Caesar's Chicken

19450 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 786-9755

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Garry Toll

Food is good, multiple occasions can't get through on the phone

Makynlie Costa

Great chicken always come here when I’m in town great garlic bread and fries they still making awesome food

Edie Forrester

Caesar’s Chicken is a small takeout restaurant. The chicken is as awesome as it was years ago! Very flavorful! Caesar’s has an array of side dishes and desserts! I highly recommend Caesar’s Chicken!!!

Timothy Chase

Ceasars chicken was exellent very tasty and filling well worth the trip and the cost I give it a 5 star rating I recommend it to anyone who's choice of a very tasty and gourmet meal is fried chicken excellent choice for me and my spouse we both loved it?

Arthur Patterson

Ordered online & when I picked up my order it was $2.00 more then advertised... NOTHING FRESH OR GOOD ABOUT THIS PLACE

Kevin F.

So as a foodie I pride myself on trying places out and giving everyone's food a shot especially when its highly recommended but Ceasar's Chicken was not the spirit or the move.

For a place that is so popular & the food smelled amazing i was really excited to try out their food. I decided to order a 4 piece combo with Mashed Potatoes & Spaghetti.  I also ordered a meatball as well just to give it a go.

Food took about 20 mins so the wait wasn't bad but looks like they forgot about us as they never called  our number. Maybe a PA system or something to call out numbers. While waiting outside or in your car. You know with Covid-19 gotta social distance best way possible.

So got home with the food all packaged up and was excited to try the food. So when I opened my plate I saw four pieces of chicken, a huge piece of bread & mashed potatoes. Now im like where is the Spaghetti.  I check in the bag & their was another container which had the meatball. But no Spaghetti which i paid for but didn't receive services. So this was unfortunate & bad way to start my food experience.

So to be honest the mashed potatoes was probably the best thing I tried if we are going to keep it funky. Mashed Potatoes were okay,  nothing special or something to get excited over. They reminded of the mashed potatoes u get from KFC. Just meh nothing I would recommend tbh.

Next I tried the chicken, the food smelled amazing but as I always say it looks good but does it taste good. And the chicken I tried was bland, no flavor or seasoning.  Just like a fried piece of chicken with no salt or pepper. Took a couple of bites and you could see the disappointment in my face. I pretty much tossed the other pieces as I knew I wasn't going to eat them in the future as left overs.

The bread was a big piece of French bread, non toasted with no butter. Hella dry and nothing to really talk about.

Last on the menu is the Meatball. And as you may see how this experience has went it didn't get any better with meatball. Another Bland item that was disappointing.  I took one bite and it had me like dang they really didn't want me to eat their food today as nothing was good.

My girl who has pretty good food taste had been ranting & raving about the food. Plus the reviews were solid so had to try it out especially since I do food reviews and need some new content.

But even she was disappointed as she got a wing combo. The wings were bland and the fries were meh as well. She said they must of changed cooks or the usual cook was out sick.

Not sure if ill give this place another shot but my experience was very disappointing.

Linda N.

Wow what a huge let down. Like finding someone on Tinder going onto a date to find out it's not the person you met online. I  remember they had another location in the South Hayward. The chicken back then was way more better.

Trying to relive some memories over 20 years ago. By having some fried chicken and the raviolis were awful.

First off from what I remembered the chicken was marinated. Now the chicken is flavorless. They changed the oil they used. Oil is everything including adding more flavor. Making my car stink with the aromas. But that didn't happen.

The raviolis the sauce could've used more onions and garlic from what I remembered. The filling of the raviolis weren't mushy like it was over 20 years ago.

They gave me plain sourdough bread. I should've gotten garlic bread instead.

This place wasn't worth my time and energy anymore. The prices didn't reflect the product that was being put out.

Oh yeah the phone number they posted. Does not work. That's poor customer service. If the number doesn't work. Then go somewhere else. Because chances are their food is pretty crappy. They force you to show up in person to buy crappy food. If they don't have the heart for anything anymore. They should hang it up.

Saimone Colvin

It was awesome! Good costumer service hot fast ready food

Jannette R.

Located the corner of Hesperian & ? Street name.  Kind of across the Target and Kennedy park.   This has been here for years & have ordered only a handful of times.

Hoping today was an off day for them.  Ordered on Yelp/ grub hub & paid about $45 for 12 piece, a quart of spaghetti & garlic bread.  It said about 45 min.  No problem, do some shopping at target and then headed over to pick up.
Time came & went inside for pick up. A few people hanging around inside waiting, a Young teenager taking orders.  I talked to him, he ran to back to coworkers to check. Order still not ready. Waited indoors thinking it would be next.
Then another teen came out & start telling coworker they are out of spaghetti sauce.  So one by one, they are calling names for refunds or substitutions.  After a bit I talked to him & asked was my order ok since I placed it hour ago.  He said yes.   So another 15 -20 min Go by.
I ask again, is my order ready?  Still no.   After 1hr and 35 minutes he hands me my order.   I didn't check til in the car driving, no spaghetti. I call no answer, make a u-turn to talk to them & was told I was substituted fries which I didn't ask for, would of been better potato salad  or dessert or something I chose.    Leave again after almost 2 hours.   Get home & it's regular French bread. Not sliced garlic bread.    Ugh!
At least the chicken was good, crunchy and lots of meat.    
Customer service is lacking but #winnerwinnerchickendinner after 2 hours with no spaghetti for my daughter :(!

Your M.

Their phone doesn't even work so you have to physically go in and order then wait. Asked about their phone not working and they said well sometimes they don't work (with a I don't give a shit attitude).  I miss Banchero's

Kris Cowles

Caesars chicken been around a long time I love their recipe for their chicken very tasty my suggestion to people who are traveling and you see this place on Mission Boulevard check it out the chicken is off the hook

Evangelene Glickman

I grew up on this, but it is different with the new management. It's still worth visiting on occasion.

Timothy Pak

Best fried chicken in town. You have to try their wings.

Elena G.

Guilty pleasure. Have been going for many years. Anytime I make it back to the area I try to stop there. I don't go there to have a healthy meal I go to have some great chicken and sauce with a little bit of spaghetti!

Arturo S.

I had a hankering for some chicken the other day and remembered a local gem - Caeasar's Chicken!! I called in my order and then stopped by to pick it up. They were observing safe practices for the pandemic and my food was ready in the time they'd told me. The chicken is alway so juicy and flavorful. The fries are ok but my review is based on how amazing the chicken is every time I visit -- and a reminder I need to patronize this local spot more often.

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