Aozora Sushi

149 S Auburn St, Grass Valley
(530) 615-4613

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Stefani Storm

We had the Cali roll, the Auburn, and one another whose name escapes me right now, and all were very tasty.Service was fast, friendly, and the atmosphere was great. My one and only complaint was the fact that the siracha sauce they use isn’t the Huy Fung brand so I felt the flavor was off. Other than that, it was great and we would definitely go back.


Aozora is a casual sushi spot in Grass Valley. Rolls between $8-15 / roll, they have beer and sake, and teriyaki.Usually not too crowded and the wait times are minimal.When I’m looking for casual sushi dinner, I go here

Chris Fagan

A busy little place . Sushi is really good and many options to choose. Presentations are very nice. Prices are great.Service was great but noticeably under staffed.Server Chelsea busted her butt to make it happen.Change the musicToo loud and annoyingA++ Chicken KatsuA++ Dragon rollPlanning to return

Violet Young

I love this restaurant and it's my go to for a night out to eat. Was disappointed when I went with a family member and we waited over and hour to receive our order of only two rolls. We were trying to be understanding as there were quite a few people in the restaurant but we had gotten there 15minutes after opening. The waitress said it was homecoming and didn't seem to understand that it was hard to wait so long for such a small order. The food is amazing and every other time I been it's been wonderful, this just felt weird. Just hope there's a better wait time next time I go!

Christopher H.

Simply a huge waste of money. The service was very odd and uncomfortable which is easily ignored if the food is good but that wasn't the case. Literally seems like they are machine cutting the fish as thinly as possible and then charging ridiculous amounts for the rolls. Paid a bunch of money for a bunch of rice and some sauce. Please look at the pictures and find the fish on top of the rolls.


1st time there. If was delicious. Service was great! Lots of sushi choice to get! Will definitely go back again!!!

Bryce S.

Great place to go with a small group of friends or family. Excellent food and service.


Pretty good spot for sushi ?Not a ton of aesthetic appeal. Wouldn’t recommend first dates go here but maybe a good long term relationship date night.Yeah know the kind, where you want to go out and have some sushi but you don’t wanna get dressed and stressed about it.Super friendly staff, accommodating and knowledgeable. Be kind and unwind here.

Keiko M.

Aozora is a great place to have quality sushi in the NC-GV area. The sushi is fresh, the restaurant is clean, the staff are polite, and the prices are right. I can be skeptical of "inland" sushi restaurants and have never been let down by Aozora. If you want a place you can trust that has consistent quality, this is it.

Jessica P.

Tonight was my first and last time trusting Grass Valley sushi. I called in for a pick up order. The lady on the line seemed rushed but was polite enough, and asked that I do a 530 pick up because they wanted to get orders out the door earlier. So I agreed and rushed over to try to get there on time. I wound up getting there around 535 and was left to wait up front for another 5 minutes, which again was fine. Ultimately my food was not ready until 550, 20 minutes past the pickup time they had asked me to come earlier for. Now the food. I ordered 2 rolls, an order of sake sashimi, pork gyoza, seaweed salad, and mochi. The gyoza was over-done with a horrible plasticky texture. Bordering on inedible with a sauce that completely overpowered the taste of the gyoza because there was barely any flavor there to begin with. The rolls were not bordering on inedible, they were inedible. I couldn't choke down more than a couple bites of them. They were overpoweringly fishy (not the fresh sushi kind of fishy, grocery store fish fishy) and they were served with no sauces. Instead they just dumped like 6 different kinds of sauces all mixed up together in a little cup that I suppose I was meant to dump all over the rolls. Totally grossed me out and I literally couldn't eat them. Sashimi. This was the only redeeming part of this experience. The sashimi was good. It had that lovely buttery taste and texture you expect from sake. I have no complaints, it was very good and it's the only reason this review is 2 stars and not 1. The mochi had a gritty texture. Not the worst part of the meal, but that's not saying much. Just get your mochi from the frozen section at the grocery store, it's less expensive and better quality. I couldn't tell you how the seaweed salad was because despite having paid for it, it was not in my bag. Moral of the story, if you want decent sushi go to Roseville, it's worth the drive. Hell, actual grocery store sushi from Raleys would have been better than this was. At least that would have been edible and cost a fraction of what I paid.

Brian Nightingale

I went there tonight with a buddy of mine. I have always had a great experience and great food there. The flavors were on point and the service was great. I am just not sure why we got 3 warm sushi rolls. After trying the 3 different rolls we ordered turns out it was the rice that was warm which made everything else not great. I at first thought it was how warm it was in the reasturant but is was not. I brought my left overs home and chilled them. Once chilled that was the Azora I remember and love. Maybe I will try them again in the winter time?

brianna king

5 star staff, 1 star food.We were looking forward to finding a new sushi place after Nourish in Nevada City closed. The staff are so kind! The food was *subpar*:(

Michelle Heiman

It was my first time reading here. The service was excellent, the food was excellent. Can't wait to go back!


So happy to find a delicious Japanese restaurant nearby. We used to save our Japanese food fix for Roseville. Growing up with a Japanese mom, I enjoy authentic Japanese food, especially sushi. This place fills my cravings. Friendly staff, enjoyable place to meet for dinner.

Brian Strauss

What a surprise! Pretty basic, sushi bar classics, but the quality is outstanding. Our new grass valley regular spot. Great nigiri. Excellent spider roll.

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