El Pollo Loco

24119 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 582-7713

Recent Reviews

Cassandra Cleveland-Gill

Only if the line wasnt so long...spent 22 mins in line...there were 9 vehicles ahead of me...great service and delicious food though!!?☺

Jennifer Palmer

Needs improvement. The food today was saggy not FRESH! Bring back all workers so customer service will improve!!!!

Cheyenne White

The drive thru line was about 45 min so be prepared to wait and check your bag to make sure its all there..the food tasted very good though.

Juan Carranza

Food was tasty and a good deal. But I suggest ordering through their app. With the covid restrictions and they're usually busy anyway. Lunes are really long.

Rukiya Pierson

They're stingy with the salsa. Ordered 3 meals with chips and they gave me 3 tiny salsas. I asked for more and was told they're in the bag. I miss going inside and getting my own.

yellow submachine

I order 2pcs chicken meals with pinto beans . it's all great. I love they grilled and I love their avocado sauce spicy and tasty

Alma Wilbur

The chicken was cooked with care and double grilled, the way we asked for. The security lady at the entrance was very professional and caring, she takes safety seriously. Awsome place.

Itsme TeeDee

Even though my rating isn't high I really appreciate how well prepared the food is and what I ask for it's different because it's not on the menu and the food is fresh and it's nice & hot but I'm not trying to start any mess with people but sometimes I'm sensing that some of the women aren't as friendly but since my Son & I like how they prepare the food that's why I go back

Termitz A

I love the food you have to go before the line gets packed but if you have the time to wait the chicken is great

Frederick Cortez

Consistency is key and El Pollo Loco is always consistent with their food. Also when the drive thru lines are long they go by pretty fast. Highly recommeneded.

Earl Ferguson

We go mostly for the Churros...Nomnomnom...Their Street Tacos and Burritos good too.No Carne Asada though. Dead Cow at a chicken stand defeats the purpose of being a chicken stand.

nicholas harden

Just ok. My first time at this location. The Pieces of chicken are very small. Maybe the pandemic is affecting their business model. I have had other locations food B4 the pandemic that was really good, With More Flavor. Would I give them a second chance? Maybe.

Jeanette Ramirez

This place might be popular but their food used to be hot and delicious. Now the food is cold and old and the customer service has deteriorated. The ladies are super mean

Mia W.

Although this location is usually a good one, I ordered a chicken tinga burrito last night. The burrito was made very small compared to the other chicken tinga burritos i've had from this location before. The burrito was lacking chicken, (almost non existant) and I found 2 large chicken bones in it. It chipped my tooth badly. I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the food. You should be able to eat a burrito without the danger of chicken bones chipping your tooth. Also the chicken ratio should be more generous and balanced. But nothing is more disheartening than chipping my tooth on a chicken bone due to the carelessness of your staff. Please look into this with your staff, as it could happen to others in the future.

Mz. Lady Boo

Chicken was dry. Doesn't have the flavor and moisture it use to.

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