Akasaka Restaurant

14926 Clark Ave, Hacienda Heights
(626) 336-0871

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Stacey D.

Food: rolls are huge Service: Great Ambiance: chill Overall great experience will be back

James Y.

Awesome hole in the wall and hidden gem in the 626 area. I have yet to find a place with a better Chirashi Bowl (a must-order) and Unagi Don for the price. Their rolls are also GIGANTIC - I challenge you to eat them in one bite! They have a small parking lot but there is usually enough street parking in the area as well. This is a very popular local spot to expect to wait a while.

Robin I.

I came here before the pandemic and remember the huge portions for their chirashi. It seems there is new ownership but the portions are about the same. One thing for sure is that now they do not put uni in the chirashi but they have other items such as ankimo, amaebi, and ikura. Definitely there is a change from previous ownership but it's hard to give 3 stars especially during times like now. The quail egg shooter was good...not too sour and right amount of vinegar and sauce. My favorite was the fish soup. The broth really hit the spot because I was a little under the weather. The fish in the soup ranged from salmon, tuna, hamachi. Oh yea there soup spoons are big. Nice.

Lisa W.

This is my ...... I actually don't remember how many times I've been here, sorry, my review is so delayed. It's a small sushi restaurant, but the food there were better than the money I spent. Chefs r professional, waitress (basically just one girl) is very nice . I will definitely keep coming back!!!!!!

James G.

Met a friend here after remembering many good lunches when I worked nearby 30+ years ago. It is still great. I wish I lived close. The prices seem high until you see the portions - one sushi roll is a full meal. The staff was friendly, service was good, and the sushi was great. This is traditional Japanese, not some modern interpretation. Parking is free. Don't judge Akasaka from the outside, go in and try the food. Take friends and share food for good times. They have good tables for parties from 2 to 8 or more, but expect to wait a bit during the busier hours.

Allison H.

Great portions for reasonable prices! Ordered way too many for two people - got the chirashi, yosenabe (fish and vegetable soup), green hornet, takoyaki, and salmon skin salad. Everything was delicious! The yosenabe turned out to be my fav - the soup was flavorful and really good! They have seating in their main section and also a "patio" section outside. Not the most glamorous setup in the patio area but the food makes up for it haha. They have their own parking lot which is nice but spaces may be hard to get if you come at peak hours.

Jason Hurst

Is it possible for a sushi roll to be too big? Eat at Akasaka Restaurant and find out. (Pictures included)Be careful when ordering, because one of their rolls is likely to be 3 or even 4 times larger than any other sushi roll you might be used to. The food was good enough that I would eat there again, but not the highest quality sushi I have ever had, hence the 4 star review.But per the my first statement, they really are almost too big. It was eat even one slice because of the size.When looking at the menu, my first thought were the prices were quite high, but don’t let that fool you because you are more than getting the value for the money.There were 4 of us and we made the mistake of ordering 3 rolls and a chicken Katsu, but we could only finish one roll and the Katsu, so order accordingly.The service was good, although just slow enough to be noticeable. They were welcoming and genuinely looked like they liked working there, which is a plus for me.It is a bit of a hole in the wall and the interior could use some refreshing, but otherwise clean and respectable. You should feel comfortable eating here.Decent food, great value and smiling service. I would recommend this restaurant and I would come again. Just make sure you know what you are getting into with the rolls.

Mimi L.

This tiny sushi restaurant has been here for decades, I believe it's changed ownership a couple times. We'v only been here twice before and the wait was always too long. We came in on a Friday evening and there was no wait. But the sushi bar needs reservations. The menu was huge and easy to order. We had two bottles of Dassai 39, sake prices were good. For food we had toro, salmon sashimi, fresh oysters, scallop, mackerel and sea urchin sushi, eel roll, monkfish liver, seaweed salad and sushi rice. The raw was very fresh and everything was huge! I'd forgotten about the enormous food portions here. I loved the steamed ankimo, it's the best I've ever had. The service was fast and attentive enough. I just didn't like the old ventilation in this restaurant, I got some allergies from the kitchen smoke at times. This is such a great neighborhood sushi restaurant. We will be back from time to time!

