La ilusion Bakery

15840 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights
(626) 435-2999

Recent Reviews

Melkyaz Castro

Very good ?

Maria Burwell

Fresh pan dulce, love the miniature pan

Coy Koi

This is the only place I can find my favorite pan dulce (cream cheese filled estrella). It's always there and so delicious

Michelle Mimay

Great pastry

Doug Kuhns

The woman who owns the bakery is really nice anam d everything is yummy! I

John O'Connor

Top notch

Raul Moreno


Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 5

Pedro A Garcia

Good variety

Gil Getz

Seems they mix days old bread with the fresh. One can be soft and pliable, and the next of the same kind will be dry and crumbling.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 3

Service: 3

Daniel V

Displays are old and dirty. But the bread is good. People are not friendly at this place.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 5

Service: 1


The bread is good the tamales used to be good. I spent $45 for 18 tamales for them to be mostly masa. We couldn't find the cheese in the tamales let alone the chicken with green salsa. $2.50 per tamal not worth it.

martin z

Pan dulce is always fresh menudo is awesome great job

Jay G.

Bread is always fresh and the lady is always displaying a smile. Beats the quality and service level of any other bakery I the area. Plus a good choice of Pan Dulce. They also have the mini size panecitos.

Itzel G.

My family and I love their Vanidoso Cake. We always get it for our birthdays but the last 2 times we've bought them. The cakes aren't fresh, the fruit on top looks like it had been Sitting there for at least 3 days it looks old. The cake has layers of 3 leches, flan and cheesecake and you can taste the milk like a little rotten. Like its not fresh. Don't get me wrong the cakes are delicious but only when they are fresh. I wouldn't sell 2-3 days old cakes tbh. A bit disappointing.

Gisela D.

Looking for Tamales or my favorite called bolillo rellenaos con chorizo, papas, frijoles! The best! If you don't go before 7am they ran out. That's how good they are. To add on The tamales, same you must go before 10am. Pork, chicken, cheese very delicious. Not the best location, No AC and sometimes you have to wait in line. Might be some what hot while waiting. But worth it, this is the place to go. For you Pan dulce as well

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