Chuck E. Cheese

24039 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 265-0590

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Cathy Morris

The salad was fresh and cold, the ? pizzas came out hot. The young woman that was our server (no disrespect intended) was very attentive, personable, informative and professional and that was nice to see for a change. Just for her service alone I would refer people to go to Chuck E. Cheese and I will comeback myself.Food: 3/5

Alex D.

Hats off to the staff at this place. I've been in a handful of times in the last few months and each time, the place has been spotless clean, furthermore the staff is consistently checking up on the cleanliness and ice surrounding the salad bar, proper handling of everything including managing the place. I really am impressed with the hard work and attention they provide at this location.

Grand Che

Don't go there! totally a scam! We purchase 6 time cards trying to use them in the future but all of those 6 cards expired the same day last Saturday! I specifically said I want those cards being used in the future visits. And the manager smiled and stated that's what she would do for her kids instead of point-based ones and those cards would be activated until the first swipe and expire the same day which we thought reaasonable. Surprisingly! It turned out all 5 remaining unused cards expired until we arrived there again today!! This store successfully scammed me hundreds of bucks!What an awesome manager for the store, wish you the best time of keeping lying and fooling people around for making pity money that you don't deserve to feed your kids!PD: If you purchased a point-based card, do be cautious their machines swallow your points like a charm, weak contact, slow reaction and doesn't have any swiping buffer, if you ever placed the cards on the machine more than 1 swipe's millisecond duration (you guess) do expect your MORE points being stolen, so preventatively you will have to go back to the balance checking machine for a check of 'mis-swiping' every time you play a game haha, I saw one time 10 points deducted within the same minute! What a huge burden and scam for families with kids around that's how I changed all my 6 cards from point-based and time-based yet can't prevent hitting one more scam after the other! The manager stated all others don't have problem, Only I have, thumbs up if you encountered any of these. Luckily I am stupid enough to not able to be a gamer. Wait, where are those gamers having kids and professional for your scam shop?Put a sign out of your door "This is not for customers with no prior money scamming prevention knowledge!"While with lots of casino machines there, gambling skill is the only thing you contribute to the society and the next generation of the USA.

Tiffany A.

I really like this CEC. It's clean and pretty much all the games are in working order. Rarely are they broken. The pizza is good too. I know the store itself doesn't make the prices but I think the salad bar is overpriced. Our visits are usually an hour in a half and we almost always see Chuck E walking the floor. I'm glad you don't have to pay to play each game. You pay for a certain amount of time you want to play and all games are unlimited during that time.

Angellica S.

Not sure about this area outside of Chuck E. Cheese (seemed a bit sketch), but my kids (3yo toddler boy and 1yo baby girl) had a great time here for a friend's 3rd birthday. I wouldn't leave anything in sight inside your car at the parking lot to prevent break ins. Included in the private party: 1). Sit at a long table for kids to sit at to 2). Eat their pizza (it was actually good!), 3). Sip their Chuck E. Cheese plastic sippy cups for a fountain drink, 4). Play 2 hours of unlimited games with their scannable cards, which is plenty of time, 5). Take pictures, sing and dance with Chuck E. Cheese, 6). Ice cream and cake, 7). Goody bags with fun prizes, 8). Free 100pts to add to your tickets, 9). To-Go pizza and cheese bread for all the left over food, and 10). Prizes at the prize booth after playing for the games for 2 hours. The games and rides were fun for our little kids. There's also a section for more advanced games. They also stamp each person's hands to ensure when you leave, you're leaving with the correct child for extra security. The bathrooms have a lower sink for toddlers to wash their hands. My kids' two favorite rides were the mini train that they got to ride together, and the Big Rig truck game where they got to steer, turn on headlights/wipers, and pull the horn. So much fun for them!

Ashraf Alsaholy

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Lamia Khan

Kids enjoy playing here but the food quality seems to have dropped lately our pizza didn't taste right and our fries were burnt. Disappointed.


One of the best chuckEcheese we have been to. Amazing customer service hosted a birthday party for the first time here and will deff be coming back for birthdays.all employees were helpful and respectful .manager has an amazing team.Kid-friendliness: We had variety of ages in kids and ALL OF THEM had so much funParking: Huge parking lot

Alexis Mitts

The place is nice with good rides and games but the customer service is horrible. My mom used my credit card by mistake when buying food for her and her grandson and when it declined, the woman behind the counter was yelling so everybody in line can hear, and being extremely rude to her when she said she will cancel the order. It was an honest mistake that happens to anyone but my mom was treated like she ruined the employees’ whole day.

Truth Brown

Not what it use to be...Leaves a lot to be desired!But the kids had a decent time but that's because they only know this version of this place.Staff could use a lil more positive upbeat energy.Don't let the name carry the work for you... It's just not enough.

Jerry Kelley

First time here with my niece and we are loving it. It's not crowded; it’s plenty of games and space to enjoy yourself. The food is actually good also.

Maria Esperanza Mora Trujillo

las personas como manager,estan para dar el mejor servicio a sus clientes,y para encontrar una buena solucion,A la falta de mercancia ofrecida en la tienda,en pantalla,o imagenes,pero me equivoque,el Manager con nombre..... No quiso darme ni su nombre,No profesional, No buena Actitud,ni Capacitacion,para dar una solucion¡A Falta de un artuculo se ofrece otro?Le pregunte,,dijo No¡ por la diferiencia de precio, ¿y pagando la diferencia de dinero por el precio de otro artuculo ?,contesto No puedo,falta de comunicacion con los empleados,y la responsabilidad de checar,la mercancía existente en la tienda es de él manager¡

Alma D B.

The employees need to go look for another place they are rude they are not customer service they are a joke is sad to see that they hire this type of people that don't even want to be working there and pass their bad vibes to every thing there I haven't been there since last time a couple of months ago I bought those bracelets and one of them didn't work the bad thing is that supposedly they were time and when I when to the (manager ). She was rude ignored me waiting on line and then when she finally after 30 mins in line and her not doing anything just standing there she gave me attitude and her service was awful is a kids place they should hire people that are friendly not people with bad attitude for sure my kids know we aren't coming back since they also saw their bad service the place is fun for kids but their employees make it a bad place

Josephine Benitez

I was there one hour and 30 minutes and Chuck E Cheese never came out. I asked manager and he responded very rude, "no he's not coming back because there are too many children.

Karina RodriguezL

I ordered a sampler plater wich was almost $20 the price of a large pizza. It was truly disappointing, the fries were over burned, the wings look really small like dog treats and the cheese bread was overly greasy, the only OK thing from the sampler were the celery sticks. Additionally we had to wait almost 30 minutes for it to be ready. I would not recommend this option to anyone!!!? Just get the pizza for the price l think you would get a better value for your money ?

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