Carmen & Family Bar-B-Q

692 W A St, Hayward
(510) 887-1979

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B B.

The food is good too bad the service is horrible!! Each time I come the staff is horrible but I still go back hoping they will surprise me but tonight was the worst! Next time I'm driving to Oakland.  Too bad I like to support local businesses especially during this time.  A three way is only what they say even though it says choose three meats.  You can only choose one out of each of their four meats and no two of a kind???  So if you don't eat pork you are forced to eat chicken ‍

Alex E.

Absolutely horrible customer service the two Hispanic ladies working need to be fired. Extremely rude and disrespectful. Food was good

Joyce Van Hook

Ms. Carmen and her Family have been favored of my Family for many years.She and my Mother were long time friends from her first business in Berkeley, CA to her current business in Hayward. My Mom passed away in August of 2012 and I called Ms. Carmen to prepare a meal for my Mother's Repast and when my Sister passed away in November 2018,again, I called Ms. Carmen to prepare the Repast Meal on both occasionseverything was done with loving care. I can't say enough nice things about Ms. Carmen and her Family, you will note, I said Family, I has never,heard her use the word (Staff). I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.Last but not least, in this time of business limitations her service is stillTop Of The Line. Much Love to You and Family Ms. Carmen.Mildred's daughter Joyce.

Don S.

My new favorite rib place. Moist and tender pork ribs with the right amount of deep char flavor. Loved the hot sauce. The potato salad would be better if it was chunkier, but overall I love their pork rib dinner plate. Great for $20.

Rondah Jackson

I’ve been here twice( Haward location) and both times I’ve been very disappointed. Besides the fact that everyone looks miserable working there(which in that case you shouldn’t be in food service), They give you small portions of food and if you know anything about beef cuts, I can tell you right now that they DO NOT serve brisket. The cut of meat they use is more of a roast that they chop up finely. I was amazed when the gentleman who took the beef out of the back was cutting it up and couldn’t believe my eyes. Had I watched them the first time I wouldn’t have been back the second time, but that’s all I needed to see. I still paid for it as I was still starving and rushing to go to work, but never again. There are plenty of better BBQ places nearby.

Just Carla

Ribs and peach cobbler are great stay away from the potatoes salad and Mac and cheese

Adrian Garcia

The food was cold that black dude who works there answered his phone instead of helping me and asked me to hold on. The customer service and food is not worth the over priced undercooked tasteless pieces of meat they grab with their bare hands after washing them without soap. All of this I seen with my own eyes since I went in to get my own food. Also I don’t mean to sound like a Democrat but he also wasn’t wearing a mask (the black guy)

Mattia E.

The guy that was working there had no sense of customer service and one of our side was forgotten but the side dishes and sausage were really good. I thought it was odd that they only had mild, no hot links . The other meat was a bit chewy but had great flavor.

John R.

Delicious bbq, my main bbq spot in the Bay Area. Reason I gave it a 4 is the staff are extremely rude especially the tall guy that looks like a high school football player dropout. I don't want to tell my experience cuz they might call me out the next time I come around.

Michelle Z.

The ribs were fatty but the links were great. I was just upset that my moms order which was a 2way turned out to just be links when we got home and I paid a good amount for our food. Other than that I was confused why he told us cash only but let two other customers pay with card. Anyway the potatoes salad could have been a little less tangy. 5stars for the links and sauce

Brody ..

They aren't taking phone orders, you have to go down there and order. And when you walk in, both people behind the counter have their noses hanging out of their masks. Gross. No thanks!!

DG Jeffries

Carmen’s BBQ has been a bay area leader in the BBQ space. Her food comes closest to the original Flint’s from back in the day. Love the hot links, potato salad and ‘hot’ bbq sauce. Get some for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Stacey Hoffman

The sides were very good, the desert great (and that's why 3 stars), but the brisket and ribs were terrible. Brisket is supposed to be so tender it melts in your mouth, while rib meat should be falling from the bone; theirs was not unlike chewing pieces of rubber tires, and the meat clung to those ribs like they weren't fully cooked. Spent nearly $100 on DoorDash and my dog ate most of it.

Mary N.

I LOVE CARMEN'S! I'm not too big on the potato salad, but everything else is flavorful. We eat here 3x times a month and my family is always satisfied!  No complaints here!

Indigo Jeniel C.

My partner and I had been wanting to get around to try this place because it is a BOB and it was really good. I got the jerk chicken and my partner got the 2 combo plate with links and brisket. I originally wanted the 2 meat combo plate because I wanted jerk chicken and links but was told jerk chicken is not included in their combo plates, so that was pretty disappointing. Overall the food was pretty good. The jerk chicken was very well seasoned, and the links from my partners plate was really good. The brisket was okay and was not really tinder. With each plate you get bread and a side of potato salad. We also get a side of yams and macaroni cheese. Those were really good, but  IMO I think the price for their sides were a little pricey. We also had to wait a while to be serviced, but we were offered drinks as we waited. As well as the person who took our order was also making plates was not wearing any gloves. I mean it is bbq but with COVID-19 I don't really think that's the best food handling practice. It's also important to note that this place is cash only.

Overall this was a great place just 4 stars for the brisket not being tender, no gloves when handling food, and jerk chicken not being able to be used in the combo plates.

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