentleman behind the counter were so much fun to talk with. They gave the atmosphere five stars! I got the danish twist which has hazelnut in it which was heavenly. And the lavender was perfect; it make my taste buds smile. Definitely were stopping in for!

Hector O.

Always seeing this coffee spot when I drive decided to give it a try. The staff was very friendly and welcoming especially on a busy Sunday. They know there coffee and especially know how to make them. Coffee itself is really great and full of flavor. Cold brew latte was on the mark for me. Give this place a try!

becca s.

The pluses: Nice airy place to work on the computer. Plenty of parking. The negatives: The cappuccino I ordered was atrocious. Undrinkable. The coffee beans they use are probably fine, but the person making the coffee was terrible, and should not making high end coffee drinks.

Andy M.

Great little coffee spot in La Crescenta. We stopped by for a quick coffee after a drive on Angeles Crest Forest and could help but notice that the place sells fantastic coffee beans. We got a cold brew (Guatemala) and Vanilla Latte and a bag of Guatemala beans for espresso. We also got Ham Croissant and Tomato danish. Cold brew was excellent with clean finish, you could tell beans were roasted fresh from the scent. Croissant and Danish were good but nothing outstanding. Tips: Place has a small indoor and outdoor seating. Parking lot is small, but spaces were available.

Bill Bergnaum

Stayed in the area for a couple of days and this was our favorite place to go for coffee. Wonderful lattes and desserts were fantastic. I had their Sriracha bagel - very tasty. My partner enjoyed the avocado bagel. Even on Misty Monday morning, at 10 - 15 person lines out the door. Luckily these guys are great, friendly and fast. I highly recommend this place! Wish they had one near my home on the east coast.

Amy W.

First time visiting and the cold brew was pretty good. However I just wanted a splash of almond milk and they charged me $1 for it. I even tipped $1 so my cold brew with a splash of almond milk came out to $7. A bit ridiculous if you ask me. If you're charging $1 for almond milk sub in a latte which requires A LOT more than a SPLASH in a cold brew, why do you charge the same? Should be less or just free. Anyways I live in the area and will not be returning because that is just too ridiculous.

Pascal Z.

This is a lovely, little neighborhood gem and we're so grateful that it's so close to us. However, the customer service here is poor. The disposition of the staff here makes you feel unwelcome and as if you're asking for too much. They do not acknowledge you, they do not say even two words when you walk in or while taking your order. Interactions with staff here really bring down the mood and the experience of what would ordinarily be a pleasant experience. It's almost as if the staff are in a perpetual state of afflicted teenagehood, it gets old and it's tiring.

Pedro C.

Ok, so the coffee isn't too bad! The only gripe that I did that it's freezing. It was literally 60 degrees outside...but it was colder inside. What did they do? Set the A/C to 50 degrees??

Michael S.

One of my classic repeat coffee shops that I will drive out of my way for. You can expect a fun and highly varied seasonal menu of awesome and varied lattes/teas/sparkling drinks as well as a small selection of fantastic single origin brews for those with a desire for a drip or cold brew with very refined and vivid notes. What makes Reborn Coffee unique is their emphasis on water quality and their wine-infused beans option. The coffee made from these particular beans have an artfully romantic expression of notes that I just can't find anywhere else

Tiffany B.

Very nice cafe to work because it's really quiet! They play nice r&b music at a low volume so people can work. I've only tried their sweet cream latte, which was good. But I do want to try other drinks because it wasn't the best. My friends suggested this place to me and I'm happy I stopped by!

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