Choice Lunch

21337 Cabot Blvd, Hayward
(855) 465-8624

Recent Reviews

Steven Ryan

Mediocre lunches, awful non-functioning website, zero customer service.

Joanne Riley

My daughter work there

Andrew de la Cruz

This place is not that good

Mary D.

We have been really happy with Choicelunch. I am the Managing Director at a school who uses them, as well as a parent of 3 children who get their lunches daily. As a parent I have been really impressed with the food quality and options. My kids LOVE the bean and cheese burritos, chow mien, BBQ chicken and overtime the variety has grown as their tastes have. I have even eaten the meals myself on occasion and they are really good. The prices are reasonable and their flexibility is really impressive. It is so nice to be able to adjust their lunches up to a day before. As a provider they are reliable, friendly, flexible and focused on quality. Anytime there has been an issue (which doesn't happen often) they have been quick to remedy it. All of their staff, from the account managers to the delivery folks, are friendly and professional. They are also a fantastic company as well. When the schools closed recently due to the fires they refunded all of our parents, which clearly was going to leave them on the hook for what turned out to be over 5000 meals! At $5 a pop (on average) that is approximately $25,000 in meals that they were willing to forgo, despite the fact that they had already made the investment. To make it even more impressive, their staff figured out how to get all of those meals to the front lines of the fires to help those who had been displaced. If that doesn't say something about the character of their staff and ownership, I am not sure what does. In summary, if you are looking for convenient, well priced, healthy, good variety and quality hot lunches for your child, I highly recommend choice lunch. If you are a school looking for a new option for your students, you will be in great hands with Choicelunch.

Sara P.

I went through the reviews of Choicelunch and some of them are quite old. I am hoping to give an update for parents wondering if they should utilize this service or pack their child a lunch. I only use Choicelunch one or two times per week. I try my best to pack lunch for my daughter. However, when I am unable to do so, I feel confident that she is receiving a nutritionally balanced, delicious meal. The proof is in the pudding - her teachers tell me she eats the vegetables and fruit that joins the entree. My daughter also tells me the food is yummy. Choicelunch has an easy to use website and they offer a large number of choices per day which is super impressive when you think about it - having to prep all of of those options on a daily basis means they are over there working hard at getting children what they want! I also think the prices are very fair given this service saves me time and the product is quality. Personally, I am very happy with them and will continue to order from Choicelunch.

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