Chuck E. Cheese

24039 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 723-0092

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Olga D.

Worst experience ever Halloween theme there was none overpriced food games that didnt work and for a kids place not such friendly staff the manager didnt even care about any complaints Melonie The fries were undercooked and I was told that I would have to wait 30 minutes to get my money back the cashier was on break lines were long but i waited my turn only to have cashier serve someone first who was not even in line the only reason i didnt leave was because of my grandkids but the 250 $$ i spent was a waste I dont mind if i get what is advertized even the pizza did not look like the pumpkin they posted a picture of I saw more of the mantainance man fixing the games than i did of the big mouse the whole experience was a louse hayward chucky cheese location

Princess Leon

I went last night! I had a terrible experience. Bad customer service .They unattended the exit They not checking if the kids are going with them parents. Many yrs ago was a good place but yesterday I was surprised.

Cheryl M.

The last time I stepped foot in a Chuck E Cheese was about 30 years ago so when my 9 yr old niece wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese as her birthday present, my mind was screaming "Nooooooooo!" (Chuck E Cheese head slowly spinning and pulsating) while I slowly developing tmj from clenching my teeth and fake smiling. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised or had very low expectations. The thoughts of screaming (unruly) kids, place being messy and a cesspool of germies in the ball pit with subpar pizza...though, I have to admit I liked the pizza back in the day! Good times! Maybe due to covid business has changed a bit...we went on a Sunday @1pm and wasn't too busy. :: Buy minimum of 15 points or 15 ($15) mins of time...the cashier explained if your kid plays a lot then the points is the best option :: No more tokens and now you receive a wristband with a card to scan :: No more paper tickets and winnings added to your card :: Arm stamped and checked (club style) to ensure no weirdos leave with your kid I was a little lost so have to give major props to ** JOSE **. He was manning the redemption booth, cleaning the tables, sweeping, wiping the games down and keeping the dining and gaming floor neat while we were there (1-4pm) He was very patient with the questions and showed us how to add more points for play time and helped me get a refund at the counter when the machine displayed an error Overall, staff was very helpful, managers out checking the floor, games wiped down, pizza was good, staff checks when people leave and the niece had a TMJ this day! By 4:15 it started to get busy and time to make our escape. And FYI - no more ball pit with lost bandaids to be found

Janet Tat

Amazing customer service! I've taken the kiddos here every single week for Summer of Fun! Every time we've had wonderful customer service. We celebrated my son's birthday today and had a blast with our awesome Batman cake! Plus we got to say hi to CHUCK E himself! Thank you team!!!!?

Aubrey Bryant

Had a good time with the kids. Didn't know that they replaced the tickets with a debit card ... Kinda loses a little of fun. But the kids still had a great time.

Johnathan Sykes

Place wasn't empty and very clean. We got our food in a timely manner. I had my two sons with me ages 5 & 3, and they had a blast playing all the games. Best part of being there at this time was that ever game was working and the bathrooms were sparkling clean! Will only visit this location from now on.

Pj Robinson

It's a good place for the kids to unwine

Dehlia Williamson

My child enjoyed it. I can’t speak for other people


This is hands-down the best Chuck E. Cheese I’ve been to! Like many I’ve been going to Chuck E. Cheese since early childhood over 25 years and this turkey cheese is friendly and clean! Their staff along with their mangers are all so loving and you can tell everyone in that building loves their job! The vibes at this location are beyond 5 stars ! My family and I enjoy coming to this one!

Cartier L.

When you have a business that deal with children and decided to hire kids to work in the place without much supervision. It's a recipe for failure. Need to work on management giving proper training and supervision

kevin anderson (Kevybo)

Not as great as it used to be, but definitely upgraded since recent history. Food has improved, games have been upgraded, and everything seemed to be working. Customer service was pretty good. They completely messed up our pizza orders, but worked hard to try and make it up to us

Dorothy Barrena

Things have changed since Vivid hit, I didn't like the fact that we had to buy time on the cards, I like the new card idea for the coins, but not the time frame on the cards, it's almost like they wanted to hurry you on out!!The guy working there wasn't very nice or helpful, he acted as if he didn't want to be there.

Nay L.

Carlita was extremely nice to my girls when we came in close to closing. While everyone else was complaining loudly about not being able to go home by 9:30pm, Carlita was friendly, fun, patient and tried her best to make sure my girls had a good time in the short amount of time they had left to play. She literally smiled the whole time. Her customer service was truly outstanding and she should be recognized.

Brittney R.

We have been coming here for years! The staff is beyond 5 stars! It was clean, the food was perfect , and the staff was so wonderful! The vibes in this place were great! Melody was so friendly and caring! Each staff showed how they enjoyed their Job! I love this place!! Highly recommend this place for a last minute fun!

Julio A.

Manager Edd is an excellent manager ,it was mistake with our order and MrED handle the situation professionally thank you ,Mr Ed thank you sir

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