Venice Classic Pastry & Deli

3910 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 541-9300

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Jorge Beltran

The sweet treats are ok. I mainly come here for the high level of customer service provided by the lovely ladies there. They are so friendly, they smile and make eye contact. I feel oh so very welcome everytime I come in. The owner must be very proud of this warm and personal service.

H. I.

Very nice Armenian Bakery with great customer service, specially Armine's customer service was exceptional.


Good place to go where yummy goodies are sold. With Hilda who was friendly made it even a better place to come back to get more good tasting pastries

Santorina A.

I just walked iut if this store becuase of their ZERO customer service. I kept going there because there are not too many alternatives nearby. Drove a little bit down the foothill Boulevard and ended up at Ararat bakery! Great bakery with excellent customer service

Ruzanna P.

Absolutely amazing jelly cake with fruit very fresh and delicious I love it I am gonna buy next time 100%

Oshin Kazarian

I love their bonchik with custard filling, if you haven't tried it yet, you should try

Annie M.

Horrible customer service. Today at 5:12 pm, I went to the La Crescenta location (as always) and was unfortunately serviced by a rude lady named Katrin. The other employee there wasn't going to be any nicer. They kept rolling their eyes at me, just because I asked to get the black, burnt boreks replaced with white, non-burnt ones. Borek shouldn't be black and burnt. Knowing I am a Persian Armenian, Katrin turns around and tells her other rude co-worker that I am an "inspector" in Farsi. The word is "azmayesh." Of course, if she had any decency or guts (jorat in Farsi), she would have said it to my face directly. No, she waited to say this AFTER I paid and was leaving the store. Again, knowing I know Farsi and would understand. This type of passive aggressiveness already shows how mentally unbalanced Katrin is. Mr. Artin, I see many other long-time customers have also complained about the boreks being burnt and sometimes even having mold. Disgusting. This reflects very poorly on your business and your choice of employees. We aren't asking for much when we expect good, non-burnt boreks and excellent customer service. I certainly don't deserve to be disrespected. I also don't work hard to purchase burnt boreks. I won't even get to how I purchased old mousse cakes last time, already dried up. We didn't even realize it, until we were having tea and dessert that same day. It wasn't soft at all. Why did I return? My mistake. I thought I'd give your business a second chance. I, too, as a long time customer will NEVER return to your store in La Crescenta (or any of them) ever again. You just lost a long time customer, because you have extremely rude staff, and unqualified bakers. There wasn't even anyone there in line when I went, so it seems many have already become disappointed in your low quality food and low class employees, who don't want to get off their bums and do their job. I wouldn't be surprised if they gossip about you, Mr. Artin, behind your back. They seemed like they are that gossipy, beekar (barab in Armenian, bored out of their bums in English), mentally unbalanced types. Both of them. No business owner would keep such rude employees working for them, with no customer service skills. Businesses are made or broken because of your employees. I'll make sure to tell everyone about my last two experiences. I happen to know a lot of people, especially Persian Armenians--but those with class. Not low-class ones like Katrin. None of your customers deserve to be disrespected, and today's experience was extremely disrespectful and disappointing.

Andre A.

Selling old and dry pastries, misleading ingredients (says apricot but it's red/cherry) and it just tastes like it's been sitting out for weeks. I don't like leaving negative reviews, but this isn't the first time this has happened.

Angel S.

Been their costumers for 13 years . I ordered my birthday cake and when I saw it yesterday it was wowwwwwww . Not believable but cake was gone and guests were asking for more . Same thing happed for my wedding 10 years ago not that I ordered small cake no it was so delicious that even the banquet owner said I never had such a thing that guests ask for more . 3 tier and 3 different taste ( mocha , marble and Bavarian ) . Design was exactly like what I asked . Agapeh was the one that helped me as always for my order and it was her recommendation of having 3 different tastes and I'm so happy that I listen to her . Thank you for my amazing , FRESH and delicious birthday cake.

Blue Citrus

I tried this bakery and really like their pastry but the workers are rude and have zero customer service skills. They don’t greet you or anything. It’s sad because i enjoyed their pastry but i will go else where. it’s not that hard to smile and show appreciation for people choosing to partake in your establishment !! the lady kept taking to another rude employee while we were placing our order never saying sorry…,,

Patrick G.

We have been a customer for 23 plus years. Even though there are bakeries closer to us we drive the extra few miles to get our pastries and other goodies from this place. My mom picked up some boraks today for my son upon trying to eat it he noticed black stuff inside the borak he asked me what it was and to my disbelief it was mold and I mean real old mold. My mom took the boraks back and the owner of the place was very disrespectful, rude combative and acted like there was nothing wrong. He then preceded to tell the cashier to give my mom her money back and to get her out of the store. Trust me it was not about the money. It's about taking care of your customers the customers that pay your rent and allow you to grow your business.It's because of people like us that Bussiness like this survive and for them to treat my mom a regular customer of 23 years this way they should be ashamed of themselves. I have taken pictures and I hope my son doesn't get sick. Not only they lost us as a loyal customer they also lost the business from my entire family.

Jo M.

I love this bakery! The fresh ground Armenian coffee is amazing! Every cake I have tried is excellent. German chocolate, Black Forest and the best fruit tarts. They also have these wonderful hard candies, you must try.

Ely angel

Nice Employees! The ready made cold foods is not the best, but everyone s taste is not the same.

Anna Knauf

Venice Classic Pastry is my go to local bakery. There is always a line, but I am ok with that as I know their pastries are fresh. Some of my favorites are the "Napoleon", their freshly baked breads, and also the imported Italian desserts in the freezer section which are not easy to find around here. This is the first time I had this custom cake made for a birthday. It turned out beautiful, was very stable during transport, and also delicious inside.

Hasmik Asatryan

the sweets i bought were very oily and not enjoyable. the owner was very rude and not understanding when i was letting him know that the sweets were not good. do not purchase anything from here.

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