Burger King

29671 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 656-8886

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Alma Evangelista

Went to this store today around 3:40 pm at drive thru to buy chicken sandwich with promo code 6163 and our coupon photo in our cell phone. Every Burger King we there’s no problem with it only this store which the guy who helped us throw us out from the drive thru and said he doesn’t need our business because we do not have the paper coupon in a very rude manner.Very unprofessional your store don’t deserve to have this kind of employee .

Danny Do

This One Star is for the BK app and how different I wish the manager treated me.1. BK has great offers, but their app team needs to develop an algorithm where you are not allowed to use multiple coupons in a day. I used it without even realizing it. 2. I wish the Manager could have explained and dealt with me better. While I was standing there he told his whole team "This guy is manipulating the system. Don't do anything". When I was trying to correct my actions, I used my father's app to order (which I could have done in advance). He insisted that I must go out to bring my father in for him to see. I felt completely humiliated at this point, but I proceeded. Then, I asked him so what can I do to get refund for the orders I placed which he did not honor, he told me that is not his problem and if I place online order that I have to figure. Corporate is not his cope. I, then, ask him if he can send request to the app team, and as you can imagine, he said "no, thats corporate issue". I felt so cheap for any BK promo.This is my order; which you should not do. As my unpleasant conversation, here is what I know:ONE COUPON PER DAY PER GUESTIf your household has 3 persons, if you wanna apply coupons to 3 guests (3 different accounts) you must bring all 3 guests to the restaurant. All must present.Here is my mistake which I was corrected and shamed on the spot in front of the staff:- I use promo "$1 wednesday whopper" 2 times for 2 different orders. (Which I recommend the app team should fix this)- I use promo "$3 - 10 pc chicken nuggets & large fries" - which was honored - for a different order.- I use promo free kids meal with purchase of $1 (I ordered the coffee) - which was not honored.So, you are not allowed to do as I did. ONE COUPON A DAY PER GUEST to avoid being humilated and called "a manipulator" in front of the whole staffs. Just not worth it :(

Thunder Fonseca Bird

Food was delicious but I found a hair in my coke and my burger

Sara Vanessa

The food gave me food poisoning. I would not go there again ?

Robert S

Lately, I have been getting my fast food from burger king. Thanks to their impossible whoppers.They taste really good! Anyone who's a vegetarian like me should try em out.

Mrs P

Really want to give 0 stars!This has got to be the worst burger king in town.Burgers are never fully cooked, tomatoes are green, soda is flat, nuggets are like rubber!Save your money! You'd be better off at jack in the box!!

P V.

Really want to give 0 stars!This has got to he the worst burger king in town.Burgers are never fully cooked, tomatoes are green, soda is flat, nuggets are like rubber!Save your money! You'd be better off at jack in the box!!

Vivica K Montenegro

One sauce for ten piece chicken nuggets? Seriously And then U have cashiers that get mad at you when u can’t understand their accent or what they are tryin to say Very homophobic too here Owners who don’t do anything about complaints because most of their workers are either family or illegally here It’s rediculous

James O'Keeffe

tl;dr burgers much better than expected, sides were disappointing

Dipul Raz Aryal

I love the impossible whopper burger.

Tuyen Tran

Just another typical Burger King, nothing special about this place. Foods taste like any other Burger King I've been in. Service is fast.

Molly V.

The worst place ever!!!! You order the deal on their app, then when you get to the place to pick up, they refused to give the food. They said this location doesn't accept it. If not then why it let you placed the order on the app picking their address location!!!! They need to do something about it!!! Because it wasted my time to drive all the way out and it got rejected. I not only lost my time my gas to drive their but also lost my code to redeem at another location. So frustrating!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS LOCATION TO ANYONE!!!!! MANAGEMENT AT THIS LOCATION SUCKS!!!!!!!

Vatiff R.

First, the first burger wasn't prepared correct. It was cold. Although I didn't order bacon on the first burger the bacon had cold grease on it. The second burger was colder than the one I gave back. I had not left the parking lot because I knew I should check the burger. What happen to flame grilled burgers? I won't go back. Very poor quality.

Sam Short

I love this place! They serve delicious food, their menu is nice, The chief cook in that spot is a specialist, I like a lot tasting all their food. The dishes are consistently fresh, the service towards the guests is friendly. I often go to this restaurant and I not even once was unsatisfied. Highly recommended.

f h

NIce quick service, clean tables, courteous servers, DELICIOUS fish sandwich on a cold day.

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