Domino's Pizza

22962 Clawiter Rd Ste 2, Hayward
(510) 783-9950

Recent Reviews

Sandra Gutierrez

I rate this place a five star i couldn't say it any betterExcellence.

Ver Dope

This place is good when they get the order right. 4th time they put garlic when I asked for no garlic. They really need to pay attention. What if I was allergic to it would they be willing to have a lawsuit on their hands.

Christian Vargas

Great pizza a d very fast.these guys are good.a d the pizza is always hot thumbs up i say.thanks

Gaming Channel

I want to give 0 rating but I can’t=0

Hugo Campos

Very fast, very friendly, the pizza is always delicious.. Love this place

saul zeledon

I hate that they mark orders as ready and when you ask for your order they tell you 5 more minutes

dionicio vega

Its always been fast and close, but now as of late, its been really good too!

Mike Kahn

Ordered a large cheeseburger pizza advertised on their website for $11.99 and was charged $19.74. No prices are listed anywhere in store and I feel I was overcharged. Haven't tried pizza yet and am hoping it's good. Do you have to order ahead of time for special price? It doesn't say that on website. I just went to the store and ordered it there.


This review is strictly for my delivery driver. I wish I would have caught his name, but I hope he gets some type of recognition. He was an older gentlemen ina silver car. I had pizza delivered to a friend in an apartment complex that is under construction; making it hard to navigate through. He was super patient and stayed on the phone while we found each other. When we did find each other my hands were full and offered to walk it to my door. He was in his mask too =] he went out of his way and really didn't have to.

Viridiana Pelayo

I love to order my pizza from this place nice customer service and the food is good.

Wairimu Kimani

Horrible service. The employee taking my order was extremely rude! Never again...

Ruby Garcia

We always order pizza from here. The kids only want it from here and they are never disappointed. I use the app to order to get their $5.99 deal and it is ready in just a few minutes. Their garlic twist bread is so yummy.

Carlos F.

This location is the absolute worst, I don't understand the good reviews at all. I stopped ordering from this location multiple times of picking up my order and employees are arguing and shouting in their foreign language, its rude and unprofessional, and the quality of the food was below average. Whatever happened to taking pride in your job and having manners and courtesy.

Jeffery Williams

Good pizza and cheese bread one night pick me up all the bar threw me out

Nathan Burnias

I called to get an order for carryout and the gentleman told me he wouldn't do it because by time it get out of his oven it would be past carryout time I asked him for delivery and he said no because they wouldn't have made it and time for closing I'm a truck driver driving around America delivering loads and I even told them I was a truck driver and his response was I should have called earlier I will never order from your restaurant in any state again and I will make sure my family members don't neither. I am going to post this on every social media website that I have and I'm going to let all my friends and family members know not to order from this company again not only that but because I am a truck driver I'm going to share it with Hall 5 trucking websites that I am part of and truck drivers are making sure they stay away from restaurants and it won't know about truck drivers so I'm going to post this everywhere possible so everybody knows about the support and the poor judgment of this gentleman that took my call

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