Chef Teriyaki

26960 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 398-8885

Recent Reviews

Amayrani M.

The food is great and I'm very glad to have went here for my very first experience trying sushi I highly recommend

Skyler Redmon

Did not care for their teriyaki ... Gyoza were already cold when they gave them to me.

Karen J.

Has this place changed ownership recently? It used to be great a few yrs back, kinda reminded me of Sarku Japan, the Japanese grill you see at Mall food Courts. Not anymore! I got the basic Chicken Teriyaki, rice and vegetable entrée. It was smothered ( and I do mean SMOTHERED) in some overly-thick, goopy brown sauce. There was so much sauce, it made what little vegetables I had, brown and soggy and it was oozing out of the ala carte container. Yuck. I totally got cheated outta $14. I threw 80% of it away. Not coming back.

Courtney H.

Don't even both with this place, go to Katsuo sushi by Costco right up the street. Better quality & Price. I had more rice than anything smh

Shawn Michaels

They give huge portions!The best bang for your buck is the chicken teriyaki for $8The Baja California and Crunchy Cali roll is my go to $5 eachThey raised the prices but it’s still a great value and right by campus for a budget friendly bite

jonathan moreno

There was an outbreak here.. Be careful when you buy at this restaurant

Donald Faulk, Jr.

Very good food at a pretty decent price. Sushi is not bad either.

Jordan C.

This place has changed, and not for the best. I used to love to come here when it first opened. Slowly but surely it's gotten worse; I came in 30 minutes before closing and was turned away. I don't think I'll be coming back again especially since there's other competitive sushi joints a couples miles down the road.

Evelyn M.

Good fast sushi. Called in a few times with no answer and tried to use their online but they only go through with door dash type of orders. I called to see if my order online went through and they told me that website on Apple Maps doesn't work so I would receive an email saying my card was refunded so I just ordered over the phone. Even better cause I asked about their large platters and they were available with a 30 mins wait. We added a king roll that you would see in my pic on the right for this specialty sushi platter. Small parking lot and a pretty busy one so be careful coming in or leaving. The location is right off the freeway in a corner beside a gas station and other shops. I would definitely recommend this place because of the sushi platter deals and the food is good for the price you pay.

Richard S.

Great food the owner is very nice and the staff is amazing definitely reccomend love the atmosphere

Anna T.

This is my second visit to this place (first review) and their food could be more consistent. I ordered the C-combination with Steak Teriyaki and the sauce was really salty so SODIUM ALERT for those that don't want high salt. The last time I was here, the teriyaki sauce was on the bland side. I asked for low sodium packets of soy sauce for my sushi and was given sriracha and soy sauce (not low sodium). With the teriyaki sauce being so salty, I guess I really didn't need any more salt. The customer after me had to repeat his order several times. Sure hope his order is correctly made. It could be the masks and the fiberglass shields so looking forward to the day we return to normal. I would only return if I wanted something quick and expensive and not have expectations that the food would be the same as the previous visit.

Melinda P.

If I don't bring lunch to school that day, I usually swing by Chef Teriyaki during lunch and order something to-go! The fish is fresh and the food, in general, is always good. I keep coming back here because the prices cannot be beat. This definitely is not your fancy sushi restaurant, but it's well worth for a quick take-out lunch. I like the bentos & the sashimis so it's worth trying if you haven't done so yet!

Bianca A.

10/10, sushi was really good. Customer service was pretty great also. Will def be back for more.

Edwin Narvaez

Fairly new to the area and we tried this spot since we always see it on the way to Costco. Ordered ahead and was given a time to pick up. Went in and asked if the order was read 5 minutes after the time I was told. They had not even started the order. They were busy talking, not sure if it was a training issue or maybe the conversation was important. They told me it was almost ready and needed 15 minutes. Which I knew was not true. 25 minutes later I asked if the offer was ready and the cashier responded 2 more minutes. I finally got the order and went home. The food was good, not great, especially for the wait. Maybe it wasn't a good day for them, but personally I would think twice before returning.

Trisheam “Tjquadius” Mcdaniels

The standard teriyaki chicken seems to be the best deal, balancing portion and price with taste.

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