Caroline C.

I'm not someone who usually write reviews at the restaurant I ate but this is an exceptional because the service is beyond excellent. I came alone as I travel to LA for work and was craving some chirashi bowl. This restaurant is no. 1 that popped up so I decided to come here. The waiting wasn't long at all as I came at the right time almost 6PM. The food came right away and it's enough for 2-3 people in this case I have to get some to bring back home. Not sure if he is the owner but he talk to me once in awhile to make sure I dont feel lonely which I appreciate very much and at the end of the meal, an unexpected dessert came, it is a pineapple fruit. I felt so full from the Chirashi, so i still ate it anyway. It was so good! Will definitely come again

Thi N.

Found this place via acquaintance's recommendation. They seem to take walk-ins but during busy hour it's better to reserve ahead of time. Interestingly, this restaurant situated in a residential area. They have their own parking lot but it was very tiny and narrow, possibly could be filled up fast when they're busy. Inside the restaurant look just like any japanese izakaya and sushi bar themed restaurant. The space was very small but cozy and very Japanese in style. From where we were seated we could see the tiny sushi bar where the chef was making orders. This place is infamous for the sushi and sashimi size and let me tell you it's true! The cut was very thick and most people around me would opt for the chirashi bowl on their menu since the portion is enormous for a party of 4 (more like a chirashi platter). Nevertheless me and my husband got the dinner combo set instead since we could not finish the Chirashi bowl (maybe another time!) We both got a sashimi dinner combo with beef teriyaki and fried chicken. The set as you see in the photo came with one plate of beef teriyaki, a few pieces of fried chicken, 1 sashimi plate that consists 4 slices of salmon, 4 slices of albacore, 3 slices of tuna, and 2 slices of oranges for dessert. They also serve alcohols and has free wifi so it's a perfect spot for late night hangout and drinking with friends. Service is prompt and nice. Don't have anything to complain other than the small parking!

Willis Leung

The service was really nice. The staff bought it edamame, water and miso soup before I even ordered. The portion and quality is really good for the price would recommend.

Maggie P.

The Chirashi Bowl ($45) is a thing of beauty - so much so I had to get two views of this bad boy. I've come here on special occasions over the years and their food never disappoints. Even though I've tried various items off their menu, the Chirashi bowl is by far my favorite item. Large chunks of wonderfully fresh fish over perfectly cooked sushi rice, how do you go wrong. I do ask them to pass on the monkfish - just cant seem to get a taste for it, otherwise its perfection. The portion is huge so you could easily order one bowl and a roll and share between 2 people. - Service is always attentive - Parking is limited, it's a small lot so we've parked nearby in the residential areas - Reservations are accepted, would recommend since seating is limited

Jaime L.

Look at that, look at that ~ Now Everyone knows what the service attitude of this restaurant is like. You proved it to yourself. Why don't go back to home stay with you mom ? More safe to you

Dennis G.

Pondering on whether I should post this only because if word gets out about this gem, i may not be able to get a seat at this splendid Sushi Restaurant. My good friend, Frank, had been raving and praising about this Sushi place for years and I thought he was exaggerating. Because I'm a procrastinator, I took my time on dining at the Restaurant. My regret is that I denied myself fantastic Sushi. Vinnie is the gentleman with the sharp knife and the Man who will be preparing your experience. His attention to detail is second to none. The portions are incredible and the quality is a 10. Delicious and excellent fresh fish await you. Visit them before the word gets out! Cheers...

Jennie Zeng

Most valuable fresh sushi I have ever had!!! This is our second time to the restaurant, and we ordered a chirashi bowl for 2 person to share.

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