A&W Hayward, CA

138 Jackson St, Hayward
(510) 581-1514

Recent Reviews

Temi M.

I was just in this A&W location, located in the Valero gas station. Address 138 Jackson Ave Hayward . I had ordered something that a new employee didn't know how to make. A manager came out and politely and efficiently showed the employee step by step how to make the shake that I ordered. I found this extremely impressive. Where do you go today where the managers are paying attention and help the employees and do it in a respectful way? In my experience this is uncommon today. I complimented the manager and found out that he is a district manager by the name of Paul. My shake was prepared thoughtfully, and I will return in future. Great work A and W!

Tj Beyer

Closed at 7:40pm on a Saturday. Seems like people (like me) still want dinner then, and the hours on google say open until 8:00pm.

Tony Maldonado

Good food, great price.

Nani D.

This place is full of false advertisements and scams. This was my first experience here and the very last. Came in with my kid. We wanted the 5pc chicken strip combo (medium). The picture shows fries and a drink, next to the words "combo $7.99" . The man wrung us up and our total, for 1 meal, was $12.06. The price didn't make sense so I looked at the receipt. I was charged an extra $3 for the fries and drink, when the menu CLEARLY states "combo $7.99" I asked the cashier why I was charged and of course, no resourceful answer. I told him to look at the price on the menu. He agreed that the menu didn't make sense but STILL didn't do anything. I ended up asking for a refund because no business who serves up false advertisements deserves any of my money. I have NEVER paid over $12 for ONE fast food meal EVER. That is beyond ridiculous.

Carol Whitehead

Service was outstanding! Food was great!

Ronald Jones

Good burgers and floats...

Bill M

It's a grill and a gas station,all a&w were giving away root beer floats. I bought some fries to go with float

Linda Nancarrow

They have the best food ever!!!

Derek Perry

Great customer service. Raman makes it worth waiting in line.

Phil H

Oh my goodness what a hot and juicy wonderful Burger! Took about 8 to 10 minutes to make it fresh from beginning to end! So so yummy Juicy and Delicious! One of the best burgers I've had in Northern California!

Alejandro A.

the best root beer floats on the planet - im burnt on all the other fast food joints - time for something new digging the shrimp

Cynthia S.

I use to go there, but the Manager refuses to honor the buy the 2 for 1 Papa burger, instead here is his response: Thank you for stopping at our restaurant and for your feedback. The Tuesday free papa burger is a promotion that our restaurant is not participating in. Like all restaurants and their promotions. The store does not have to participate. Instead, we have an EVERYDAY promotion. With purchase of 8 gallons, drink and fries, you receive a FREE Papa burger. His cheapest gas this morning was 3.89 which means for ONE free burger, fries and a soft drink it would cost 31.12, really! I will not frequent this business! Thanks, Ardy Farhangdoost General Manager Grand Petroleum Inc.

Phil H.

Awesome A&W location at a gas station! Super hot tasty beef tons of lettuce pickles Special Sauce! Yum yum!

Theresa Tucker

Fuller up and get a free cheeseburger! What's better than that!?

Miss C A.

My family & I have come here a few times and it's always been great service. I knocked it down a star because they don't participate in the 2 for 1 Papa Burger deal on Tuesdays, whereas another location somewhat nearby does. Still, great satisfying food. Pick some up on your way home & you can even fill-up your tank with gas too, while you're there

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