Caspers Hot Dogs Foothill

21670 Foothill Blvd, Hayward
(510) 581-9064

Recent Reviews

Emily Sheafe

Love this location, they have preserved a piece of nostalgia that is hard to find these day. The hot dogs are still as good as I remember from my childhood!

Rachel Swearengin

Great taste but no ketchup only mustard and sides like chilli, cheese, and lots more

Diane King

I just started going back there after many years of being away. It was just as I remembered, (aside from the mask wearing and 6ft social distancing, of course)! My friend and I decided to try a different hot dog every visit. Of course the Casper original Hot Dog is great, but the Chili Dog is really good too, perfectly spicy with extra onions Yumm, and the Kraut Dog is really good with mustard! There are still others to try. The service is great with a smile and a friendly hello. It is fast, these ladies know how to prepare a Hot Dog to your liking. The Dogs are always plump, juicy, and Hot and the buns are always soft and warm. Enjoy. If you love Hot Dogs, you'll love CASPERS!!!

Tandy Overturf

Best hot dogs ever. The ladies that work there are awesome. My husband has been eating Hot Dogs from Caspers since he was 8 years old. We drive 1.5 hours now to enjoy the delicious Hot Dogs. Highly recommend Caspers

Nicole Faller

I really like this Casper's. Their open later than the other location and they offer milkshakes too.their employees were very friendly for the end of the day.

Mark Perkowski

Love their hot dogs. Always great service. It is a definite treat every few weeks.


I hate to give them such a bad review but....I have been eating at Casper's for 40+ years and I love their hot dogs. Although, I only eat there a few times a year now. I was in there yesterday and it was terrible. The 3 people working in there were slow as molasses on a winter day. I had to stand outside while they were chit-chatting with a couple of people. I ordered a Chili dog and it was the worst thing I have ever had. The chili was horrible! It tasted like cincinnati type chili with either cinnamon or clove in it, it was sweet and I ended up throwing it away. I ended up go ing next door to Taco Bell. Never will eat there again! Yuck.


Really good actually, great crunch in the hot dog.


Favorite place to come to when I visit the bay area. AMAZING! Best hotdogs you will ever have in your life.

Larry Dean

The ladies at Casper's hot dogs the best they make the best hot dogs ever nice fresh hot friendly......

Raquel Ramsey

What a wonderful thing a Casper's Hot Dog. The Staff was really nice. I will be back

Steven Sharp

Skinny rubbery hot dog. Service was very fast and friendly though.

J. C.

I grew up with one in a different city. Still good here but... I don't know if it's the hard times but the cheese and chili didn't seem as fresh as before. Still good tho

Pam Sera

I had a craving went there with a friend. It was good food and nice atmosphere. Love their hot dogs. I had the chili cheese dog.

Diane Collins

It's CASPERS! WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE? Been coming here since it opened as #2 in town.

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