Chuck E. Cheese

24039 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 723-0092

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Nay L.

Carlita was extremely nice to my girls when we came in close to closing. While everyone else was complaining loudly about not being able to go home by 9:30pm, Carlita was friendly, fun, patient and tried her best to make sure my girls had a good time in the short amount of time they had left to play. She literally smiled the whole time. Her customer service was truly outstanding and she should be recognized.

Brittney R.

We have been coming here for years! The staff is beyond 5 stars! It was clean, the food was perfect , and the staff was so wonderful! The vibes in this place were great! Melody was so friendly and caring! Each staff showed how they enjoyed their Job! I love this place!! Highly recommend this place for a last minute fun!

Julio A.

Manager Edd is an excellent manager ,it was mistake with our order and MrED handle the situation professionally thank you ,Mr Ed thank you sir

Melissa Sukhdeo

Very Clean! I would recommend going there and i will definately be taking my kids back!

Eric Guido

Nice people as far as staffing goes. Dont get thin crust, its a small pizza

zero givenn

I went to Chuck e cheese's 2 days in a row my son had a blast I have no negative feedback and I love the sanitation stations and the wristbands the staff was awesome

Twinkle Bella

Went here on may 29 2021 for my son birthday and i was harassed by a tweeker who was on drugs and didn't have no kids with him. Told the manager they didn't tell him to leave so he keep harassing me and i had my new born baby with me ??, so when my son father popped off on him . we were told to leave and we spent 100 in there. Never going back. No protection and no customer service at all and. I was just trying to enjoy the games with my family.

carol Knight

The staff weren't offering the deal for the day to everyone... I felt like it was a thing they do weekly and they should offer even if the person didn't know to go to the website...

Tanisha Roberson

Not the same ..Covid has made this place a racket for parents with young children not enough to do ..only video play enough of those at home these days

edith ochoa

Prices are soooo boring and not equal to what you spend! Upgrade your toys and don't make it impossible to get something nice?

ardiansyah i.k

Best chuck e cheese in the east bay

shaela s.

We went here so that our toddler can tire out a little. Lol. It's free to get in. U just pay for games and food. We ordered pizza, wings and salad. The pizza was ok. Good enough to eat. The wings were ok. Very soft and fatty. The salad was ok. Soda was good. Expensive place. I paid about $50 for that bundle. There was barely any1 in there though. We went around 6 pm. They only let 100 guests in now because of Covid. It was probably about 7 or 8 adults and about 7 or 8 kids. So about 16 TOTAL guests there. We felt like we had the whole place to ourselves so that was great! However, Chuck e Cheese is still a little too much for our toddler. She was scared of most games. Lol. She's 21 months. I thought this place had a play zone area which is why we originally came. I was wrong. Overall, cool place to go shoot the breeze if u have kids 3 and up! And they sanitized everything every 30 mins.

angelica marie emilla marie alejandra

Now open!A lot of games Where not working sadly my son had a good time thats what matters (: employees are kind of lazy and don't really clean up the tables after everybody uses them I noticed. They wanted almost 35$ bucks for a personal Pizza and two small drinks not worth it you could always bring your own food and & they don't question it. Overall i would say it was a somewhat ok experience just expensive and not sanitary

Jasmine Thomas

It's best to get here early if possible. Cool atmosphere. Staff is ok. The kids had fun and that's what mattered.

Mary Navarro

It was great very little people in very clean happy with the games it was awesome went back on Saturday had a blast going again on Saturday

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