Country Waffles

30182 Industrial Pkwy SW, Hayward
(510) 429-9100

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Ruslan Davydov

COVID-19 affects us all in different ways. It also affect a wide range of businesses and operations. In spite of the circumstances, thankfully, we can still have breakfast, lunch or dinner (due to outdoor dining).Country Waffles is one of my favorite place to visit for breakfast. Their services are great! Thank Country Waffles for a wonderful meal!

Ebrahim Saeed

Great service and the food was really good. Pretty reasonable prices and located in a convenient quiet area with a lot of parking available.

Brenda Delgadillo

This is actually a cute little breakfast place. The food is delicious and the waitress was marvelous. It was my first time here but even as we star waiting for food, the waitress (who doubled as a busser and a host), greeted regulars and all incomers with respect and affection, welcoming everyone. We came at a semi busy time and this place seem short staffed (one cook and one waitress). The customer service was great and the food pretty good. Not the best breakfast place I've ever been to, but pretty good and decent. The only downside is that by the time the food got to our table, it was a bit no longer hot. Maybe only two people staffed in the entire restaurant. My sister mentioned that the hash browns were unseasoned, which was unusual. She'd been here before and mentioned that perhaps this wasn't their best day. I'd give this place another chance to get 5 stars instead of 4. Really it seems like a 3.5 star place, but the customer service improved the overall experience significantly. I hope next time we can get the food nice and hot.

Emilie Hansen

Great service but the pancakes were not good at all w/ the butter having that 'been in the fridge too long' taste and the omelet was sloppily put together.

Max Oseguera

Bad service,I hope manager reads this .No one took are order until 25 min later that I ask for our order that i had summit by the scan code just to find out it was for pick up, and they told me sorry for not taking my order, i was sitting in a table for 25 min and no one didn't ask me if my order was taken, are food was ready because i summit it bay the scan code, but if i hadn't do that i was going to wait other 15 min or more for are food , they told me that in the table someone had to take my order so they can bring it to the table if so, why the scan code then , other restaurants have the scan code we scan and order and they know which table is and they bring the food , i tought same was here just to find out its not like thatFood has no flavor, order the hangover.No napkinsDidn't bring us the basket with ketchup and hot sauce; my little girl had to eat the fries without ketchup, glad she didn't ask for the ketchup but i know she likes the ketchup .Are food was cold because it was sitting in the table for pick up , and they just transferred to the plates, and they did offer to make are pancakes again, but, they were half cook i think because they did it fast , my half waffles the same half cook , i didn't eat it , I ate half of my plate.Its not a big place if my food is ready in 15 min a rather wait 5 min more to have a good food and not a bad food that is rushed to make .Personal needs more training, and get a good chef , they were respectful and i think i was too didn't make any of this comments to the personal about the food but they have to be checking in the tables for what is standard to have like the basket in each tableI will not recommend this site for the moment if you whant waffles and a tasty food go somewhere else , this is not the place for that right nowThank youBy the guy with the pink shirt

Sleepy Lao

jose was great ,made our dining experience better after our experience with the young lady at the register nshe was rude

Tony Padilla

Nice people and great place to go and spend the day eating comfort food. Plenty of choices of different foods. Thanks

Elizabeth Gutierrez Padilla

Best chicken fried steak!

Natasha M.

This place has great food and great service especially in the morninf. I enjoyed the food very much.

Oscar Vera

Great food and friendly staff, definitely worth checking out

Benjamin C.

My wife, daughter and I went for breakfast this morning. My wife ordered coffee and asked for creamer. The host was very quick to drop off the drinks we ordered. He forgot the creamer and never came back. When the server for our section finally made her way to our table she looked I'll and very irritated. Again my wife asked for creamer and a soda, non of those made it back to the table. The food was not horrible, but wasn't great either! It was cold and mixed from potatoes that were made earlier that morning. My daughter hated her burger. She said it had no flavor. The one good part of such a horrible experience was the server that refilled my drink! She looked like she had experience and common sense that the rest of the staff lacked! I worked customer service for 7 years. I've been on the serving side as well as the kitchen side as a manager. I understand that not everyone will catch on, but the staff as a whole to be such a shit show is embarrassing to say the least! All in all, the owner should hold a meeting and figure out who the hell they need to get rid of to make the restaurant a functioning business.


Love this place,best waffles around,it's like candy in your mouth,come get them everyone.I just Love them.

Rhonda V.

Placed an order last week for pick up, only to get there and receive a text saying my order couldn't be fulfilled and I would be refunded. I noticed they had diners lined up to have outdoor dining, which is weird because if you can't fulfill my pick-up order, how can you fulfill orders of dine-in customers?!? Won't order from here again.

William Cook

Good wholesome food. Nothing special. Service a little slow but friendly.

Jacqueline L.

The experience was different because of covid. We expected this going there, but the thing is some restaurants have done it better then others and this establishment has not excelled in this in the least bit. The service was slow. The food was mediocre at best. I would say comparable to IHOP and Dennys. They did have the tables spread apart outdoors. They still require masks and they were wearing them also. They did wipe tables and chairs after every guest. There are other breakfast spots that have done it way better. Overall it could have been way better. I wouldn't recommend them over some of the local spots.

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