Asia Delight Express

18444 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 278-8268

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Very good food, friendly service

Richard NOBLE

I come here every Monday. I pick-up 1 meal to eat and a 2nd for lunch the next day. Great food, great variety. Staff is very nice. Never a bad experience.

Thomas Anderson

Good food and still a really good price

Phillip Hernandez

We love the place. It's our go to spot. Food it always good. The service is always nice. Same family been running it since forever. Dope spot to get some grub!

[email protected] LOVE 2009

Always hot food love it

Jack Jones

Their chow fun is my favorite!! They are so generous with their portions that you get waaay more than what you pay for! It's now more than ever to support mom and pop shops :) I appreciated the cleanliness and the marks on the floor to indicate social distancing guidelines.

John Cope

My order came to $11.22. I gave them 22.00 so I could get back a 10 dollar bill plus the 78 cent change. They gave me the change only and insisted that I only gave them a 10 dollar bill which is not correct. When I confronted them on the issue, the lady at the register who spoke English proficiently all of a sudden dummies down as if she didn't understand. Long story short ...... Another employee said they would check camera at end of the day and call me about repayment. This is also bs because camera is at the employees back. All they have to do is tally up the receipts. I have been a long standing customer and sometimes frequent them 3 times a week. If they jerk me over on this matter, they will never get my business again.

gilberto ochoa

Great food very fast service and friendly staff and the prices are affordable too

Jeff Smith

Been coming here for years. Great food, big portions and price is very fair.

Luke Shiras

Good food at good prices and huge portions.

Ryan B.

I order one plate with only fried rice and beef broccoli and sweet spicy chicken and once i got inside my car and eat and get a spoon bit with fried rice once i bit the rice why theres a crunch stuff on my fried rice the next spoon i got I found a big egg shell on my plate and it was so disgusting and I went inside to her hey why theres an egg shell on my fried rice and she said its only egg and i said to her I know its egg but its an egg shell

Jennifer S.

Food was nasty, orange chicken was squishy and now a couple hours later my stomach is definitely not agreeing with me. Stay far away from this place unless you want hours of stomach pain.

Darr T.

And my dinner there last night a double item order the food was plentiful and the people are very nice I like that place and I'll continue to go there as long as I can thank you and have a very lovely day

Rick R.

Taqueria mezcal has a long wait I was in a hurry so hey how bad can this Chinese food place be? Well let me tell u it's disgusting everything has the same nasty taste terrible don't ever ever ever eat here

Julio Amezcua

The most dirty place in Hayward yes take a look in the kitchen

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