Carl's Jr.

20550 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 317-0328

Recent Reviews

john Moklliw

BBQ chicken sandwich the best .


Love the prices and food.

Patricia D

This is my 4th time coming here ever...fries are always cold. Actually, impossible burger is cold too. Large fry is actually a med because they never fully open fry box. This will be my last visit. There's better food at Petco.

Eddie Lawson

Service was prompt and with a great attitude. Would have gave 5 stars but they gave us regular fries instead of the criss cut fries we asked for. Not sure but we wonder if they just didn't have any because they gave us a 7 piece chicken meal when they only sell 3 or 5 piece. Was that to make up for the ?. Hmmm .....

Jodi Held

Great burgers, convenient driver drive through for pick up.

Jesse Mcdaniels

One thing I will say is they have good service the food usually pretty good if you're in the area it is one of the best carls Jrs I've been to

Ray Montes

Love their food but, drive-thru seem slower than it should have been today.

V Pak

This place is good! Always long lines, nice staff!

LaWanda P.

This place needs to get it together! Not organized, Not Enough Staff & they cant make burgers! Now I know why I stopped going there..From cold food to but following directions on how to make their own burgers! Too expensive for getting Crap! I won't be back..

Michelle Bradley

This evening wasn't good at all. Cold Super Star and cold fries

remy paulo

Tried the new Prime rib cheddar burger...a sloppy tasteless mess..seems it was put in a microwave....Fries soggy and cold and through staff extremely friendly but a huge disappointing lunch

Brenda Augustine

Only fast food I'll eat! (Superstar)!

L.E. Nichols

They got my order wrong and by the time I was realized it I was already on the freeway.

Christine Williams

Milkshake was milky. Should have had more ICE cream

The G.

Went in this morning for a quick breakfast due to a promotion I saw inside the other day. I got there and didn't see the promotion on the counter but it was still on a sign behind the counter. The manager comes to the register to inform me the promotion has ended but he would still give me the offer because technically it was still posted in the store. I told him I really appreciated it and that type of customer service is what keeps your return customers. Had a similar experience that went the opposite way a few weeks ago and will no longer be patronizing that business any more. Thank you to the manager at this location I didnt get his name but he was a very nice Indian gentleman who provided excellent customer service to every customer i saw him encounter.

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